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  1. Xaser

    The Roots of Doom Mapping

    Just finished up the article, and it's a ridiculously good write-up (props, Sir @Not Jabba), though I do kinda yearn for a sequel that focuses on the gameplay modding world. It's kinda this weird parallel universe that occasionally crosses over into the mapping space, but has its own history and legendary figures (Immoral Conduct, anyone?) -- ditto for multiplayer, as pointed out. ...though I suppose we'd need a new author for that, as the un-Jabba mentioned, and I'm certainly not wordsmithy enough to do it. :P
  2. Xaser

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Thinking on it, the "Episode 3 Award" would be a weirdly fitting rename in case of a fateful release, since Mordeth would then join the ranks of BTSX, Adventures of Square, and Half-Life. Anyhow, grats to all the winnerfolk, particularly Jimmy n' ukiro for friggin' killing it.
  3. For fun, here's a couple of mis-rememberings from experiencing Doom as a kid: - When the game was first released, I remember watching over my dad's shoulder as he played the game. For some reason my brain "distinctly" remembers him playing through E4M6, but that's impossible because Ultimate Doom hadn't been released at that time. - First time I played E1 myself (still a wee dude), I thought E1M7 had a fast-paced music track with hella drums. No idea how I got that impression but I was weirdly disappointed when I later replayed it and the music was just about the opposite of what I expected. And now one I'm pretty sure i 'member correctly: kid-me also got a glimpse of Heretic E1M1 when someone was playing it once, and they were stuck on the opening room because they couldn't figure out where the yellow key was -- we all sucked at FPS's back then. :P
  4. Xaser

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    It's hard to remember the exact very first one that I ever played since I was a literal kid at the time, but there's a good chance it may have been All Hell is Breaking Loose -- it was a real "Holy McFuckShit you can make Doom do that?" sort of moment, and is definitely partially responsible for my semi-crippling 20-ish-year addiction to the game. :P (before someone asks, I discovered end1.wad just slightly later. ;P )
  5. Apparently the BTSX Episode 3 thread has been dormant for over 6 months now. What the hell is up with that?

  6. Xaser

    What's up with Heretic's GFRAG?

    Huh, this is mighty interesting -- I never knew that sound existed in the IWAD until now. Looks like it's intended as a kill confirmation sound in multiplayer, according to the source code, which is pretty damn cool.
  7. Something worth noting here is that the lead developer for both Ion Fury and EDuke32 is the same guy (TerminX), so it make sense that the engine's the same under the hood.
  8. It's been a while since I've played through TNT in full, but last time I did, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the bulk of it is. It catches a lot of flak because of a few infamous maps, but the rest ain't bad -- I'd only maybe cut five maps, not ten. Having said that, here's my axe picks: Habitat - no surprise here. Though I'll miss the memes. :P Metal - the final room is perhaps the worst thing in the entire wad. Not much else to redeem this one, so it gets the boot. Mount Pain - yeah, the titular mountain is cool as fuck, but the rest of the map is boring square hallways. Maybe cut n' paste the mountain itself into one of the surviving maps. :P Baron's Den - boring hallways full of bland nothing. 'Nuff said. Ballistyx - sort of a wildcard pick, 'cause I don't outright hate this, but the strong opening scene is followed by a WTF-quality lift sequence which gives way to a lesser child of Deepest Reaches with a bit of Baron's Den thrown in. Maybe cut off that starting area and make something new from it, but otherwise... nah. There's a few other commonly-disliked ones that IMO don't deserve the axe, so in the interest of being Mr. Positive for a bit, here's a few of these and why I'd keep 'em: Central Processing - Bit rough in spots, but feels like a grand adventure. The barbed wire section at the end is iconic, even though the texture kinda sucks. :P Administration Center - Ditto. The end section looks pretty dated by today's standards, but try playing that scene in Chocolate Doom -- at the lower resolution, that bigass structure looks imposing as fuck. Good stuff. Deepest Reaches - Sue me, maybe, but I love this one. The cave-y bits are not pretty, but the "buried underground ruins" vibe really works here. Crater - Another one for the "weird, but fun to explore" pile. Progression here is very strange, but that adds to the charm, IMO. That semi-secret water passage that lets you sneak around to the other side of the map is a cool touch. Heck - Fun as hell; it's basically a Plutonia teaser. Not as fancy as the rest, but gameplay keeps it afloat. Mill - OK, this is simply one of the best maps in the entire wad; y'all are nuts. :P -- I mostly just want to mention it because for a long while, I hated it. I was sick the very first time I played the map, and for years I was stuck with a poor impression if it 'cause of that. Finally dispelled it when I finally decided to replay the wad; the Casalis are wizards. I'm kinda tempted to do that "cut the wad into episodes" thing like I did for Doom 2, but I'd have to replay the wad to refresh my memory first.
  9. Unless you've got some sort of special-case compatibility issue (i.e latest GZD doesn't run well on your system), or are expecting to do demo recording/playback or something, there isn't any reason to stick to an older version of effectively the same port. If it's the software renderer you're looking for, you can flip that back in GZD's video options menu.
  10. Xaser

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    Look ma, I'm a Christmas! Uploaded -- whew, glad that's all taken care of... one and a half years later. :P
  11. Xaser

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    All right, well, here it is then: https://static.angryscience.net/pub/doom/maps/NEIS_v1.4.zip -- vanilla NEIS.DEH included, even. I'll /idgames this if NT's all right with it.
  12. Xaser

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    I'm paging through the wad and it looks like everything reported in the thread so far is fixed -- E2M6 included. Yeah, we'd probably better upload this. :P
  13. Xaser

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    Did we never release an update? I've got a bugfixed wad on my HDD somewhere, in that case. I'd rather not leave a map-breaker in there.
  14. Xaser

    When Do Your Maps Get Named?

    I'm one of those goofuses who more often than not picks the name before I ever lay down a linedef. Most maps of mine are heavily tied to a concept, and the name is a big part of that. The biggest exception, funny enough, is BTSX, 'cause for some reason I keep changing names a bunch of times before release. Two different E3 maps of mine have been called "Substitute Heaven" at some point, and neither of them have that name anymore. :P Also, I feel like that poll needs a 6th option for NaturalTvventy's sake that reads "when Xaser picks the map name for him." :P