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  1. Blockrocking Bytes

    I got the song stuck in my head immediately when reading the thread title. Success, I suppose. Also, damn you. :P
  2. How intelligent are various monsters?

    They never seem to learn to run away when Doomguy comes a-knockin', so I suspect answer to this is "not very."
  3. To nip it in advance: Usually I'm a big proponent of paired actions (e.g. 'use' to pickup, 'use' to drop), but I noodled this for a while when implementing the crate pickups and there were a few reasons I ended up deciding this way was best: Players can press switches & open doors without dropping the crate (since we don't block the 'use' action while holding a crate). Conversely, players won't accidentally press a switch or open a door while dropping a crate (which would happen if we made 'use' drop anyway). Blocking the 'use' action in GZDoom ranges somewhere from "ultra-hacky" to "impossible" anyway.* :P [*dunno if ZScript changes that any, but that didn't exist at the time.]
  4. So what is "good gameplay" anyway?

    This question is simply too broad to answer.
  5. It depends on the source of the rage. Watching someone miss a should-be-obvious door or switch is frustrating. Watching someone die to a particularly evil crusher trap is heartwarming.
  6. Multiplayer has never really been a focus for us (mostly given the lack of C/S), so it isn't something we actively support presently even though maps are nominally there. We'll maybe circle back (heh) around to it when we get all of the code migrated to ZScript and cleaned up, but right now it's strictly an "at your own risk" thing. Glad folks are otherwise enjoying this! It's been a crazy labor of love, and once the dust settles, I hope to post some fun behind-the-scenes stuff, since people tend to like that. :P
  7. I was 15 when I accidentally made Zen Dynamics. I then proceeded to forget to leave.
  8. My immediate mental response to this thread:
  9. "No" for me, 'cause that'd implicitly nuke all my accumulated modding experience. I shudder to think of having to re-learn how to map again.
  10. Most Favorite Level From Episode 5

    Bit biased, but +1 to the pile: [Carroll Street close second though, for obvious reasons.]
  11. The most advanced ZDoom mod?

    I maybe shoulda posted a link to ZDCMP2, so here you go.
  12. The most advanced ZDoom mod?

    "Most Advanced" is totally subjective unless we arrive at a definition of what "advanced" means. But that's no fun at all. :P Relatedly, rather than consider a ZDoom/GZDoom divide (for the reasons Weasel mentioned), it may make more sense to think of it in terms of Software-renderer-compatible vs GL-only. Having said both those things, default nomination goes to ZDCMP2. It's got new weapons, monsters, a huge map with tons of scripting and visual effects, an objectives/logs system, and a fancy-pants credits sequence -- and it all works in the software renderer (albeit slower than GL in quite a few places).
  13. Puttin' on my Critical Hat: That bridge looks fantastic (as expected; it's the focal point), as does the glowing lava below, but the cliffs leave much to be desired. They're practically a straight line parallel to the bridge, and the ceiling height is uniform, making it look like a square hallway with a sky ceiling rather than a natural canyon.
  14. I Need Some Help With Research

    Bit of a tangent, but between this and the recent college course featuring Doom, I'm happy to see the game popping up in an educational setting. There's a goldmine of game design knowledge floating about that hopefully folks will be able to tap into. As usual, I'll offer my usual bit of encouragement to seek out some cool community-made mods and give 'em a play. There's a reason the game's still relevant, after all.
  15. Daikatana. Started it to see what all the un-hype is about, and I'm maybe about halfway through the second episode (which is an immediate improvement over the first, as expected). It's surprisingly fun in a derpy, janky sort of way, and I feel like I owe it to myself to finish it at least so I can pick it apart from a game design perspective. :P Other than that, Dark Forces is maybe the most notable gap in my classic-FPS history. I also really need to give Chasm: The Rift a go just 'cause a certain developer of DUSK is quite fond of it.