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  1. OniriA

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    Basically Map30 of almost every megawad.
  2. Sad day for soccer fans worldwide : (
  3. Thailand's claim to have seized almost $1bn worth of the drug ketamine has turned out to be a "misunderstanding", its justice minister has said. Instead, lab tests found the substance was trisodium phosphate - a compound commonly used as a cleaning agent. Somsak Thepsuthin said a "technical error" in field testing had led to the initial false claim. Officials had seized the substance earlier this month, and declared it to be Thailand's largest ketamine seizure. Ketamine is widely used as an anaesthetic, but due to its hallucinogenic effects is also thought of as a "party drug". It can cause serious harm to the body and be fatal if used this way. Trisodium phosphate, a white powdered substance, can be used in stain remover, or even as a food additive. Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-55067876
  4. As I said in the other topic, I wondered whether this would come out, so I'm glad to see it released. While as a musician myself I can agree on that, it can also be said that for a fulltime producer releasing a few dark ambient albums between an X amount of years there's awful little to eat from. Unless he also does things like doing mixing / mastering for others or doing production for different companies, I don't think a musician would be able to 'survive' if he'd really only depend on those album sales.
  5. Wondered when it was going to come out, awesome news!
  6. Allrighty then..finally managed finish this aswell. Prior to getting into this, from what I had seen of this in the screenshot section, my impression was that it was very reminiscent of Ancient Aliens wich is one of my favorite wads. But beyond the somewhat similar choice of colors and textures the comparisons cease. If anything, this is Ancient Aliens on steroids and DMT. The fights are often hectic and the whole map is very heavy on the colors. Especially the starting hub area, or what I would call the 'lounge area' feels like it could be a place for a loud carnival party in space. I must give credit to all the time and work it must've taken to do all the sector work, arrangement, compiling and texturing in order to present everything as is in this gigantic map. At the same time I must also say that due to the sheer variation of textures (and colors) used I happened to find myself confused at times as to what the wad actually wanted to be theme wise. The wad is a constant visual barrage with reds, pinks, purples and blue's as some of the dominant colors. There are brown ancient structures coated and decorated with pink, purple, yellow or blue future-tech elements, there are high-tech structures and laser fences surrounding it or intermingling with one another. It was hard for me to find what the wad was trying to be in the overall sense once I was navigating deep into it, it almost felt like it wanted to be everything. This is perhaps also personal as I'm someone who naturally enjoys a much more sober, consistent and somewhat more minimal design aesthetic. The wad clearly go's for maximum visual variation and intensity. The natural environments like the caverns and vegetative areas surrounded by waterfalls or lavafalls are usually something I can enjoy in any wad, wich I also did in here. The fights are constantly tense throughout the whole thing but at some point in the map it did began to get weary with the same repeated formula and pattern of hitting a switch, making a few cybers appear together with a horde of lesser demons, followed by a squad of archviles to resurrect them. Rinse and repeat. Certain areas like the void where you have to cross the gap by using smoke elementals as a bridge was pretty creative but the platforming through the revenants following right after it became such a trial and error that I had to skip that. It would've been much more fun to have just another row of smoke elementals to cross over instead of being c*ckblocked by revenants constantly while the other elementals behind you are already active and starting to close in on you, obviously not too happy that you jumped on their heads. The fight at the end of the section where you almost get overwhelmed by the green fart elementals was tense but I managed it. There were many such situations and fights in the map where I would be backed into a corner almost being overwhelmed but somehow managed to survive and or escape with bare hp, often due to luck. But also no less thanks to the buttery smooth power of the weapons from the Supercharge mod. The other section which was challenging and hectic was the spiraling smoke-wheel area. It was pretty fun initially and I managed the fight all the way until the archviles started dropping in. At that point I just used infinite ammo and railgunned them. The fight would have been extremely frustrating otherwise and since the map had gone on for almost 4 hours at that point (and really started to drag) I couldn't be bothered unfortunately. I do imagine some shits and giggles to be had on this part in coop multiplayer, especially with the circling smoke-wheel chasing multiple players which could be used as a single map section just for multiplayer. Once arrived at the final boss arena it was confusing as to what the goal was, especially since pressing the blue and red switches made nothing happen. If I hadn't read here as to what was required of me I would've probably been stuck there forever. It wasn't exactly clear to me that I had to activate the blob by shooting a projectile weapon. Once the boss was activated and I saw shit spawn everywhere, a huge sigh came over me. The idea of running around like a chicken to activate both switches (guarded by infinitely spawning cybers after each attempt) and evading countless projectiles while the boss wall would just open for a few seconds combined with the fact that the hp only decreased by one millimetre after each hit, made me at long last pull out a Bob Ross and go "Its time to get crazy". Fly mode on, infinite ammo, then pumped the MF'er blob with Quake III quad damage so it went down quickly and smoothly. Creature Annihilated! Again, this part might work much better as a single map element or for multiplayer, but in the context of a map where it took more then 4 hours to get to that point, many players will simply be too mentally exhausted to be assed to go through the whole Blob ordeal the way it was intended. After "killing" it, it wasn't exactly clear as to what to do with the acquired item or where to place it, so there was some wandering involved inside the rainbow space station hub before I randomly placed it on the table where I was like "Uhm, okay..?" The end was somewhat tongue in cheek and cheesy at the same time. Again, I commend the time and effort that went into this, and the map is certainly a long and intense experience. The intense barrage of visual clutter, combined with the hectic fights and the fragile fps made it a challenge in and of itself to just navigate through it smoothly at times while still retaining straight eyes. The length of the map can also make the map feel weary at some point with the same fights repeated over and over, making me think that even if it was half or two thirds the map it is right now it would probably be just as good in my view. Although the artistic mindset would think otherwise. 7.5 / 10
  7. OniriA

