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  1. Xaser

    A_Detonate and the Suicide Bomber

    Sort of a tangent, but A_Detonate is limited in its usefulness because it reuses the same number for both values, since 128 damage is already a shitton and it's not possible to create a larger explosion without also cranking up the damage to ludicrous values. Fortunately, if you've got access to A_Detonate you've probably also got MBF21's A_RadiusDamage (or some equivalent) available too, which lets you customize each value separately, as God and/or the Devil intended.
  2. Xaser

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    So, reading up on this (and asking some questions in Discord since frankly this thread is super-confusing), there's nothing wrong with the map per se. That soulsphere requires a straferun, but the problem is apparently that the max straferun speed seems to be capped some controllers (e.g. Switch joycons) 'cause of how the input works. If that's the case, a) why hasn't this ever come up before? and b) this causes much more problems than just making a single secret inaccessible (e.g. it makes speedrunning non-viable). This is the first I'm hearing of anything like this. I don't have a controller handy to test this out right now, but this is super-duper-strange.
  3. Xaser

    Botanics Lab

    Just a heads-up, copying textures from other IWADs (or games, even) is so commonplace it's firmly in the "practically speaking, it's fine" camp.
  4. Semi-dev weighing in: I'm not sure how showing a single-episode menu is desirable in any way, and Doom 2 doesn't show anything at all so we'd certainly want some way of specifying "no episodes." If that becomes some sort of explicit thing so that mappers can choose whether they skip the episode screen or show a menu with a single choice, then that's fine I guess, in case someone really wants it. :P re: fabian's suggestion, does UMAPINFO have any mechanism for specifying the start map other than an episode directive? If not, the suggestion makes it impossible to move the start map in Doom 2 to anything other than MAP01 without popping up a single-episode menu, which could be undesirable. This seems like an edge case, but KDIKDIZD hits it again (it starts on MAP13 so the secret exit goes in the right slot in vanilla). [EDIT] thinking on it again, if "episode = clear" implicitly sets the start map to whatever map it's on, then that would totally work. Lets people pick whichever of the two behaviors they want, weird or otherwise. ;P
  5. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Thanks for the test-run -- got a couple of things to fix up, looks like. :P If that's happening, something's definitely borked up somewhere -- if someone hits this, could y'all post your cfg here before nuking it? That'd go a long way towards helping me find the bug (read: I probably won't be able to fix it otherwise). Config resets suck so it'd be good to not force folks to do that.
  6. Stab in the dark since I don't have the DEH open in front of me (yay phone-posting), but DEH tools typically don't output a Next Frame field if it's unchanged from the default, and last time I saw a bug like this (during MBF21 dev) the port in question had the wrong default value for the Next Frame field in a few spots so the intended animation accidentally jumped to some unrelated frame -- dunno if that's the ticket but it's probably worth a look.
  7. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    I's a new option -- I'll make an announcement post with more details when it gets done, which should hopefully clear up some things. Glad y'all are excited about it, but I need just a bit longer to polish it up before it'll be ready for proper public testing.
  8. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Heads-up, that feature isn't finished just yet -- it's getting pretty damn close to done but I'm not yet at a spot to present anything. Still need some more time with it.
  9. Xaser

    re-release Harmony

    The addon wad already works just fine on dsda-doom (I used it as my secondary testing port while doing DEH tinkerings) -- the missing map names in the DEH are an unfortunate oversight but it would be much better to post a patch fix wad instead of distributing a hacked up version of the entire IWAD. That's like editing doom2.wad to fix a sprite. In theory it should work as-is in any limit-removing port, but some ports may need some time to fix up some accidental assumptions (palette indices, IWAD detection stuff for gzdoom). It's barely been 24 hours -- give folks time to update things before assuming it's permanently broken. On that note, I'd been planning on pitching an update to the wad to t.v. to clean up some rough parts that were left alone since the deadline was looming (leftover doom2 sprites, etc.), but I'm sure everyone involved is tired of looking at the wad right now, so it'll take some time.
  10. Relatedly, someone (can't remember who, unfortunately) created a texture out of that album cover a while back -- it even tiles nicely in all directions: Have fun widdit.
  11. Heyy, Xaser! Really love your mad science you've brewed over the years! Especially your circles, sky towers, and oh god... the horror aspects like Syringe. I'd like to mention some of the texture work of Syringe is pretty metal and unnerving.

  12. You'd probably also have trouble getting the SSG and Megasphere to work -- those are hardwired off for Doom 1 in the vanilla exe and I wouldn't be surprised if the Unity port hasn't changed that behavior. The maps in theory are limit-removing, but I dunno if there are any Boomisms floating about -- both EE and ZDoom are more forgiving about things than ye olde doulm. May also need some edits and fixes to work properly.
  13. Xaser

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    Circles, towers, and skyfloors. 'Nuff said. I also remember someone saying my layouts tend to "look like crop circles" from above, and yep, that's a thing:
  14. Y'all keep that stuff out of this thread, please. You're already making me re-think my stance on thread locking.
  15. The thread hasn't been locked because I requested it not be locked -- the occasional bump is annoying, but it's worse being locked out of the ability to update the thread, since not everybody on the dev team has mod powers. On that note, the flood of annoyed replies to the bump are always way worse than the bump itself, because we still get notifications for those and they just keep rolling in. If y'all are annoyed at the lack of useful content in the bump, the best thing you can do is resist the urge to contribute to the problem.