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  1. Zanieon

    Do you use texture filtering? Why or why not?

    Cases and Cases honestly, if anybody wants their crisp pixels on vanilla Doom, that's perfectly fine because it was designed that way. The issue begins when people uses this as excuse to not turn it ON when needed because the mod/map author made the thing with the Filtering in mind and the majority of GZDoom-oriented mods actually works under that, rare cases can be found due the artstyle requiring it. Diabolus Ex or Golden Souls for example, they requires the chunky pixels, but in the opposite side there's like any map or mod made by @Remilia Scarlet or @Ed or even myself that requires the filtering on because we had it in mind when making the stuff. Speaking frankly, GZDoom having it on by default is no sin because the broad variety of Source Ports and if you want to "just play Doom", you still have a plenty of options that naturally have the unfiltered pixels like Eternity Engine, prBoom+, Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom etc... For me, GZDoom's proposal is still the same as ZDoom which is mess with the game completely to give it full moddability PLUS extending that to the graphical department as well. I have no idea why people wage a war between the graphical settings of GZDoom when the Source Port's purpose is actually to go beyond what the game is, instead of just existing to make the game work "as is" in modern operational systems.
  2. Zanieon

    UAC Vinur Prime Research Base - REDUX

    Dang a bump! But just passing by to say that i'm releasing a Redux version of this map that consists in make it more straightforward, removing exploration-only rooms to keep it less maze'y, the map should be beatable in less than an hour now because the player won't be wandering in circles across the same rooms over and over.
  3. Thanks for the words! And i really don't know what happened to this major version release of the mod, it is going pretty low activity not only in here, but also in all other places i divulgated it such as ZDoom forums and ModDB. Well even if you open the trailer video in Youtube you can see it has very few comments and views, which in comparison to the 2015 release of the map pack this is like 1/4th of the attention it got previously (2015 trailer when it was on Youtube it had around 2k views in the first week).
  4. Basically that, there's still a ton of stuff i'm planning to include, but it's been 5 years since the last time the Map Pack released and it released poorly at that time, flawed level design to the max and lack of information given to the player (Directions/What to do). So after that moderate-to-bad reception of the previous Map Pack i decided to scrap the two maps which was being stupid and replaced them with new ones that are actually better versions of their former selves, the others are basically very new. Except Rarlocan Main Base which existed in the old Map Pack, but being the third map in the play list many people didn't play it, and it also recieved a couple reworks in this new version.
  5. Bump! I know the mod didn't get too much attention here but here i come with the full package this time. Hope y'all enjoy it!
  6. Zanieon

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Surely vanilla level design is powerful... just as the gamma
  7. Zanieon

    What are the biggest misconceptions regarding DOOM?

    Quite sure Suspense was much memorable as At Doom's Gate, being the first eerie song to play through the progression it completely changes the mood of E1M5 in comparison to the previous maps.
  8. Zanieon

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Goddamn, i should have finished this map a month ago:
  9. Zanieon

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Stood a couple days without working on this due to mapper's block, but finally i got more ideas for it: