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  1. Wait... I think it automatically considers all parameter as lower case. I tried "-fast", "-Fast" and "-FaSt", and they all work. Well, I checked the info, it contradicts with the actual table, so well.
  2. Oh yeah, I know that. That's why these maps look like Lunatic or Valiant Ep5. Doesn't matter what time it's because it's worth waiting.
  3. Just a little thing, according to DSDA, there should be a hyphen in UV -Fast, but there shouldn't be a hyphen in UV Max, UV Speed etc. I guess because "-Fast" is a parameter, "Max" or "Speed" is not, but I'm not really sure about this though.
  4. Would crushers be included this time? ;P Setting that aside, I really enjoy the details and environments on Map31 of 50mon, so I'm looking forward to this. Can't wait for your sequel to travel to the moon. I don't know whether I have a chance to playtest it.
  5. Does 29 count as old? I just reload all the time. I've seen old Doomer and Wolfer don't even reload. I have some OCD to keep the magazine full even though some of the weapons I don't even try to emergency switch into.
  6. May want to look around because the nice structure I've seen at some of the maps. I just warped around for now to look. The title is not capitalized for now. E2M8 is definitely kind of... you know. My current view to that is probably putting a little bit of place for the player to move forward after the teleporter would be nice. I don't know whether this is my problem because I tend to move forward after a teleporter, and died ;P Wow, that E2M1 barrel secret got me. Now you knew I'm cheating, so sad! I think the -complevel should be 3?
  7. You mean that's your deck, right? I quit playing quite a long time ago, so I just collect some cards that I'm interested in.
  8. I usually collect yugioh cards with girls ;P I want to see your collections tough
  9. Well, I always do this then to see around the levels first.
  10. 80% fair. I am still doing this 80% of the time, and I am 12 days from being 29.
  11. 50 Monsters
  12. Don't ya think gibbing a Zombieman with a full BFG blast bfgantastic?
  13. Haha, doesn't matter though. I haven't played any MM until 2013. You're not too behind lol
  14. Ooops, I need some skill points in my reading skill now ;P Interestingly, I guess I'm the minority that I like MM3 better than MM2.
  15. I think one of the Mega Man game was out in 1988, forgot which one though...