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  1. Artman2004

    Doom 3 vs Half Life 2

    Half-Life 2 is less of a slog to get through and less technical problems, but sometimes has confusing and bad level design and also has an overly strict ammo limit. (you can only carry a laughable 12 extra bullets for your revolver.) Doom 3 has really great graphics and can be pretty tense, and I never really got lost in the levels. However, it crashes sometimes and the vanilla weaponry can go chomp a C4. It's also a bit too slow for my tastes.
  2. Artman2004

    What does Freedoom remind you of?

    What movies/TV shows/games does Freedoom remind you of? (other than Doom, of course.)
  3. Artman2004

    Your idea for a Doom game

    What is your idea for a Doom game?
  4. Artman2004

    Doom mods with aliens

  5. Artman2004

    Doom mods with aliens

    Hello, I'm looking for any Doom gameplay mod that has aliens in it. Be it Xenos, bugs, and anything else. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.
  6. Artman2004

    Most underwhelming weapon in Doom

    What do you think is the weakest-feeling/least fun to use weapon in Doom?
  7. Artman2004

    So I found an Aliens mod...

    Then what's the point of having the HUD show the amount of bullets rather than show the amount of magazines you have?
  8. Artman2004

    So I found an Aliens mod...

    BTW aliens0.99j3.pk3 has some bugs: You cannot hurt yourself with the rocket launcher. When you reload, you waste all the bullets in the magazine. There are probably more, but I haven't found them yet.
  9. Artman2004

    So I found an Aliens mod...

    One day, I was looking through the Mods section on the Zandronum forums when I stumbled across this:https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5988 It's a mod based on Aliens, and it's actually pretty good! The download is dead, but the file can still be downloaded from the Wad Archive. Be warned: It can be pretty hard.
  10. Doom Breed: Tower Assault
  11. Artman2004

    Weapon Problems

    It works now. Thank you! I named the lump DECORATE and it works!
  12. Artman2004

    Weapon Problems

    Weird. Your mod works, but mine doesn't. Must be something to do with mine being a PK3.
  13. Artman2004

    Weapon Problems

    Ok, I've tried that, but the weapon still does not show up. Even when I type Give All, it still doesn't show up. Do you know what's causing this?