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  1. trrobin


    A technical masterpiece of highly detailed and intricate level design. This isn't just in aesthetics and depth management, but in gameplay mechanics too, which I found to be free-flowing, paced, and well thought out. Maps like this show us what can be done... what can be achieved with a 25+ year old game. Bravo. 5/5.
  2. trrobin

    Quarantine Breach

    A tight and well-balanced E2M1 map with hints of the original map's style. As with most of Cannonball's maps you're kept on your toes and are constantly looking for hitscanners and teleporters. A 4/5 from me.
  3. trrobin

    DARK UNIVERSE-part 1

    A well-paced atmospheric space themed mapset. Just the right amount of detail to be interesting, and with plenty of secrets to helpy you along. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  4. trrobin

    Dark Tide

    One of the best castle maps I have ever played. From the detailed architecture and creative map design with lots of steepness variation and depth, to the challenging gameplay, interesting secrets, and the atmosphere. The only thing missing is new music, but of course you could use anything you like. This is very much recommended.
  5. trrobin

    DOOM II: Hellscape

    Excellent re-imagining of Doom II's last episode. Some levels are noticeably close to their originals but with so much more detail and depth to them. I thought the gameplay was really good too. Amazing all around.
  6. trrobin

    Water Spirit

    Very fun maps with nicely-honed gameplay. Lots and lots of action and never repetitive. Play it!
  7. trrobin

    Saturnine Chapel (MNENMA 0)

    Technically speaking - this is a work of art; however the gameplay is not as good as it could have been. Still it is quite surprising and interesting particularly with the cyber confrontation, but it's over so soon! An intriguing idea that should be expanded.
  8. trrobin


    Fantastic wad with some really impressive architecture that just keeps getting better with each level. Very challenging gameplay too, even on HMP! Recommended.
  9. trrobin


    When I first played around in Mechadon's earlier work "Vela Pax"; I was, like many others, simply FLOORED by the sheer scale of this doomer's mapping prowess. His other maps, like on BTSX, were also exceptionally good; but these maps were/are on another level of map design. In terms of sheer creativity; Mechadon shows what is possible, with a vision and determination; and with just stock textures to boot! With Counter Attack, it's more or less the same sort of vibe that was on Vela Pax but a little more streamlined and "compact" if you can even say such a thing about maps like these... It has some similar looking areas to Vela Pax, but it's mostly different and of it's own, and absolutely just as awe-inspiring. This is pure inspiration. Thanks Mechadon.
  10. trrobin

    Uncertain Doom

    Another great map by Mr. Chris. A nice progression towards the attack-fest at the finish. Good stuff.
  11. trrobin

    The unnamed base

    Not a bad map at all. A few mis-alignments to be found here and there but it doesn't take away from the snappy flow of the action.
  12. trrobin

    Endless Torture

    A solid wad overall, if a little unremarkable. It has a fairly simplish design early on, but get's more detailed with each episode, and more importantly - the gameplay is good throughout all episodes. There is plenty of fun to be had here.
  13. trrobin


    Not as good as the others neither in design or gameplay, but still playable. The "secret" exit was a bit quick and easy which didn't help either.
  14. trrobin


    The best map yet in this great short-lived series.
  15. trrobin


    Another neat level that was again action-packed and full of surprises.