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T 3 S T

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About This File

Oh, fuck. The teleporter that was supposed to take you to a nice weekend off from UAC malfunctioned and sent you to a demon infested power station, next to toxic waste refinery connected straight to hell. Now fight your way through seven maps filled with secrets and reach for the deadly toys that could mean the difference between victory and the not-victory.

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Nice maps! The design is really good, the biggest drawback is the lack of weapons and ammo. I have no idea how many Cacos did I have to kill using the pistol. It also had a few HOMs here and there (using Doom Retro), but you can live with it.

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7 levels that do not get better as they go. cramped corridors, uncomfortable for the weapons introduced, and barely any ammo. the sense of progression sucks as well. do not play this

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Through this here map set I have endured pains acknowledgable to a vacation in a mental asylum. Cramped, claustrophobic corridors done in 95-style are a testament to pure lunacy. Chaingun is a deluxe weapon here. You get it in the last map. SSG is not provided and shells are rare. Most maps must be beaten Tyson style. My cognitive capabilities have been truly T 3 S T 3 D. Avoid.

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