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  1. OniriA

    OniriA's Music Temple (Album Release 🖤)

    Soundcloud (via Ek4t3)
  2. I'm glad to announce that my album is out now. Enjoy 🖤




    SKIN on Bandcamp

    Spotify-64.png Spotify

  3. I'm glad to announce that my album is out now. Enjoy 🖤 SKIN on Bandcamp Spotify "SKIN" is (as of now) also available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music and more.
  4. OniriA

    OniriA's Music Temple (Album Release 🖤)

    I'm glad to announce that my album is out now. Enjoy 🖤 SKIN on Bandcamp Spotify Also available on all other streaming services including Apple Music, Amazon Music and more.
  5. OniriA

    Doom aborts whenever I shoot once

    *Badum tss!*
  6. Just some themes, topics and things of the top of my head that I remember that defined the forum zeitgeist are: - Some kind of Jetsons meme were everyone pretended to be someone from the Jetsons show or something. It was a mapping collective as far as I remember. Even though I was just a lurker at the time I remember the whole phenomenon just pissing me off for some reason. They always came off as smarmy "I am better then thou" nerds to me (who could gang up like parasites on anyone that disagreed with them). - Fish meme, a time where (almost) everyone was using a fish based pfp. I think it dates back to the early 2000's. One of the oldest Doomworld phenomena that I can remember. Nowadays if you see members with a fish based pfp, then that's highly likely an old-ass DW member. - Action Doom ("puts on sunglasses") - Death Destiny , a peculiar mapping persona from the late 2000's who liked to create stylish but hard as nails maps. Used to check on DW during my highschool and IT classes to check what he was cookin' up. And lo and behold there he was yapping with all enthusiasm about some project or another. - TNT 2 Revilution Drama - Post Hell - There was a time when the Newstuff Chonicles was savage as hell. And I kind of loved it for it, because the reviews were often witty and hilarious. It was something I looked forward to every week or 2 to get my laughs from. There were weeks, often during Summer when the harvest was often meagre and sometimes such that the entire newstuff consisted of shitty troll wads. Bloodshedder and Scuba Steve reviews were the best and gave me lots of entertaining reading. At the same time whenever there was sometimes actually good, it stood out from the rest like a pearl surrounded by donkey shit.
  7. OniriA

    What does bfg stand for?

    Did you know? ... that Chancellor Hut is the oldest alpine hut still in its original location in the Southern Alps of New Zealand? ... that Indonesian politician Gembong Warsono criticized the governor of Jakarta over municipally owned companies, sidewalk use, and imported dumpsters? ... that some of the Michigan fake electors attempted to enter the State Capitol, but were turned away by the state police? ... that throughout the history of education in Wales, schools have been held in monastic settlements, cathedrals, residential houses, marketplaces, barns, churches, and village halls? ... that dei Rossi's work on modern Jewish historiography was banned by Venetian rabbis, but he obtained imprimatur from a Catholic? ... that Dublin restaurant Deli 613 imports frozen bagels from New York? ... that Lady Six Monkey was the only one of her four siblings not to be sacrificed?
  8. Cover.jpg


    Releasing Monday 27th

  9. OniriA

    Scream 7

    Anyone who stands up against genocide and injustice has my total respect. I couldn't care less about the movie, even more so after this move. Hope it becomes a huge flop. As for those awesome and brave señoritas? They'll get plenty of bookings/opportunities for other movies.
  10. Album releasedate.



  11. OniriA

    What's your favourite food?

    *Sees some pasta with minced nipples strewn on it* "Ehh, I think that must be OP.. I think I"ll pass this to MagicMushroomMan and Lila instead, they like pasta after all." *Slowly moves the dish in their direction at the dinner table*