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  1. *points at custom title* *entire studio audience is unsurprised, and groans a bit*
  2. Xaser

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    A disclaimer of sorts: I can't technically officially speak for everyone (and if I'm wrong about any of y'all, please chime in), but those of us who write .mid music for Doom wads (Jimmy, stewboy, Eris Falling, Esselfortium, and myself, to name a few) specifically target SC-55 voices (the janky-but-lovable default Windows one being the de facto standard, for better or worse). If you prefer to use another soundfont like WeedsGM or whatnot, feel free to give it a shot, but keep in mind that this is the musical equivalent of loading a gameplay mod on top of a map that wasn't designed for it. Maybe it'll work, and maybe it won't -- swim at your own risk. Since this thread is about recommendations, then +1 to Scc1t2.sf2 or some other SC-55-ish thing. The soundfont included in GZDoom tends to work just fine in my experience... if you disable reverb and chorus, else it's a mushy trainwreck. I forget if those are switched on by default in new versions, but they certainly used to be, so chances are you'll need to go into the menus and explicitly turn them off for the music to not get botched up. If you like OPL, also check out CSG's DMXOPL -- it's super-good and is currently the only non-SC-55-derived "soundfont" that's passed my personal sniff-test, for whatever that's worth. :P
  3. One thing to keep in mind is that if we're gonna stick to a .com domain (which isn't a bad idea), the available options narrow down a lot. Did a quick search-around on Namecheap of some of the more notable suggestions, and a few work out: ...but a few others have very "interesting" prices. Post-disclaimer: I'm not particularly advocating any name over another (though I certainly don't hate Tei Tenga or Visplane Overflow), just so long as we don't pull a Zandronum and settle on a god-awful hybrid-name word salad.
  4. Xaser

    Level design tropes you use

    Towers and circles. Also, I do this support3-litered1-support3 pattern so dang much that I've added it to my personal texture resource wad as "LITEXASR":
  5. Xaser

    Doom 64: Community Chest

    Doom 64: Amalgamation
  6. Xaser

    Thoughts on the /idgames archive?

    I'm not really sure if this is something that can be helped, but /idgames's biggest flaw is that it isn't usable as a hosting point for work-in-progress mods. Folks have to seek other solutions for hosting alphas, betas, etc., and a lot of projects never quite reach a "completely done" state. BTSX E2 still isn't on the archives yet, for instance, despite getting Cacowarded in 2014, which is a really goofy situation TBH. Again, I'm not really sure what can be done about it, but there you go.
  7. Xaser

    Whats up with the Doom 64 engine?

    Starting a Doom64 community project and not using EX for it would be a damn shame, especially if the reasoning is because of alleged bugs with vague descriptions that haven't been reported to the author.
  8. Xaser

    Whats up with the Doom 64 engine?

    Doom64 EX has a GitHub repo here, with commits as recent as last month. There's also a DB64 repo as well, which hasn't gotten much attention, but dropping an issue on the board is a good place to start.
  9. This is probably a truism, but for almost every item listed here, there's some mapper somewhere that's spun that shit into gold.
  10. Xaser

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Depends on what's meant by "unpopular." if I'm allowed to interpret it as "not popular", i.e. something not many folks have played, then allow me to point at my custom title. :P
  11. Xaser

    A shorter and better Doom II

    Broke: Cutting out Doom 2's maps to make a shorter game. Woke: Rearranging Doom 2's maps into episodes. Episode 1: "The Infested Starport" E1M1: Entryway E1M2: Underhalls E1M3: The Gantlet E1M4: The Focus E1M5: The Waste Tunnels E1M6: The Crusher (exit to secret level) E1M7: Dead Simple E1M8: Refueling Base E1M9: Circle of Death E1M0: Tricks and Traps (secret level) Episode 2: "Last Man on Earth" E2M1: The Pit E2M2: The Factory E2M3: Downtown E2M4: Tenements E2M5: Industrial Zone (exit to secret level) E2M6: Suburbs E2M7: The Abandoned Mines E2M8: The Citadel E2M9: Gotcha! E2M0: The Courtyard (secret level) Episode 3: "Corruption" E3M1: Nirvana E3M2: The Catacombs E3M3: The Inmost Dens E3M4: The Chasm (exit to secret level) E3M5: Bloodfalls E3M6: Monster Condo E3M7: The Spirit World E3M8: The Living End E3M9: Icon of Sin E3M0: Barrels o' Fun (secret level) There you go. All maps accounted for*, with some slight rearrangement to fit the episodic structure & theme better (e.g. the Mines/Dens swap and bumping Tenemants between Downtown and Industrial Zone so you don't get the two huge city sandboxes back-to-back). I couldn't really think of a great opener for the second episode, so I settled on moving The Pit forward to precede The Factory. Still un-ideal, but it's a thing. Secret levels were chosen by picking the oddest of the oddballs, secret exits on E1/E3 are arbitrary, and the episode names are just stuff I made up after perusing the Doom 2 story texts. We'll also need a couple of music swaps to prevent the same music from playing twice in an episode. Here's an arbitrary suggestion: Circle of Death: D_TENSE The Abandoned Mines: D_DDTBLU The Inmost Dens: D_MESSAG I suppose in this alternate universe, The Pit and Circle of Death would see the most changes from their real-world counterparts, since they'd need to be adjusted a bit to fit as an episode starter/ender, and the temptation to add new boss encounters is there. Sacrilege, I know, but what isn't? :P [*OK, I left the Wolfenstein maps off since they're kinda dumb, but pretend you can unlock them by finding all 3 secret maps or something.] [EDIT] 'Cause I know at least one person's going to ask "Why is Dead Simple not the E1 ender?", it's because that's the big reveal of Arachs and Mancs and it'd suck if their presence was spoiled in earlier maps. But if we're willing to imagine Refueling Base and Circle of Death don't have any, we could totally place Dead Simple at the end and call it a boss map. Problem solved, eh?
  12. Got my fingers crossed that on release day, my answer will change from "Blood" to "Ion Maiden". The demo's gotten my hopes up.
  13. Xaser

    Name a country that probably doesn't have toilets

    Pffft. People in this thread talking about Minnesota like it's a real place. Minnesota doesn't exist.
  14. Xaser

    Point of No Return / "Back Tracking" - Public Opinion

    The question I always ask myself on this topic is, "Why not add a shortcut back? Is there a good reason?" Highly subjective, but there you go. @OP: Having said that, the canyon setup sounds interesting. I'd say that's a good reason. :)
  15. Xaser

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    A good stepping stone for avoiding room-hallway-room syndrome is to skip the hallway. Connect rooms to rooms, then experiment with changing up the room shapes, having them wrap around each other, knocking down walls, varying floor heights, and whatnot. This isn't a hard-and-fast solve-everything technique or anything, just a thing to give a shot.