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  1. I've looked over the add-on release of Revolution! and found some changes. Demos added. Original WAD had none. TITLEPIC, CREDITS, INTERPIC, and BOSSBACK graphics redone. Originals on top (including CREDITS from the Revolution! MIDI Pack for additional comparison), Bethesdas on bottom: New HELP graphic that has no original equivalent. Map edits: MAP01 - One secret removed. The green armor secret in the original could not be tagged because the player can't actually stand within the sector marked as a secret. In the Bethesda version, this sector is no longer marked as a secret, hence it's possible to acquire all secrets now. MAP21 - New secret room added that contains one health bonus. The floor initially says 2001 and then changes to 2021 when approached. MAP22 - New Berserk secret added to starting structure. Original on top, Bethesda on bottom: - Two health bonuses added on the small teleporters that lead to and from the starting structure. MAP30 - One secret added. Southwest pillar of the opening teleporter can be lowered to reveal an armor bonus. Original on top, Bethesda on bottom: This release includes the content from the Revolution! MIDI Pack merged in, but it has some changes as well. Notably does not include the modified CWILV22 graphic which corrects the spelling of "Pyramide" to "Pyramid". However, this spelling correction was performed in the new DMAPINFO lump, so it's at least right in the automap. Title screen, intermission screen, MAP04, and MAP12 music tracks completely replaced. MAP03 music track updated. It's the same composition, but has slightly altered instrumentation/volume? Wording in the text screens has been altered. All references to the demons becoming slaves have been removed. Original wording on left, Bethesda wording on right: - SLAVES => MINDLESS WORKERS - SLAVE-WORKERS => CHEAP LABOR - BE ENSLAVED => FOLLOW A few other trivial grammar changes in the text: - A DEVICE BUILD BY THE ANCIENT GOD => A DEVICE BUILT BY THE ANCIENT GOD - YOU ARE DRAGGED INTO THE REALM OF CHAOS. => YOU ARE DRAGGED INTO THE REALM OF CHAOS! - WITHOUT CHAOS THERE WILL BE HARMONY. => WITHOUT CHAOS, THERE WILL BE HARMONY. Custom text screens leading to the secret levels have been omitted, although they didn't have much unique to say. The original Doom 2 secret level text is used now. MAP33 edit - Exit modified. The original version had a working exit switch in front of a swastika, but pressing this would crash the game when the next level tried to load. The new version has a fake door with a teleporter line in front of it that forces you to telefrag a voodoo doll, making it impossible to exit the level. Original on top, Bethesda on bottom: Additional trivia: The WAD is internally designated as "14", which chronologically places it before Arrival (15) and Anomaly Report (16) despite being released after. This suggests the add-on was in limbo for a while, maybe a whole year given the secret "2021" message.
  2. Revenant100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I learned some more new (old) Doom 3DO FMV news! Contrary to what's been previously reported, it was confirmed by Rebecca Heineman that the 3DO FMVs were actually filmed and apparently at the point where they were ready to be put in the game. This was mentioned in the following interview (timestamped at 54:24): Notable tidbits: Footage was filmed entirely against green screen, no sets. Cast (excluding the demon?) included three people, one woman and two men in Marine costumes, and they had a Doomguy helmet too. The only named person at the shoot is a guy named Tristan Anderson, identified as a producer and credited as Project Manager for the 3DO port. It's suggested he knows more. An unnamed "Hollywood director" was hired for the filming. Not much to speculate on, but the Chess Wars FMVs mentioned in the above interview that were also helmed by Art Data Interactive have a credited director of Paul W. Cooper (and these credits also include Tristan). The FMVs were supposedly not included in the final game in part due to ADI not paying the director and thus never providing the footage, although this conflicts with eyewitness reports (see below). It's also confirmed that the famed horned demon costume is, indeed, specifically a Baron of Hell, although this was already noted on the old ADI website. Note the revelation that the 3DO FMVs exist isn't strictly new news since, as brought up some time ago on this very forum, there was a Usenet post from early 1995 by someone who said he witnessed said FMVs on display at the Art Data Interactive booth at (presumably) that year's CES. However, the above interview with Heineman seems to rescind this previous declaration. Ultimately, it looks like we've got ourselves a case of lost media for Doom on our hands. But if I have anything to say about it, the only thing that should be lost in the Doomiverse is a Lost Soul!
