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  1. But, strictly speaking, Doom has always been about a smorgasbord of unashamedly exposed demon nipples, taut (and sometimes cybernetically-enhanced) buttocks, and other unidentified orifices. What's an extra bosom gonna hurt?
  2. I've completed my analysis of the Microsoft version of REKKR, and apart from several new assets being added to account for the new port-exclusive lumps, the only major change I could find was that a decorative bust of a female was censored to cover the unspeakable bits on her chestal region. By revealing the following spoiler, you must agree that you are at least 18 years of age and have an adult present to provide proper supervision (originals on the left and replacements on the right): Aside from that, the FWATER and NUKAGE flats were redone to increase the number of animated frames, a "Playe" was added to the credits lump, and the dog's speed was reduced from 18 to 11.
  3. Technically, this is less "classic" and more "cover art" as we may ascertain from the litany of features which egregiously disagree with what appears in the game itself. It'd be more accurate to call this the "Don Helmet", albeit referring to this Don and not this Don as Don greatly disagrees with himself as well.
  4. Due to popular demand, I've updated the setup of the WAD so that it no longer necessitates the use of DeuSF for vanilla exe compatibility. Hence, it's now even easier to run on your DOS operating system! Simply patch your executable with the DeHackEd file and then run impsedos.wad with the -file parameter. No additional programs required! Download link in the OP has been updated. Unfortunately, this DeHackEd method of forgoing DeuSF merging is not compatible with the Unity port of Doom (thus, vanilla WADs like Rowdy Rudy and Rowdy Rudy II also don't work in the port by default), but have no fear, Bethesda! I still have a specially packaged Unity-compatible version of Imp Encounter: DeHackEd Edition for Bethesda waiting just for you!
  5. In celebration of the official Unity port of Doom now supporting DeHackEd, everyone these days has been wondering what WAD the community should elect as the next new official add-on that highlights the greatest of DeHackEd's abilities. Clearly, what we need here is a "killer WAD" that will really wow the masses, the massive new generation being introduced to Doom now for the first time. But we can't simply sit back and rely on the old timers to impress today's discerning audience. We need something that will dazzle! Something exciting! Something exhilarating! A veritable fan favorite that the whole community can rally behind! And that's when it hit me: We need to recreate Imp Encounter using only DeHackEd so Bethesda/Microsoft can make it official! (As a historical refresher, be sure to thoroughly review http://impse.cx/ and the Doom Wiki's coverage on the subject matter.) Hence, I present Imp Encounter: DeHackEd Edition for Bethesda/Microsoft, a complete re-imagining of the classic fanfic and classic ZDoom WAD now constructed only with DeHackEd and supporting full DOS-compatibility. However, this isn't a simple remake. I've gone back to the source material to make it as meticulously accurate as possible to the writer's most inscrutable intentions (for example, you can now see the skull hewn into the mountainside), and I've completely re-engineered the gameplay to address the great and vast shortcomings of the original ZDoom WAD. For starters, Imp Encounter is now totally playable for the first time ever! No longer do you have to sit back and watch an non-interactive cutscene. Now you are the Imp Encounterer! Additionally, great pains were taken to ensure no compromises were made in the conversion to DeHackEd. In what is most certainly a world's first, experience the first recorded instance in Doom's history of an elaborate DOS-compatible dedicated third person scripted sequence that pushes the vanilla engine to its very limits! Truly, this is a momentous occasion, not just for Bethesda/Microsoft in having the perfect candidate for their next official add-on, but for the community as a whole. I think it's pretty safe to say that this WAD is the greatest achievement there is, and likely ever will be, in Doom's lasting legacy. Anywho, here's the download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18nOD2KV0muT6hvmI9XBntxGtNI3mckaV/view?usp=sharing Recommended for use in Chocolate Doom and PrBoom+ (-complevel 2). Not recommended in GZDoom as GZDoom lacks the technical prowess to properly render the advanced DeHackEd and software renderer features. Bonus video demonstrating the complete DOS-compatibility as well as full compatibility within the official Unity port itself! (hint hint, Bethesda!):
  6. The Zombieman's tactical superiority in darkened environments has been brutally cut down in its prime, but fear not! The pitch black Cyberdemons of Bad Dream remain unscathed to haunt our nightmares another day. But for how long?
  7. I've completed my audit of the Bethesda release of BTSX E2 looking for the Bethesda-specific changes. There were many alterations already made to the base PWAD as a result of the 1.0.0 release, but those are outside of the scope of this examination. By and large, the changes here in E2 are similar to those made previously in E1. The embedded WADINFO lump in the Bethesda version of BTSX E2 indicates the WAD's version as "Internal Hell Version 547385934785943758943574894" and release date of "FUCKING NEVER LOL". There are also some trivial alterations throughout the credits, presumably just some late additions which didn't make it in time for the Bethesda upload. As before, all of the map names were changed. Here's a text list of the alterations with originals on the left and replacements on the right: Once again, all of the intermission text screens have been omitted with no replacements included in their stead. Curiously, the Bethesda version still includes the DeHackEd patch but with all of the custom map strings and intermission text removed. The Unity port of Doom used in the Bethesda Launcher still doesn't support DeHackEd patches, but it appears the affected maps in BTSX E2 have been modified so that they're no longer critically reliant on the patch, and this was done in general for the 1.0.0 release. The only practical difference this entails is that the teleport death exits are now filled with a crap ton of regular barrels to kill the player, and the exit process takes the normal Boss Brain death time period rather than the 1 tic that the DeHackEd patch reduces it to. The DeHackEd patch also includes a special Zombieman type which doesn't drop ammo clips, but I'm not sure if those were ever used in any of the maps even before the 1.0.0 release. Some of the MIDI tracks were updated but only in the Bethesda version? I see file size differences, but all I can ascertain for sure is that the Bethesda D_SHAWN lump has "Updated on July 22, 2020" written in its metadata while the D_SHAWN lump in the 1.0.1 public release does not. And finally, the only graphical modifications I could find were the menu graphics lumps appropriately altered for the title change. Bonus screenshot: The Unity port's automap really doesn't like the new name of MAP17.
  8. Revenant100

