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  1. It was rejected the first time. It was only a year later after I saw the aforementioned Ancient Aliens got accepted that I decided not only to make a second appeal but also to invite an open community discussion on the very matter being brought up here: Are projects like AA, BTSX, Sunlust, and more that follow in these footsteps under risk of being excluded from the archive because they must abide by the inescapable technical necessity of including seemingly "unmodified" sprites? The included sprites are unequivocally modified from an objective technical perspective, but the question was are these modified "substantially enough"? I argued that the intentions of the authors should be taken into account, and there there is a clear desire of good faith in these products not to infringe on anyone's copyright. These are not frivolous or trivial endeavors. They have achieved beyond a shadow of a doubt genuine and sincere contributions to the community, and having to accommodate the technical necessities of the game should not be a slight against them. Ultimately, I was simply told to resubmit the Minor Sprite Fixing Project at that point for reconsideration, and it was accepted without additional discussion on my part.
  2. I just learned that id Software created a shockingly egregious canonical error when they censored all of the blood in Quake 3 Arena to create the T-rated Quake Live version. They ended up removing one of Doomguy's trademark characteristics, brazenly flying in the face of long established Doom canon!
  3. To a give a rough timeline to the events chronicled here, perhaps the earliest post-development images we have of the Doom latex models are from John Romero as posted here on his SmugMug account: These particular photos are unfortunately undated, but they appear (quote obviously, actually) to be pre-digital developed photographs judging by the scanning artifacts. This would put them at mid-90s, likely before Romero left id after Quake. The important matter to note is that, even in these very early images, the Spider Mastermind model is already using Punchatz's newly recast head rather than the original digitized head. Note the recast head has deep red blood painted into the crevices, a telltale difference not seen in the original model. This suggests that the model switcheroo, at least for the Spider Mastermind but potentially also for the Mancubus, occurred almost immediately after Doom 2's development. This is not surprising based on Punchatz's story of having created them due to the original models being damaged during animation, but this also means the original Mancubus that has bedazzled us in-game for nearly a quarter of a century actually disappeared not long after it entered the spotlight. And unlike the Spider Mastermind, we don't know the current whereabouts of that original Mancubus cast or if it even survives to this day. In its place, we have a false idol purporting itself as the true Fatso, but we know better. The real Mancubus may not be living out his days in glamour inside of a display case in id Software's lobby, but he will surely live forever in our hearts. And DOOM2.WAD. And yet, there's still one more mystifying conundrum to tackle: the case of the missing Revenant armor vest. But that's another story...
  4. As I'm sure we're all very aware, our beloved Mancubus monster originated as a latex model created by Greg Punchatz and co. that was then digitized into sprites for the game. That original model is now said to reside in the lobby of id Software's current office, as often seen in photos such as the following: However, what if I was to tell you that the last statement... is a lie?! By examining contemporary photos of the Doom models circa 1994 during their original creation and capture sessions, we can observe some peculiar oddities beginning to form. Comparing the two Mancubi: 1994 model has pupils and sclera, modern model has pure green eyes like the sprites 1994 model has two large tusks which are also seen in the sprites, modern model has tiny lower incisors 1994 model has light and smooth gradient stripes, modern model has dark and jagged opaque streaks (especially comparing the belly ones) 1994 model has a fuel backpack, modern model has nothing (see mirror in lower right, photo courtesy of Buckshot) Different weathering on the plasma cannons (see black marks around the gun barrels) Different connection point for the hose on his left (our right) plasma cannon 1994 model has a nifty head harness and shoulder pad things, although these were seemingly removed anyway prior to recording, making this a moot point not worth including in this list but I've already typed pretty far into this sentence So, in conclusion, the conclusion clearly at hand is abundantly clear: that modern Mancubus in id Software's lobby... is a fraud! That's not the Mancubus we see in Doom! That's not our Mancubus at all! Just who is this mysterious modern model masquerading as our monstrous Mancubus, and what, mayhap, has become of our true six-nippled friend? Has this imposter been making fools of us for the past 20+ years? Perhaps this is a mystery we'll never solve. Of course, it's possible that Mr. Punchatz simply recast the Mancubus model for display purposes as he did exactly that for the Spider Mastermind on request by id. However, that begs the question: What happened to the original Mancubus? Has the OG model that served as the basis for the sprites we've come to know and love these past decades been forever lost to the ravages of time? Or is he still out there somewhere, waiting for us to somehow return again to him? Perhaps this is a mystery we'll never solve.
