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  1. It's probably this bug: This'll be fixed in the next release, but I still haven't finished my current round of testing (got other obligations to wrap up as well).
  2. @hardcore_gamer there's a list of Doom Builder DECORATE keys on the ZDoom wiki -- they're basically comments that hold editor-specific metadata. The "//$Category" key will solve your specific problem, and the others are handy too.
  3. This thread has a deeper plot than Doom at this point.
  4. "Launched gzdoom, saw the first room, quit. 0/5"
  5. Hmm, this project seems like it has a lot of potential as a base for doing a full 2x upscale mod. Some of the textures indeed look great post-conversion (e.g. BIGDOOR2 and MARBFAC3), but the rest (including all sprites posted so far) look like smudgy oil paintings. There really isn't any alternative to doing extensive manual touch-ups to the result if the aim is to keep the style Doomy*. Having said all that, this is still an improvement over every upscale project attempt I've seen thus far. :P [*well, an "oil painting Doom" mod would actually be cool to see, thinking on it. ;]
  6. I don't yet know what slaughter "sub-genre" I prefer, 'cause my exposure is pretty limited. One of my big goals with this thread is to figure it out -- it's sort of a chicken-and-egg, really. :P Fortunately, the way to fix it is to try things, and now I've got a bunch queued up. Thanks for the suggestions, all! :D
  7. Damn, I figured there'd be a thread like this somewhere, but I couldn't quite find the right terms to search for. Thanks for the linkage.
  8. Thanks there! I'm quite far behind, yeah. :P I know n' love Combat Shock 2, at least, so that's a measuring bar of sorts. Should probably give it a replay soon, while on that topic.
  9. Hey all, I'm quite behind on the slaughter scene, so I figured I'd get y'all's* thoughts on what the "gold standard" slaughter set(s) happen to be these days. What are the big "must play"s and "here's how you do it right"s? Is Sunder still in the starting lineup or has it been demoted to the bench? All that jazz. It's intentionally a sort of broad question, and the answer in advance to any "well, what in particular are you looking for?" questions is "dunno yet." Consider this a window shopping experience (and a chance to share yer favorites, I s'pose). [*pardon my Texan.]
  10. A_Chase has a few flags you can set to control the turning behavior. Setting CHF_DONTTURN ought to stop the random "looking", and you can throw in a call to A_FaceTarget here and there to get it to, well, face the target. Hope this helps!
  11. Dunno about Doom, but my least favorite monster on Doomworld is threads like this.
  12. As a for-the-record, I haven't forgotten about the v1.4 bugfixing yet. I'm playing through the whole wad to see if there's anything missing (up to E3 right now). I've confirmed the E2M9 bug and found a tutti frutti linedef in E2M4, but otherwise haven't run into any issues. Somehow. :P