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  1. Cutman


    Thanks, I'm surprised I never managed to block the first Revenant teleport in all of my testing. Also noticed a few more bugs watching that, but probably won't reupload the map now until I decide to put it in a map pack or something.
  2. Cutman


    Thanks. What port did you play that in? The middle area is meant to fill up with blood when the Cyberdemon appears but didn't seem to happen for you. It's not game breaking or anything at least, just wondering how I can fix it.
  3. Cutman


    I've been making mods for Doom for more than half my life, and yet I've never created a "normal" Doom level. I usually edit maps in the UDMF format so going back to vanilla without texture offsets for top/bottom/mid was a rude awakening. I also opted to use Doom 2's stock textures to keep me honest. Took me a couple of days and I had a good time, so I might try this again someday. Tested with GZDoom and PrBoom+, Doom 2 format (but has MAPINFO for sky/map name changes). Doom II iwad required. Music is from the Ultimate Doom Midi Pack, composed by Lippeth. Difficulty settings implemented. UV should be spicy enough for veterans but maybe not too difficult. Download
  4. Cutman

    Serious Sam 3 Announced

    Very happy to see it's actually happening. I don't think Serious Sam 2 can hold a candle to FE and SE but I still enjoyed it more than most FPS games on the market these days.
  5. Cutman

    Best HELLISH atmosphere in a Doom wad?

    Claust.wad, map03 and 04 are fantastic hell looking maps.
  6. Cutman

    Doom Wiki

    I think NOT having the oasis theme as the default is a grand start, but other than that how can it be better? This is a very bizarre and random decision to suddenly change the layout. It seems a lot of companies are pulling that crap recently. Other than the GTA wiki are any other communities suffering, and planning to move?
  7. Cutman

    Doom 1 *Ultimate Doom* no longer on XBLA?

    I read somewhere (a while back) that games get taken off if they don't meat so many downloads over a certain period of time. Pretty weird that they'd do that, considering Doom 2 only came out not too long back and surely people who liked that would want to check out the original too!
  8. Cutman

    Which source port is "the best one"?

    I died a little inside after reading this topic
  9. Cutman

    Pokemon Black - Creepy edition

    Google is failing me, link?
  10. Cutman

    Top 10 Doom Mods

    I dunno I think this is fairly accurate list HYUK HYUK HYUK! I don't think this list is serious in any shape or form, pointing out that they're wrong isn't worth the effort.
  11. Cutman

    Pokemon Black - Creepy edition

    The closest I've seen is the knife hack, which allows you to remove NPCs from the game forever, but apparently it's buggy as hell. Maybe it could be done with one of those fancy emulators that allows lua scripts? I've seen some crazy stuff done to games with that.
  12. Cutman

    Pokemon Black - Creepy edition

    But you can totally use Strength to push the truck and find Mew!
  13. http://tinycartridge.com/post/866743831/super-creepy-pokemon-hack Here's a story about a bootleg Pokemon game someone found called Pokemon Black edition. The story is probably bullsneeze but it's an interesting read!
  14. Cutman

    Dimensions of Time

    I enjoyed it. I sometimes test out weapon packs with this map pack.
  15. You can lose in regular invasion too if you run out of lives. But the server has to change sv_maxlives. I think a lot of servers prefer infinite lives though (which I don't really agree with)