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  1. Revenant100

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    In ePSXe, the framerate actually doesn't drop to horrifically unplayable levels, although ePSXe isn't the most accurate emulator of the hardware's performance. The ISO won't work in other emulators at the moment, however. It's also worth pointing out that the number of monsters had to be dropped significantly due to a Z_MALLOC engine error on map load, which doesn't sound unreasonable considering just how high the enemy count is in NUTS, but the original PC executable could at least load the untouched WAD without error. The biggest roadblock to this map port is the console's limited VRAM cache. As it turns out, even just one demon type is enough to hit the cache limit if every single angle of every single walking frame is being rendered at once. Add in firing frames and pain frames at all angles and the death frames on top of that, and you're guaranteed an overflow crash. I managed to avoid the crash by reducing the demon variety to just one type, but I made sure to pick a good demon type.
  2. Revenant100

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Now that we have the ability to create maps for the PSX port, I thought it was appropriate to start the ball rolling in terms of porting over the series' most iconic and historically momentous level.
  3. Revenant100

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    The Mancubus in Doom 3 is female. Judging by the conspicuous bra, apparently she's still a female in Doom 2016.
  4. Revenant100

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This image was created in 2015 based on that year's E3 trailer for the game, essentially the first and only actual gameplay media available at the time. Looking at it again, the collage seems pretty fair and even generous to me. There's actually some yellow in addition to the orange and teal. It should be noted that this was the time of brown Cacodemons, gray Imps, and off-white Barons. The game was gearing up to look like this. "Orange and teal" is an understatement. id Software wisely changed the game's general art direction pretty heavily after this point in response to the negative reception. There was even a discussion on this matter on this very forum. Here's an old post I found on the subject from some guy complaining about Doom 2016's lack of diverse color palette.
  5. Revenant100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Upon careful review and scrutiny, I've determined that, outside of Adrian's concept art and the Doom 2 sprite itself, the Reaper Miniature figurine of the Arch-vile is seemingly the only other officially sanctioned depiction of the Arch-vile to accurately represent the character's signature face tubes.
  6. Revenant100

    Similar Games to Halo on Steam

    You're thinking of Toxikk: https://store.steampowered.com/app/324810/TOXIKK/
  7. Revenant100

