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  1. This is not the first studio they shutdown this year as well, if anyone noticed they merged BioWare Montreal which was the one who made Mass Effect: Andromeda with Motive Studios after the total failiure of this last Mass Effect. In the near future the only studio that will remain active is EA Sports, since what matters for them is just the money and well, 3/4 of their entire budget comes from Fifa games. Damn, not even Activision is so evil to their subsidiaries.
  2. Why a map for that in the first place? All you need is this lil mod:
  3. So everyone watched Kill the Moon episode from Doctor Who to say it is an egg?
    Disables status updates to re-enable to disable again to re-enable once more Ç_Ç

    1. Paul977

      Hopefully he disable them again. It was a good step for returning to the good old doomworld format

    2. Marlamir


      i hope  about that too

  5. MediaFire fails me again in not enabling download links if i do not allow them TWICE for no reason, fixed.
  6. Welcome to The Temple Of The Portals, prepare to fight hordes of giant monstrosities of hell for the control of the multiverse, Hunter's Moon is a mod for Zandronum and GZDoom that consists in bring the single-player/cooperative campaign that Quake III Arena never had, the story continues a very, very long time after the Vadrigars and the Eternal Arenas taking the warriors out of the arenas' endless battles to fight for the control of what have locked them there, The Temple Of The Portals is the place where everything connects, it is the universe between the universes, it is a source of unlimited and unimaginable power that even gods wants control it. Characters: Weapons: Changelog V2.9.2: Screenshots: Downloads: Download V2.9.2 (GZDoom Version) Download Map Pack V0.3 Download Editor Resource R5 Last Updated: July/14. Add-ons: Total Sonic Mayhem Music Pack -This was the old Music Pack, but now some Quake 2 songs were removed and some others that combines better with Quake 3 Industrial music style were added in place. Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack -This add-on contains tracks from movies or other games which fits the same theme of what Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly did to Quake 3, works with pretty every megawad/gameplay wad but mainly made for Hunter's Moon.
  7. I think everyone from Quake 3/Quake Champions is eligible for that since eh... the few lore Quake 3 has and the part which Quake Champions still don't explains too much, everyone is fighting in that arenas for a very long time and they will keep doing it for all eternity so.
  8. I joined here because this was the only remaining biggest forum that composes the Doom community which i wasn't registered, i could register by 2009 alongside ZDoom but being a total new modder in that year i wouldn't last too long here since in ZDoom and Skulltag themselves i stood in a bit of hostility for the first few years for misunderstanding people because my english was very shitty in that age.
  9. How?
  10. Hellcore MAP02 i think, Fusion and Darkfyre did an amazing job in that map, they tried to keep the scale of furniture and architeture inside the buildings relative to Doomguy's sprite.
  11. The pet which does this:
  12. Play anything in the Community Highlight literally, many of them are worth trying.
  13. Just need some final adjustment but that's it:
  14. I started mapping by editing the original maps of the game so... everyone has to start from some point, editing existing content is a great starting but surely is not good keeping doing that for a long time.