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  1. OniriA

    John Carmack podcast

  2. OniriA

    Freddy vs. Jason or Aliens vs. predator

    Spongebob vs Teletubbies
  3. I haven't seen the movie, but reading more about the theme and actors it kind of peaked my interest a bit more in seeing it. Also, that's just a disgusting and dumb meme. Get out of here with that shit.
  4. OniriA

    John Carmack podcast

    But to you I shall refer as follows:
  5. OniriA

    What are you listening to?

    Turn your speakers to the max.
  6. OniriA

    An Evening with Nirvana [Ep 6 - Dannebubinga]

    Looking forward to the Gazebo podcast.
  7. OniriA

    John Carmack podcast

    Looking at the length of this, this is going to the 'podcasts to listen to while going to sleep' list.
  8. I liked the first 3 maps, but the final 3 were a bit too hectic and chaotic for my taste. I didn't enjoy playing those as a result. Fun concept overall though. 7/10
  9. OniriA

    what is happening in your dreams?

    Wait, are you telling me you didn't dream about waifus?
  10. OniriA

    Opinions on "Toss-Drop"

    I've grown so accustomed to it since the Skulltag era (also being the first introduction into source ports with the longest time spent playing), that I don't even realize it's a source port thing anymore. It also made sense in a multiplayer setting, as Skulltag replicated alot of Quake style multiplayer features aswell. I guess the 'pinata' effect originated in Quake / Quake 3 Arena, something which the source ports added in as a feature as they strived to make Doom more advanced and feature rich in general. Especially in the 2000's
  11. OniriA

    First ever version of Doom in Germany

    Well, upon further notice you posted this link in the other thread: https://www.ebay.de/itm/134133672048 Is this your article? Or did you just suggested it randomly there. It does have the same type of "damage" on the below left corner of the box as your version (just looks more damaged overall though, so is this here an older picture of the same article?). If you're selling this for that price, then I leave that up for debate as I already shared my thoughts about what I think of such prices in the other thread. It's also a funny coincidence that as soon you made this thread, the 800 plus Euro's version posted about in the other thread was removed. ;)
  12. OniriA

    First ever version of Doom in Germany

    Sieht es gut aus. Hoffe du verkaufst es nicht für 800 euro bei ebay.