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  1. $60? I wish. It's $80 Canadian over here. I'm really going to find it difficult to fork over that much cash unless it's a phenominal game .. I'm not bothered much if I have to wait for a Steam sale if it's only average at best. (Yes I realize $80 Canadian is only $64 USD at this point)
  2. http://actrazer.bandcamp.com/ http://betamaxxmusic.bandcamp.com/ http://droidbishop.bandcamp.com/ http://megadrive.bandcamp.com/ http://mitchmurder.bandcamp.com/ http://perturbator.bandcamp.com/ http://tommy86.bandcamp.com/ http://vectorhold.bandcamp.com/ http://waveshaper1.bandcamp.com/
  3. http://pcpartpicker.com/ Good site for looking up prices on parts and putting together builds. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/ Version for losers in Canada like me.
  4. I had just been in contact with him a year ago taking care of some idgames stuff .. you could tell he really cared about his work on the archive. RIP.
  5. MOAR! http://imgur.com/a/hZY1E/all Also the first wow.wad fanart evar (i think) http://i.imgur.com/GqGpDad.jpg
  6. That Soulcrusher review is ridiculous. Oh no, people are including MP3s in their game and dial-up users are in trouble. All 10 of them. The comment about PK3 files is so dumb. You do realize MP3s compress really, really poorly anyway, right? It'd save maybe a few megs at most. It's 2013 for fucks sake, if you're still on shitty internet, go somewhere with good internet and download it there. 117 MB is nothing. In fact, making the first screenshot an end game spoiler makes me really think he's a troll who's just here to fuck with people by writing shit reviews. If you Google the guy's name, you immediately find a bunch of results pretty much confirming this ..
  7. Here it is, although you need to register to see it. http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=5143909
  8. Disclaimer: I didn't draw any of this, it's from fan artists on Pixiv which is a site for Japanese artists. Some amusing stuff this time. The arch-vile one at the end is especially good. http://imgur.com/a/U9gqF This was posted in the other thread but I'm not sure anyone saw it .. http://imgur.com/a/TolDn
  9. I think they may have removed it due to difficulty, and sometimes that section would glitch out and your air canister meter would go into the negatives, leading to you always dying.
  10. Some amusing ones here http://imgur.com/a/TolDn
  11. Pump and dump! D:
  12. http://kotaku.com/five-years-and-nothing-to-show-how-doom-4-got-off-trac-468097062 Interesting article that goes into some detail with Doom 4's development hell.
  13. Some Heretic, Hexen and Doom stuff http://imgur.com/a/Wlv4P
  14. Even moar! http://imgur.com/a/C2c82
  15. tl;dr tons of retards got scammed by obvious scammers, scammers laugh and make BS excuses while running off with fistfulls of cash. MODERN GAMING INDUSTRY! :D