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  1. Antroid

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Lainos for sure.
  2. Antroid

    Unity goes full Unity

    There were a LOT of things that were vague, unclear and even contradictory. Even simple questions like "what counts as an install" didn't have a solid answer.
  3. Antroid

    Non-linear and large maps?

    Adding to this, many of Lainos' other maps would fit the bill. My favorite bring Object "34" Sonar - I haven't replayed it since my first playthrough many years back, but purely by memory it might be my favorite doom map of all time. I played it on UV and without saving until near the end and it was an experience never since replicated. Edit: my "review" of it down there is a bit embarassing, lmao
  4. Antroid

    Do You Prefer Doom As A Action, Horror, Or RPG Title??

    My ideal Doom would be atmospheric, oppressive and daunting, but with enough tools for the player to be able to fully push back. Action and horror together at last. I really don't like skill trees and upgrades for Doom, a dozen upgrade currencies, none of that please. Also, none of the mechanics that make your resources essentially infinite (from punching enemies and chainsawing them, for example). However, I wouldn't mind slight "immersive sim" elements, basically an extension of ye olde keys and doors thing, finding tools that can unlock things for you in different ways. Does that count as RPG elements? It would just be a slight addition that doesn't really change the core gameplay, like the PDA and interactive terminals in Doom 3.
  5. Antroid

    Favorite Video Game Composers

    Paul Anthony Romero (Might and Magic + Heroes of M&M) Damjan Mravunac (Serious Sam games) David Wise (donkey kong countries) I don't really wanna name a bunch of people who composed just 1 soundtrack I really like, that'd be a huge list, but these three are ones that pop into my mind immediately because they have done soundtracks for whole game series, with great consistency and nothing but bangers.
  6. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    In Fusion, specifically, the enemies phase through each other (leading to a pack of gnaar murdering you in a second), some enemies like the Kleer slide around at insane speeds sometimes, and they, bulls and kukurbito all have a much bigger hitbox when hitting you, making them much more annoying and hard to dodge. Frogs are also much more prone to hitting you, making chainsaw no longer safe. Also, the demon reptiloid's balls seemed much less dodgeable than before. Basically, in Fusion enemies will hit you much more than they should because they have physics permitting them to do so. About the HD remakes without fusion, mostly I just don't like how much more plain the levels look, they lost so much color and style. Enemies as well.
  7. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    Nah, because I like them you have to like them too. Sorry I don't make the rules.
  8. Antroid

    what FPS has the prettiest weapons

    Turok 2.
  9. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    I tend to kill them with the double shotgun most of the time. Point-blank it's a one hit kill. And you have got time to run up to them, especially if you see a trail of bats coming someplace. I find them to be a really fun addition to the things I have to keep in mind during a fight, basically besides everything else I also look for bat trails and prioritize running towards where they are going to blast the vampire.
  10. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    They're probably my favorite new SS4 enemy, alongside those green cacodemons. I have a lot of fun fighting them.
  11. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    I think gameplay-wise it's one of the best, if not the best. It probably has the biggest fights of the series. The performance is a tricky thing, where some more modern gfx cards have more problems than older ones. I have a 1060ti and I ran it on a mix of medium to high settings very well (after the initial patches). I don't think it suffers tooooooooo much from having lower graphical settings, so I would recommend getting it (and Syberian Mayhem as well, can't miss that one, in many ways it's even better!) whenever they're on sale or something. (The older vs newer card thin also applied to Elden Ring for me the same way, as it has always ran very well for me, while people say it was unstable and jittery.)
  12. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    Painkiller plays very differently though, it's more of a shallow meat grinder than Serious Sam. You have very limited enemy variety and diversity, long and tedious arenas, and the combat is always a slog. A whole level rarely ever uses more than 3 enemy types or so, which really kills the excitement and makes every single level drag on. I only played Painkiller to look at the neat levels.
  13. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    Yeah I like the Witch, it's like archie on crack. You can spot where she's appearing ahead of time by sight and sound, and 99 out of 100 times there's something to hide behind. I found fighting them pretty fun. Though she did kind of pull all of your attention to herself in SS3, so the nerf in SS4 is good for making her a more commonly used enemy.
  14. Antroid

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    This. The beginning of SS3 is hardly different from the first levels of the classics, where you dont get many enemies or big arenas. I'm not a fan of the museum level personally, but I love all the city levels. Regarding the classics, I prefer the original versions over the HD remakes. They looked cleaner and more colorful, maybe it's my old fart brain but I can't see faraway enemies as perfectly in HD, such ar repltiloids or arachnoids, but I can spot them perfectly in the originals. Fusion also screwed the monster physics making several monster types severely more annoying than they used to be. Revolution is a great option, even though it inroduces a visual glitch that makes models such as trees disappear closer to the camera than they are meant to, but you'll only really notice it in the very first level of the Second Encounter, IMO.
  15. Antroid

    Fav shooter before 2000?

    Turoks (2 mainly), Dooms, Duke 3d, Quake 1 and Half-Life. I guess a tiny bit of Unreal even though I've never actually finished it.