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  1. I agree that 2x bigger sprites are enough. That solution requires less of work and should not produce any slowdowns.
  2. I don't know what exactly Tea Monster planned, I'm just doing test to check if this is even possible. So i prove that this is possible on ports like GZDoom or Doomsday. I suppose that if he is planing some extra graphic stuff, he's target are mods with extra graphic addons for sure, not Chocolate Doom for example.
  3. I don't think Tea Monster creating 3d models and hi-res stuff with software rendering in mind. He probably thinking about mods like Doomsday or GZDoom.
  4. That's exactly what I did two posts above - besides of imp tests there is a test with 1200 hires monsters from Doom3 monster pack for Doom. Have you missed it? The test is reliable, proves that evey wad except nuts-like ones can handle it. Besides of all hires monsters, there is a lot of hires gfx associated with monsters, like fireballs, teleporting effects, smoke.
  5. They 634x310, so it's more then 8x bigger than original ( I know it should be in power of two, but remember that it is only test sprite). Coming back to the most important question - how big sprites will behave in sloughter maps. So I do another quick tests. Here we go: (in)famous NUTS.wad + usd3mod At start everything is ok, but when all monsters are activated there's one big lag and we have 0 fps :) But! I make some map with 1200 monsters visible at time in one sector. On start everyting is ok, but when fights go on I notice framedrop to something between 60-24 fps, in most cases more then 50 fps. So it's fully playable. I test this map with 600 hires imps... ...and don't notice any framedrops. Here's my imp if you want to test it yourself:
  6. Ok, but my point is that if wad like DOR + hires sprites pack don't cause any visual slowdowns, that majority of Doom wads do the same. Ok, maybe for Doom 50 monsters at a time is nothing, but first - most of Doom wads is located in similiar value, second - everything points to the fact that even a larger count of monsters should not be a problem (120 imps test for example). So aside of all that technical mambo-jumbo everything points to the fact that hires sprites should work. And for iwads with much less count of monsters this will be like nothing to todays hardware.
  7. Exactly. It doesn't make sense. NUTS.wad make framedrops even without any addons pack. If that packs works smoothly on most of wads, then should we take into account maps with extreme non-sense monster count? Even if that kind of maps don't cause framedrops, someone can always make wads with more monsters - that point of view have no sense.
  8. If monster count from DOR doesn't cause framedrops, then majority of Doom wads also should not cause framedrops. I know there are wads like NUTS, but let's be serious - that kind of wads would have problem in both cases: models or sprites. The most important fact is that most of wads can handle it.
  9. Hmm... As I said (and documented with scrrens) 3 post above there is no visual framedrops using hires sprite packs even on sloughter maps, wich is little surprising for me. But ok, I will say it again - even with Doom3 hires sprites pack (which is really massive pack with lot of sprites and fx stuff) I never have less then 60 fps. You can try it - that pack call ultimatesd3mod.
  10. Sorry for doublepost but I also did some quick test with Doom3 sprites pack + Dawn of Reality. Even with big monster count I don't notice any visible framedrops:
  11. So I finally found that old hires imp pack. Unexpectedly I didn't notice any framedrops with 120 imps. Don't know how engine can handle with more monster sprites to draw. Don't know what things in GZDoom are changed from time when I start this pack in 2014, but for some reason the latest version of GZD don't scale this sprite correctly. I don't have time to play with this so I just use old GZD version (which display that astronomical count of fps). EDIT: Here's zip with scrrenies (DW horrible downscale it)
  12. I prefer Quixel, and yes - I'm using it for some part of my hires texture pack as well as for some Doom inspired renders and for textures for Doom Reborn. AFAIK s13n1 use Substance.
  13. Pick up my jaw up off the floor back then in 1995 when first saw Doom II. Trust me - it's look fantastic.
  14. Oh, so the rest of Doom scene looks realistic to you? This tree don't look realistic, because (I guess) isn't supposed to be. I don;t think somebody is crazy enough to try making "realistic" models on non next-gen engine. Look at Quake 3 graphic for example - isn't looking good with all that lowpoly meshes? Does it look like "horrible animation" to you? ;) I think it's pretty nice. Well, thanks for that kind of word, but trust me - I'm not a character artist :) I'll try to check for that pack, maybe I have them somewhere. If I'll find them I can do quick test with 100+ imps.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does Doomsday 2.0 support normal and specular maps for 3d models? So it's not that bad. Quake 1 and 2 doesn't support this but models from that games looks pretty ok to me.