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  1. AdamW

    pa02-2057, Underhalls done Pacifist!

    It's fine for the kinds of runs I do. I suck at glides anyway. :P
  2. AdamW

    pa02-2057, Underhalls done Pacifist!

    Holy crap, no-one told me about this until now, but - awesome job, ZeroMaster! I've tried this run off and on over the years and made it down into the basement a couple times on a traditional line (i.e. basically the speedrun line with giant piles of luck), but never really got anywhere close to finishing. Once flat glides were a thing I fiddled about with something like this a bit, but never went anywhere serious with it. Awesome that someone finally finished it, and great tactics. Congratulations. BTW, this silent old person in the background thinks the people actually actively running stuff these days should set the conventions :P that's how it always was in the old days, after all; we didn't have an Official UN Committee or anything deciding what was OK and what wasn't, we just argued about it on IRC and then went with whatever whoever was running the compet-n site at the time decided... whenever I try and play these days I use doom2.exe in dosbox, but that's just me.
  3. Glad you're finding it useful! SavageCorona: what name is interesting?
  4. I hate playing and watching demos made that way so I've never done it. But I doubt it ultimately makes much difference. On a good run you take fairly little damage from the 'wandering' monsters: the trouble are the ones in specific set-piece locations, i.e. basically the red key / blue armor fort and especially the ones in the basement. Obviously ensuring you don't take a flyby hit from any 'wanderers' is part of the luck involved in getting a good run, and often you do and just quit and start over. But it's probably faster to quit and start over on the fast run than it is to spend a few minutes mashing a door, only to jump into the red key room and die two seconds later and have to do it all over again. So I think it's probably even more efficient to do it the 'fast' way.
  5. Just happened on this thread. FWIW when I was trying pa02 seriously I got around as far as vono on my best attempt; that was in like two weeks of playing 2-3 hours a day. I'd say it's about as hard as a non-trick run can be without actually being entirely impossible. If easy is 0, and impossible is 100, it's about a 99.9. No other run I've done is even close to as hard. Or...I mean, it's not *hard*, exactly. There's very little skill involved, just a bit of sergeant voodoo. Let's say "unlikely".
  6. AdamW

    Memento Mori II demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice - you can keep it, I guess. I just don't enjoy doing 2+ minute 'everything has to go perfect' runs any more, I'm too old... Should be possible to run 2:08 or so on that route with perfect monsters (and go the short way from yellow key - turn around and run straight back out). You can skip SSG (it's possible to run basically the same route with SG, just takes a bit more luck) for 1-2 secs, and skip soulsphere for 2-3 if you get extremely lucky. If you want to get crazy you could try skipping SSG *and* soulsphere *and* doing that annoying lift trick, but I got better things to do with my weekend I guess :P
  7. Fine, here's 2:14. :) I kinda wanna do ~2:11 but I also want to see some sunshine or something. 2:21 and 2:19 are in doom.com.hr compet-n incoming, if you want to grab them. m206-214.zip
  8. AdamW

    Memento Mori II demos [-complevel 2]

    hey ryback! cyberdemon: shitty 2:16 in the compet-n thread. edit: now somewhat less shitty 2:14.
  9. AdamW

    Memento Mori II demos [-complevel 2]

    cyberdemon: I put 2:19 in the compet-n thread 5 hours before your 2:20, sorry :P hey, it's just like old times! j4rio: gee, this thread is just piling the praise on me huh?
  10. AdamW

    Memento Mori II demos [-complevel 2]

    Well I ain't been around in forever, but AFAIK you can only use cndoom for the new 'cndoom' tables, real COMPET-N still has to be original .exe. I might've missed something. I don't mind playing the original exe anyway.
  11. Dunno if we're supposed to post here or on doom.com.hr ATM, so just in case, here's my Once Every 5 Years Special: MM2 MAP06 UV speed, 2:21. EDIT: shitty improvement, god the end of this run is terrible - 2:19. EDIT again: another shitty improvement, 2:16. m206-216.zip
  12. AdamW

    Memento Mori II demos [-complevel 2]

    Thanks to whoever called MAP06 boring...*sniff* :) I just uploaded a new COMPET-N MAP06 speed record, 2:21: http://www.doom.com.hr/public/compet-n/pwads/mm2/speed/m206-221.zip . Recorded in Dosbox.
  13. I've got a working package for odamex too now, I'll add it to the repo shortly. EDIT: odamex (and odamex-server) packages added, odamex package has odalaunch.
  14. Hey folks, I spent a couple of days on Doom things again, and came up with a Fedora Linux repo with packages for CnDoom, Zandronum and Doomseeker. Sooo, if you've been looking for an easy way to run any of those on Fedora, you're in lucky, I guess? See https://www.happyassassin.net/2015/08/03/fedora-repository-for-doom-stuff-zandronum-doomseeker-cndoom/ for the details.
  15. grazza: thanks. well, that's kind of a pain since it breaks so many levels, but using a really frustrating trick. for instance, you could make cl22 shorter, but you need to pull off I think three 32-unit glides, including one flat faced one. ew.