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  1. Based on a cryptic remark from the other thread, I found the original source that the guy in the Reddit thread took his images from. Warning, the site is NSFW! NSFW, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED https://e-hentai.org/g/1525985/046dde51c2/ NSFW, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED Credit to "Rusco Istar" for archiving and organizing this stuff, but to save people the trouble of browsing through a hentai site, I've downloaded, losslessly compressed, and packed the images in a family friendly mirror here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NKEsYtEg2mfkywT3r_wcYeprtjrf8Rso/view?usp=sharing There are three versions of the comic included. According to the author's description, the two main sources are the textures extracted from the iPhone and iPod versions of the game, presented in the correct order and in their original image resolutions and quality. Of note is that the Reddit guy provided only the iPhone images but needlessly upscaled and with lossy JPEG compression. Also included here is a "reconstruction" which combines the two, the reason for this being is that the iPhone and iPod versions present the comic in two different forms. The iPhone version we've seen presents the comic in horizontal panel format. The iPod version, on the other hand, shows that these panels were intended to be structured in standard full comic book pages and as such provide significantly uncropped versions of some of the iPhone panels. The only problem with this iPod version is that the pages are ridiculously low resolution, to the point of being completely unreadable. Hence, the reconstruction offers mostly the best of both worlds albeit with the limitations of working with low res source material to fill in some gaps. Anywho, short of perhaps acquiring the original high resolution artwork from the artist, I gather this is probably the definitive collection of what we have for the Doom 2 RPG comic.
  2. The panels in the Doom 2 RPG comic are definitely out of order. I don't have a precise order at hand to reference, but what's currently the second-to-last panel which ends with the line "you'd think I was nuts if I told you" should be followed up by the response "so what's your guess?" which is placed two panels before it at the moment. The line "Holy Mother of God" is the obvious lead-in to the final panel. Much of the middle seems jumbled up as well.
  3. Revenant100

    Quake Remastered

    All of the original light entity data is still in the final compiled BSPs. Case in point. You can definitely light an entire original Quake map using nothing but the ripped light entities taken out of a decompiled BSP. In fact, I've gone ahead and done just that as an example with E3M3 as the test case. To be precise, these are the steps I followed: Decompiled E3M3.BSP Ripped all "light" entity data Downloaded Romero's map sources (compiled E3M3.MAP in screenshot #2) Deleted all light entity data in E3M3.MAP (compiled in screenshot #3) Pasted in ripped light entity data from decompiled BSP Compiled re-lit E3M3.MAP (screenshot #4) Screenshot #1, original E3M3.BSP: Screenshot #2, compiled untouched E3M3.MAP from Romero's map sources: Screenshot #3, compiled E3M3.MAP after deleting all light entity data (only the skylight is left): Screenshot #4, compiled with added ripped light entity data from decompiled BSP: The results of lighting Romero's map sources using nothing but the ripped entity data directly from the decompiled BSP looks virtually identical to the original BSP itself, so maintaining near 100% lighting accuracy in Quake is well within our capabilities and none too difficult to achieve. Given these circumstances, I really can't explain why the lighting in the enhanced E3M3 is so arbitrarily inaccurate. It looks like someone intentionally messed with the lighting here to a very detrimental effect.
  4. Revenant100

    Quake Remastered

    Is there any explanation behind why the lighting is largely fireblu'd up in the maps? This isn't the result of any display settings. This is the new baked lighting compiled into the BSPs themselves. The typical effect is that several areas are filled with the inexplicable addition of an abundance of overly bright lights, taking away all of the carefully placed shadows and atmosphere, and in the worst cases illuminating surfaces that were intentionally meant be in pitch blackness. Some random comparisons, Quakespasm on the left and the new enhanced release on the right:
  5. Revenant100