  3. Revenant100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just discovered that the mask for the famed 3DO Doom demon FMV costume still partially exists today. For reference, this is the 3DO costume in question: And a guy tweeted the other day a photo of what remains of the mask which is apparently still in possession of the original company that created it. According to his Twitter bio, the company is named Global Effects in Los Angeles, and if you follow that tweet, you'll see he posted a second photo of a later Minotaur mask that was based on the design of the 3DO Doom demon. I move that we pool our resources as a community to acquire the remains of the 3DO demon costume for the sake of historical Doom preservation. EDIT: I've discovered more exciting information about the 3DO Doom demon costume! The company has dubbed him "horned demon", and the website includes a full body photo in a decently high quality that we've never seen before! But most importantly, the 3DO Doom demon costume is available for rent today, right now, this very moment! Again, I move that someone with deep pockets rents this costume and then not return it. Trust me, it'll be for the greater good.
  4. Since Ancient Aliens is a Boom-compatible WAD, this threshold automatically excludes a majority of the engines that don't already support proper sprite mirroring logic at the code level. I think the only actively developed modern source port today that can run Ancient Aliens but lacks proper sprite mirroring is Odamex, and I don't see a reason why the port shouldn't add this at some point in the future. While adding sprite padding to the new monsters in the AA compatibility patch now would be trivial, padding was always meant to be solely a vanilla executable fix. Any modern source port beyond that could (and really should) fix the issue engine-side as the padding itself is intrusive to things like the aforementioned GZDoom brightmaps, and AA does even specifically target such ZDoom-family ports with some exclusive features. Although the PWAD compatibility patches don't operate as strictly as the main sprite fix WADs, I believe the minimal gain from this fix doesn't outweigh the needless and ultimately avoidable drawbacks it would entail.
  5. I'm afraid this won't be done as one aim of this project has been to remain as compatible and minimally intrusive as possible for convenience and ease of use in any scenario it can be run in. Being a vanilla-compatible WAD (as close to the bare metal as possible, so to speak) that has a broad range of appeal from players running the original DOS executable all the way to players running modern source ports with all the bells and whistles enabled, this means simply keeping some things as they are. In the case of the non-mirrored sprites you've mentioned, mirroring them now would offer no visual change whatsoever (as expected), and the tangible size/lump count difference would be negligible. On the other hand, where this change would cause conflict is anything strictly dependent on the original lump names. The current manifestation of this problem is GZDoom mods involving brightmaps, but that's not to say some new cases couldn't arise in the future. While such mods could always be updated themselves, and the nature of this project means some particular types of mods will need unique versions to accommodate the sprite fixes regardless, I ultimately strive to avoid needless conflicts where feasible, especially when there's next to no tangible benefit and genuinely no visual difference. In this case, the non-mirorred sprites are the status quo and have been so since the original IWADs, so well enough is once again being be left alone. Edit: However, scrutinizing the Baron's and Hell Knight's sprites again, I am seeing a discrepancy in the padding in six sprites. I'll investigate this further, but it looks like this'll be a new fix for v2.0.
