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  1. Revenant100

    Doom Rendering Pixels Taller than Wide

    You are very welcome to use my image on the wiki, @Gez.
  2. Revenant100

    Doom Rendering Pixels Taller than Wide

    A while back, I made this comparison using the Cyberdemon sprite and original clay model as a reference: This is a particularly apt comparison since the clay model appears to be using the exact same pose and nearly the same angle that the Cyberdemon's CYBRG2 pain frame was digitized from. Ergo, this is a near one-to-one match. The left sprite is scaled up to match the horizontal feet distance of the clay model. The right sprite is equally scaled but also has the 1.2 vertical aspect ratio correction applied.
  3. Revenant100

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Shout outs to @Arvell's Diabolus EX. It's much too of a methodically designed and finely crafted WAD to not deserve recognition.
  4. Revenant100


    Boom 2.0 can be found here: https://securitronlinux.com/doomstuff/
  5. Revenant100

    Revenant Bus - A Doom 2 Simulation Map

    I've updated the OP with a link to an updated version of the map, Release Candidate 2, also provided here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1snVmlyeYCoRPxILq2aM_syjKxfhEh387/view?usp=sharing This update addresses a critical issue with the timing system. The original scroller performed radically different between Boom complevel 9 and GZDoom, resulting in the timer unintentionally running exponentially faster in GZDoom. I've replaced the scroller with a series of timed raising ceilings which is hopefully more consistent and robust between ports. Although this doesn't alter the map's functionality in Boom, the change still ended up causing @antares031's previously posted speedrun to go out of sync. If it's any consolation, I took the opportunity to add a new effect to the ludicrous secret that's directly inspired by your demo. You don't have to "act" it now. The Berserk pack that appears on HMP and lower is also now easier to pick up in GZDoom. Of course, that Berserk pack is why UV is still the intended non-weenie speedrun difficulty!
  6. Revenant100

    Revenant Bus - A Doom 2 Simulation Map

    I'm having trouble parsing this statement. I know all the words, and the grammar checks out, but it seems you've formed a mystifying sentence that manages to be incomprehensible to all known forms of sentient intellect. 🤔
  7. Hello there, Doomworld! You may remember me as the creator of such WADs as 100,000 Revenants, Infinite Revenants, and The Revenant Problem. Today, I come to you with the fourth installment in the Revenant quadrilogy. Reviewing the responses to previous entries, it's clear the Doom public desires two things: More Revenants and more public transportation. Not one to question the demands of the masses, I bring forth a new paradigm in bus-centric Doom WADS, a hyper realistic simulation known as Revenant Bus. Revenant Bus is a Boom-compatible 7 level episode for Doom 2 that's aimed at casual players and hardcore speedrunners alike, for all are equal in the eyes of the WAD's featured foe: time itself. I elaborate further on the premise in the preview video below, but you can also read a text summary here. Download RC2 (updated October 30): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1snVmlyeYCoRPxILq2aM_syjKxfhEh387/view?usp=sharing Preview image: Preview video:
  8. Revenant100

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Since Doomguy does so much walking, I figured I'd give him a break and let him rest his feet on his next trip. I'm not entirely sure where he's going just yet, but I've got a good idea of exactly how long it'll take to get there.
  9. Revenant100

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This is a piece of artwork I came across in the Doom PSX section of an old PlayStation cheat code guide:
  10. Revenant100