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    This just in: the director has confirmed Barrels o' Fun for the movie! What other Sandy maps can we expect? And look, it says Phobos! Bruiser Brothers 100% confirmed! And look, a cave! That's, uh... Slough of Despair confirmed!
  8. The scope of this project aims solely at the sprites. There are other non-sprite fixes that could be slotted in a PWAD (the broken D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3 music lumps come to mind), but these start introducing additional compatibility issues and complexities. A modified COLORMAP probably wouldn't cause too much trouble, but it's outside the purview here. Nonetheless, I don't think I've seen fix for this COLORMAP issue before, and I believe many would appreciate someone making it and releasing it separately. Can't say I know how to go about making such a fix myself.
  9. Even though Romero released the sprite sheets for the Commando, the IWAD already had full rotations for his sprites.
  10. There are only three groups of sprites which fall under this umbrella: the new walking, firing, and pain rotations for the Zombieman, the new similar rotations for the Shotgun Guy, and the new firing rotations for the Imp. The Zombieman exhibits some duplicate color palette reduction errors only in his gibbing frames, outside of the group of new rotations. The Shotgun Guy exhibits no errors at all in this regard. The Imp is the only one here that exhibits the color palette error in the new rotations. However, they're technically not "new" since these sprites did come from from a previous beta IWAD (0.5 to be exact), so a direct comparison can still be made with the said older IWAD. Also, the problem is limited to just two frames: TROOE8 and TROOF8. I've already determined I can easily fix this manually by doing the 2D->BE and 2F->BF palette translations. Hence, there's no reason for you to go to the trouble of accounting for your #3 classification since it's limited to only two sprites that can already be considered accounted for. The number of sprites which use pixels of these particular colors that don't meet any of the above stated conditions are very small in number, and choosing which dupe color to use in those cases is going to require manual review regardless. Nonetheless, I agree with the dupe colors you've suggested in this scenario: 00 for black, 04 for white, 2D for red 14, 2F for red 16, and CF for blue 16. In short, the most commonly used colors. That way, I only have to address the smaller number of exceptions. Take as much time as you feel is necessary. There's absolutely no rush here as the next release can be held off for as long as it requires, and that was already aiming for the very end of this year. We're going on six years now with this project, so time is most certainly a luxury. Everything fixed for the Doom 2 PWAD can be directly used in the Doom 1 PWAD. You do not need to make any accommodations for Doom 1 as I'll be handling that once the Doom 2 fixes are ready. And once again, many thanks for lending a hand here!
  11. Thanks! As of recently, I've started doing as many manual art edits within SLADE as possible, and that will be the preferred workflow from here on out. It's just that I believe SLADE didn't have these tools in the past (I'm talking 4-5 years ago), so it wasn't an option at the time. A few things now in SLADE like the mirrorpad function were even spurred on by this project, but I had to do that all manually beforehand. Much gratitude for the effort. I'll be as clear as I can with the information, but it's a tricky situation all around to describe. Unfortunately, all of these duplicates palette colors have been affected. If it's necessary to narrow this range down for the sake of feasibility, 2D=BE and 2F=BF are the most significant to address here since they're causing the most potential visual issues as discussed. However, I've determined that all seven of these duplicates have manifested issues in these sprites. To be clear, is it necessary for you to know which duplicates to use, or can you just take this data directly from the original sprites that you're using in the comparison? Yes, that is going to be the case in several frames due to the aforementioned sprite padding. The horizontal dimensions of several sprites were changed, although this literally just means extra blank space, not new art. Additionally, many sprites were renamed for adjusted rotation purposes. The sprites themselves are identical, but the lump names won't match. If it will help cut down work, I've listed out the 199 sprites within D2SPFX19.WAD that exhibit one or more of the duplicate palette color reduction errors:
  12. It does indeed seem this issue will require a fair bit of work, as after my first audit, it looks like roughly 200 sprites have become affected by this invisible palette issue over the years. I appreciate the offer for help, but unfortunately, there's no automated way to go about fixing this. My regular art editing process of exporting graphics from the IWAD in PNG format, making my changes, reimporting, and then converting the lumps back into Doom graphics format was destructive in terms of retaining the original palette index information. Since the palette mapping is lost, there's no automated method that can simply translate these indexes back to what they were originally. You might think undoing the problem would just be a simple task of remapping pink range indexes 45 and 47 to the red range indexes 190 and 191 in the appropriate frames, but sadly, it's not that simple. In my audit, it's become abundantly clear that id's artists had no idea that these duplicate colors were in the palette, so they regularly made use of all of them even within the same sprite despite half of them being visually redundant. Here's a visual abstraction of what's happening: This is just one example frame, but rest assured, this color usage is common practice throughout the IWAD, so many of the sprite fix frames unintentionally fell victim to the remapping issue. I'll have to think about how exactly I'm going to tackle this problem.
  13. Big thanks for this report. This revealed a flaw in the way any sprite fixes with manual art edits were being converted back to Doom's palette, and it's an unfortunate side effect of the duplicate color entries in the PLAYPAL lump. The two darkest shades in the red range, indexes 190 and 191, are identical to two of the darkest shades at the end of the pink range, indexes 45 and 47 respectively. Since it has no possible way of knowing otherwise, SLADE was always remapping these particular colors to the pink range indexes. In normal Doom/Doom 2, this had no visual consequence at all since they're identical colors regardless, but with PWADs using custom palettes that treat these ranges in distinct and individual manners, this disparity becomes visually evident. I'll do a very meticulous pass on all modified sprites using these affected colors to address this issue. Also, I don't normally bump the thread for compatibility patch updates, but since I'm replying now anyhow, I've just updated the WIP Dimension of the Boomed compatibility patch in the OP in accordance with the recent DotB Beta3 release. This is an old preview pic, but it still stands:
  14. Revenant100

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Could the film's writer be silently watching us right now, just as they had done before? Hey, Mr. Big Shot Hollywood Script Writer, whatever you do, don't mention a Revenant100 in your film!
  15. The red line on the bottom left is the edge of Doomguy's pants. It might look a bit odd because it seems like his pants are transparent since they match the background colors, but that's how colored lighting was rendered in some cases throughout the artwork. The red line at the upper right is one of the wires coming out of the Cyberdemon's arm. You can see it more clearly in Brom's original artwork. It's been drawn a bit too straight in the TITLEPIC, but it's correct.