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xaserpic (-complevel 2)

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From the discussion in the DVII thread about judging map quality just from screenshots:

j4rio said:

How can you even form an opinion about overall map quality based on a bunch of pictures?[/b]

Xaser said:

I made a map based on Xaser's seemingly crappy looking automap pic. I have nothing against Xaser, I just thought it would be fun to make a supposedly crappy map fun.

Download: xaserpic.zip (-complevel 2)

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I am ultra-proud to have my name on this. :D

No, but seriously, I had fun with it, so yep. I have been exceptionally corrected. :P

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hihi. here's a demo: https://www.mediafire.com/?7hhhggj76l8ow2k (fda that completes in 31:42).

After the initial AV ambushes I started playing suppper cautiously, so demo might not be that fun to watch.

One extremely annoying thing about cl2 in this map is the tendency for ghost monsters to ruin your day. I had 3 of them in this map. 1 of which I managed to have cybies kill with splash damage, but the other 2 I left alive.

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Fellowzdoomer said:

I WA very angry for some reason that xaser took my nap.

Xasssssseeeeeerrrrr! Give this man his sleepy time back!

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900+ monsters? Oh lawdy. Had to fire up Russian Overkill because I usually don't play slaughtermaps.

It was a whole lot of fun, but I figured something was up when I hit the end of the map and realized there were still hundreds of monsters to kill. I turn around, and...well, let's just say I almost needed a change of pants.

Pretty well-designed, detail-wise, and the fights, if not cramped and packed full of enemies like a typical slaughtermap, are pretty fun, especially on the return trip. -shudder- all dem monsters

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Xaser didn't do anything wrong, he just posted a pic that kmxexii posted in your thread. I'll give you proper credit in the txt file for sure.

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