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  1. Just a heads-up, Boom has been superseded by MBF21, which has some handy new tools, is backwards-compatible with Boom, and is supported by all the modern UMAPINFO-supporting ports, so it's a direct upgrade that's easy to slot in. I'd suggest switching to that rather than target an out-of-date featureset.
  2. Dropping by to do my usual evangelism :P -- There's no reason to stick to Boom/CL9 these days, since dsda-doom and its contemporaries all support MBF21 -- it's got everything Boom has and then some (the new block player and block land monster flags in particular are very damn useful), and it's backwards-compatible with Boom so folks who have already submitted a cl9 map (or don't find a use for any of the new stuff) don't have to convert anything. Win-win. :P Since there's a comment in the OP about not necessarily sticking to exactly 32 maps, y'all might already have UMAPINFO on your radar, but if not, definitely check that out too.
  3. Xaser

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    People often underestimate just how much time, effort, and skill go into making the Cacowards what it is. This whole ordeal is a fine example of what happens if you half-ass it.
  4. I'm pretty sure all of Heartland's weapons can be made in MBF21 DEHACKED now (though you'd have to axe either the single or double variant of the SMGs/pistols). Good luck remaking the maps without portals, though. :P
  5. Xaser

    [v1.0.0] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    Thanks for the report, sorry for the quick drive-by comment -- was posting from my phone in between Life Things(tm). :P
  6. Xaser

    [v1.0.0] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    I haven't made any changes in this area, I'd bring this up in the dsda-doom thread.
  7. Xaser

    DSDA-Doom-compatible NOBLOOD monster

    Check out DECOHACK (and its sister tool doommake) -- works natively on Linux, and it lets you add flags on existing actors without needing to know the old ones (i.e. it will fill in the gaps for you when building the patch). Much more user friendly than trying to write a patch by hand (which is painful no matter how you slice it).
  8. Xaser

    A_FireOldBFG compatibility

    A_FireOldBFG has surprisingly good port compatibility -- it was introduced in MBF (complevel 11), which every modern "Boom-compatible" source port also supports. Did a quick search and it's present in DSDA-Doom, Woof, Eternity, GZDoom, and even OG PRBoom-Plus, to name a few, so you're good. That said, I gotta do my usual thing and also point at MBF21 if you haven't seen it yet, since it's got a ton of new DEHACKED features and is also supported in a wide range of ports. If you're looking at using the beta BFG codepointer for the sake of crafting something brand-new (i.e. not emulating the beta BFG exactly), there may be some other tools in the MBF21 kit that may work a bit better. If you end up going that route but still want the beta BFG's bouncing behavior, adding MBF's "BOUNCES" flag (along with "MISSILE") will do the trick. [EDIT] If you're looking to do a 1:1 beta BFG emulation, you'll need to modify the weapon states a bit too (i.e. call A_FireOldBFG several times over many frames, instead of just the once) -- the ZDoom wiki has the state sequence, as a handy reference.
  9. The latest common cross-port standard is a thing called MBF21 -- it's a Boom successor, and is supported by the vast majority of commonly-used source ports. I would highly suggest starting here -- going any "lower" is just limiting yourself for no reason, unless you wanna target pure vanilla Doom (not recommended for newcomers, it's hard :P ). Also check out UMAPINFO while you're in the neighborhood -- it's a very important feature that's also supported by the same family of source ports as MBF21. Just a heads-up, the best answer to "hey what common format do I start with?" used to be Boom, so you'll still see a lot of posts/articles/etc recommending it, but these answers are all out of date, without exception. MBF21 is rather new -- the 21 stands for 2021 -- so common knowledge is still catching up with the present day. For nodes, use ZDBSP -- that gives the best results for maps that aren't aiming to run under vanilla limits (zokumbsp is the best option in those cases).
  10. Xaser

    gzdoom jumpTics / delay removal

    This is sort of a slant answer since it's not a standalone mod (yet? ;), but I overhauled the jump physics in Adventures of Square to be friendlier in general (remove the delay, add a bit of "coyote time", and some other related platformer feel-good-ness). May be worth taking a look at that and yoinking the code out of the player definition... or remind me this afternoon and I'll do it. Been meaning to, just forgot. :P
  11. Xaser

    Do you strafe run to the left or to the right?

    I tend to straferun in whichever direction allows me to most efficiently collide with a rocket.
  12. Cacowards have been given to projects in a "near-final beta" state many times before. This isn't anything new.
  13. Xaser

    2023 Cacowards

    Huge Congrats to all the winners, mentionees, and other associated purveyors of chaos. Here's to another 30 years.
  14. The unkillable-ghosts thing is probably because the A_RadiusDamage call is dealing damage to the FamineSoul itself, making it randomly jump to the Pain state. Try giving it the NORADIUSDMG flag -- or if you want the explosions to be able to kill other FamineSouls nearby (i.e. to set off a fun chain reaction), use A_AddFlags to give NORADIUSDMG in the death state just before calling A_RadiusDamage. That should fix that up.
  15. Xaser


    @OP, you should probably show something of your own first -- you just signed up to the boards today and have 3 posts, and no other social media presence that I can see -- how do we know you're capable of successfully running a community project? It's way tougher than it looks.