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  1. Xaser

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    Seriously now, if Eternity & 3DGE support TX_ already, then somebody with some free time fork PrBoom+ (or for bonus points, the UMAPINFO fork), rename it KaBoom, add TX_ support, and the day is saved. It's your chance to be a superhero!
  2. Xaser

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    Cross-port TX_ support is something I never knew I always wanted. (Incoming feature request: add Texas to all ports.)
  3. Xaser

    Most used song in your wads

    D_RUSTED plays at the end of every map in both episodes of TurboCharged ARCADE!, so I think that takes the default cake. :P [EDIT] This track. Listen and be unamazed!
  4. hello yes i am told this is a thread about decks
  5. Hmm, this is only semi on-topic, but I first got Doom (shareware) as a kid off some shovelware 10-CD collection thing, and this thread made me curious if I could find it anywhere. Well, lo and behold, I found the stupid thing: Look at this piece of shit. Y'all with a proper 3.5' release are lucky. :P
  6. Xaser

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    Artorias of the Abyss and The Old Hunters were already mentioned, but I feel it's worth volunteering that all of the Soulsborne DLCs are top-notch. Semi-related tangent: when the first DLC for Dark Souls 3 (Ashes of Ariandel) was released, it got quite a mixed reception on Steam, but from perusing the reviews it seemed to me that the primary issue was that people simply expected more -- i.e. the quality slid from "utterly fantastic" to simply "pretty damn good" and people felt cheated out of their money*. :P Fortunately for Fromsoft, they knocked it out of the park with Ringed City, so the rabble was pacified once again... well, until DS:R hit yesterday, but that's a story for another time. :P [*Post-note: price and length were also factors; AoA is about the same length as DS2's DLC packs, but those were $10 while AoA was $15.]
  7. Your avatar is appropriate.
  8. Xaser

    Doom The Way id Did: v1.1 Released!

    The /idgames version is newer -- use that one. That old web app is kinda just around for historical interest. I unfortunately don't have admin access to it (and the one who does, ellmo, has been vanished for a while) so the old link is kinda frozen in time. Welp. :P Either way, thanks for checking in! Better than picking the wrong one. :P
  9. Xaser

    This gives me a Sandy Petersen vibe

    Soundy Petersen.
  10. Xaser

    Commissioning mods?

    I'd love to see some folks who regularly do commissioned work weigh in on this thread and post some estimates on how much they'd (hypothetically) charge for making a map, because I suspect many people are severely underestimating the numbers and could use some enlightenment. :P
  11. Xaser

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    dubbapost ohno! Turns out the new version sneakily added a new search feature (a little menu of options underneath the "Quick Search" box that appears at the top-right of every page). It's been styled & enabled now, so have fun or something.
  12. Xaser

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Just published a handful of CSS fixes -- the little oddities with the menu, like button, and search box should all be fixed now, but let us know if there's a missed spot somewhere. Behold, the joy of version upgrades! D:
  13. Xaser

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    RAGE is pretty up there. The game doesn't even "end," really -- it just stops.
  14. Xaser

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Sounds like FutureTic -- just a reskin with randomly ripped weapon sprites. I don't suppose it's aged well. :P
  15. Are we screenshottin' now? Welp, here goes.