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  1. Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    lol if it was me playing, I think id die at last mancubus or id be to tired to shoot with plasma rifle at minute 103 when you finished bullets XD
  2. New Kama Sutra demos

    great job anc, that map was on my "todolist"which ill never probably touch again :( map29 should be revisited by me or better players, its an old demo of mine
  3. Sunder demos

    lol amazing, cool and i honestly didnt think so long pacifist demos could be so entertaining to watch. was wrong, eheh
  4. Sunder demos

    i think thats my favourite demo of all the time he stays untouched for around 10minutes in a map like that, no time to hesitate and still no mistakes. picking an invulnerability at the very last blink of the previous one in a horde of monsters using rockets... and much more. again, probably the best demo i've ever seen, or among the top3 of such a list I think i've watched that demo a rough dozen of times too, lol
  5. Sunder demos

    rules for max are something like this: if in a map you got the chance to kill 98% of monsters max due to bugs, if some other troubles make you reach only 97.9% then its not valid I know its frustrating, i've been through some of those too. unless something is absolutely unreachable or unkillable, then it is possible to be killed and therefore some other demo might achieve higher %s
  6. Doom Core Demos [-complevel 2]

    oh cool, im having fun in watching your new demos, I can barely remember those maps speed-ed years ago lol
  7. Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    i must say map20 is fantastic, and as a note, azuboy's TAS uv max is very very enjoyable. I hope this map gets more attention TAS-wise too. im too rusty and busy to uv max it myself. i became a lurker eheh
  8. Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    my life changed drastically, i hadnt touched doom for months, and I still didnt install back vegas to upload videos on YT i have so much to post there, but ive little free time and grew lazy :s maybe i find some time again next months
  9. lol i didnt notice.. ill look for it
  10. Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    sl09-0738 mouse movement is extremely bad still, but had some smooth fights here and time isnt total trash. will hardly return here tho, I bet my new gf dislikes doom. lol sl09-738.zip
  11. Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    ill attach that lmp in the archive when i post the max one. basically after your teleport on the plasma, I moved backwards in the pit I guess
  12. Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    made my first valid exit 10 sec ago... since im ill maybe i can get a decent luck and a run worth uploading soon ;) ahah cool, found a bug where u can be trapped. (right behind the plasma in the YK room)
  13. Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    secrets are quite easy to be found. and i like the map too. maybe i make a demo in some days. but i changed mouse and i cant get used to the sensitivity again somehow. btw you have an hidden blue switch in a mancubus spot, a wall lowering by pressing it on the way to BFG and the blue teleport where all the revenants on the pillars raising and lowering are. i hope it was enough to find all. im sure you'll be faster recording than me anyway, so goodluck