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  1. I have one (or actually several combined in one) question(s) aswell. Will the GEC Master Edition with the Lost Levels (once they are all done) be released as a wad for PC aswell in the same way like this is released (with a specialized Gzdoom that runs it with bat.files) ? Or will it just be released as a ROM playable only via an psx emulator or real hardware. Or will it perhaps be released in both ways? Between music production this is my go-to thing that I like to hop into and blast through a few maps, getting Zen by the calm, mystic and desolate atmosphere combined with the sacral and pure tribal energy of childhood experience wich serves as a hotbed of inspiration ; ) For this reason I can't wait for the rest of the content to be added so that there's more to enjoy. ; )
  2. riderr3 , this is looking fantastic. Can't wait to play those maps as part of the full package. I'm especially pleased and excited by your renditions and visions of the missing psx maps. You're doing a pro job here. Sorry for not being helpful in any other way, I can only cheer you on.
  3. Oh, so it indeed is. The original game ran around 30 fps, so I've capped the fps to 35 to supress and reduce the speed and dashing wich happens too often on my end.
  4. Well, it has been almost 20 years since I played the original disc, must have grown accustomed to the speed of the pc version in the consequent period I guess.
  5. Something I noticed in this conversion, the regular movement seems to be very fast. And running speed makes you literally dash through the map and turns doomguy into Sonic. I can't remember it to be this fast in the original?
  6. Will the lost levels also be added to this once they're finished? Or are they in here and there's a way to get to them using console? Command "map lostlevel<insert number>" doesn't seem to work.
  7. I am SO looking forward to this when it gets done. Playstation DooM was my first ever Doom. Thank you for undertaking this huge attempt to create a complete version of the game. Its like a dream come true. Good luck, Marines.
  8. A slige generated map is better then this dumpster fire of an unstable map.
  9. Can someone upload a demo of a full playthrough on Youtube including all kills, items etc. just for sheer entertainment? Just to be done with it all (as I dont feel like playing it either), and after that just turn our back to this and ignore the thread altogether.
  10. OniriA

    Skulltag Was Amazing

    Discovered Skulltag in the summer of 2006, and it changed my life. It was about the only thing I played for many years to come. Experienced my most beautifull, fun and memorable times with it. A new door and universe within Doom opened (wich I first experienced on Playstation 1) that I only ever imagined in my dreams. The possiblities and potential of it all seemed endless. Being part of a clan, hosting servers everyday, fragging the shit out of newbs and rivals in duels and dm's, creating custom hacks and edits of wads wich weren't yet compatible or fully supported with skulltag in order to play them online with my friend in our private server etc. As I actively began hosting servers I even experienced real friendship and brotherhood in it aswell, and on the community side I experienced all the various drama's wich eventually culminated into its demise (including a major coordinated ddos hack attack on the website once for several days). I myself wasn't exactly an angel either during those times.. indeed it was quite a dynamic period. * Does a virtual toast for all these great years of Skulltag with any random unknown individual here from Doomworld, and slowly takes a sip of wine *
  11. Cacoward for worst wad 2018?
  12. OniriA

    Doom Turns 23: No End in Sight

    On my "To play" list: 1. Innocence X 2. Plutonium Sandpit 3. Terdelux 4. Ogrelabs 5. The Last Sanctuary 6. FinalNeodoom 7. Hell on Earth Starterpack 8. Stronghold 9. The City of the Damned 10 WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony Episode 1 11 Japanese Community Project 12 Bloodstain 13 BrutalDoom64 14 Ancient Aliens 15 Miasma And Im afraid that list will only keep growing larger. D: Next to those (top10) games from 2016: 1. Battlefield 1 2. DooM (2016) 3. Shadow Warrior 2 4. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine 5. Dark Souls III 6. The Last Gaurdian 7. Final Fantasy XV 8. Inside 9. Deus Ex: Mankind Devided 10 Steep 1st world problems.. Also that picture of Romero holding the Cacoward is a classic moment!
  13. OniriA

    Doom Turns 23: No End in Sight

    Is that actually John Romero holding the Cacoward? Did Doomworld really made a physical Cacoward and sent it to Romero?!