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  1. No, I haven't tried that one. I just picked mm2 map06 to run because I thought it'd be fun to have a record on my own map :) Didn't count on you and cyberdemon fighting me for it, heh.
  2. AdamW

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    sorry, dunno how to fix the quoting on that last message :/ also, one other thing to remember - when I made that map I was either 13 or 14, so yeah. :P
  3. you could probably get to 52 or 51 by cutting some rockets and relying on luck, but it'd be REALLY grind-y :/
  4. nice job dwaze, I never expected 0:55 to stand up this long :P
  5. Nice runs xit! On MM2 MAP06 pacifist - I've actually been attempting it on and off for the last three years, was trying to keep it under wraps :P it can definitely be done on the speed route (with the supercharger), with a time around 2:20-2:30. I have an attempt which makes it all the way to the second-to-last room; I had around 100 health after getting the last key, but it gets sniped down very unluckily on the way to the exit area, and by the time I reach the big penultimate room I'm very low and just get killed by chaingunners :/ It's *definitely* doable though on that route, though. I just need to find another quiet week to get it finished...
  6. Christ, 20 secs better than me...that's just sick :) nice run man.
  7. Oh hey post necro! So funny story: I had completely forgotten making this level. I played it again on Saturday (...died about fifteen times, ran out of ammo twice and couldn't remember most of the secrets or traps) and then saw this time and read the text file. I think you're right with a lot of your comments :P I really don't remember how the stuck archvile/mancubus happened; I think maybe we decided to add a monster really late, or something, and didn't test the change. It's kinda silly. The room was definitely playtested at some point, but I think maybe we only had an archvile in there at first then decided to add the mancubus to make it harder, or something. The Mystery Switches where you don't really know what they do and just have to run around till you see something new are silly. I think I was aiming for something more complex than just a Linear Series Of Rooms design but should've figured out a way to make it more clear what was going on. I honestly have no idea what's going on with that 'one-time switch which doesn't look like a switch' that you mention, I don't *think* it was an attempt to fix the potential bug you mentioned but I don't remember for sure. I also noticed the inability to leave the exit area; honestly I think I just wasn't really thinking about flow issues like that, so I didn't think to make the back of the door openable 'normally'. I should definitely have been a bit more generous with ammo in there (and in the map in general too). But c'mon, don't they have Sky Door technology where you live?! Jeez, so backward. :P I don't think it was a really bad level, tbh, but definitely could have done with a bit of rebalancing, fixing the silly bugs and making the switches more obvious.
  8. Improved HN08 to 0:31. 16 seconds faster than Hitherto.
  9. Finally kinda-satisfied with this time (though the two visible errors in the run annoy me). 16 second improvement. hn08-031.zip
  10. Sure, tons of them do - just look at your compet-n page - https://www.doom.com.hr/index.php?page=compet-n_database&cndb=&wad_id=1&category_id=&map_id=&player_id=39&h=&sort=&order= some of those have been beaten with source ports (see this thread and others), but a lot of them haven't.
  11. Haha, thanks zeromaster. I was reading through this thread yesterday and you sure have a lot of amazing-sounding demos here, never thought anyone would make 4:57 for episode 1 (frankly I was surprised when vile put in the time to beat my 5:11, haha). I'll try and find time to watch them through ASAP! And maybe see if I can survive an episode run any more to take just one of them off you at least, no-one should own all the episode records at once...;)
  12. "DSDA should have all the Compet-N records, if any are missing, it's generally something that should be reported in the DSDA thread." Oh, cool - I'd seen some posts from around the place suggesting some compet-n stuff was missing from DSDA, I guess that's old info then. I do think the monster and secret count features of prboom-ish ports give an "unfair" (in comparison to stock) advantage for categories where kill % and secret % are significant. Outside of that it doesn't seem significant, though. (Assuming an appropriate complevel is used of course.)
  13. Improved HP08 to 0:25 with some super luck on the lost souls:
  14. Hah, I just bought a new mousepad and was running HP08 just to test it out and got a two second improvement second try...insane lost soul luck this time. Just wish my running was a bit less sucky so this would've been an 0:24. (edit: uploaded to compet-n incoming too.) hp08-025.zip