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  1. That's a good catch. While it does appear to be an offset inconsistency at first glance, I think it's worth examining the whole lineage of the Megasphere's artwork to grasp the larger picture. It's no secret that the Megasphere's face is just the Mancubus', so I've matched the frames here: MEGAA0 => FATTD1 MEGAB0 => FATTG1 MEGAC0 => FATTI1 MEGAD0 => FATTH1 The matching face is not so much of interest but rather the relative visible offsets. There's not much to say when looking at the original doom2.wad Mancubus sprite offsets since, like what much of this project has already addressed, they've been horribly mangled by some auto re-centering process. However, it just so happens that the offsets of the Megasphere's face are actually quite close to matching the cleaned up offsets of this very Sprite Fixing Project. I don't think that's mere happenstance either. What's on display here may not be an offset error but rather a closer reflection of the Mancubus' sprite offsets as they were originally set up before they were lost once the individual art tiles were imported, cropped, and automatically re-centered. You can see the Mancubus is meant to shift his head to the right (his left) slightly when he shoots his cannons as he begins leaning over to the side. In that case, the Megasphere's depiction of the Mancubus face is actually correct and suitable as a reference for further refining the Mancubus' own offsets as per id's original intentions. Unfortunately, the only concrete evidence that could prove this theory would be seeing the original monster art assets which are probably still in the hands of Romero, but we're not likely to see those any time soon. Nonetheless, this does give pause to the notion that the Megasphere is definitely showing an offset error in its frames. I also want to mention that, in your edit, the little light reflection at the lower right of the sphere has been shifted over to the left too with the face. It stays in a static position in the Doom 2 animation, so it now jitters for one frame in your fix. That's the downfall of manual subjective art edits, as making a few will start piling up even more art edits to keep things right, hence why these fixes attempt to avoid them whenever possible. Also also, there are other inconsistencies between the sphere power-ups as well, notably their individual offsets. None of them have matching heights (the Invulnerability sphere sits on the ground while the others float) or centers. One thing I mentioned a while back is that I wouldn't be re-centering all decorative and item sprites because, while they might have objectively measured centers, that wasn't necessarily id's intentions to make them so. I feel this Megasphere matter falls under a similar umbrella. The goal here has always been to address aspects to reflect id's original aims that were objectively or demonstrably lost, and that sometimes means retaining certain quirks and foibles. Some elements might seem off, but they're not really errors or oversights. Changing things to make them look "better" or "correct" is outside of the scope of the project as that becomes a general overhaul. This is a whole lotta words to say that, while your offset edit makes the Megasphere animation look smoother, it's not necessarily taking care of an offset error. id's artists may have intended it look the way it did, and while hardly concrete, there's just a tiny inkling of evidence in the form of the Mancubus' own offsets. Additionally, the manual art edit here, as small as it is, is verging on the more extreme end of the art edits within the realm of this project.
  2. Best ending?

    I've already forgotten what WAD this was from, but this is an ending that has stuck with me for ages. I recall it being very satisfying because it meant the WAD was over and I wouldn't have to play it anymore.
  3. The later frames of the Zombieman and Player gib animations contain parts of the Shotgun Guy's black clothes and elbow pad strap that id (again, probably Adrian) overlooked when they recolored and edited the Shotgun Guy's gibbing for the other characters. The Imp's gib animation actually contains leftover parts from both the Zombieman and Shotgun Guy, indicating it was created last out of this bunch having been based on the Zombieman's gibbing. Most of these inconsistencies shown here have been fixed as of v1.9. However, having looked closely at these gib sequences once again, I do see a few other minor instances that I missed, so that's a few more fixes for the eventual 2.0.
  4. Is this a used game resealed to pass off as new?

    For what it's worth, I own two sealed WizardWorks titles also from the !Zone series, so they're pretty equal comparisons. While I don't have full and absolute confirmation that these are the original factory seals, it's obvious from what I've seen that there's plenty of unsold stock of these products still hanging around, so it's not really a surprise to see sealed copies still going up for sale. That said, the seals on my two !Zone titles don't match your F!Zone box, but they also don't match each other. The boxes themselves are of different sizes as well, so it's clear that WizWorks also changed their manufacturing process at some point for whatever reason. Hence, while signs do point to your F!Zone box being a reseal, it's possible it could just be one of WizardWorks' cheaper distribution efforts. Does it look like the corners or edges of the box inside the cellophane have already received any shelf wear?
  5. The Shotgun Guy was the first of the Zombieman/Shotgun Guy/Player human sprite set to have its gibbing animation be created, so the dried blood on the Player's boots does indeed appear to be a carryover from him. However, the Player sprites, in addition to being the first in the human set to be created, is also by far the most refined of the bunch as it continued received the most care and attention after the other humans were basically finalized. (In fact, I've been using the Player sprites as the benchmark standard for the other humans sprites since I started this project.) These refinements include the gibbing animation as the Player's gib sequence contains a scant few improvements not seen in any of the others. For this reason, the blood on the boots looks to be a deliberate artistic choice. Someone, almost certainly Adrian, probably decided to err on the side of bloodiness rather than clean it up considering the purpose of the animation. Hence, while it's a small inconsistency, it's not truly an error or oversight as they knew exactly what was there. They simply chose to leave it as-is.
  6. I'm not sure which version of the sprite fixes WAD you're looking at, but it's definitely not the latest v1.9. There are a few issues present in your example WAD which have already been addressed.
  7. Where do you see a misalignment here? The Imp's gibbing frames are all aligned to its remaining foot stump which never moves throughout the whole sequence.
  8. Things about Doom you just found out