    Does DOOMguy embrace his religion?

    Doomguy aka Doom Slayer is obviously a lifelong Christian as he celebrates Christmas, a belief which is plainly stated in the Doom comic: And, of course, the Doom comic is canon since this is the primary literary source that the Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal narratives derive from. Also, Doomguy ultimately sacrificed his life to save Christmas.
  9. Revenant100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just found out that Bethesda is releasing a new Classic DOOM Classic Cacodemon plush, and my first thought was, of course, hack fraudery seeing as they clearly forgot the Cacodemon's iconic pink upper lip. However, after a quick history review, the truth hit me: I found out that Bethesda is plagiarizing!
  10. Are you suggesting that Hugo and/or Marty are not personally combing through every lump in every WAD that passes through the company?
  11. I've concluded my conclusive analysis of the new Bethesda release of Back to Saturn X/BTSX/Better Texturing with Startan X. The following comprises the notable changes. BTSX is provided as a single WAD file as opposed to the original release having been split into two WADs. This is due to the new Bethesda version now being an IWAD rather than a PWAD. As such, it includes many more original IWAD assets. Some changes in the embedded WADINFO lump indicate its version as "1.1.4i (IWAD Edition)". All text instances of "Back to Saturn X" have been replaced with "BTSX", and the original loading instructions have been replaced with a "DO NOT DISTRIBUTE" warning since it's an IWAD now. As mentioned, all of the map names have been changed (except in the aforementioned WADINFO lump). Here's a text list of the alterations with originals on the left and replacements on the right: The intermission text screens have all been removed. No replacements were included in their stead. The menu graphics lumps were appropriately altered for the title change. A few patches with text in them were edited for presumably the same reason as all the map names. MAP22 has been slightly updated with a few things moved and some sectors tweaked or removed. Most significantly, the fake Blue Keys that were previously put in jail have been replaced by screens indicating the status of a new laser grid system that protects the real Blue Key. And finally, as you can see in the previous image, the censored Red Cross Medikits and Stimpaks were copied over, as expected, but they weren't properly converted to the BTSX color palette, resulting in the shadows in the sprites appearing as deep red. All in all, this is most certainly the largest band-related massacre carried out by Bethesda yet!
  12. Revenant100

    How to get started with PrBoom?

    There isn't such an option. decino admitted that he edited the maps. Truly a hack fraud of scammed proportions.
  13. Revenant100

    Cursed Doom Images

    I debated what thread to post these in, but ultimately, the choice was obvious. And one that's a little more "free".
  14. Revenant100

    Romero tweets that Doom is 3D.

    Carmack has answered this question several times over the years. Romero has also answered this question before years ago.
  15. Glancing over the documentation, I don't see any obvious way that would allow GZDoom to force its localized strings to take priority over something in a loaded PWAD. That seems counterintuitive to how the engine should behave in this scenario. It just so happens that the sprite fixes work in a fairly atypical fashion compared to most PWADs, so we're experiencing a nearly nonexistent edge case to account for. If you're playing in a different language setting, which in and of itself is essentially a mod, you may as well go a step further and mod the sprite fix WADs themselves to accommodate your own specific needs. In this case, open the sprite fix WADs in SLADE or some such editor and manually delete the offending graphic lump, M_ROUGH. This is likely the most feasible solution to deal with this issue since I can't see any reasonable fix from my end, and I don't imagine there's something GZDoom could implement engine-side to handle this very particular circumstance in a graceful manner.