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  1. Oh, TGM3 is a single player game, but basically it follows modern Tetris guideline except for the randomization system. Multiplayer Tetris can be Tetris Online Poland (abbr. TOP), which follows the modern multiplayer guideline for Tetris. There are Tetris 2 & 3 on SNES, which are also really great since they have a puzzle mode. I like these games too.
  2. This onion is (point to the) left, not right.
  3. May I know what type of Tetris? I guess maybe multiplayer ones, with lots of t-spin shows in it? My favorite is TGM3, but some people may think this is a spin-off, not actually an official game.
  4. I have a tendency to post a poll to see how many people treat purple their favorite color... It seems many of my friends like purple. However, I always get some comments that purple is weird color for a man to like.
  5. Purple! More purple please! This sort of reminds me when I saw the hellish purple sky of Quake, I didn't feel disturbed, but everyone else did.
  6. The first two shots are always accurate. Instead of holding down LMB, clicking LMB continuously will make you 100% hit.
  7. Oh crap, totally forgot about my second favorite Thief series, excluding Thief (2014). Therefore, I'll change my word... the second one I need is Thief...
  8. Oh, it's the BFG/PG guy. This time we have PG (parent guidance)/CG (child? guidance). Projectile speed is a thing because try hitting things from long distance with Plasma Rifle is _____. Another thing is that Plasma Rifle has a short cool down time when you release you LMB, this can cause trouble while Chaingun doesn't.
  9. Well, there ya go. I originally wanted to finish just the Fist, but they don't want to fight. Oh well... If the map can be finished only by Fist, I'll be appreciated because my strange OCD not using other things like Chainsaw. BTW, those 2 Chaingunners and Arch-vile are stuck together.
  10. I played from the beginning and TBC and WLK. Yeah, the lore behind the game is very appealing. The thing was back then, you don't have monthly in Chinese WoW. They only charged you by game time, so most players just rushed through things. Then, there are a bunch of people can help training you from Lv. 1 to Lv. 60 in like one hour in TBC and WLK. Therefore, most players suck because they didn't put much time in the growth of their classes. Well... hardcore choices. Once I liked bullet hell STG quite a lot, but I can't keep it due to lack of practice. Probably one day I should get back into it since Mushihimesama (such weird to type this in English ;P) is now easier to access.
  11. Oh yeah, talking about the name thing is just about convenience for testers (maybe). The shell thing is preference, so there's nothing wrong because there's a similar thing on BtSX E1M04. Sometimes I'm just stating my opinions (or talking out of my arse ;P), so don't mind that.
  12. Besides Doom, who needs second, wait, no, don't do this to me! Talking about WoW, Chinese version and players are kind of... Therefore I quitted after WLK. I had been a guild master & raid leader & MT at the same time for several months, so I thought I'm probably done with the game. Still, you have to have schedule for a game is kind of stressful (I'm a 99% PvE player), and I found out that I like single player games more. Therefore, I don't play multiplayer games now unless board games count.
  13. *You need to modify the WAD name into "alapology.wad" to play the demo. I know you want to make sure information is on the name, but this time it's too long to be display on the PrBoom+ launcher, and it seems can't load it with the demo recording. Adding health at the beginning is nice touch because of the mandatory damage. Not much else to say. One thing is the "shell" for the exit switch is intended? I punched out a Hell Knight, hurray! Those 2 added Chaingunners almost screw my day because of the Chaingun switch, nice trap there ;P
  14. I didn't find my answer, but because I'm instructed to click the button, so I clicked "♥ Like this" instead.
  15. Wow, nice idea. I actually like a Cybruiser spam map with only Rocket Launcher as a given weapon. Or give you an Invulnerability in Suicide Bomber mission to have you launcher into the sky.