    Obscure Megawads (period 1997 - 2014)

    I just happened to read the text file of the wad a few days ago out of amusement, so I'm very aware of the wad myself. Compared to the much better known Hellcore 2.0 it doesn't get much spotlight anymore. Infact, its mostly through 2.0 that most people still stumble upon the first release nowadays. Some great quotes from the text file: "Ah yes this was the very first doom map I made.. And the map that made me decide to make a 32 level megawad.. oh god what a mistake that was heh. Anyway, lack of detail, blocky, triangle corridors and poorly placed monsters will have you cringing and wondering why you even downloaded Hellcore in the first place. Bah to hell with you all! I know it sucks, you know it sucks, there's always idclev." "Crappy boss level made in literaly 10 minutes, was not meant to be even in the wad, just was for fun. However it looks like it's gonna be included anyway, so enjoy this POS... and yes it is beatable." "Shitty level enjoy!" I love reading stuff like that, I love it when authors have the balls to be bold, fair en genuine in their txt files. There's nothing to hide here, no sugar coating, it is as it is..deal with it. We're all on this planet temporarily anyway so get the fuck outta here. Thanks for linking to that topic as I was thinking about it when I was making this one, but couldn't find it. So I was already anticipating for someone to link me there. To still differentiate from the other topic though I decided to focus on a certain timeframe (1997 - 2014) and get even more "obscure" instead of just underrated. I think some of the obscure ones are also listed in that topic and in your list, so thanks again. In the end though, there's only an X amount of things that were created, so eventually you're gonna run out of all the "obscure" or underrated (mega)wads. Hence the timeframe aswell, so that in the end there's always a finite amount that's created between that time, instead of taking any period, wich makes the amount of wads potentially infinite.
  8. We all know about the Scythe's, Alien Vendettas, Requiems etc. of this world. But lets get underground for a change, deep underground. During the time when newstuff was still around I remember myself ocassionally browsing through the idgames archive (insert Doom 2 library texture) to stumble upon random unknown megawads from mysterious authors that were often just as good (if not more) then what people are generally aware of nowadays when it comes to "zeh classic" wads. Having changed several computers / laptops throughout the years I've unfortunately lost most (all) of those rare megawads that I once downloaded during my "age of discovery" on my virtual seafaring ship. I'm also not talking about things like marswar, a.l.t., whitemare or neodoom (and Definitely not about slige wads!), but the really obscure or otherwise unknown stuff from this period that you discovered by complete surprise. So for the longtime members among us, I'm curious about your findings throughout this timeframe in that regard. Could it be that we've stumbled on the same things as I happened? ..
  9. I'm still trying to find the pink skull key required for the green/pink skull door. But so far I've wandered aimlessly trying to find it. Most of the stuff in the map is already dead and I've got 8 different keys. I'm kind of out of places to look for.. I will try to post my taughts on the map later, once I manage to finish this..
  10. OniriA

    Which way is it???

    Seeing the full artwork really makes me appreciate it even more. The starry, almost serene sky (wich due to being cropped in the regular covers , you can see much less of) contrasts uniquely with the bombed, hellish battlefield on the ground. The colors used make for a very atmospheric shot. I always imagined fighting the Cyberdemon like this whenever I'm fighting (circle-strafing) one in the game.
  11. OniriA

    What If Doom Was Real?

    I think both Doom 3 and the recent DooM games can be taken as a reference point to how the demons would (and could) look and act in real life. Both the imp in Doom 3 aswell as Doom Eternal for example could very well exist in the real world as I see them. Zombies don't need much imagination as series like Walking Dead or games as The Last of Us have integrated these as almost a natural part of a doomed world scenario. If Doom were real I imagine something like Walking Dead series but with demons added to it. Next to all the moral dillemmas and human drama that humans would have to face in such a world theres the added tension when a group of brave people go out to scavenge supplies, medicine, food, weapons, petrol etc. they might find something more then just zombies. I imagine imps of all kinds and sorts imaginable using guerilla tactics on human prey, attacking in groups, mostly at night time. Abandoned hospitals, schools, workplaces etc. are infested with tumorlike growth and satanic portals. Infact the very first level in Doom Eternal were you jump off on Earth from a metallic structure and you witness the scene of a destroyed Earth, with demons roaming and floating about through the ruins is in my eyes a very late and progressed stage of demonic takeover (also called the Hadean stage). An Earth thats most literally Doomed unless some saviour appears with godlike powers to save humanity. The beginning stages would much more look like something you see in The Last of Us 2, with Seattle as a good example. The demons are much more campy and sneaky in this stage. Theres alot of humans and human settlements still left that are trying to survive. Children growing up in these settlements not knowing their dad got shredded apart by imps in a dank sewer somewhere while he was gone out with a small group to scavenge (those same imps being devoured by Cacodemons in some jungle later on). The UAC would be a thing in this world aswell , a hated corporation held responsible for all the misery and sorrow released upon earth as a result of their narcisstic greed to do unethical experiments on the Mars bases that went too far. Humanity, being lunged 100 years back in time due to the invasion can hardly find the tools or knowledge/focus necessary to regain space travel technology in order to reach the UAC bases on Mars, what with having to survive from a daily basis and all. The UAC scientists that are still on Earth are either hiding in deep underground bunkers/bases or are captured by powerful demons such as Arch Viles and held for ransom. Alongside demons and zombies theres always the threat of murderers, rapists, thieves and bandits everywhere just like it would be in the real world when shit hits the fan. Something like the corona virus is a cute little baby kitten compared to the above scenario.
  12. OniriA

    Know of any quality obscure Doom clones?

    Yes, there is a really special one which rarely anyone knows about. You should be, just wait until you find out..
  13. OniriA

    Pricsi Doom