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  1. According to the calculation, for RL, it takes slightly less than 30 seconds to take down a Cybie on average; for SSG, it takes slightly more than 30 seconds to take down a Cybie. However, there are some other factors to consider though: 1. You may miss a rocket and some pellets from SSG; 2. You can't get too close to fire a rocket since you may take splash damage from your own rocket; 3. It seems I have a higher chance to miss a rocket rather than to miss many pellets from a SSG blast. Therefore, I usually would choose SSG over RL for single Cybie in running maps.
  2. The last time I did wonder SSG vs Rocket Launcher on one Cyberdemon, but I didn't think of Plasma Rifle, but according to this 262.5 DPS, Plasma Rifle should be the best in these 3. In the first few years of playing Doom, I always thought Plasma Rifle is definitely useless when you have the BFG, but now I felt that was sort of stupid since Plasma Rifle still has strategic uses in some situations.
  3. I probably would pick PE because I always want to feed him/her until he/she explodes and leave nothing behind for some odd reasons. Don't click the spoiler please.
  4. As well as many opinions, I think all the monsters are good. They serve different purposes, and they can make unlimited combination of challenges for different maps. If you force me to pick one, I would probably pick Lost Soul. Although Arch-viles can easily ruin a run by their strange movement or continuous resurrection, but I don't really hate them for some reason.
  5. Map11 UV Max in 6:14 No need to be sorry. I would rather have my a$$ kicked rather than leaving a demo forever there and no one is interested in running that map. Racing against each other is a good way to improve my skills. To be honest, the most annoying part of this map is it has a high chance leaving straggler(s) behind. This ruined many potential 6:1X attempts.
  6. Map11 UV Max in 6:21 Thanks to Poncho for the route tweak, and there's another discovery to save time. It's sort of stupid that I repelled myself into the teleporter due to the splash damage and wasted 2 or 3 rockets. Otherwise, the run can go to something like 6:18.
  7. Nice route tweak. I didn't think of getting around like that and I totally forgot that teleporter to the final room. Probably there's a 6:30 potential after watching this run. I was thinking whether we should kill those troopers at around 2:30 before going in because they definitely wasted quite some time there.
  8. Wow, it seems I also made enemies with at least half of Doomworld since I really love Map08 of D2.
  9. Map11 UV Max in 6:53 Minor route tweak. Probably this is it for me on this map.
  10. Map11 UV Max in 7:07 Improvable, probably will run it a few more times in the future.
  11. D2 Map08 for sure. God, I really love that music and mapping now.
  12. I don't know whether my computer sucks. If there are a lot of things, PrBoom+ lags, so sometimes I need to switch to GLBoom+.
  13. How do you know I wanted to run your map for long? Even though I am neutral to dark maps, your map's fantastic looking attracts me. :D Separate versions are not a good idea to solve demo compatibility problem because WADs with multiple versions will cause confusion. BtSX E1 is a good example.
  14. The thing is that I don't want to risk the demo being desynced even though theoretically it shouldn't...
  15. I doubted someone had actually played these maps... TNT Map20 is my favorite in TNT, but I can't deny your point though.