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  1. blob1024

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    map9+10 were really impressive for me rest... just impressive ;D good tactics here and there
  2. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    thats nice, but probably not so amazingly effective time-wise in a huge map full of ammo like this one nonehtless very interesting!
  3. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    blah !^^ map30 in 23:27 ak30-2327.zip
  4. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    map30 in 24:49 since its very long, you may wish a watching with pauses maybe. sadly its 35fps. ak30.zip leftover maps are 16/23/25/26/28 and 31, of these if I'm right i could only cover 31 due to secrets missing in the others
  5. one last thing I wanted to know was about the FPS. I see its 35 as default, for more fluid and enjoyable videos I tried to change it to 60, with disastrous results. the viddump produced a mp4-video file with faster speed than normal. Am I again doing something wrong? or should I simply stick with 35 fps always?
  6. amazing. this was of a great help. I found scc1t2 and gm22 the best fonts as well sounds pretty much like portmidi-one, im very happy thanks!
  7. hello sorry if I jump in here a little offtopic, but the answers here were very accurate and my problem should be little. when I use timedemo to create demos, everything goes fine, but if I use "portmidi" in music settings, then the ogg file has no music sound. using the other music setting produces terrible music outputs sadly, but keeps the music. what I do wrong?
  8. blob1024

    Rare kills

    basically the SSG itself went nuts for the shit aim I had first time and fixed the math. AV = 4 blast FFS! thanks :)
  9. blob1024

    Rare kills

    i'm not sure if it happened. because I totally (?) miss one shot and then it dies in 3 SSG. or at least it seems so. around minute 25:10~ ps:delete in case its not the rare kills hoped :) run is a playthrough, I've already improved largely the time in the map. akeldama map30 ak30-av2510.zip
  10. blob1024

    Rare kills

    is it possible to kill with 3SSG an archvile? if im right I got it, but its like after 28min of run... too lazy to check and forgot how to skip to a certain frame... can someone remember me?
  11. blob1024

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    great one! looks eactly the kind of situation I've been experiencing a couple times in my demorecording, with the difference I have always screwed the run in the end :P
  12. blob1024

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    Pain Elementals especially under uv-fast or Nightmare rest doesnt panic me the same way.
  13. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    yes you can, but if you do, you most likely skip backpack for a long part of the demo. ammonition was a great pain for me, the pack helps because you can stock a lot of shells then if you see me making use of zerk-fisting then there's for SURE a big problem with ammo. I hate punching :)
  14. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    map12 in 08:45 like I wrote in the txt: looks way easier than it is. or maybe I'm less patient than usual :) ak12.zip
  15. blob1024

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    demos lasts 0.5s for me, or it simply crashes at beginning. strange