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  1. The standard scheme i think should be Left analog = movement Right analog = looking X (bottom button on your right hand) = Use Triangle (top button on your right hand) = Automap L1 (left shoulder) = previous weapon R1 (right shoulder) = next weapon L2 (left trigger) = run R2 (right trigger) = fire Start (right button above analog stick) = pause Select (left button above analog stick) = open menu I think that's pretty much how it is on the Unity port. Leaves some of the buttons free to do whatever with. Also don't forget force feedback ;)
  2. Oh i wasn't expecting this from your mod, i was just describing what my ideal new Doom games would play like. Your mod seems excellent :)
  3. I just want to use the weapon i feel like in any given situation. Mostly it's the kickass Shotgun and it's Full-Auto barrel mod. Now when the honeymoon with DE has long gone, i feel like 2016 had better gameplay but both of them lack something the classic games have. I want a ton of slower monsters and have them not mostly confined in huge Quake III style arenas. I'm not at all saying they're bad games at all and it's not a shame to be less than the legends that are the classic Doom games.
  4. I have both DLC's still unplayed as i kinda got sick of the constant weapon switching and low ammo etc but i'm def gonna get back into DE after this mod comes out! DE needs more of that classic feel.
  5. Wondering, since my SoftFX WAD (the one with fullbright monster eyes and vanilla texture stuff) contains very slight edits from IWAD content, is it not allowed on the archive? Where is the line drawn?
  6. Wait a minute do the vanilla sounds get cut off too? I recently made something similar for the PS1 sound effects.
  7. Muusi

    [UPDATED] Hakros Doom Launcher 1.6

    The launcher seems to somehow always delete .pke files after it's been closed.
  8. Muusi

    Brightmaps-like lighting for Vanilla Doom!

    Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. The textures and sprites were edited inside SLADE with color remapping and in some cases by hand with the drawing tool.
  9. Muusi

    Brightmaps-like lighting for Vanilla Doom!

    I'm a complete noob too. I just exported the Colormap as a PNG with SLADE, opened the PNG in Paint, selected a top section of a color that i want to be fullbright, pull it downwards so the top color goes all the way down without getting darker, then save the PNG, import it back to SLADE and convert the PNG to a Doom Flat. It's super easy.
  10. I wonder, would it be possible to simply replace a WAD file for a downloaded mod on a jailbroken PS4 since FTP apparently can be used🤔
  11. Recently found out about Doom II Redux and it seems pretty good 5 maps in. What are your favorite reimaginings of IWADs? I'd love to find a Redux version of the Ultimate Doom.
  12. I also was excited to run it on a Pentium MMX system i have stashed in a closet but not one damn VGA cable in the house🙄 Plus my Samsung Sync Master had vertical collapse so i don't have a proper monitor for it either😭
  13. DOOM95 from Games Sampler disc.zip Okay Doom community let's get to the bottom of this mystery! Can someone who manages to run this on a more modern system confirm that the bug still happens? And maybe do a video where the colors are correct and a Model M isn't hammering your ear drums🤣 Or is this something specific with Windows 95🤔 Also check out the menu system that you could use to check out the demos if browsing the disc seemed too boring: You explore the Manhattan Space Station in 1st person and it even had Doom style secrets hidden behind secret walls etc. Oh man this really is my childhood condenced in one video <3