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  1. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map17 03:01 have I ever mentioned trees, narrow paths and lost souls are the biggest evils in doom no17-301.zip
  2. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map16 02:26 included my first exit in zip file. great map no16-226.zip
  3. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map15 03:49 blea. lately i've scarce 30-40min per day of free time when I'm lucky... no15-349.zip
  4. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map14 02:58:00 music is cool too for continuous recording. no14-258.zip
  5. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map13 03:18 quite a quick run, glad hk and mancubus decided to play with each other a little no13-318.zip
  6. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map12 in 03:10 so far the map i like the least ;o no12-310.zip
  7. blob1024

    DBP Demo Thread

    this now desynchs, please replace or delete the709 demo dr06-542 dr06-542.zip pretty casual run with some good route changes tho. the crossfire in this map is evil lol edit: I just noticed none of the demos for dbp51 are on dsda, any special reason?
  8. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    Nostalgia no11-329 this map kicks ass! no11-329.zip
  9. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    Nostalgia no10-226 no10-226.zip
  10. blob1024

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    no09-158 no09-158.zip
  11. once you practice is not too hard. in regular runs you can always wait him to infight and blast his back without dangers like before somebody wrote, around his second rocket fired you should be starting your bfg hit, just dodge his third rocket and run forward him, the high damage will most likely push him away, and pain chance him which means it gives you enough time to withdraw and start again the process.
  12. great wad. having lots of fun recorded on first 8 maps, probably will keep going https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/126957-miscellaneous-demos-part-4/?page=16
  13. DSDA page aka nostalgia.wad Nostalgia map01 till 08 uv maxes no1-8.zip
  14. blob1024

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    wow, thats a super professional testing. great work!
  15. blob1024

    DBP53: Plutonian Sunrise

    are new versions coming anytime soon/ are planned? next week I may have some free time to record something