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  1. Xaser

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Y'all should probably report that as a bug in the Doom Retro thread or somewhere thereabouts, else it'll get lost.
  2. Xaser

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    It'd be much better to copy those lumps from doom2.wad to a new wad, then load that over the top of Eviternity.wad, rather than vandalize Eviternity.wad itself. Not to mention that method would work for other wads and also survive updates in case we do a post-final release or two (which certainly isn't unlikely, seems :P ). That's probably a topic for another thread though.
  3. Some steps on reproducing that first issue (may not be exhausted), 'cause I noticed it last night: - open a map that uses texture resource A. The default textures get set based on this. - open a map that uses texture resource B. Make a new sector -- the defaults are stuff from resource A. The end result was I wound up with some OTEX texture references in a BTSX map, which vanilla don't like. :P
  4. Xaser

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    Please don't make posts like this. It's obvious that the OP is trying to refer to GZDoom+UDMF, and if you'd rather they be explicit about it, please say how to fix the issue instead of dropping a post that doesn't provide enough information to correct the mistake. You're only confusing the heck out of people by doing this sort of thing, which is a shame since you're a super-knowledgeable dude. You know better, dangit. :(
  5. Xaser

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    Regarding KeenDie, that only grants a single on-death action. MAP07 has two, and it's totally out of the spirit of the project to do a rough emulation of MAP07-ish effects with voodoo scripting anyway. I'd suggest bumping the compat-level to Eternity/GZDoom and use MAPINFO to enable the MAP07 specials for every level. That's the path of least resistance (and least-compromise) by far.
  6. Xaser

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    A relevant post from another thread: Well hello there.
  7. Back to Saturn X Episode 3: Instructions to the Rusty Time Machine I Can't Believe It's Not Vaporware! This work-in-progress third installment in the Back to Saturn X series (a vanilla-compatible hyper-megawad, for those not in the know) takes place not on the titular Saturn X, but on the other side of a portal that leads... Somewhere Else. What horrors await? Take a peek beyond the veil... BTSX E3: Coming Soon to a fast-food restaurant greasy diner near you!
  8. Xaser

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    Oops, I accidentally forgot to forget to update my map: https://static.angryscience.net/pub/doom/maps/xa-32in24-17_v2.zip As a note, the tar pit in the central area (1st screenshot) is done via Transfer_Heights, so it's non-bumpy.
  9. Xaser

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    A couple of notes on MAP20, since they stuck out during the playtest session and haven't been mentioned yet: That greenish-grey metallic texture that's used all over made me always think I was in the Green base. That might need some swapping out. There's two green flags and no blue flag. Whoops. :P
  10. Xaser

    Reflections on identification rejection

    Me before reading this thread: "I am a Xaser." Me after reading this thread: "Am I a Xaser?"
  11. Xaser

    Vanilla Doom/Boom-compatible mods?

    Most of my ye-olde stuff is indeed on /idgames, but frankly it's mostly crap and a bunch of them don't even work outside of janky ancient builds of ZDoom, thanks to hacks. If it has my name on it and pre-dates Zen Dynamics, It's probably best to avoid it. :P Aside from a couple of rare outliers (e.g. Sparky's enhanced.wad), gameplay modders back in the day were either using EDGE (e.g. Cory Whittle) or jumped ship to ZDoom before perfecting the craft (Wildweasel, myself, others), so there's probably not much out there. The most notable examples I can think of offhand in recent years are Struggle and Valiant, and those are megawads. The possibility space of DEHACKED isn't quite as limited as it's made out to be, though -- there are some super-cool Prboom-Plus-compatible MBF actions that I didn't even know existed until @antares031 pulled out some magic for Eviternity, so it might just be time for a minor revival. ;)
  12. Heh, cool! That may change the playscape a bit -- I'll have to muck around with that when I get a chance (though hell if I know when that'll be). The open question is how easily distributable demos-with-saves are -- i.e. how easy it is for someone else to open it and view it. Looks like there's some quick docs here, but they don't quite answer the distribution question yet. But that's a topic for a different thread...
  13. On the topic of demos & bugtesting, something we're doing for RC2 of Eviternity is ensuring that all maps are 100% completable (kills, items & secrets), on all skills*. It's not super-formal -- folks just post up a screenshot of the 100%'d intermission screen as proof of sorts when they finish the map -- but all the maps' completion status is tracked on a spreadsheet and maps get re-tested when they're updated, so it's a directed effort. The big difference here versus a public community project, though, is that we all trust each other enough to know that someone's not going to post a fake screenshot or otherwise lie about it. Once the "stranger factor" comes into play, some sort of verification process is necessary, else somebody's gonna game the system. Demos are one way to enforce it, but there are more options available -- videos, streams, demos-with-saves if that somehow exists (does it?). Either way, there are more types of hard(-ish) proof than just demos. There's a lot of intrigue behind the "beat your own map" concept, and I think it deserves a proper go (though it sounds like SlaughterMax has a head start), but there's been a lot of focus on demos, specifically, which is missing the forest for the trees. [*sans Nightmare and ITYTD, for various semi-obvious reasons.]
  14. Xaser

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I really think we gotta mark GLBoom+ as officially unsupported -- it just doesn't draw skies correctly*. If you wanna go GL, use GZDoom. [*From a technical perspective, what's really happening here is that the Doom renderer does a lot of weird stuff, and GZDoom's GL renderer goes out of its way to emulate a bunch of old Doomisms (and even then, skies are only partially correct). GLBoom, somewhat ironically, has much less fancy compatibility shimming so certain stuff doesn't work the way it does in the game proper.]