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  1. The rest of the UV Max playthough: Z1M4 Z1M5 Z1M6 Z1M7 Z1M8 Comments on Z1M6: There a rather weird Cacodemon placement around 11:34 because it's usually stuck inside there and you have to go in and hunt down. Comments on Z1M7: I think the main goal here is to eliminate the backtracking of the KDiZD map (which I haven't played to experience it), but just about this map without any context, I don't feel bad about any backtracking, and the teleporters take you to the correct spot to move on, even with some monsters to steer the player in the right direction. Therefore I assume the whole "elimination of backtracking" process is successful. Comments on Z1M8: I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I DIDN'T ACTUALLY MISS ANY KILLS EXCEPT THE LAST 20. Yes, I'm that happy to warrant an edgy full capitalized sentence. The whole design of the hell part is really great. I really love the view and the details (reflections) to it. Overall, I really thank Essel for having me as a playtester. Although I joined in rather late, but still it's great to see the gradual development of some of the trickier maps. Don't want to be bias about mapping formats, but vanilla mapping with limitation always impresses me quite hard because you have to deal with all those annoying limitations. It's kinda an exam of design that you need to carefully solve the questions. UV pistol starts with saves Port: DSDA-Doom v0.19.7 -complevel 2 etc. (Some other versions of DSDA-Doom and Woof as well) Total IGT: 3:35:13 Personal Difficulty Evaluation: 1.1 (1 = Plutonia) Personal Rating: 9.5 (out of 10) Sorry Ancient Aliens got lowered by 0.1 point (from 9.5 to 9.4) from my personal rating just to tell I like KDiKDiZD more :rofl:
  2. GarrettChan

    Demo comments in threads vs other platforms

    I mean, even I want to give comments, I would say something like "oh, I wonder whether X will work" etc., instead of "do X" or a rhetorical question "why don't you do X?". Those ways of giving suggestion is really annoying. At least, I do have general hate towards people knowing nothing but saying "do X" to me all the time. Speedrun is kinda weird because some of the habits you need to gradually form them and become muscle memory. For example, activate the lift before killing the last 2 enemies, or something like these. It's obvious when you're used to it, but for a newer speedrunner, it's easily missed. When I'm watching a run from a newer speedrunner, I can definitely spot a lot of potential improvement without actually trying myself, yet in the meantime, I guess it's good to leave some space for them to experience stuff, heh. I guess the other problem is that Doom speedrun is still niche and you have so many things to run. Unless you want to run IWAD or whatever, maybe other people won't comment because they are not going to do the same map.
  3. GarrettChan

    How to avoid burnout?

    Yeah, that's one type of dilemma for sure. When I'm playing other games right now, sometimes I'll try to use some speedrun strats just to make it less grindy etc., but sometimes speedrun strats are also quite flashy and entertaining to use heh. It's not easy to be good at everything because everything plays differently. Being good at Doom is one big achievement already.
  4. GarrettChan

    How to avoid burnout?

    I guess I can help you literally burnt out irl :P Honestly, after speedrunning some games, it's hard for me to tolerate slow gameplay etc., so yeah... it's a bit of frustration because when you're playing something that you're not as skillful as Doom, maybe you'll think it's no good way to enjoy those, maybe. This is my reason that sometimes I feel I don't want to play other games either, but not sure whether that's your case. Recently I got real busy and honestly I really have no time to play too much Doom, which cures my burnt out, heh. It's funny that the time I can play Doom lately is when I got COVID and literally I can't go to work :^)
  5. GarrettChan

    Demo comments in threads vs other platforms

    It's somewhat weird to leave comments because usually runners don't ask for inputs. Besides, it seems it's weird to "give some comments" without being asked, which may sound a bit rude? I don't know. The other weird thing is that, sometimes I can spot some "improvements" while I'm watching it, but they can be imaginary improvements... Sometimes I tried some of these and I can't actually beat the run posted etc., so don't really want to comment on somebody's run without actually trying hard on it, or I may say something misleading...
  6. GarrettChan

    So, how old are you ?

    I found my replies on Page 19 and Page 29, now I'm f**king old.
  7. It's coded this way, not like they don't know anything about 3D (TM). So, you would consider any food without "Gluten-Free" icon on it has gluten, right? Also, Doomkid's hair, please grow back in a faster rate :)
  8. Besides this, I think SSG a Demon in the face also are very likely to be picked.
  9. GarrettChan

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    Oh, I thought that was self-deprecation or something because I always said that as well lol Besides what 4shock says, if you put some effort into it, I think there's no shame that the demos are not optimized or whatever since not everybody has the same amount of time to do speedruns. I sometimes (or most of the time back in a few years) post not very good demos to the archive too, and I just want some memories of those after I invested my time into doing a demo. Maybe one day you're going to do some runs, and it's rather interesting to look at some of these old memories, heh.
  10. GarrettChan

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    If you wanted your demos going to DSDA, then you need to put each of these files separately into a .zip file with a corresponding .txt file, and name them properly instead of just a random name with your attempt number. Then attach each of those runs using Doomworld attachment instead of a google drive address. For formats, refer to all other demos in this thread because they are all doing a good job following what's supposed to do to upload a demo. Thanks.
  11. GarrettChan

    Lightsaber Color

    I can't believe I actually posted in this thread... 5 years ago :^)
  12. you knocked the monster into the retaliation state
  13. ^ None of the skill is overrated, even Void Glide or Rocket Jump. Infighting saves ammo, but wastes time :)
  14. Well, read my edited post. I thought you are asking how you can do it, well, maybe a misreading from your post. Number can be represent by base number or percentage. I don't know about the percentage, but base number should be really high because it's not that difficult of a skill is. Whether you're reliable of doing it is another story. Basically each speedrunner can do this easily, and there are at least hundreds of speedrunners.