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  1. 1) The question in the OP is "what's archaic?", which the default vanilla controls are. The fact that there are multitudes of ways to change them is irrelevant to the discussion. 2) You can't effectively achieve a modern WASD+Mouse scheme in the original setup.exe anyway precisely because of the vertical mouse movement -- I'd lump autorun as part of that package too.
  2. Most of these are vanilla-isms that are addressed in various ports, but off the top of my head, I've no nostalgia for: The original keyboard-only control scheme Infinite-height actors Y-shearing when looking up-down -- okay, so this isn't a doom.exe thing, but it cheekily counts because Heretic is vanilla Doom The Baron of Hell -- they seemed hella threatening back when nobody knew how to play FPS games, but nowadays, they're too low-threat to justify such a high health pool. Their only useful role is "meat wall." Probably more stuff too, but there you go.
  3. I've done that before to "soft-remove" things, as in "i might want to restore this later so I'm not full-on deleting it yet." Could be that combined with forgetting to clean 'em up later.
  4. I don't imagine I could come up with an answer to the title question that's not either "Make it exactly like Doom 2" or "Make it exactly like D44m".
  5. @Major Arlene Welcome to the fray! I hope my words above weren't too discouraging. Looks like you've clearly got your head in the right place, so I think my concerns are pretty much moot now. Keep on Doomin'!
  6. Hmm, while normally I'd be just fine with the cheating bit (a la "play it your way"), I checked out the Graytall playthrough for the usual egoreasons and there's a bit where she misses a jump and (rather than load a save) decides to noclip onto the platform, skipping an essential trigger in the process. This results in her getting hopelessly stuck in the map, which develops into actual anger once she ceases having fun but continues to plow forward anyway. :/ Lemniscate has more than its fair share of issues, and the pain points in the vid (navigational issues and too- tricky jumps) are big lessons in hindsight, but it's disheartening to watch the whole thing shatter when a non-cheaty alternative (savegames) is readily available. It's like someone playing your map with [gameplay mod 'x'], getting stuck on a fight that's overly-difficult due to the mod, and concluding your map sucks. Positive footnote: I do hope this is a fluke. 400+ reviews shows some serious commitment, and the enthusiasm is commendable.
  7. @rdwpa Site's back up -- the server had a short blip. Ultra-thanks for the plug! :)
  8. Now that the shenanigans have died down, I want to take the time to commend Jimmy and the rest of the crew (Pinchy, an_mutt, et.al) for doing a fucking fantastic job with Joy of Mapping; it's friggin' awesome seeing folks come out of the woodwork to cut their teeth on that crazy-scary piece of meat we call "mapping", and there's a ton of great n' promising stuff coming from this oft-neglected bit of community-development. I just don't want to see one bad egg spoil the batch, as it were -- the results speak louder than any solitary scream could.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely meant to be a "choose your own adventure" with a ton of paths to go down, except on UV all the adventures are murderous rampages. :P
  10. @Impie The map doesn't have difficulty settings yet, which is probably part of the issue here. The first area is one of the only few "lock-in" fights; most of the map is a lot more free-roaming, and the start's inevitably going to be a lot less dangeriffic on lower skills so it's less likely to turn folks off. Otherwise, I don't know what to say.
  11. @Altazimuth The whole point of this thread was to be a loose brainstorming suggestion where people can chuck feature ideas into a bucket. It's just about hit the point where the bucket's full and needs sifted by the actual port devs (ideally, in relative privacy, to filter out the noise), but that won't happen in this thread (nor was it meant to). The Usual Fear: It seems like folks are getting in a thumb-twiddle deadlock and getting frustrated about things not happening before they've even started. We're still in the pre-game show, and everyone seems hesitant to hike the ball. [Note that as a non-port-dev, I can't take action myself, hence the relative irony here x:] Jon's kindly provided a starting point; somebody take the ball and start running for the end zone already: ["ask me about football"]
  12. As a heads-up, despite the intermission title, the version of ZIEGENHAUS in the compilation is finished (well, sans one pending addition).
  13. Thanks for the kind words! Glad it ended up being to your liking; the Hell area was developed organically by a bunch of people, and I don't recall there being much critique/feedback guiding its creation, so I'm happy to hear it wasn't total mush. The Spiral tower in particular was literally me going "I'm not sure what to make here, so I'm going to do the most cliche Xaser-thing I can think of." :P FWIW, your name was nowhere in the mental list when I made the "working against" comment; you were dealt a pretty short stick too, what with the entire planned Hell segment being nearly nonexistent when it came your turn. Bah, I'm being pretty silly and grumpy about a project that ended up being well-received. I'm quickly turning into Doom Old People.
  14. I can't remember the last time I've played through a map where the lighting was dark enough to be problematic. The thing I do notice (as Job hinted at) that causes similar issues is when a map's lighting is completely devoid of contrast. If bad enough, this also makes it really hard to see things, especially so if the mapper committed the egregious sin of enabling evenlighting in MAPINFO -- that pretty much guarantees that everything will appear as a blobby, un-navigable mess that F11 won't fix.
  15. Nope. I did, and I answered "Death" anyway because nothing else seems to have worked. :P