  6. Hola, everyone! Believe it or not, it's been six months since the release of Beta 1 of v2.0 of the sprite fixes. The 10th anniversary of the project that will mark the proper v2.0 release is approaching fast, but until then, I figured it's time for the next beta. This Beta 2 release incorporates a handful of new fixes that have cropped up since last time, but the big addition now is bringing all previously released compatibility patches for select PWADs up to date! As before, nothing is being held back in this beta. This reflects what will constitute the forthcoming proper v2.0 release assuming no further updates are made. The v2.0 Beta 2 release (7/17/22) of the Minor Sprite Fixing Project may be downloaded in the main post or here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ids1EfNDfvsd53BQNKMP3feFq5E7L84S/view?usp=sharing (2.6 MB) For modders, the v2.0 Full Modder's Resource WAD is available here: D2SPFX20_FULL_beta2.zip (2.2 MB) v2.0 Beta 2 compatibility patches for select PWADs: Trimmed summary of the v2.0 Beta 1 and Beta 2 (highlighted) changes: There aren't any major visual changes to preview for Beta 2, so I'll copy the previous images from the Beta 1 release in the following spoiler:
  7. I glanced at the Bethesda version of Sigil a long time back and assumed that nothing had changed. However, upon double checking it now, boy was I wrong! There's one key map change made to E3M9. Original on left, Bethesda on right: In short, a new alcove has been created for the red key door to push it away from the lift that brings you up to it. This change was likely made so the player is less likely to be instantly killed with no warning by the crushing pole right just after stepping off the lift. By extension, this also means that the most polished and therefore best version of Sigil is, indeed, only available commercially. I did do a check on Arrival, but I forgot to post the results since the differences were fairly minor. This was what I found in the Bethesda version: Demos added. Original WAD had none. Presumably for technical reasons, the skies were changed from single 1024x256 textures to four adjoining 256x128 textures (note these are no longer "tall" skies). Some technical map changes: - Missing co-op starts added. - All control sectors with the sky transfer special removed since since sky definitions are now handled by the DMAPINFO lump. - The dark blood ocean perimeter sector at the end of MAP09 and surrounding MAP10 has been made smaller, presumably also for technical reasons. - Secret Pavera face sector in secret level changed because it didn't work in complevel 2 (Chaingunners were stuck in ceiling). Secret level map slot moved from MAP31 to MAP11. Perhaps the most controversial change of all, the name of the secret level was changed. Original on top and Bethesda on bottom: Curiously, this map name change was only made in the DMAPINFO lump, not to the CWILV10 graphic, so the Bethesda version still says "Dad Bod" at the intermission screen.
  8. Just had to wait for some time to do a once over. Here's the rundown on the differences in the Bethesda add-on release of Anomaly Report: New demos. MAP33 removed. D_SHAWN2 changed to a different midi. The original was WarTemple (Icarus: Alien Vanguard) - Charles Li, the only track from Charles in the WAD and hence presumably the only person unable to get permission from for the Bethesda release. All skies changed to replace just the sky part. Image, originals on top and Bethesdas on bottom. TITLEPIC and INTERPIC redone, presumably for the same sky reason. Originals on left and Bethesdas on right: M_DOOM and status bar completely substituted. Originals on top and Bethesdas on bottom: Redone ship's wheel patch. Original on left and Bethesda on right: And potentially a few other trivial map changes.
  9. Yes, I'm aware of this, and this dives deep into the rabbit hole of sprite mirroring and the intentions behind it from the perspectives of the artists and the code (of which there's actually none from the latter in the original executables, hence the sprite padding fix). I've scrutinized the matter again for all relevant sprites, and, without delving into the convoluted series of steps involved, the end result is that 8 frames were shifted exactly 1 pixel on the x-axis and another 4 frames shifted 2 pixels. This is summed up with these two new bullet points in the changelog: Demon [2.0] Further refined sprite offsets during front and rear-facing walking frames. Now perfectly centered and consistent with general sprite mirroring logic. Baron of Hell [2.0] Further refined sprite offsets during front and rear-facing walking frames. Now consistent with Hell Knight's offsets and general sprite mirroring logic.
  10. The non-solid "MEAT3" also has a radius of 20 in the original code even though this technically does nothing because of its non-solid state: https://github.com/id-Software/DOOM/blob/master/linuxdoom-1.10/info.c#L3916 In other words, GZDoom correctly fixes the non-solid MEAT3 by inheriting the solid MEAT3's attributes and only removing its SOLID flag and changing its radius to 20, making it accurate to the vanilla actor but with the height fix.
