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  1. I love your enthusiasm for this weird version of PSX Doom. Can't wait to see more updates from you :)
  2. Muusi

    B L E A K [MBF21, 3+1 Maps]

    I'm close to beating the second level now and I'm seriously considering changing the difficulty from UV to HMP,the fights are kicking my ass like it's going out of style. I'm also completely in love with the atmospheric soundtrack! Any other mapsets with this style of music? Liking what I'm seeing so far, the lighting is very pretty in those dark caverns. Also paired this wad with my PSXFXDEH.wad for the full fat PlayStation Doom experience, goes very nicely with the ambience ;)
  3. Muusi

    B L E A K [MBF21, 3+1 Maps]

    You sold me at PSX sounds and also those screenshots look unbelievable! Can't wait to get off work and play this through.
  4. The Revenant is the most horrible enemy in the game, FAR more dangerous than any other monster. PlayStation Doom made Reventants much slower, thus making the gameplay better. The first game had better maps in my opinion but lacked monster variety, which was also remedied by PlayStation Doom, placing Doom II monsters in Doom I maps. PlayStation Doom always has your back.
  5. Let's be real though and thank the team behind 32in24, i just took way more talented people's work (with permission) and made something @Noiser had made way before I did, with Noiser's help. Other uses for my WAD I know of is DARKZONE which is under development now and also @Dexiaz' Boiled Doom, definitely check those out.
  6. Love the Egyptian theme! Trying this out over the weekend for sure, love to see people doing stuff with my WAD :)
  7. PsyDoom is literally the best thing since sliced bread
  8. If you ever change your mind I'll happily donate the price of a DualShock 4 or an Xbox controller ;)
  9. Oh and I'm not sure if I've said this before but whenever such a developer is found who is willing to even try working on GZDoom rumble support, I'll happily donate the price of a DualShock 4 or an Xbox controller if they lack a controller.
  10. Someone already does (kinda anyway). DrBeef's QuestZDoom does rumble with the Quest controllers and it works great. Of course it's not Xinput but it's a start. And come on I can't be the only one wishing for rumble support :D Maybe rumble is something people don't realize they want until they try it. I didn't care about it for the longest time either but after Unity made it happen I realized how much better the gameplay feels with rumble.
  11. Well it's very important to ME and luckily other source ports do rumble like it should be. If you're gonna do controller support then do it all the way, rumble included. Be more like Eternity Engine :P
  12. I've always used a controller to play Doom and GZDoom STILL lacks a very important feature, which will probably never happen, rumble support. That's why I mostly use the excellent Eternity Engine. Can't imagine how a feature like that still doesn't exist in GZDoom, even with commercial games being released.
  13. Muusi

    What's your guilty pleasure wad or map?

    TurboCharged ARCADE! Is awesome to this day!
  14. I've literally just copied stuff other people made and still feel like a big shot. Jokes aside, let's all join in a community-wide hug. There wouldn't be a Doom community without ALL of you here. Without you I'd be gushing about PlayStation Doom all by myself and that's not (that) fun.