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  1. Next up: "Why are slaughter map threads looked down upon?"
  2. doom is a meme game
  3. I had everything shoved into C:\DOOM2 on an old PC, and it was so miserable to deal with that I did a complete 180 on my next build and started hyper-organizing everything. I haven't looked back since. Roughly speaking, here's the basic setup: D:\Games\Doom\ D:\Games\Doom\iWads\ D:\Games\Doom\iWads\Master\ <-- master levels D:\Games\Doom\pWads\ D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Maps\ D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Maps\DoomOne\ D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Maps\DoomTwo\ D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Maps\Heretic\ <-- ...and so forth for all the various games. D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Mods\ <-- gameplay mods D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Mock\ <-- jokewads (yeah I have a whole folder for this) D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Total\ <-- TCs and other conversion-y things D:\Games\Doom\pWads\Betas\ <-- unfinished stuff; there's like six trillion subdirectories here D:\Games\Doom\Engines\ <-- Ports go here D:\Games\Doom\Editors\ <-- SLADE, DBX/GZDB/et.al go here D:\Games\Doom\Data\ <-- *ZDoom screenshots n' savegames go here I rely pretty heavily on environment config -- DOOMWADDIR is set to the iWads directory, while DOOMWADPATH is all the pWads subdirs. I do have QZDoom in the root D:\Games\Doom directory for quasi-legacy reasons, but I may deprecate that in favor of some batch files for cleanliness' sake. In retrospect, the least well-thought-out part of the setup is the "Betas" folder, since it doesn't make any distinction between my own WIP wads and other folks'. I may revise that when I get around to building a new PC sometime next year-ish. Now if only my house/desk were as neatly organized, people might mistake me for an actual human. :P
  4. *boards the ego train* Released-map-wise, NEIS E2M4 (Derelict Vessel) is my personal fave. I had a really specific goal in mind when making it (Tom Hall builds a spaceship), and I feel like I hit the mark. I think the only other time I've had that feeling towards a Xasermap is PRCP MAP25 (Wicked Garden), but Vessel is the better of the two, so it takes the proverbial cake. Unreleased-map-wise, there's some stuff for Square E2 and BTSX E3 that I'm pretty proud of. No spoilers yet. Gameplay-mod-wise... I'm not really sure. It shifts a lot, given that half the reason I make a new mod is that I'm tired of messing with the previous one (unlike maps which sometimes actually reach a "finished" state ;), so the technically-correct answer is "whichever one I'm currently working on." :P Single-piece-of-architecture-wise: The titular Helix in PRCP MAP15. I need to build that in Quake (or something similar) with a real interior someday. *makes a hasty exit via defenestration*
  5. Well, hello old post -- nice to agree with you! There's been 1001 interpretations of the original question in the title, and "bad sequels to great games" is always a fun one. DMC2 was a total letdown in every way (except music; there's some pretty great tracks) and is a rather interesting case study on how not to make a sequel. Every single game mechanic was dumbed down, with seemingly no regard toward the things that made the original game good in the first place. It parallels Deus Ex: Invisible War rather closely, really. Now, to turn the question on its head, let's look at "objectively bad games you actually enjoyed to some degree" so I can talk about the really weird Painkiller expansions. Not BooH or Overdose* -- I'm talking Resurrection et.al. These are some awful, amateur-ish products, but the interesting part is that Resurrection (and, to a lesser extent, Recurring Evil) has really cool level design from a physical perspective -- in contrast to PK's usual "closed arenas" thing, they're these open-ended layouts with interesting designs and strange-but-cool architecture and all that Xaser-approved jazz. But then the game takes a deuce on the whole product with buggy-ass monster-vomit gameplay. It's like having Mechadon make a map layout and then getting the guys who made 1337.wad to thingplace it. :P [*BooH is great. Overdose isn't -- most levels are boring boxes, the weapons are less fun, enemies are way too campy, and the one-liners are a travesty. Another "didn't grasp the intricacies that made the original game great" creation, IMO.]
  6. A bit like this:
  7. One of the implicit goals of the project, I presume, is to make it so you'll neither need nor want to.
  8. There are some pretty nice D44M-monster sprites floating around (in various stages of completion), though I'm explicitly not including modified monsters -- one of the key reasons for not doing so, though, is so the mod will play well with custom monsters, so it follows that if someone makes a Doom 2016 monsters pack that doesn't touch the weapons, ARGENT ought to play nicely with it. :D On another note, I've just uploaded v0.5.3 (check the usual downloads folder), which fixes a rather serious bug introduced in v0.5.2 where loading a savegame after buying an upgrade will result in an endless series of screen flashes. Mega-apologies to anyone who was bit by this. x:
  9. Wow, dang. I haven't posted in the DW version of this thread in over a year. I am the laziest Xaser to have ever Xasered. The mod's at v0.5.2 now, featuring mods (how meta) for all weapons & frag grenades. It's a world of difference since last time, so it'll be quite an upgrade for those who haven't been paying attention to the ZDF thread. Give it a whirl! Or some-such salesman verbiage! Also, here's an important video:
  10. Here's some fun left-field nonsense: as a kid, I used to call spider masterminds "desks". Just, like, the furniture.
  11. I always tend to pull out the rocket launcher to deal with Pain Elementals, despite it being the worst thing to use when there's lost souls trying to gnaw your face off. 'Course, Xaser wouldn't be good at doom if he wasn't meleeing things with explosives.
  12. Dang, 1.5 pages in and nobody's mentioned April Agitation yet. I'm pretty sure this omission is illegal in at least 3 countries.
  13. Capravilla update: https://static.angryscience.net/pub/doom/maps/xa-giest_beta3.zip Stuff based on Marcaek's suggestions -- should have less troubles with stuck monsters and clumpy placement now. Also more obligatory texture cues.
  14. Armor in Doom is indeed pointless -- the surface is nice and smooth, with no points to be found (pixels aside): In fact, it isn't until Hexen that armor starts to get pointy: Hope this helps!
  15. This video discusses Shovel Knight vs. 8-bit platformers rather than 90's shooters, but its message is apt and analogous: While we're on the topic, Dusk nails it. It's really friggin' good and you should all go play it. :P