    Doom Absolution / Doom 64 2 research

    The BradyGames Quake N64 Strategy Guide includes an interview with Doom 64 programmer Aaron Seeler which includes some details relevant to Doom 64 2. Here are scans of both pages of the interview: Points of interest: Aaron knew he'd be put on Quake 64 at "the end of post Doom 64 submission." He recalls starting on Quake 64 in April 1997. Unless there was someone else at Midway who could have been put on the project (and the Doom 64 team was small to begin with), this means that Doom 64 2 was likely largely dead not long after that date (unless it was just being supported by mappers and maybe a few artists, which perhaps it could have). He mentions having created a splitscreen deathmatch version of Doom 64 just after it was finished, going on to say Midway didn't want to release it and surmising that "marketing decided it wasn't viable." He specifies that Doom 64, the "first product", was the singleplayer concept and that this ill-fated new product was the multiplayer concept. He claims Doom 64 did very well commercially for Midway, which isn't unknown or surprising, but it does differ from some later sentiments indicating that the game got dominated in sales by the likes of Goldeneye 64. The multiplayer Doom 64 concept only supported two players, not four. However, four players would have been within the Nintendo 64's capabilities. Something he's also told later, he says that they figured console deathmatch games wouldn't work because players could always see their opponent's screen, later going on to regret this decision and feeling that Doom 64 should have shipped with multiplayer. Amusingly, despite cancelling the multiplayer-focused Doom 64 2, multiplayer in Quake 64 was a late addition as a result of a last second mandate, leading to a delay in the release by a few months. This change presumably occurred when Midway realized that Goldeneye 64 was selling a lot. I also came across another Doom 64 interview from GameFan Volume 5 Issue 2 with Aaron Seeler and lead artist Sukru Gilman. Link: https://archive.org/details/Gamefan_Vol_5_Issue_02/page/n89/mode/2up Points of interest: This interview was pre-release (the issue was February 1997), and here they're already commenting that deathmatch wouldn't work on console because of the shared splitscreen. The team was hoping for some hardware interface, namely a connecting lead, that would have facilitated splitting each deathmatch player's viewing area to separate monitors. This is possibly the "necessary equipment for multiplayer programming" they had complained to Nintendo about earlier. Regarding the removal of deathmatch, they "tried to take the elements that [they] couldn’t put in for multi-player and add more to single player, so [they] packed more in there." No idea what that means. Aaron mentioned the possibility of a Doom 64 sequel being on the 64DD, and I suppose that says a lot about the optimism surrounding the 64DD's plans at the time. And not strictly related to the ill-fated sequel, but Aaron also mentions in that interview that they were playing around with the idea of implementing evil Doomguy drones in singleplayer to make use of the player sprites that were otherwise going to be wasted in Doom 64 without any multiplayer. An interesting thought.
  6. What's the plan for the native Windows 11 x64 port, preferably with Vulkan support?
  7. Revenant100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Sandy worked on E1M4 before Romero (and also modified the swastika, apparently after) and Romero made the Bruiser Brothers boss encounter in E1M8. Our previous conceptions of map authorship in Episode 1 have been soundly shattered. 🤔 Also, Sandy considers E3M5 to be a mostly pure Tom Hall level.
  8. After doing my usual snooping, I've determined that the Bethesda release of Earthless: Prelude is essentially identical to its latest public RC1 release except for the addition of working demos.
  9. Pardon the lateness, but I did look into this, and it looks like an appropriate offset adjustment for consistency purposes. I've added it to v2.0. It sounds like you're describing the DeHackEd fixes not taking effect. This is because the DeHackEd fixes are not contained within the sprite fix WADs themselves. They are provided as separate loose DEH files and thus must be also be individually loaded if you want to enable their effects. If you're using launch parameters, you need to add the "-deh" parameter to the launch options, like so: prboom-plus.exe -file D2SPFX19.WAD -deh D2DEHFIX.DEH Alternatively, if you're not using launch parameters, you can add "D2DEHFIX.DEH" to the port's DeHackEd autoload list so it automatically applies regardless of how you launch the game. It's located in the General menu in the options:
  10. There are a handful of known visual issues with the WILV map name graphic lumps in both the Doom and Doom 2 IWADs. However, they won't be addressed in these sprite fixes because they will end up conflicting with the other IWADs. The only way to avoid this is to create yet more variations of the sprite fix WADs, and that's introducing an unnecessarily confusing hassle for truly little gain. Granted, this only applies at the moment to the Doom 2 IWAD map name lumps being shared with Plutonia's and Evilution's lumps, but it's not worth the potential possible future conflict by including the Doom IWAD map name tweaks either. The primary focus of these fixes has always been on the gameplay sprites, so if some UI adjustments prove to be too troublesome to accommodate, they will be deliberately omitted as they're ultimately a low priority element.
  11. I'm not sure what you're intending to show here. These are the appropriate offsets for the two brain frames.
  12. I hadn't noticed those before. You're absolutely right, and an errant brown pixel appears at the bottom of the HEADH0 sprite as well. I'll add it to the v2.0 fixes.
  13. The standalone D1SPFX19 and D2SPFX19 WADs do not need to be loaded when running a PWAD that requires a compatibility patch. You can leave them automatically loaded if you use an autoload feature or batch launch file, but they won't have any effect as the PWADs in question will completely override them. That's partially the reason. The sprite fixes are compatible with custom palettes that don't change the positions any of the main color ranges. The difference with the PWADs that require compatbility patches is that their custom palettes are remapped in such a manner that all of the existing art needs to be converted, even if the art has no explicit changes, as the color ranges in the palette no longer match what the original artwork has been mapped to. Since all of the original art is converted, the normal sprite fix WAD is completely overridden, hence the creation of the compatibility patch which runs with a higher priority than the PWAD. This is not true. The latter example loads the normal sprite fixes, D2SPFX19.WAD, after Sunlust, and that will cause the issues that have been reported twice in this thread so far. I cannot stress this enough: The sprite fix WAD must be loaded with the lowest priority, or before any additional PWADs. There are no reasons to ever load the base sprite fixes after any PWADs. That must only be done with compatibility patches.
  14. Revenant100

    ROTT Review on YouTube w/Props Toward Music

    Joe has the original capture session tapes and has posted several of them on his YouTube channel.
  15. Revenant100

    (DoomTube) - Comprehensive list of Doom YT Channels

    Linguica - Some guy with lot of Doom content. The Green Herring - Some other guy, has important Doom runs though WADs such as CRAP.WAD, DickWad.WAD, and Disgruntled Former Employee. fragglet - Yet even another guy, hosts the top viewed mirror of Imp Encounter. RottKing - The agitating skeleton guy. In fact, just link that video and forget the rest of the channel. Gregor Punchatz - Rubber Doom monsters and angry talking anuses. What more do you need? ZDaemon - The hell's a ZDemon? Odamex - The hell's an Odemax? Zandronum - Seriously, are these fake names or something? World Doom League - This "World Doom" is, of course, presumably a ripoff of Doomworld. doom gay - At least 30% Doom content, 20% Korean, and 50% disappointingly misleading channel name. compatibledoom - Cancel the search. This is the only Doom on YouTube you need.