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  1. The mod update was released, go to the first post, compatible with gzdoom 4.7.1 , enjoy!
  2. Another progress of the mod, all the chars updated, i think the release datewill be into few weeks...
  3. ok, 4/5 chars updated, Ada, Krauser, hunk and Wesker, the next video i will show the new version of Leon.
  4. Exactly, the camera view is first person, the char sprite represent the weapon. Here another video, this time i enhanced the soccer kick and the dodge movement of Hunk
  5. another gameplay woth Krauser, with smooth sprites and more, enjoy! The next char to show in the future will be Ada...
  6. sorry still in progress, but i will post here the link when is done. And about the re4 maps, someone made the castle level of mercenaries.
  7. Hi, ok i am updating my old mod DooM the mercenaries, this time compatible with the lastest version of GZDooM, the mod also will include new addons, specialy new effect in the melee moves, here the trailer of the mod: Download link: https://www.moddb.com/company/doomero-entertainment/downloads/doom-the-mercenaries-deluxe Alternative download link: https://mega.nz/file/YxMxWCiZ#ANioFq78UMZIUcx7d7oUzZQTM6wp1yreKJ3LpzbZImo I will release more updates in the future, so this only just begun! Compatibility: tested with gzdoom 4.7.1, works well, but this mod work with gzdoom 4.3 series or hight. Not compatible with zandronum for the moment, sorry. Use this mod only with vanilla doom wads like alien vendetta, plutonia 2, etc. I do not recomment try this with advanced zdoom mods like brutal doom, maybe could not run well. Maybe i dinĀ“t include someone in the credits list, if you notice something familiar and i do not give credits, please call me and i will fix it, is not my intention do not recognize the contribution to this mod. This mod is free and always will be. The installation instructions are included into the file, enjoy!
  8. doomero-21

    Mortal Kombat II for zandronum (full version)

    yes... great times, mk2 was my first fighting game i played when i was a kid.
  9. doomero-21

    Mortal Kombat II for zandronum (full version)

    Are from supernintendo, but some missing sprites of supernintendo were included with the sprites of arcade version.
  10. Download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/mortal-kombat-doom-zandronum/downloads/mortal-kombat-ii-for-zandronum-full-version Gameplay: This mod let you play mortal kombat 2 in zandronum, compatible with multiplayer. I think this is the final version? not sure, but in terms of progress is completed, maybe i will uplaod updates about fix glitches and weird things in the future.
  11. doomero-21

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Doosk for best multiplayer mod:
  12. doomero-21

    Mortal kombat II for zandronum and also gzdoom

    I updated a new version of this mod, check the first post for download link. Changes: Fixed the hit boxes. Fixed some bugs from Kintaro. Fixed the timer script when exist a draw game. Added a new alternative addon: Mortal Kombat trilogy graphics mod: only change the music and visuals (check the video) from Mortal Kombat trilogy n64. Enjoy!
  13. doomero-21

    DOOM II: Resurrected - A DOOM II Remake

    impressive project.
  14. doomero-21

    Mortal kombat II for zandronum and also gzdoom

    zdoom engine is not ready yet for to do mugen projects, on my case toke me ten years this mod, also the programming is sick, and is necessary create a template including the arena battle, the hits scan, template character, etc.