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    Cannonball has become my go-to guy for very well made doom 1 episodes and I'm pleased to say that he has struck again with another classic. The great map designs, well thought out monster and item placements, the rewarding secrets, fitting music, and at times pretty challenging gameplay (especially on UV) make this a very engaging and addictive doom episode. Bravo!
    Absolutely amazing 4-episode wad. Excellent gameplay mechanics balanced with old school and newer (at times) designed areas. Secrets are difficult to find and some maps are quite vast so there is a lot of replay value here. Very challenging difficulty towards the end too so be alert! All in all, I loved this.
    Very nice GZDoom mapset with more strength/emphasis on creating a dark and moody atmosphere than on pure gameplay mechanics. Well done lighting, with nice monster surprises and cruel traps to boot, and a Blade Runner-esque soundtrack running throughout. Reminds me fondly of some of Dutch Devils best Zdoom maps. Recommended.
    A pretty darn good wad overall, especially the last episode. I'm not massively into the textures here or in the Original TNT, but they do the job nicely enough. The music was a strongpoint and kept things moving along. Recommended.
    An excellent re-imagining of Doom2 with quite a bit of difficulty progression and nice finely-honed map detailing, all while being reminiscent of the original game. This is definitely a favourite.
    Nice leftover levels that are pretty much as good as valiant. Action-packed stuff.
    After having now played this gem dozens of times, because of the sheer quality and immersiveness of it, and only recently realising that this was uploaded on here, it obviously deserves a rating. I can't think of anything interesting or descriptive to say that hasn't already been said by other reviewers here so I will keep it brief. This is, simply put, one of the finest works of doom editing that has ever been released in all of it's history. The design and gameplay are both first-rate, with the textures being of a particularly high quality. Music is always fitting, thing placement is well thought-out, and there is bundles of atmosphere and a sense of adventure to be had throughout. And it works equally well in single or multiplayer. Inspiring, unique, and extremely re-playable. An absolute must-have.
    Although there's nothing new to be found here, the good old fashioned meat and potatoes doom gameplay is done well and with mostly stock textures, but with the added difficulty and surprise towards the end. The music tracks are very pleasant and also adds to the fun. Recommended.
    A bit of a mixed bag initially however the second half is definitely more engaging with more action, especially the last 10 or so levels. Even so it is still fairly sparse action-wise. Design and atmosphere are above average especially towards the end but nothing that special.
    A solid set of 3 dark and atmospheric levels. Nice difficulty progression and intense music to boot. I've played many of these dark & metallic quake-style wads and these levels are up there with the best of them. Recommended.
    Without a doubt this is the most enjoyable slaughter wad I have ever played bar none. The original "Newgothic Movement" was already great (especially for the time), but this sequel manages to not only match it's quality, but to exceed it (and then some), delivering an unmatched doom experience. The gameplay is finely-honed, the architecture/level-design and thing placement are all carefully crafted, the music is always fitting, and the variation between levels keeps things interesting and moving. Yes there is the odd visual glitch here and there, but you really won't care as you'll be having so much fun. If only all slaughter wads were this inspired!
    A compact level with steepness variation, monster variety, nice music, and challenging yet balanced action. What more could you ask for? Play it!
    Another nice map by Paul. Short and sweet!
    Excellent mapset with a nice 90s design, fitting music that adds atmosphere, and tons of monster action to keep you focused. Each level got better and better and I was sad when it ended! Recommended for those that like nuts-and-bolts doom with some eternal doom touches too.
    Really cool bunch of maps. Nice use of colours and music and enjoyably addictive gameplay make for a fun play. Two thumbs up!