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  1. OniriA

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Wow, that must've taken alot of time and effort to make. The slopework is definitly insane here. It looks like something from a modern game/art picturebook now. :P
  2. OniriA

    It's new name is..

    *Knikt stilletjes * A little pick from the news articles of today (translated).
  3. Busy with new music, here's a sneak peak for now ;) I kept my speaker volume low when recording this to not wake my neighbors, so I recommend raising the volume on your headphones.
  4. OniriA

    It's new name is..

    Many people are fed up of that, vaccinated or not. Fed up of the isolation, loneliness, hopelessness. The mental and psychological pandemic is the other side of this alongside the physical one but many people don't see it before it's too late. We need physical contact like a plant requires water. People shouldn't be ignorant about that fact.
  5. OniriA

    It's new name is..

    An urgent public conference was held yesterday evening here whereby our country has basically announced another semi-lockdown per Sunday night. The lockdown was announced during 'Black Friday' but it was an entirely different "Black friday" for many of us here. Today, the news stated that 60 passengers infected with the transformed Omicron variant have arrived here from South Africa. So the new variant is already here now too. Many people are angry about the inconsistency,incompetence and illogical nature of the rules from the political bunch (schools for children are being kept open for example even though most of the new infections are taking place there and brought home). Riots are taking place in various cities throughout the night whereby great fires are lit (combined with explosive fireworks and bombs). Alot of people are blaming the unvaccinated for the new restrictions here. The unvaccinated in turn are protesting in the street saying they are living in a new Nazi dictator state an they are the victims. Meanwhile at the airport a large decorated Christmas tree stands alone in the entrance plaza, surrounded by masked Marechaussee police holding machineguns..
  6. OniriA

    It's new name is..

    Do you think it will herald the end of the world as prophesied by our ancient forefathers? Discuss.
  7. OniriA

    What's the value of anything online?

    Some nice replies by people here, I can appreciate the interest. Here's a choice, would you rather see your work be eroded beautifully while vines start covering you gracefully in their embrace or.., would you take solace in the fact that you've left all of your life's efforts in a digital man-made space which can cease to exist altogether at the press of a button or pull of a plug? For something to matter it has to exist and keep existing in some way, shape or form in the first place. It speaks for itself that an artist gets value from the thing he creates in the moment of creation, but I'm talking about the long term preservation of it, and the lasting value resulting from that. I'm well aware of this and must say I always appreciate those endeavors. I've surrounded myself with the people who do this for many years in fact. I purposefully left this out in Billy's example to give a possible scenario of what would happen if digital was the only sole focus. It's a horror scenario for any artist or creative isn't it? Perhaps Billy never considered doing this or simply didn't have the means to do so, which he now regrets after holding his fathers cassette. I didn't write this story for entertainment's sake but because I foresee that such a thing could very well happen in the future. If an artist puts his life and soul into his work then quitting is almost akin to killing yourself or a great part within yourself. So that option kinda goes into the dustbin. In the other option, let's say you've only worked with digital art all your life and that's all you know and are good at, would you then just pick up the paint brush the next day and be like "ah well, too bad the internet has stopped existing and all my life's work just went through the toilet, I'll just start making a happy little tree here now if you don't mind." Electricity and the internet make almost everything possible afaik, they don't make things "just more convenient and accessible" unless you're comfortable living a medieval life. I'm assuming you're an artist yourself so what would you do in your case without those things? Considering you're sitting in a pitch black room, without light and computer power? I agree with the rest. I can see where you're coming from with that but don't you wish your art to mean something in the physical world aswell instead of just in the digital space? Don't you feel that something you create dearly should have a higher purpose beside that? Instead of going to the future let's go 2000 years in the past. The artists who left their magnificent works (which we are still uncovering today) might have eroded through the passage of time, but we can't fail to recognize and appreciate the ingeniousness of their designs and beauty. And they will keep doing so for generations to come. That is their everlasting legacy. They shine just like the Moon in the night sky. The Moon which countless human eyes throughout the history of man have gazed upon in wonder and curiosity. Here's one I came across a few years ago near our place :)
  8. This topic has been lingering in my mind for some time, so I finally wanted to share it with people. We live in a time where practically all of our entertainment is digitized. Wether its music, art, games, movies/docus/series or even books. Most of you probably go to Spotify for music. If you want to watch the new tv, you probably go to YouTube and Netflix. Everything is found and stored online nowadays. Most games are bought digitally nowadays aswell, more then ever before as witnessed by the amount of lesser and lesser physical copies in retail stores. Becoming even more apparent with the fact that cd rom has been becoming increasingly obsolete during the past few years, if it hasn't already. I'm not here for lamenting about nostalgia for the past because that's not what this is about. I want to best explain this with a casus: Billy has worked for days and nights pouring his heart and soul into his latest artwork. He's looking forward to sharing it with people on the internet. Those people have been pretty supportive of Billy's work in the past, giving him kind comments. Its the only way Billy feels a sense of connection with people nowadays, especially since the lockdown has severely limited human contact. This connection gives him a sence of meaning and purpose. Billy has alot of beautiful artwork posted online, in fact Billy is a multitalented artist sharing and creating music, poetry and digital art. One day an announcement from the government is made that the internet is no longer sustainable and will be shut down. This also means that everything that Billy has ever made will be lost aswell. So what then was the meaning of all this when in the end all of this effort is lost anyway and ceases to exist like it never happened? The day has come that the internet is shut down and Billy has stored everything on hdd drives and his phone to atleast remember his efforts and his legacy in some way. But then it happens, electricity is no longer viable either. Billy slowly sees his phone's battery run out. The following thoughts run through his mind: "I cannot share my work anymore because there is no internet, I can't be creative or produce either because there is no electricity anymore. What was then the value of all this that I did?" What was the value of it all when its creation and existence were dependent on those things? Electricity and internet. Both of wich are beyond your control. Would it have been different if there was a real physical means to connect it with people? Would he have been able to save and retain a part of his soul that is now forever lost? Billy thinks about his childhood when he got a present from his father. It was a cassette tape. "One day it will probably be of no use when you grow up but atleast you know that it exists, that its real, and you will remember me by it when you hold it in your hands, that's my lasting connection to you.. and no amount of likes on the internet can replace that"
  9. OniriA

    rats learning how to play doom

    Well, I guess strapping any sort of animal to a object linked to controlling a character on screen would result it in "playing" the game even if it's just randomly walking in a straight hallway, right? Some animals like cats are sentient and aware and out of curiosity would press a button or do something unusual, that's where I find it entertaining. An animal doing something from its own will and curiosity instead of it being forced to do so by tying it with ropes by degenerates like these, who do it for their own amusement, entertainment and likes. Call me sensitive but I don't find this sort of thing amusing to watch at all, sorry.
  10. OniriA

    rats learning how to play doom

    A monkey or cat playing Doom would be even more interesting. But then again, a bear, an elephant, a tiger, a dolphin, snake or a penguin even more so.