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Black Fortress X

   (4 reviews)
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About This File

The Black Fortress looms in the distance. Can you infiltrate it and slaugher the hellspawn within?

This is a new version with many changes in monster type and placement, and you get the SSG much sooner.

The map plays alot faster, as you can mow down many hordes of enemies with the SSG.


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Well this was quite the surprise! This is a ZDoom WAD from 2003, considerably old but solidly stable. While I was expecting something average, I ended up stumbling upon a map with some attractive and modest visuals that evoke a fantastic sense of dark fantasy; it feels like a Hexen map but made for Doom, with love and lots of demons.  We begin on the outskirts of the so-called Black Fortress, and we can clearly see the beautiful black brick walls that surround this structure. The brown color of the earth and the beautiful skybox create a tetric atmosphere that reminds me of a metal cover. In fact, I feel that the whole air of this WAD evokes fantastic ideas of power or even black metal. It feels dark, heavy and bloody. The map is medium-large in size but in UV it has over 500 enemies, all separated between different rooms where we can sometimes find some considerable challenges. Curiously the map is for Doom 2, but it doesn't make much use of the qualities of Doom 2; in this case the enemies and the SSG, which we don't get until almost the end of the map. This was my experience in HMP, which I must admit was a bit of a letdown in that case, however, it was a fun map that despite being of considerable size didn't get me seriously lost and I was able to follow a steady and consistent progress that carefully elevates the difficulty as well as varies between different rooms and sections.

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Major Arlene


I almost didn't play this, but I'm so glad I did! Lots of great SSG action, well designed, and well balanced. I thoroughly enjoyed this map.

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Unknown date

This is dated December 2003. In answer to the question posted in the readme, yes, I can infiltrate etc and slaughter etc. You fight - slaughter - 500+ baddies in a simple castle and its associated dungeons. It's good fun, basically a lot of up-close bang-bang with the double shotgun in tight quarters. Modest but clever design that divides the level into a series of mini-zones. Perfect ammo and health balance, basically id=12334 done right.

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Unknown date

Fairly challenging, but ultimately fun, and that's what matters.

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  • File Reviews

    • By eanasir · Posted
      Well, the map is pretty basic. The map is quite challenging, with there being 0 ammo pickups (excluding the backpack) outside of the starting room. There are also nazis for some reason. I will give it 2 stars only because this really wasn't meant to be played to be enjoyed, but rather just a example of how to build a map in DEU.
    • By yuakuru · Posted
      Rated one star. Take that, Tobias Andersson
    • By Somniac · Posted
      Solid set of re-interpretations of 11 of the original maps that looks better and are overall more challenging. If you're not a TNT fan this probably won't change your mind, as they do pretty much what the original maps do, but if you are then this is recommended. I especially liked Open Season and Stronghold in this one. I would have liked to see Eternal's idea of MAP12, but this was never made into a full megawad.
    • By Adam Oker · Posted
      Quite a fun map pack! It does get a little ridicilous sometimes (Pinky Trap in E1M1, and basically the entirety of E1M2) but it never feels "too unfair", it also seems to take reference or is based on actually Knee-Deep in the Dead levels, which makes the levels somewhat easy to navigate. Overall, very cool, very swag, i like it :D
    • By Adam Oker · Posted
      It's an alright map, a little too easy and short