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  1. GarrettChan

    Survive In Hell demos [-complevel 9]

    Map20 UV Max/Reality in 2:26 si20y226.zip Actually I don't really understand this map...
  2. GarrettChan

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Oh crap... I finally realize that I've been naming UV Max/Reality with the letter "r" instead of letter "y"... I am really sorry about that.
  3. GarrettChan

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy Map01 UV Max/Reality in 5:59 sg01y559.zip To be honest, it's more intense than I thought. That mysteriously placed Caco corpse decoration gave me some trouble dealing with the Shotgunners spawned after getting the Red Keycard.
  4. GarrettChan

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Thanks for the effort, Andy. Aquila Chrysaetos' "Ancient Aliens Map03 UV Speed in 2:08" is Map18 instead.
  5. Oh god. I've never known that... I hope new time you'll discover me using Home instead of inclev, haha.
  6. GarrettChan

    The Best of the Best

    I was going to say that, but I was one step too late, haha. I kind of like mushrooms, so I probably give it a try if it happens in America. There's a Wendy's conveniently located closely to my house.
  7. GarrettChan

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    ^Ah, talking about Map07, it seems those 3 Mancubi on both sides of those 2 particular switches won't open up properly if you do the skip like that. I'm not sure whether this is still the case in beta3. I mean, if the Arch-vile jump skip is an intended "secret", those Mancubi are not really needed, or maybe I'm wrong about the trigger point of those.
  8. Hey, it's fun to learn crazy new words ;P
  9. GarrettChan

    Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

    Map18 UV Speed in 1:51 aa18-151.zip Just for fun.
  10. Sorry for my sucky English, and sucky gameplay. I quite enjoyed the WAD and the color choices are just good.
  11. I love this palette. BTW, rd does music? Interesting.
  12. GarrettChan

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    It's very fun to watch this demo, great job. I probably run this map after the final release although I'm aiming for getting pass the map only. I noticed there are 4 teleporters in the middle of the map. It seems monsters are teleporting from those, although this could be annoying because monsters could be lost somewhere...
  13. GarrettChan

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    Oh, crap, I didn't realize I unconsciously wrote Map07 instead of Map11, lol. Probably it's a DN3D reference?
  14. GarrettChan

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    Oh, I forgot about watching the demo. Actually I think of the pacifist way, but I failed to make the Cyber hit the Archies.
  15. GarrettChan

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    Yeah, if you get launched into the corner or the other side, you can't get back out. Any tips about the first part with the 3 Archies? It seems I can't come up with a way to solve it. @bemusedAh, forgot to say, I found that Rocket Launcher "secret" on Map11. Sadly I thought it's something good, haha.