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  1. What's really annoying is that they seem to be treating the Turok 2 remaster as complete, when, last I checked, it still has a bunch of glaring bugs. Not gamebreaking ones, but still irritating. And I'm not even gonna bring up a level editor or original level versions...
  2. Done. Had to register under a different username though, and use a work email (fantastic idea, no?). Turns out I already had an account there but it had been "deactivated" and "could only be activated by an administrator". I wonder if that's because of total inactivity (I don't recall participating at all) or I had done something stupid and got banned. : > Hopefully this doesn't count as ban evasion or something.
  3. Pardon my ignorance here for a sec. Am I right in assuming this is where I get the devbuilds? The bug still persists in the latest version (gzdoom-x64-g3.2pre-116-g2e33165.7z). Also, Avast was screaming about its gzdoom.exe being totally suspicious so I had to add the folder to the exceptions list, but that's probably normal..? Anyway, when I post the bug where I'm assuming I'm supposed to do it, which is here, should I put the latest devbuild version in the title or the latest "official" (or whatever it's called) GZdoom release, 3.1.0? Huh, I didn't know it flipped them by default. Never had them side by side like this so it never came up, but I remember the other action which flips it. Wasn't aware that they were reversed like this. Thanks for clarifying. In my case it's just standard 128 height skies, and setting the texture to -16 vertically seemed to make it right, though that might not be pixel-exact. For now I settled on making it -8 so it fortunately looks passable in both ports.
  4. In the attached screenshots, the left half of the room has a normal sky and the right half is a sector that has the same sky texture transferred into it via action 271 (not sure why it happens to be mirrored but that's not important I think). The one with a perfectly mirrored sky is Zdoom 2.8.1, and the one where the two halves are vertically offset is GZdoom 3.1.0. The offset doesn't seem to be affected by the video mode (including different aspect ratios) or hud size. However, in the opengl mode GZdoom doesn't have the wrong offset and renders it correctly, as you can see in the third screenshot. If a zdoom wad is making use of transferred skies that don't tile vertically, and someone plays it in gzdoom's software mode, there might be visual glitches with the sky. If this isn't something that's gonna be fixed, how should I go about making my zdoom level with transferred skies look the same in both sourceports? Maybe if I know what causes this difference, I can somehow counteract it. I can use the texture offset to move the transferred sky, but that affects both sourceports, and fixing it for gzdoom breaks it for zdoom. The best I can figure for now is to set it between the two heights, so it's less wrong in each sourceport.
  5. So here's the magical column I mentioned before. Also, this seems weird... And, well, tons of stuff like this. On another note, why are the turrets in the dino riding section so hilariously useless? Some don't even shoot straight at me, and judging by how I pick up items, my hitbox as a dinosaur feels super slim... And please, I beg you, let me remove the hideous spherical dynamic lights!
  6. Is the issue that there's no light at all? In my game it just puts a very, very small light at the player's location. I don't remember exactly how it was in the original because I rarely even had it working properly in emulators... but the tiny and pretty much useless player-parented light could be called "projects no light" since it doesn't really "project" (the way, say, half-life does). I have a geforce something something 560 ti or whatever if that matters.