  5. Was the Revenant model (the Doom 2 one, of course) somewhere that couldn't be filmed?
  6. I don't have any art to contribute, but I do want to mention that, about a year ago, Romas Kukalis' original paintings for the cover artwork of the Doom Infernal Sky and Endgame novels went up for auction on Ebay. I believe these auctions did have pictures of the artwork in their clean and logo-less form, although I can't recall for certain as I unfortunately hadn't saved them. This is just a call out to anyone here who may have saved these images at the time. Not exactly what this thread is looking for, but the preliminary art for the Endgame cover is available here. No sign of the other Doom covers on that site, however. Edit: After some snooping, I found a version of the clean Infernal Sky artwork hosted on that Worlds of Wonder site here. As another lead, it's possible that Frank Cifaldi may have the original Doom 64 promotional renders, most relevant here being the cover logo and the title itself, that were sent by Midway to game magazines back in the day. This is based on the high resolution model renders he posted several years back.
  7. The EU Wallscroll is a very helpful clue, but while both it and the Redbubble seller appear to have used the same raw source image, the Redbubble seller definitely did not source this wallscroll as it's heavily cropped on the sides, even more than the Ultimate Doom poster. Using that wallscroll image, however, I was able to construct an even higher resolution version of the clean cover artwork. Here's a preview hosted on Imgur: Because Imgur tends to compress large files without warning, here's the original lossless PNG (2.3 MB): The seams are obvious if you know where to look, but this is likely still the best quality available to us. The Lost Soul's front-facing sprites were changed (ignore the captions; original version is on right, changed version on left) in roughly patch version 1.666, seemingly with Doom 2's release. This sprite change coincides with several additional unexplained sprite changes which were all demonstrably errors, hence suggesting the Lost Soul's changes were also unintentional and erroneous.
  8. This is the largest and highest quality version of Punchatz's clean artwork we've been able to find: Per the previouis thread, this image originates from this seller on Redbubble. Who this mysterious seller is and how he acquired this clean version of the artwork (or if this is even a legally licensed merch, which it probably isn't) is unknown,
  9. That was going to be my next tweet! I was just spacing them out. Are you stealing my tweets, Ling?
  10. That's the bayonet's melee attack from the pre-release Doom v0.3 and Doom v0.4 builds.
  11. Yes, but that's not a level, and this is a matter all about excessive pedantry. One might even say infinite pedantry!
  12. This level is obviously a very shameless ripoff of @Linguica's 106k.wad, and I was shocked and saddened to see he did not receive proper credit (unless "english bulldog" is a common pseudonym of his). Ultimately, though, the goal of 100,000 Revenants was not to achieve the highest monster count. It was meant to deliver a statement to the masses, and that statement was "Here's 100,000 Revenants." And I think it delivered that message succinctly. However, on the note of highest monster count, I have yet to see another map trump Infinite Revenants. And, by the definition of infinite, I don't think any map can, so I will take that crown, by the by, if you will. And no, I don't count running MAP30 for a really long time as per the rule I have arbitrarily established just now, that rule being "MAP30 doesn't count."
  13. Quake Champions also says Shamblers have fur. And QC says Ranger went through only one Slipgate. And that Ranger never returned to Earth. And that he had a Machine Gun. These Saber Interactive guys are making a mockery of id Software's pre-established canon! We must band together to put an end to these absolute mad men. What's next for these hack frauds? Are they going to get Doomguy's outfit wrong too?
  14. According to Romero, this is incorrect. Romero stated that the SP_FACE1 texture was drawn directly in Deluxe Paint II by Kevin Cloud. He doesn't suggest any face models were used, just as Cloud had not when drawing the status bar face.