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About This File

A set of 3 rather difficult maps designed to be played from pistol start, each one approaching said difficulty differently. What these maps have in common is Quake-influenced visual appearance, though once again, the actual themes vary from map to map.

01 is an aggravating gimmick map where I was experimenting with annoying things, so I don't expect for many to like it (thankfully, it's fairly short). Moreover, it's very different from the other two, and is also a rather misleading opener, yet for my own obscure reasons I have to insist on leaving the map order as is.

02 is notably easier than the previous one, and it's also as close as this mapset gets to "normal" contemporary maps, relatively fast pace and some upbeat moments throughout but overall this map's rather lenient and generous with all kinds of supplies.

03 is essentially 02 on steroids, more open-ended and free-form, yet it's also notably harsher, with several moments of slaughter-grade goodness, even though the majority of the map is still dominated by low-key "incidental" encounters. The secrets also contain optional battles and powerful goodies.

PROTIP: I quite like using candles and various "showy" decorations (demon faces, altars etc.) purely for the sake of atmosphere and environmental detailing, so if you're hunting for secrets - these aren't really going to lead you anywhere, you should look for other clues. Apologies for the confusion.

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Havoc Crow


Doom 2 -- SP -- Boom

A set of three maps with a high difficulty level, in particular some slaughter-style fights here and there. The first map ("Conflagration") is a short affair that's comparably easy throughout, but the ending is a shock that's almost sure to kill you the first time. "Marked by Shadows" and "Luminescence of Darkness" are longer and put more pressure on you throughout; they consist of large-scale battles interspersed by incidental encounters.

The level design has you romping through abandoned Quake-textured plazas and buildings, in which details such as sacrificial altars hint at dark purposes, all of it ringed with towering cliffs. All these views are visually polished and lend a gloomy atmosphere to the proceedings, especially with the dark sky looming above you. Half of the credit for this atmosphere goes to Fanatic, who composed the WAD's excellent OGG soundtrack; his bleak tracks excite you into action and darken the mood all the same.

Highly recommended — but be sure to bring your A game.


[originally written Dec 2018 for The /newstuff Chronicles]

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this was fucking fantastic. one very good three-map set from Demonologist that evokes a very dark and brooding atmosphere while at the same time, providing lots of meat to slaughter. it's all very well balanced too. that first map did make its mark as a gimmick opener, but even it is better than some other gimmick maps. the other two maps were more my style, the last one has some very good key fights.

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· Edited by Scotty


A trio of increasingly tricky maps; bleak canyons link decrepit structures and create a wonderful atmosphere when allied to the music of choice here. Gameplay is mostly set pieces strung together really - fine by me, they are the most memorable part and were well executed, varied and required some thought rather than mere straferunning around the perimeter. The finale of the wad was my personal highlight.


In parts i felt Archviles were a bit of a crutch and sometimes took away from encounters. That said, the wad is pretty manageable on UV and does not require god-tier ability to beat. Lower difficulties appear to knock the harshest edges off while retaining the spirit of the maps.


Overall, recommended and worth an hour or two to check out.

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A solid set of 3 dark and atmospheric levels. Nice difficulty progression and intense music to boot.
I've played many of these dark & metallic quake-style wads and these levels are up there with the best of them.

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Amazing map! I like the design and visual.

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