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  1. blob1024

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    amazing as I expected Loopie... btw, 2166 attempts? have you a smart system to follow the count? :) when i was demorecording i just overwrote everytime the same file name ciao!
  2. blob1024

    Official Demo Request Thread

    i see, excellent explanation of this unfilled max thanks :)
  3. blob1024

    Official Demo Request Thread

    hello. I'd like to see some good planned uv max for Equinox map13 and map12 im too lazy and busy to even check the map myself, but the speed demos looked very interesting.
  4. blob1024

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    makes sense, I agree to this. In some maps it might be unavoidable, and therefore accepted for pacifist. It would be enough to change the definition of pacifist run into something which explains the need to avoid any kind of killing if possible. after all, even UV-MAX has the 100% kills or highest % possible achieved in the run.
  5. blob1024

    Speed of Doom demos (-complevel 9)

    amazing run Nevan, but my smart kill count showed 1 monster left. maybe 1 imp fell into a pit? or maybe something else i don't know nonetheless, an inspiring run, maybe i'll check how bad my movements ingame are in next months
  6. what's this crap? is 1st april already?
  7. blob1024

    First-try Demo Contest #18 (June 23rd, 15:00 UTC)

    22:37 and 0 deaths fda18blob.zip
  8. blob1024

    First-try Demo Contest #18 (June 23rd, 15:00 UTC)

    so, whats the command required... -warp 35 doesnt work lol sorry for ignorance. edit: oh wow i got it now. ill make the fda now, even if im late ages for the challenge
  9. blob1024

    First-try Demo Contest #18 (June 23rd, 15:00 UTC)

    doing something wrong, the wad runs regular map for me lol ill have dinner and check later
  10. blob1024

    First-try Demo Contest #18 (June 23rd, 15:00 UTC)

    i was out of home. just downloaded it guess im late butwho cares
  11. blob1024

    Sparta II - Project Vesuvius demos [-complevel 9]

    11 in 4:20 cant play anymore for a while, due to my pc having reset the settings. i hate when it happens before i get used to different settings/sensitivity ill be bored again cya ! sp11-420.zip
  12. blob1024

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    how? thats what i dont know how to do i guess
  13. blob1024

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    hello. after some serious pc troubles the launcher automatically starts original doom2 wad instead of asking which wad. how to solve this and have the handy windows where to select iwad and pwad?
  14. blob1024

    Sparta II - Project Vesuvius demos [-complevel 9]

    14 in 4:02 what a map sp14-402.zip! ps: watching again the demo, the only unexpected shit happened, is the green marine going nuts after the shotgun guy. i lost a rough 10 seconds there. rest is quite okay, try the map if you have patience xd