    I recently learned that Counter-Strike (the original one) contains what appears to be a Doom reference in one of its levels that hasn't been picked up much in the past 17 years. Shortly after CS's retail release, the map de_aztec was updated to feature a new sky texture. From what was previously a purplish sky with short, jagged green hills was changed to a gray overcast sky above an enormous rocky, rounded mountain range. Internally, this skybox texture set is named "doom1". As reference points, most other skyboxes in CS are named either after the actual map they're used in (office, trainyard, tornsky) or with a generic descriptive term (snowlake, des[ert], green). Unless someone can posit a different theory, this seems to be an overt reference to the SKY1 texture of Knee-Deep in the Dead. Here's my comparison: I did send an email to the original author of Aztec asking for confirmation, but I didn't hear a response. I can only presume he's either now dead or hasn't checked his email recently.
  9. The Revenant Problem - A Philosophical Doom 2 Map

    Keens contribute to the kill percentage tally, so they are canonically not dead.
  10. The Revenant Problem - A Philosophical Doom 2 Map

    As they say, patience is a virtue, and virtue is one of the greatest guiding principles in moral philosophy. I'll also say here that cheat codes are never required at any point in the WAD. Contrary to the (quite inexplicable and baffling) conclusions I've seen come to a few times, every level can be conquered with nothing more than your wits and your morals. That includes getting to the secret levels. Perhaps a clue as to the canonical way of traveling to MAP31 is part of this very post!
  11. As there are now eight versions of the project to maintain with a inevitable certainty of more to come in the future, it'd be very time consuming to continually release smaller incremental updates (although, realistically, I don't imagine there being a deluge of changes to occur in the near future). I also don't believe this is really the type of WAD that people frequently check and update on a regular basis. As has been the case over the past years, the possibility for new fixes and tweaks comes simply with more time, so it pays to sit back and be patient to let them amass. The question is not if there'll be a next version but when, although it's fair to say that "when" is still very much far down the line. That is correct; everything in your latest 1.41 version brightmaps is still compatible with the final release.
  12. Thanks, that's a good catch. A look at the other menu text graphics does indicate the pixels you outlined are indeed aberrations. I'll certainly incorporate the fix into the next version. but it's unfortunately too late to slip this into the current 1.9 release. At this point, I'd say the 2.0 release is still going to be quite a ways off. I'll also point out here that, with Mayhem 2017 having recently become finalized, the associated sprite fix wad has also been updated and released in the OP.
  13. The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Would it be possible for a WAD that's already been uploaded to the archive to be updated? In the interest of ensuring the latest release of the WAD is available at all sources (and to ensure compatibility and consistency in the unlikely possibility of future demo attempts), I humbly request that the revprblm upload on DSDA be updated to the latest version. I realize Ancalagon already submitted several demo attempts for the WAD, but I kept this in mind when making my minor updates, and none of the changes I made affect the demo compatibility of his submissions. I've confirmed that his demos are all still valid on the latest release. However, other maps that haven't been run (as unlikely as that may be) may be affected by the changes.
  14. Commander Keen is Doomguy's dad?

    Castle Wolfenstein was destroyed by Allied bombing shortly following the defeat of Heinrich I at the orders of BJ himself. This is not to contradict your theory, however. Note that Doom 2's intermission screens make sure to specify that the secret Wolfenstein levels take place within a "corner of Hell", meaning the castle is no longer among our earthly realm. This is further supported by the fact that both secret maps use the RSKY3 Hell sky texture rather than the terrestrial RSKY2 sky texture used in the immediately preceding MAP15. So Keen and his Keen brethren are indeed most certainly hung in Castle Wolfenstein, but they had to go to Hell first to get there. What consequences does this have to our theories? 🤔
  15. There will indeed be a Hexen Sprite Fixing Project. It's been mentioned a few times before in this thread, and the previous circumstance was that it was the last priority of the three games due to being the largest endeavor (more than Doom 2 and Heretic combined) that requires the most amount of new and original assets (all of the widescreen weapon sprites). It is still happening very slowly in the background, and when it comes time to ask for community assistance, which is almost an assurance given the amount and complexity of the original widescreen weapon art required, I'll make a dedicated thread for it. Just to summarize your sentiment before going into the specifics, I most certainly appreciate any additional examinations and suggestions of what to do with the sprites. I'm least familiar with Hexen, so the more experienced eyes going over its art, the more refined the end result can be. Yes, the straightforward and evident sprite shifting such as this is a prime candidate of things to adjust. This will be a part of a larger offset examination to make sure certain sprites aren't floating well off the ground, aren't embedded deep within the ground, and so forth. Since most of Heretic's and Hexen's characters are based on 3D model renders, I do believe there's a good chance the two empty pixels here are true gaps in the model between Baratus' pauldron and his hand. However, the blue pixel in the fire is almost certainly an error. Comparing the equivalent fire frames on Daedolon and Parias, it looks like it was accidentally copied over from Parias' sprite as it has a perfectly matching blue index color pixel in the same position. Judging from the used color index range for the Stalker's water, the splashes and drips are only colored using the desaturated green range, while the black range is only used for the creature's darkest shading, so that little disconnected black strip is indeed likely an error as well.