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  1. blob1024

    Slaughterfest 2012 demos [-complevel 9]

    just wow looks tas in most of parts lol sharp shoots and movements edit: okay map5 even better eheh
  2. blob1024

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    lol really 2k tries? goodjob btw!
  3. blob1024

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    o wow! im gonna watch this one Its funny how i can't even recall most of levels ive played 7-8 years ago nowadays... but I remember this one, even tho i never understood the real mechanic about the end
  4. hello! i cant download it for some errors. is there any other link or will it be added to dsda main page for dl?
  5. for the first time i've watched it non stop, and I'd like to say that for sure you two are patient men. the map is incredible, but it's the kind of levels i'd never waste a second attempt on. can't imagine how long it takes to memorize and master the rocket jumps and the route. good job
  6. blob1024

    Hell Revealed tribute maps

    same here about RL ahah
  7. blob1024

    New Kama Sutra demos

    goodbye records! but awesome to watch anca !
  8. blob1024

    New Kama Sutra demos

    great! inspiring. it was in my never-gonna-be-done-to-do-list well done !
  9. blob1024

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    great and clean run... a bit sad for my old time, but I'm glad it was a legend like you :)
  10. blob1024

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    cool. i hope its not a joke. might play again a little for it
  11. blob1024

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    monsters: what was that?
  12. blob1024

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    amazing as I expected Loopie... btw, 2166 attempts? have you a smart system to follow the count? :) when i was demorecording i just overwrote everytime the same file name ciao!
  13. blob1024

    Official Demo Request Thread

    i see, excellent explanation of this unfilled max thanks :)
  14. blob1024

    Official Demo Request Thread

    hello. I'd like to see some good planned uv max for Equinox map13 and map12 im too lazy and busy to even check the map myself, but the speed demos looked very interesting.
  15. blob1024

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    makes sense, I agree to this. In some maps it might be unavoidable, and therefore accepted for pacifist. It would be enough to change the definition of pacifist run into something which explains the need to avoid any kind of killing if possible. after all, even UV-MAX has the 100% kills or highest % possible achieved in the run.