  11. I've considered making this fix before, and changing the height of an object that is non-solid and therefore cannot be interacted with by any means should, in theory, be demo sync safe. The concern is that there might be some edge case out there in which this change would cause some issue, and that's not necessarily just breaking demo compatibility (although that'd be a consequence as well). Maybe a source port changes the handling of the hanging corpse decorations which leads to a conflict, and some ports do already indeed fix this hanging corpse in their own way. A more likely case is that some mod, whether it be a simple DeHackEd patch or advanced GZDoom scripting, changes something (perhaps not directly related to the hanging corpses) which leads to unintended behavior because this one particular object's height was changed. In practice, though, I've yet to come across any of these potential scenarios over the past several years since I initially made the DeHackEd fixes, so maybe this one-legged corpse height could safely be fixed. I'll consider including it for the 2.0 release, but I'll still be practicing due diligence in the mean time and keep a close eye out for any such potential conflicts.
  12. The SSG muzzle flash lingering too long isn't part of the sprite fixes but rather a DeHackEd fix, and the DeHackEd Fixes are separate from the sprite fix WADs both for compatibility reasons with the original DOS executable and to remain optional. The loose DEH files that comprise these fixes are included in the Minor Sprite Fixing Project package for convenience, but because they're separate, the pertinent DEH file must be manually loaded if you want the DeHackEd fixes to take effect along side the sprite fixes. If you're using the autoload folder feature of PrBoom+ or dsda-doom, you can just put the DEH files in the appropriate folders, like so:
  13. Although it appears to disregard the anchor point, Keen's head remains perfectly aligned in all of his death frames, hence this looks to be a deliberate art decision to reflect the violent snapping of the rope. Nonetheless, the actual technical position of the anchor point is not reflected in the sprite due to the below issue. That's correct. I've never touched Keen's rope not properly touching the ceiling because its implementation is flawed on two fronts. The first error is art-based in that the rope is simply just a few pixels too short to visually connect to the ceiling, and that's trivial enough to address as has been done for other hanging decorations. However, in the object's sole official use in Doom 2's MAP32, a second error becomes evident. The Keen actor is defined to be 72 units tall, but the space in which the actors have been placed is only 64 units tall. This actor, and consequently the sprite, is pushed down down 8 units, technically clipping into the floor but nonetheless still leaving the ceiling gap above the rope. When a Keen dies, it becomes non-solid and "falls" to the floor which, in this case, actually pushes the actor up 8 units. Visually, this makes rope part of the sprite clip into the ceiling. Thus, there's no way I can adjust the sprite to connect the rope to the ceiling since it's inconsistent between its living and dead states. All of that is a moot point though because, in most every other non-standard use of the Keen actor in custom maps which usually lets in hang in a sector at least 72 units tall, the entire Keen will fall to the ground on death. Hence, he fully disconnects from the ceiling regardless, leaving the rope floating no matter what's done with the art. There's no proper "fix" than can account for all of this. All these technical concerns combined with the fact that Keen is only an Easter egg actor who appears even less than the Wolfenstein SS means no action will be taken here. There's no satisfactory way to go about it, but that's hardly a loss since Keen is never seen outside of deliberate joke WADs, so well enough is being left alone.
  14. As mentioned above, there won't be any major developments on Hexen until the remaining Doom tasks are taken care of as the latter has always been the priority.
  15. The nice thing about this particular inconsistency is that we have two reference points to examine when it comes to determining how to address it. We have the final sprites (top row), the press release beta sprites (middle), and an alternate decapitation death from Romero's sprite sheets (bottom). It looks like Doomguy's right shoulder was redrawn between the press release beta and the final game to match the size of his left shoulder. As for whether the pixel in question is disappearing or shouldn't be there to begin with, the answer lies in the decapitation frames which reveal more of the shoulders behind the head: the shoulder should create a straight contour on the upper edge. Hence, the pixel in the final sprite is incorrectly disappearing in the last two frames. I'll mark this as a new fix. Since this is a visual discrepancy created solely by the Crispy and Woof! ports, it doesn't warrant a fix in the sprite itself. Furthermore, the energy cell ammo appears to be made of metal, and this exact dark green in the color palette is used in other metal textures in the game (see the WALL47 family and WALL03_7 patches). Ergo, its presence in the energy cell sprite is intentional by the artists to depict this type of metal material. The two aforementioned source ports are making an incorrect assumption that this portion of the palette's green range can safely be made fullbright to create brightmaps.