    100,000 Revenants - A Doom 2 Map

    Rendering the full widescreen status bar is indeed a positive, but GLBoom+ comes with several drawbacks: Sprite clipping - Having spent quite a bit of time scrutinizing the IWAD's graphics for the sprite fixes, I can say with utmost certainty that Doom's sprites are absolutely designed to be rendered partially below the floor line in order to provide the illusion of proper depth. However, an issue inherent to all Doom engine hardware renderers (except for Strife: Veteran Edition) is that sprites that are in contact with the ground are incapable of being rendered correctly in this manner. Most hardware renderers offer two options: allow the sprite to clip into the ground or raise it so that it's visibly floating. Neither is ideal. For the purposes of this map, the Revenant sprites clipping into the floor isn't too terrible in appearance since it makes it look like they're submerged in the water flat, but this should be up to the mapper's discretion, not left to the mercy of the renderer's shortcomings. Improper sprite mirroring - Discussed previously here, non-centered sprites are not properly mirrored in GLBoom+. This is especially obvious in this map on the Revenant sprites which happen to exhibit the problem to a severe degree. To be clear, PrBoom+ does correctly mirror non-centered sprites. Inability to render PLAYPAL/COLORMAP effects - Also common to most hardware renderers, custom PLAYPAL screen flashes, Invulnerability screen colors, fullbright effects, and light diminishing saturation are not supported (although GLBoom+ in particular can at least render custom Invulnerability screen colors). In this map, this means the Berserk's red screen is not rendered on top of the Invulnerability screen inversion. Not a huge deal here since there are no other weapon choices, but this is the expected indicator that one's fists have been supercharged which is fairly critical knowledge considering the enemy-to-player ratio. Incorrect lighting - Although it's not nearly as bad nowadays with the relatively recent introduction of shader-based lighting, all hardware renderers fail to accurately emulate the software renderer's sector lighting, resulting in great visual inconsistencies that mappers can't account for. Also, GLBoom+ defaults to the old and far less accurate "GLBoom" sector lighting option rather than the aforementioned and vastly superior "Shaders" option. This is probably for compatibility reasons, but the average player isn't going to mess with these options, so the default setting is detrimental to the majority's experience. In this map, it causes the level to look far too dark. Comparison: "GLBoom" lighting, "Shaders" lighting Performance - This point is not actually a negative as performance in GLBoom+ can vastly exceed PrBoom+, but this is entirely dependent on the nature of the WAD in question and the user's system specs. Simply put, GLBoom+ does not provide a guaranteed performance boost, so this should be regarded as a neutral point in its regard. And of course, any performance boost comes at the expense of all of these other visual drawbacks. Hence, most of GLBoom+'s issues stem from the OpenGL renderer itself, which is largely its entire purpose and shared with most other source ports using hardware renderers. It's still leaps and bounds ahead of other ports based on performance alone, but it is nonetheless a far distant second to PrBoom+.
  11. Revenant100

    100,000 Revenants - A Doom 2 Map

    A tool such as SLADE can extract the MIDI files from the WAD. Nonetheless, here's a quick collection of the songs used with download links: Title: Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True MAP01: Chris de Burgh - Don't Pay the Ferryman MAP32: Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True Intermission: The Jackson 5 - ABC
  12. Revenant100

    REKKR - V1.15

    I've just attempted to give this a whirl in Chocolate Doom, and I've stumbled into a game breaking issue in E1M3. I've only made it this far into the WAD, but this problem would similarly occur in any subsequent map that uses this same trigger activation method.
  13. Revenant100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just learned that during the development of WinDoom at Microsoft, the early Windows port helmed by Gabe Newell that ultimately led to Doom95, the engineer assigned to the project literally died at his desk while working on Doom. From the blog of Alex St. John: To my knowledge, this is the first and only confirmed casualty related to working with Doom's source code.
  14. Here's a preliminary test fix of the font that simply uses Doom's characters ported over: No big problems as far as I could see, and it even works in the vanilla DOS executable when merged into the IWAD with no side effects, although these characters of course still can't be written. I'll be tweaking the characters to fit the rest of the font and include them in the next release.
  15. I don't recall if there was a particular reason I hadn't centered the Dragon Claw as it's been a while since I looked at it. I might have simply overlooked it since the rest of the weapons are all appropriately centered. I'll add this to the list of things to check for the next release to see if there'd be any issues with applying the centering. To be clear, were you testing this in GZDoom, Zandronum, or some other ZDoom-related engine? The issue at hand here actually appears to be the result of an engine oddity dating back to the original DOS version. Regarding the original DOS Heretic, it seems it's actually impossible to even write most non-alphanumeric characters since the game doesn't recognize the shift key while using the talk command. For some reason, there are two sole exceptions: the exclamation point and question mark work. It's also not possible to use the brackets since the inventory switching function appears to override these characters while typing. Because of their omission, some of these characters were given duplicate dummy block sprites in Heretic's IWAD. This affects the following: &, <, and >. Similarly, the rest of the missing characters don't have a sprite at all. This includes: [, \, ], and ^. For reference, all of these characters exist in Doom's IWAD sprite font. As far as modern source ports goes, specifically GZDoom/Zandronum/etc. running Heretic, the shift key now works properly while typing. This means it's possible to see the characters that were never previously visible before, including those dummy block sprites. For characters that don't exist in the IWAD font, GZDoom et al. simply displays the underscore. All that said, this should actually be a fixable problem entirely on the sprite side. I'll have to create some new characters for the font, and this would have no benefit to the original DOS version (unless the missing characters were forced to be displayed, I presume), but it should all conceivably slide in without hassle. I'll do more testing later. This is an interesting inconsistency since the Tome is obviously a pre-rendered model that doesn't seem to have received too much in terms of manual art touch ups. It might just be that the rendered angles weren't perfectly perpendicular to the camera, thus the extrusions on the cover ended up being visible from one side but not the other. Hence, I'm not seeing an error here, rather the consequence of low precision angles and aliasing from very low resolution renders.