  7. So I tried it out. Only got through level 1 on hardcore so far, and nearly got through the riding gun section in level 2 but fell into a pit like a moron and stopped there. (It was totally not my fault either, why the heck would you bind the dino's charge attack to RMB and the little alternate cannon to jump?? I kept mixing those two up). You know what? It plays so damn good that my inner purist almost immediately shut up. Literally, less than a minute into the game I forgot why I didn't want changes to the levels and gameplay. Well, no, maybe not the gameplay, as I do feel that the game lost some of its identity with the main character being so maneuverable, but that's not a big deal. It's still a great game, and much more accomodating to people who wouldn't have been conditioned to love the original as a child like I have, it being my first PC game and only PC FPS for a long time. Now, there's still a lot of things I'd complain about. Though they're not things I expected. For one: IMO not enough graphical options. I would like to lower the contrast, for example, or turn down the sunlight or something, because level 1 is overly bright outside in some places but can be nearly pitch black inside. I would like being able to disable shadows (they produce some fugly artifacts in places, like in the beginning of level 3 there's a shadow of a tree on a cliffside for no reason) and those ugly perfectly round light flashes when someone shoots or bullets hit a wall. Another thing, for all the talk about fixing the levels, almost every goddamn wall in level 1 (and so far many in level 2's beginning) has some broken geometry visible above it, and VERY clearly, too. Usually it's backs of the models from other areas and you can see that they're missing the back side polygons. There's so much of it it almost feels like it was deemed okay because otherwise it would be too much work to fix. And a lot of the architecure has quite prominent shading problems, probably due to a much more contrasted directional light from the sun (why is there a sun in an overcast level like level 1 anyways??). There's also less common error-seeming things. Like there's a column that has its broken off top part not completely attached to its base part, so it kinda floats some centimiters above it. It's somewhere, I think, after that one little courtyard where you come down a slope, can jump on two roofs, one of which has a full health, and there's a respawning ammo/health place beyond some doors that has raptors in it, and there's also a passage to a little girl cage behind some crates. So I think the column in question is in whatever area's right after that. I've made a screenshot, I'll post it when I'm back home. Another weird thing is right at the beginning of level 1, across the bay there's a weird clump of a health pickup, a pistol clip and an arrow quiver all in the same place, inside each other - what's up with that? Also, what's up with most raptors having an alternate, worse looking texture than the original one? It makes them look like asphalt. And I hope enemies are supposed to be tougher on the hardcore difficulty, because as a veteran Turok 2 player, a pistol headshot not killing a dinosoid is just not right. Now you shoot their heads like three times and they explode, where before it was much more satisfying because you could land that one accurate shot and the head would just jerk back really quickly and they'd fall over dead. Maybe it works on lower difficulties? I also couldn't get that death animation on a purr-linn where they get a huge hole in their belly. Props for making the chaingun motherfuckers actually properly vulnerable, though. That was a problem. Some graphical things are really ugly. The blood decals (really flat), the game over graphic (looks out of place), and Joshua's head near the life counter (looks REALLY goofy) for example. Some level alterations so far make no sense to me. That big coutryard where you can shoot down all the gulls and get access to an ultra health. Why is the switch opening the building with the key just down on the ground level now? You used to have to jump off from the top level into a room, it was kind of a babby's first neat jump. Was that breakable with the ledge grab? Surely it couldn't have been deemed too difficult. Or just to remove like 20 seconds of backtracking? There's also some other minor things that kinda bother me. Why can't you skip the level intros? You can disable them, but going into the options and disabling them and then enabling them again just to avoid watching one specific cutscene is really stupid. Not to mention you can't even open a menu or load a game when a cutscene's playing. That's REALLY bad. Also, changing the OST doesn't do anything until you force the music to restart. Maybe restart it automatically when the player changes that option, like the sound device option in zdoom? But anyway, my long and scattered complaints aside, I fucking love this remaster. The ledge-grabbing surprisingly didn't bother me (though it's really inconsistent because some obstacles are infinitely tall despite looking to be the same ledge-grabbable height), the little level alterations didn't bother me for the most part, and I actually really liked the all-new area in level 1 in the boat section (I got hit with this powerful wave of the good old feeling of exploration and immersion, as if I was playing this game for the first time again, and just because of a little new addition! That was a great feeling). Even if it's not as faithful as I would've hoped, it plays too damn well to complain about. Kinda reminds me of Doom 2016 in that regard, which I also thought was nothing like the original but an amazing game in its own right.
  8. Well, uh, that is a bit beyond my understanding of how to operate the editor and play with mods. I'm just doing what the steam thread on launching custom levels says, nothing more. But oh well, project64 works pretty alright with Turok 1 so I can always just play that for a totally authentic experience. Heck, my old PC version of T2 still works perfectly on this win7 PC (with whatever fan patches I've applied, can't remember) so it's nothing critical anyways.
  9. All three games are very different, and I've always seen T2 as this deliberately... well, deliberate kind of shooter, where you do headshots, snipe, etc. Making it all play like T1 would be kind of silly. If the original authors wanted it to, they'd just have copied the movement from T1. But it seems that Kaiser&co want to make everything play like doom or something. And I'm not too optimistic about the "improvements" being toggleable. Frankly with all the liberties these remasters take, I'm almost surprised they thought to make the fog distance toggleable in the original. Still can't believe the unchanged levels weren't included as part of the package right off the bat... Also yeah, I've read up how to launch T1 mods and levels, but thing is, it still doesn't work. I go through all the motions (subscribe, launch editor, open that last tab, select mod, click run with it, etc) and it still plays the changed level 1 when I select "normal start" or whatever it is, as the author says should work (in the comments to the workshop entry). I would just select the first level from the list but the list doesn't seem to be logically numbered and I've got things I'd rather do than search all 30+ entries for the first level.
  10. I liked the mobility in the original too :( Sure you couldn't weave left and right to dodge everything easily, but not every FPS needs to be Doom. I remember that dodging the mantids' bullshit rapidfire in level 5 got downright strategic when you could only strafe past them once. Maybe my brain is just making excuses for why I still love this game so much, but I'm really not a fan of all these changes and additions. Not everyone agrees on what's best for a game like this. This stuff should at least be optional, like the extra fog distance in T1 was. Or like jumping in doom ports. I still enjoy overly long and overly complex levels in games when it is appropriate thematically (though I don't agree that levels 4 or 5 were either, they're both pretty simple, much easier than exploring and remembering some metroidvania style game, something like Shadowman. I have no idea how people have troubles with those levels if they have the map and basic spacial navigation skills) and I kind of despise the very idea of streamlining level design, so yeah, maybe I'll wait for the unchanged levels. Edit: turns out the unchanged levels for T1 weren't even an official release, and to top it off I can't even get them to work. Doesn't give me much hope for the same in T2...
  11. I will never understand people who think levels 4 and 5 are difficult to navigate. Turok 2 was my first ever PC FPS, and second ever FPS overall (after the snes doom), and I was also pretty much a little kid when I played this game, and somehow I managed to beat it. Hopefully they didn't screw the levels up too much. An undergound network of caves and an alien bug hive are MEANT to be a little bit dauntingly mazelike, dammit! Also, where the hell did "grappling ledges" come from? No Turok game had it to my knowledge, the Turok 1 remaster didn't have it... I hope they fixed the plasma rifle and various explosive weapons' hit detection, that's really the only thing that's ever bothered me in this game. But whatever the case, I'm buying this as soon as it comes out, whatever the price is. Hopefully they'll get to Turok 3 too. It was definitely different, but I thought the mood and atmosphere of that game were brilliant, and the gameplay would've been really fun if the enemies weren't hardwired to hit you whether you dodged the visible projectiles or not.
  12. Antroid

    Members you miss seeing post

    I lurk every once in a while (and I totally didn't wander into this thread laughing at my own expense, like someone was gonna mention me, lol; speaking of, holy shit someone mentioned me?), I just kinda burned out on posting. Maybe to a few people's mild relief :P But I fire up zdoom with about the same frequency as before, I played through Doom 2016 just as I wanted to since it was announced (it was fine) and I still return to my old zdoom project once in like half a year to move some textures around, so apart from not posting my relationship with doom hasn't really changed. If anything, doomworld was spared some tedious rant threads in the doom 2016 subforum. I'll probably come back if I have anything of actual substance to say.
  13. Antroid

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    's not THAT old. Anyway, that's what I was attempting before I had to scrap the map again and that's what I'll be attempting once more when I can get around to it, so with any luck this'll happen. Although it's not gonna be a big map since it's episode one.
  14. And a lot of those same elements would've worked just fine if the maps were legitimately intended to be, say, palaces or temples or something.
  15. My absolute favorite formula is as follows. A map has to know what sort of place it's trying to be, whether it be a military base, laboratory, just some installation, ancient temple, ruins of a castle, or even hellish caverns and structures. It should be a real place, and I mean real only in the sense of the fictional setting. But it should depict that place in an abstract way for the benefit of the gameplay. I guess kinda like episodes one and two do it for the techbases. Also kinda like system shock 1 or marathon do it for space stations, even though those are even simpler looking than doom. What I don't like is when a map is just trying to be pretty and even if it's textured with some theme the author pretty obviously wasn't even alluding to a real (within the storyline or even the implied storyline) place. Kinda like the already mentioned Sunlust seems to be.