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  1. I never use shields in Dark Souls & sequels. For Thief 1&2, although "Don't kill anyone" is technically an in-game rule enforced by the hardest difficulty, it quasi-counts for me because my personal rule there is "always play Thief on the hardest difficulty." It's one of the few games where (IMO anyway) you actually do get a lesser experience by cranking the difficulty down a notch.
  2. Zeddy. I'm interested! Thanks for the offer. At present, the actor behavior is still in flux, pending finalization of the enemy & weapon behavior, and there's at least one big portal scene in one particular map, just as a heads-up. Should we open up a dialogue via PM? May be best. Right now, the DECORATE definitions are "canon", though they'll likely be translated to ZScript in the near future. This is secretly a good thing though, I think; since ZScript is a lot closer to the source, the extra features that get coded in will look pretty damn close to any native code required to implement them, I'll bet. Though DDF probably has us covered already on that front. :P @printz This isn't holding up the project, timeline-wise, but it'd certainly make life 200% easier. I'm quite keen to oust all the hacked-in (...hacxed-in?) XLAT/ExtraData stuff with some sane feature support.
  3. Why would anyone call a speaker-blasting system downgrade not insane? I don't even have any fancy words for this.
  4. IMO, they're an acceptable compromise for an engine where 3D geometry isn't a native thing. Sometimes there's just no alternative to putting things "elsewhere," and the map editor itself lets me keep track of these "elsewhere"'s quite easily. [Biased I guess since I'm used to this sort of thing, but eh]
  5. My two cents on this: I always place dummy sectors in physical space so they're arranged logically and easy for me to find. If this "ghost sectors" concept existed, how would I go about keeping track of them?
  6. You've been doing fantastic work on Eternity as of late. Please don't ruin it by implementing anything as patently insane as this.
  7. 1. DM 2. DoM 3. DooM 4. DoooM 5. Dr. Jesus H. Cockfuckler's Surprise Rectal Exam
  8. I have over ten maps (not even exaggerating) that are stuck in the "done except thing placement" stage. My Achilles heel is starting to fester.
  9. For Hacx 2.0 itself, 3DGE is likely technically possible, but one troublesome thing with the current project is that actor definitions need to be double-defined between ZD and EE, and I don't wish to complicate the situation further by putting DDF into the mix. Perhaps retroactively (or if this DECOLITE idea catches on), but not at present.
  10. Well derp, slopes are indeed there in the proposal. My brain-tired Ctrl+F spree earlier failed to remember that the special is named "Plane_Align". :P tl;dr: this covers all of Hacx 2.0's use cases, FWIW -- and, of course, opens the door for a ton more. Flat alignment by itself is a gorram godsend.
  11. I'll need to take a closer look later, but this looks like it covers almost everything I XLAT/ExtraData-hacked together for Hacx 2.0. Take that with a grain of salt until I comb through the wad and confirm, though. The one thing offhand I know is missing is slopes, but that's an unusual case considering that EE slopes are physics-less, so reconciling that may go a bit beyond this proposal.
  12. Aside from visplanes/vissegs, infinite height is vanilla Doom's least charming limitation.
  13. The Doom Wiki uses omgifol for map image generation, so there's one more for the pile.
  14. It's Boomtastic. Serious answer: Cross-port compatibility. It's become the de facto standard (though there's been recent activity as of late to possibly change that).
  15. I can't imagine how it could've possibly been made more clear, but just in case: I'm fairly certain that by "WR instant kill," traversd meant "WR instant kill," not "WR pseudo-instant kill with often-undesirable side-effects."