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  1. Xaser

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    I'm no Dragonfly, so apologies for butting in, but the one to use for basically everything is 'Software'. The names are kinda misleading -- the 'Software' mode is a close-as-possible emulation of lighting from Doom's software renderer (i.e. how Boom maps are intended to look), whereas the one labeled 'Doom' is a much older, much less accurate attempt. Goofy, but there it is. :P
  2. Xaser

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    There's an ACS library in Eviternity that adds a few enhancements to the maps when played with GZDoom, and one of them is a general-purpose thing that displays the map name at the top of the screen when entering a new level. Seems that happens for TITLEMAPs too, hence the callout at the top -- though it's probably not too hard to exclude TITLEMAP explicitly, 'cause that's weird -- I'll file it on the bug list. Also, just to set expectations, though everyone's free to play the wad with their favorite gameplay mods if they wish, there's no guarantee we'll be able (or willing) to fix incompatibilities, depending on the nature of them. ZScript/Decorate-based mods will probably mostly work OK -- I tested early builds with Argent a bunch, 'cause of ego or whatnot -- but DEHACKED-based mods are unfortunately right out. As a random tip, make sure to load Eviternity.wad last, else the custom monster definitions might get stomped and Weird Things(tm) will happen.
  3. Xaser

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    If Night Dive's eventual trailer doesn't immediately start with Caleb saying "I live... again.", I'm gonna have the biggest frowny face. Either way, definitely hyped. :D
  4. If you die in the pit, you die in real life.
  5. Xaser

    What wads are underrated?

    Scheisse, have I really not posted in this thread yet to point at my custom title? I'm losin' it.
  6. Xaser

    How many Doom 64s have there been?

    2004's Spider-Man 2 has a rather amusing variant of this. The console release of the game, developed by Treyarch, was very well received (and apparently still pretty highly regarded nowadays), but for whatever reason, the PC "version" of the game is a completely-different thing done by another developer, and it sucked. Here, have a video:
  7. The "Best Gameplay Mod" Cacowards are for mods without maps. Full-on total conversions with maps (e.g. SRB2Kart, Total Chaos, even full games like The Adventures of Square) qualify for main-line Cacowards, more or less.
  8. Xaser

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    All this talk about Dusk's graphics. Y'all are aware that games have gameplay, right?
  9. Xaser

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    I feel like the file reviews panel might work if it's rechristened as "Recently Reviewed Files" and shows the average rating plus a description snippet rather than just the most recent review. This would eliminate the "look at me!" factor, at least. 'Course, unless by some miracle something exactly like this is already built into IPS, now we're talking "hey Linguica here's another thing to put on your six-trillion-mile-long to-do list." :P
  10. This is sort of a slant answer, since it involves process more than design, but one of these days I really want to give an earnest try at thingplacing each area as I make them rather than wait until the end (and then never get around to doing it). Though to the Xaserbrain, that feels a bit like saying "one of these days I should walk into a meat grinder; it'll be healthy." :P
  11. Just want to say that "intentionally bitch" is my new favorite description of anything ever now.
  12. Dark Souls. Accept no substitute.
  13. *points at custom title* *entire studio audience is unsurprised, and groans a bit*
  14. Xaser

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    A disclaimer of sorts: I can't technically officially speak for everyone (and if I'm wrong about any of y'all, please chime in), but those of us who write .mid music for Doom wads (Jimmy, stewboy, Eris Falling, Esselfortium, and myself, to name a few) specifically target SC-55 voices (the janky-but-lovable default Windows one being the de facto standard, for better or worse). If you prefer to use another soundfont like WeedsGM or whatnot, feel free to give it a shot, but keep in mind that this is the musical equivalent of loading a gameplay mod on top of a map that wasn't designed for it. Maybe it'll work, and maybe it won't -- swim at your own risk. Since this thread is about recommendations, then +1 to Scc1t2.sf2 or some other SC-55-ish thing. The soundfont included in GZDoom tends to work just fine in my experience... if you disable reverb and chorus, else it's a mushy trainwreck. I forget if those are switched on by default in new versions, but they certainly used to be, so chances are you'll need to go into the menus and explicitly turn them off for the music to not get botched up. If you like OPL, also check out CSG's DMXOPL -- it's super-good and is currently the only non-SC-55-derived "soundfont" that's passed my personal sniff-test, for whatever that's worth. :P