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  1. Xaser

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    A "HTWRD" project is kind of a tricky proposition because Heretic's "style" is a lot more loosely defined than Doom's, IMO -- e.g. compare Guard Tower with most of the other maps in the game, and there's a pretty stark quality/style difference. It's like Doom's Romero and Petersen contrast cranked up to 11. :P
  2. Xaser

    [WIP] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    I'll post updates when there's updates.
  3. Xaser

    More Memorable Maps

    I may have to wait a while before I can make a proper post in this thread. My list is adorned with map titles such as "Miles Under the Skin", "The New Technology", and "The Dark Rift", which a handful of you may recognize as coming from certain unreleased projects. :P Maybe someday we can all look back at this post and go "oh hey, I get it now". :P
  4. Well, the de facto answer is if it works in Chocolate Doom, it's vanilla. :P Maybe the best "academic" answer I've heard is that "vanilla" basically means "anything you could do using the tools that existed before Doom's source code release", hence why DEHACKED is considered vanilla while Doom+ is not. The line is arbitrary, but there it is.
  5. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.2]

    UDMF itself isn't GZDoom-specific -- it's got a base spec that GZD extends with its own namespace and adds a bunch of gzd-specific stuffs. UDMF's base spec doesn't require any sort of GZDoom fanciness, so it can be adopted by other ports without any sort of compat shenanigans (e.g. EE). Either way, this isn't much more difficult than supporting the Hexen map format, which dsda-doom already does :P -- kraflab knows what he's doin'.
  6. Xaser

    How do I encourage players to switch weapons?

    Yeah, what NiH said -- weapon switching in classic Doom is much slower than its modern counterpart, so you'll need to whip out DEH or some other fancy port-specific editin' language and make it faster. Which is to say: try it! Gameplay modding is fun. :P Another thing to note is that a big reason why weapon switching is such a common thing in 2016 and Eternal is that it cancels the weapon animation, so you can cycle between two powerful-but-slow weapons (i.e. Ballista/Gauss + SSG) and fire them rapidly. You'd have to do some funky trickery to make that work, and while you can definitely achieve this in GZD with its extended A_WeaponReady and the WRF_NOFIRE flag, I dunno if there's an equivalent in DEH, even in MBF21 (I didn't really consider this use case for whatever reason :P).
  7. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.2]

    At home now, so I'm able to take a look at the patch itself, and my suspicions were correct. Unfortunately, you can't enter "20.0" directly in the actual dehacked patch itself -- the DEH format stores decimal values as super-ugly fixed-point numbers (i.e. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Fixed_point ), and 20.0 in fixed-point is written as 1310720 (i.e. 20 x 65536). The "20.0" thing is a suggested convention for tools to do this number conversion automagically -- i.e. if you type a .0 after the number, it knows to convert it to an ugly fixed-point number when reading/writing the patch. DECOHack does this; dunno what WhackEd4 does just yet 'cause I haven't been keeping up with it. Either way, if you put "20.0" in the actual patch itself, the game's not gonna parse the value correctly. Did you edit this by hand, or was this patch produced by a WhackEd4 pre-release build of some sort? If it's the latter, it's something worth bugreporting to WhackEd4. If you're hand-editing it though, there's no easy shortcut here aside from whipping out a calculator app. The DEH format (and, by extension, MBF21) are just not human-friendly, despite what the Boom team tried to do ages ago. :P
  8. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.2]

    I'm on my phone so I can't look at the DEH itself yet, but my guess with the shotgun spread is that you're setting the args value directly to 20 -- the value is interpreted as a fixed-point number, so you'll need to multiply it by 65536 in order to get an actual 20-degree spread. How are you editing the DEH? These sorts of ugly wrinkles are supposed to be smoothed over by whatever tool you're using. Try "20.0" instead of "20" in the tool and see if that does it. [EDIT] The 5th arg ("range") of A_WeaponMeleeAttack is also a fixed-point number, so it's probably the same thing fhere.
  9. Xaser

    Mapping Cliches

    The worst mapping-related cliche is this type of bitchfest thread. Stop making these and Enjoy the Damn Game, people.
  10. Xaser

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    My submission for "worst" and "best" is the same:
  11. Xaser

    You Should be Using DoomMake

    The real kickass things about this sort of "edit raw files on disk and build the wad" workflow are: Source control. You can make a Git repo for the project and hey ho you've got backups and history and a changelog and all that good stuff. If you've got a lot of text lumps (e.g. DECOHack for a DEHACKED-heavy thing), you can point a superpowered text editor like Visual Studio Code or Sublime at the folder. re: #2, SLADE's built-in text editor isn't bad but it doesn't hold a candle to modern "IDE-lite"s like VSCode, and you can still use SLADE for the things it does best (e.g. sprite offsets, format conversions, TEXTUREx editing if you wanna use patches to assemble things, etc.) Still though, #2 is a nice comfy thing but if you're not doing #1 yet, get on it. It will save your ass.
  12. Xaser

    The Doomworld Computer Garage

    Bah, this thread is reminding me that my current build is all nice and up-to-date except for the damned GPU. I've got a 980 Ti that's served me well since 2016-ish, but it's definitely starting to show its age (Deathloop gave me trouble recently; goddamn good game otherwise though). Normally I'd be all "meh, whatever, I'll just play on Low and laugh at the pixels", but the game that forced me to upgrade in 2016 was Dark Souls 3, and Elden Ring is just around the corner. As ironic as it would be for a Fromsoft game to make my PC die, I'd kinda rather play the game. :P
  13. Eh, IMO it's not orphaned as long as there are actively-developed Duke3D ports around. One such port, Raze, is made by the same developers as GZDoom, and they share a music library so it's possible the feature made its way there that way -- though I swear I remember this existing long ago; could be that it was added on a whim a long while back, or maybe my memory is on the fritz again. :P BTW, re: Alien World Order midis, there's a lot of midi composers active in the community that still may be interested in the raw .mid's (presuming you've got the rights to post 'em up). Could use the note data as a starting point and wire 'em up to good ol' Roland GS instruments -- they wouldn't sound the same obviously, but could work as a "doomy remix" for a pack like this if the thought of that isn't too sacrilegious. :P [I'd volunteer but I'm so dang busy with projects nowadays that I'd better not :P ]
  14. If it helps at all, the ZDoom family supports the EMIDI loop events properly (there's more info here), and frankly, since there's been a lot of active feature development in all the important ports lately, it may be a good feature request to toss around. Midi loop points are hella useful, even if they've been a pretty hidden feature in ZDoomville for a while.
  15. Xaser

    Master Levels - The Way id Should Have Done ?

    I mentioned MBF21 more for the mapping feature set (i.e. in the past I would've suggested Boom here) -- DEHACKED stuff is too "out there" for this project concept. That also places UMAPINFO within reach, which would help a ton because the 32-map single-episode format is done to death and being able to split apart presumably a large set of maps into episodes (and possibly have real secret levels :p ) would help a ton. Mainly though,I'm trying to suggest not-vanilla, because vanilla mapping seriously limits the pool and "push vanilla to its limits" has already been done. At that point there's no reason to stick to the old ways, if we're not trying to be full-dtwid period authentic. :P