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DBP Demo Thread

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map1 05:28

the least interesting map of the set for my taste

missing a few secrets for rest of maps left, so gl with them


Edited by blob1024

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A thread for Demos related to DBP projects. The assumed complevel for these are cl2 after confirming with other runners, if you are not sure, reach out to some other maybe more experienced runners to confirm.


If there are DBP projects missing from this list, please let me know and i will update it if needed.


DBP 01: Monuments of Mars
DBP 02: Circle of Caina
DBP 03: Forest Swords
DBP 04: Xenomorph Base (includes map04 fix)
DBP 05: Coffin Curse
DBP 06: Vicarious Reality
Fall of Society (ZDoom)
DBP 07: The Merry Christmassy Doom Project
DBP 08: Mindblood Genesis
DBP 09: Legend of the Hidden Tech
DBP 10: Earth Ends
DBP 11: Lilywhite Lilith
DBP 12: Into The Storm
DBP 13: Alien Bastards!
DBP 14: After the Fall
DBP 15: Fuck Global Warming... This is Hell
DBP 16: Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy
DBP 17: Alone
DBP 18: Umbral Platinum
DBP 19: A Doomer Boards Christmas Carol
DBP 20: Dungeons and Demons
DBP 21: Occult Secrets of the Third Reich on Mars
DBP 22: Biotech is Godzilla
DBP 23: Evil Egypt
DBP 24: Spaceballs: The Quest For More DBP Maps
DBP 25: Dead But Dreaming
DBP 26: The City of Damned Children
DBP 27: Ten Day Vacation
DBP 28: Fear and Loathing
DBP 29: Morbid Autumn
DBP 30: The Magnificent Five
DBP 31: Santa's Outback Bender
DBP 32: Tomatomania
DBP 33: Rainy Days in Casablanca
DBP 34: Luminous Gloom
DBP 35: Stroggman's Tundra
DBP 36: Aquatic Wonder
DBP 38: Chronicles of Ghost Town

DBP 39: Carnage Oasis


Be advised that some maps across the wads are broken in some capacity. Many spechits overflows can be encountered and sometimes you may not be able to reach 100% kills or secrets.

Edited by Soul_Runner

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A bunch of my own runs for DBP36, using DBP36 rc2 and cl2. Pacifist runs, a few UV-Speed and Max, even a D2ALL. Several of these i expect to see improvements on by other runners, maybe myself if i contest them.





















To be edited soon with videos as well :)

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GarrettChan told me that I could ask you if you are interested in this. @Andromeda Would you like to try this map's UV Speed? :P 

6 hours ago, liveincity said:

DBP02 Map 05 UV Pacifist in 0:11.63



Edited by liveincity

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3 hours ago, liveincity said:

GarrettChan told me that I could ask you if you are interested in this. @Andromeda Would you like to try this map's UV Speed? :P

Does that jump require SR50? If so I'll have to pass, sorry :P

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58 minutes ago, Andromeda said:

Does that jump require SR50? If so I'll have to pass, sorry :P

It seems that sr40 isn't fast enough, so sr50 is necessary I guess. No need to say sorry, it's reasonable. :^)

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8 hours ago, GarrettChan said:

I think usually individual ones would be better.

Yeah, I would prefer individual ones. If you want it to be a demo pack, I would prefer one txt for all the lmps, but I'd still prefer they were all separate than that.

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DBP36: Aquatic Wonder


Map 01 Pacifist in 1:05.80 - dbp3601p105.zip - This run triggers the "Not Pacifist" flag, but should still be considered Pacifist based on discussions around how the mines work in DBP36. If it isn't considered Pacifist, I'd like not to have it uploaded and instead get a faster UV Speed time where I can pew pew



Map 06 Pacifist in 0:42.54 - dbp3606p4254.zip



Edited by Meowgi

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DBP36: Aquatic Wonder


With a successful pacifist of Map 07, i decided i would re-do all the maps and beat the records.


Map 01 Pacifist in 1:02.63 - dbp3601p102.zip



Map 02 Pacifist in 0:28.26 - dbp3602p028.zip



Map 03 Pacifist in 0:31.09 - dbp3603p031.zip



Map 04 Pacifist in 1:10.06 - dbp3604p110.zip



Map 05 Pacifist in 0:28.57 - dbp3605p028.zip



Map 06 Pacifist in 0:41.86 - dbp3606p041.zip



Map 07 Pacifist in 7:28.29 - DBP3607p728.zip



Movie Video of all Demos - https://youtu.be/Mpwv-m6qPok

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DBP39: Carnage Oasis - DBP_39.zip


DBP39 MAP01 in 1:11.37 Pacifist - dbp3901p111.zip

DBP39 MAP02 in 1:05.69 Pacifist - dbp3902p105.zip

DBP39 MAP03 in 0:29.86 Pacifist - dbp3903p2986.zip

DBP39 MAP05 in 0:56.31 Pacifist - dbp3905p5631.zip

DBP39 MAP06 in 0:03.97 Pacifist - dbp3906p397.zip

DBP39 MAP07 in 0:59.31 Pacifist - dbp3907p5931.zip

DBP39 MAP08 in 1:15.26 Pacifist - dbp3908p115.zip

DBP39 MAP10 in 1:34.66 Pacifist - dbp3910p134.zip

DBP39 MAP11 in 2:49.94 Pacifist - dbp3911p249.zip

DBP39 MAP12 in 0:21.89 Pacifist - dbp3912p2189.zip


Map04 looked incredibly fucked and tbh I was a bit too burned out on these to even take a deep look at 09. Thought about putting up a UV Speed for them both, but I'll leave the Pacifist runs for someone else :)

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Monuments of Mars


MAP01 UV-Fast in 2:52

MAP02 UV-Fast in 3:47

MAP03 UV-Fast in 9:34

MAP04 UV-Fast in 4:38

MAP05 UV-Fast in 10:49

MAP06 UV-Fast in 10:15

MAP07 UV-Fast in 10:17









Another greasy low effort table fill :(

Fun wad tho.


Youtube VODS


Edited by BiZ : vod

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Monuments of Mars Map 01 UV-Pacifist in 0:24.06


Monuments of Mars Map 01 UV-Fast in 1:50.66


Monuments of Mars Map 01 NoMonsters in 0:14.57


Monuments of Mars Map 02 UV-Speed in 0:45.86


Monuments of Mars Map 02 NoMonsters in 0:37.20


Monuments of Mars Map 04 UV-Max in 2:49.37


Monuments of Mars Map 05 NoMonsters in 0:39.11



Dumping a bunch of maps I had fun with, especially proud of the Map 05 NoMo. 

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