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  1. CravenCoyote

    How would you describe your mapping philosophy?

    My maps tend to be small but detailed - I'll map for up to a month and end up with a 10 minute map. Often, but not always, they are tech-base inspired. I generally avoid large, out-door areas and stick with internal structures where I can make creative use of lighting. I aim for my maps to provide a fun, immersive experience and I choose my monsters and their locations to compliment this. I want to make weapon choice take at least some kind of consideration to handle encounters. I do not enjoy slaughter, nor do I enjoy maps if they are too easy or too difficult. A map where I can finish with about half health and just enough ammunition feels about the right level of challenge.
  2. To this very day, I still cannot beat the first level of Darwin 4078
  3. CravenCoyote


    Just got around to playing this and I had a blast. I loved the aesthetics of this one. I always struggle with revenants so I'd go into ultra panic mode whenever an Arch Vile turned up to undo my handiwork. Fun map, thank you.
  4. CravenCoyote

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Still making progress on that second spooky level
  5. CravenCoyote

    Murder House

    Was fun to play, I love maps like this. Last time I heard that door sound was Von Helsings Mansion I think! And who was wearing high heels around this grand house? My one little bit of advice here would be to make some lines impassable (for example, around the pool table). It helps when you have things like the low beams that you can get 'stuck' on. You should be able to merge the map wad, textures wad and dehacked file into one single wad so that three files are not needed :)
  6. Thanks for your video, glad you liked it! Map02 in the works and I'm working on that as and when I get time 😁
  7. CravenCoyote

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I love the smell of nukage in the morning
  8. CravenCoyote

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2024

    I could feel the frustration in this (and I laughed, I'm sorry) MVP:
  9. I always love reading what you have to say, @Wo0p, and I actually did a little experimenting with your suggestion. In the area after the bridge where you collect the blue key card, I made the area darker and reduced the fog. It might look a bit subtle, but now I've mentioned it you might find it easier to notice 😉 Thanks for pointing out the missing texture, somehow I haven't noticed that. I'll have to check the map again tomorrow. I swear I'm going to punch Slade in the face because the maintenance options seem insistent on removing textures that have been used. I wasn't initially planning on it, but I've started work on Map02. This wad has really helped me to learn a lot, so adding to it and refining my skills with it has been very enjoyable
  10. Thank you so much for your feedback! I had such a fun time creating this one that..
  11. CravenCoyote

    Knee Deep in the Dead WAD?

    I absolutely love techbase/Knee deep in the Dead style maps, so I'd say do it!
  12. CravenCoyote

    [NOW RELEASED!] [9 maps for Doom 2] The Craven

    OK, just done some checking. The version on Doomworld is correct and shouldn't have any bugs. However, the idgames version has not been updated yet, and still includes the bugs from launch. I've updated the links in the OP to make this clearer for anyone downloading in future :)
  13. CravenCoyote

    [NOW RELEASED!] [9 maps for Doom 2] The Craven

    It's a mistake from my mapping, should only be one secret, not three. If you downloaded via idgames then it probably hasn't been updated on their side yet. If you downloaded via Doomworld then I've uploaded the wrong version and will need to resolve when I get home
  14. CravenCoyote

    [NOW RELEASED!] [9 maps for Doom 2] The Craven

    Thank you, did you download from idgames or Doomworld? If Doomworld, I may have uploaded the wrong version and will need to check when I get home. If idgames, the updated was probably hasn't been processed yet so it'll be the initial release prior to the bug fixes
  15. CravenCoyote

    [NOW RELEASED!] [9 maps for Doom 2] The Craven

    Thanks for your feedback! Do you mind if I ask when you downloaded the map set? The reason I ask is because both of those issues should be resolved. Are you running any other wads alongside?