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  1. Internal garage corridors done: Now doing the external parking lot/main vehicles entrance of base:
  2. 1. Finish Main UAC Hangar 2. Probably start another Industron map after Main UAC Hangar 3. Finish all preparations in Hunter's Moon for it's true campaign and start that god damn thing already
  3. Also enjoying this thread is in the first page, i would like to eschew Hunter's Moon from being eligible, it is only halfway through the plans i have for it and i don't feel it is ready or worth an award for now. inb4itwasnevereligibleduetobeingaquake3tc
  4. It's because the floor texture as some other textures i'm seeing there comes from Quake 3, so there's a little clash between brightness in the Quake 3 textures and the other texture pack he's using.
  5. Well if counting by first-run, all those are 1+ hour playtime: (which i remember atm) Community Chest 3 - MAP12 Deus Vult - MAP05 Dawn of Reality Foursite Ignored Alien Vendetta - MAP20 Interception - MAP29 KDiZD entirely except for the first two maps NDCP2 - MAP27 and MAP29 Zones of Fear - MAP24, MAP28 and MAP30 Eternal Doom has self explanatory name
  6. Version 2.9.3 has been released! Six additional characters have abilities, changelog and download in first post, enjoy!
  7. This map is going well in development, i hope i finish it in time before the year ends:
  8. Preparing to rain Democracy on the filthy demons, worked on this thing for like 3 or 4 hours straight:
  9. One song in loop for 4 hours and chill and it gives you this look:
  10. I thought that would be some mislooked old code, since that map is the only one which had that checking method. And well, that would break every map that has its own keys to check, cheking for vanilla keycards in the script itself was never the correct thing to do because the action 83 exists since Hexen IIRC.
  11. Aye, it is said the maps are intended for gameplay mods so... i tried it with my own and currently i see there are switches that uses the wrong setup to make them check if the player has a specific keycard, so in my case and Hunter's Moon, the mod rewrites KEYCONF to define new keys for the existing locks to apply new effects and stuff to the keys, however the script the switches uses is action 80 Script Execute and then the script itself checks the player's inventory to check only for vanilla keycards which in the case of my mod is being replaced and the player will never be able to pick them up. I recommend replace all those checks by using action 83 Script Locked Execute, so the engine will natively ask for a keycard lock from the KEYCONF instead of you having to do the check in the script yourself, so mods like mine which replaces keycards doesn't break the maps, i have yet to play all maps but i already faced this problem in MAP03 so far.
  12. Modifed the holograms to show advertisement in the facility entrance since it is a area where guests can walk around: Same for the lobby: And current WIP room:
  13. This song is in my super inspirational tier list:
  14. If you are really designing it around GZDoom with its OpenGL features and using Dark as default sector light mode, the first thing you need to do is force that light mode through MAPINFO to ensure nobody will diverge in brightness when playing your map, second is that if you really want dark rooms but with very limited vision never use 0 light, 80 should do fine since everything below 60 light is almost pure black.