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  1. I scanned through the top post a few times, and I can't find the format of the maps. Do you mind putting it in an obvious spot, or the thread title?
  2. GarrettChan

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    Those are actually pretty bad, especially E6M3 where you can fall into an inescapable pit... I think now these zig-zaggy walls are pretty much the style now... Yep, that happened to me as well. There are a few of these in the set that you don't know where the hell you're going until walk on a random item or something... not a good way for progression honestly... Also, did you CG that Cyberdemon? In my eyes, that's the biggest problem of the map.
  3. @Engired is this going to be on idgames eventually? Thanks.
  4. Oh I see, but dang I almost found my companion :P Because this is Boom, and Chris didn't put blocklines around them so you can PG enough them so they'll be knocked out of the platform and teleport out.
  5. Please tell me you also tried to PG the Cyber and pushed them off the platform, so I don't need to feel like a lonely dumbass :)
  6. lmao, it's more like I'm unlucky (or lucky depending on how optimistic you're :p) enough to have this happen instead of actually "testing", but at least it's good that nobody else needs to take this unfortunate event heh. Ha, I actually didn't even remember this cheat command since it's new I assume. I hope you can make more maps like this in the future.
  7. Forgot to say, if somebody doesn't want to play the game, or not a fan of slaughter-ish gameplay, they can still use "TNTEM" to kill all the monsters (in case of PrBoom+ or something like that kinda port) to see all the musical performance without any trouble. Don't use NoMo as it would miss some of the good show. I think even you completed the map, you can look at the map like this to see all the details since you probably miss it when you're busy dealing with the monsters. The only sad part is the Rocket Launcher Spawn 5 part since some of the corpse will overlap with each other so it's not as fun to watch when the later batches spawn in on top of the other corpses. My favorite part are actually those 4 notes to spawn 4 things on the 3 sides. I wouldn't have noticed that if I didn't actually go through the map with the cheat. The close second is the running water wave in the river.
  8. UV. I didn't check closely but I think it's because somebody occupied the destination or something like that. Later I played the map a few more times and all of them are fine. It seems it's just a very fringe case that something is stuck inside.
  9. The map is very fun :) It seems there's a low chance that something doesn't come out though..
  10. Dang, didn't know you made this channel. It's fun to watch these.
  11. I would say since you're already trying to follow the naming tradition to do things, try to name the files properly by looking at the same page. Survive in Hell should be "si" Machete should be "mach" Slaughterfest 3 should be "sf3"
  12. I guess you can just edit this into the title. It's much easier to see, or it's already a tradition here too.
  13. b站粉丝:机器人homer

  14. Well, there's a Max/Reality demo out there already...