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  1. GarrettChan

    Doom Rebalanced - A simple vanilla-styled rebalance mod

    I don't really get it. Since SSG has 20 pellets stacked on top of each other, it tends to deal a more average damage (even with the weird random "generator" used by Doom). On the other hand, Rocket Launcher has higher variance than that because you can get 3 consecutive 20 damage rockets in a row, or you can get ultra lucky and kill an Arachnotron/Hell Knight in 2 shots. Another thing that I don't understand is the latter sentence. Do you mean save/load is allowed in the speedrun you're watching?
  2. GarrettChan

    Doom Rebalanced - A simple vanilla-styled rebalance mod

    People like to complain about circle strafing and having boring gameplay on maps (or more likely slaughter maps). Revenants are such a good design to avoid this problem because of the randomness of the their missiles (although they could be less harsh if the missiles deal something like 8D8 instead of 10D8. To me, they're perfectly fine because playing a game with low difficulty is simply boring). Then, people complain about Revenants having RNG in their missile behaviors. Sorry for my complaint about other complaints.
  3. GarrettChan

    Completing Doom without losing any health

    Time to check out my stupid Map07 UV -Fast/Reality run ;P Yeah, I know you're talking about the whole thing. To be honest, there are probably some maps out there where you're guaranteed to take damage even you just want to get pass it. Of course, there are more maps out there where there isn't a reliable way to get through without taking damage.
  4. GarrettChan

    Completing Doom without losing any health

    I don't know whether you want Max kills or secrets. If so, I would say many maps require you to take damage to do it. Another thing is that whether you want to do it map by map. There's a category called "UV Max/Reality" for runners who is as stupid as me to run, and it means getting UV Max without taking any damage. If you're interested, you can search for my demos or videos on my channel. For Doom, I've done E4M2, E4M5 and E4M7. For Plutonia, I've done Map01, 02, 05, 06, 07 and 08.
  5. GarrettChan

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Generally there are quite some players who could play on NM, but probably only ZeroMaster beat it in single segment. BTW, Plutonia makes me want to change Revenant into not being able to fire homing missiles. (Just kidding, of course)
  6. GarrettChan

    Why is there no glitchless category?

    I am too late to reply and probably people have commented things like mine but I'll say those things anyway. Reading too much English still gives me headache, so I just skimmed through it, and I probably say duplicated things. "Glitcheless" is a very weird way to say things. Since I also run Pokemon Yellow Any% Glitchless, there are actually quite some "glitches" allowed. Sometimes glitches could be triggered by NPCs and you have no control to it. You can look at Mirror's Edge Any% Glitchless, and the game is still completely broken. There was a GDQ run of Mirror's Edge Any% Glitchless, the commentator joked about the name of the category throughout the run. If you want a complete glitch free run for any type of game, it would be not so fun to do. For example, Imagine that you're not allowed to use SR40/50 in a doom run. However, whether strafe running is a glitch can be debated to the day I die and you won't have an outcome of anything. Therefore, besides the definition of glitches, it's not really fun to eliminate them because the objective of a speedrun is to entertain. Then, if you're talking about not newcomer friendly, I would say I feel the same, but it depends on how you deal with it. You should look for things you like rather than just breaking records or stuff. Sometimes I just want to challenge myself, and the demo is a thing that holds my memory, and I like that. For example, my Sunder Map10, Community Chest Map29 and some other runs are very slow, but it marks the point that my skill improved. There's no shame that you post a "slower than WR" run. Hope you find this useful, and yeah, enjoy the pain yet joy in running Doom :D
  7. GarrettChan

    How would you rework partial invisibility?

    What if Doom powerups benefit enemies instead (eg: Berserk makes enemies' melee attacks deal 10x damage) ;P
  8. GarrettChan

    100 Minutes of /vr/ - Half the time, half the maps!

    I'll definitely check this out since I enjoyed quite a few maps in 300. BTW, I'm waiting for 201~299 to be released. Is there a chance I see these before I die? ;P
  9. GarrettChan

    Experiencing Nirvana demos [-complevel 9]

    While I was watching, I know this map has something to do with infinite height, but I didn't expect the title to be this direct. lol.
  10. GarrettChan

    Why Doom 2 level design feels a lot inferior to Doom 1?

    I'm too late, so you said what I wanted...
  11. GarrettChan

    Sunder [necrobumped thread, it's still dead, do not freak out]

    My mind just exploded.
  12. GarrettChan

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    To be honest, I would say Arch-vile is a pretty well designed monster. Arch-viles are always the most threatening ones and players always want to kill them first. However, they will immediately turn to someone who dealt damage to them, which seems weird at first (all other monsters have a certain threshold when they don't change target even taken damage from another target), but this forces the player to find the correct moment to kill them instead of killing them easier without taking too much risk. Another thing is that other monsters can't target an Arch-vile, so Arch-viles would mostly die to cross fires (of course you can kill them by yourself, or they can even kill themselves sometimes), not direct infighting. From a player's standpoint, there are so many strategies around the design of Arch-viles. For example, control where you kill other monsters, so Arch-viles can't get near the corpses. From a designer's standpoint, you can cover Arch-viles with a wall of meat shields, or make Arch-viles spawn in when the player thought he/she is in the clear, or even the designer pre-put the corpses to counter the player's strategies.
  13. I actually played the map because of this. I assume you're talking about the beginning part, but to be honest, you have too much space for that to be threatening... I would say this makes the projectiles' turning power (I hope this is a term) much higher, which would definitely be an interesting way to mix things up.
  14. GarrettChan

    Doom Streams

    Plutonia UV 100% Kills and Secrets. Possibly one sitting. https://www.twitch.tv/garrettchan
  15. Just finished Map03 and Map04. They're pretty fun IMO. Resources (especially health) are a little tight in these 2 maps, comparing to Map02. Map03: It seems the dark room is a more forgiving version than the one in Infernew. I appreciate this more. Also, the Cyberdemon fight makes good use of the dark room and the player needs to think about the angle of fighting the Cyber. I think the Rad Suit wall could have a little bit more hint (or maybe I missed the hint?), or don't put an enemy inside. It seems weird that this is not a secret but you need to know in order to max the map. Map04: For some reason, this reminds me of Hell Mountain in No Rest for the Living, and from the first glance, this seems to be the most appealing map to me. Is the Yellow Skull just there for no reason? I can't find any yellow door. This map has taken vanilla lift mechanics into gameplay, which is a nice puzzle to me. Also, the Megasphere puzzle will remind you of the teleporter puzzle from the last map, but you need to be a little bit cleverer than that in order to block the bar from closing. Even though it took me almost no time to solve it, it's still quite interesting IMO. The details of the outside area feel a little bit bland to me. It feels the map has some age, but hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing.