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  1. Hi, the password to my doomshit account is "buttpimples". I will log out now.
  2. I thought of that actually, but remembered that the masses are idiots and the worse a map is, the more they like it (see all cacoward winners as proof). So, since my maps are horrible, removing them will make the wad better and thus the masses will like it less. (I'm pretty sure that's correct; I'm confused)
  3. Yo dawgs. The humorless mods (maybe grazza) banned me from the everything else forum. So I would like to remove my maps from this project in protest, since this thread is on their forum too, until I am allowed to post in everything else again. Does grazza even play doom? Did anyone ever even promote him to mod, or did he just exist forever like emperor palpatine, collecting so much ad revenue off of everyone else's content that he can prune his subjectively least favorite? Plus drama is entertaining!
  4. gggmork

    Gameplay focused PWADs

    This map has the best gameplay ever: http://www.filedropper.com/lcp2-final-withfaildemo You can tell it is the highest quality because it did not receive a cacoward. No mortal has successfully beaten it yet, good luck.
  5. gggmork

    Oh hay look [The Interview on youtube]

    I still want to know wtf was up with that guy that made the "Kony 2012" video.. then the "alternative media" made a coordinated info attack against it saying it was propaganda trying to manufacture an excuse to invade africa.. and then the video maker was caught masturbating in public... Isn't that a bit over the top and suspicious, like the scene from Die Hard with a Vengeance where the villain makes John McClane wear this sign in harlem: http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/0/5993/848141-john_mcclane_hates_niggers.jpg Did Simon Peter Gruber tell this guy to masturbate in public too? I think what might be happening is the "alternative media" is really the "mainstream media", just in a new tactically spread out/decentralized structure to compete with the ubiquity of every joe blow having a video camera. They'll monopolize the alternative media first, by "debunking" stories that were manufactured just so they can debunk them to appear credible. Maybe even stuff like SOPA and CISPA, maybe even the patriot act etc were all made just for the alternative media to bash. Then when they snowball viewship and have lock in from first mover advantage, they can continue doing what the main stream media did only under the guise as "alternative media".
  6. gggmork

    Is Christmas christian?

    Christmas is the day we sacrifice trees to the corporate god, Santa, an intentional anagram of Satan, who teaches kids about socialism and welfare by giving them free goodies, and teams up with compulsory education to indoctrinate children with belief in and obedience to an all knowing demagogue who knows when you're sleeping or awake like the NSA. Its the day you vote with your dollars for slavery by paying a corporation for knick knacks made by slave children to give to your children, then a week later we dump all the junk nobody wanted anyway back in landfills on their continent. Christmas is proof that culture needs a douche. For example, Jeffrey Tucker says we are ruled by dead people. Almost all the laws and all the idiot 'decorate a dead tree with lights' hair brained ideas were made by people who are now dead, and we are all here stuck in an eternal unkillable pattern of their stupidity. I'd like to see how big the biomass of all the killed trees is from space. Who cares if they produce oxygen or were housing nests for birds, its more important that they look pretty, ie stupid, when dead for a couple weeks.
  7. gggmork

    Slaughterfest 2012 demos [-complevel 9]

    Is the 'real' sf2012.wad 51620kb? J5rios demo desunk my battleship. EDIT: thanks, degree, that worked
  8. gggmork

    My wad

    Might as well share my tyson attempt on 2 since you seem to be updating maps still so it will probably desync eventually: http://www.filedropper.com/asimpact-2-tyson-goodenoughfail-cl9-ggg (got all secrets but I didn't enter one completely so didn't trigger and missed 1 monster).
  9. gggmork

    My wad

    Downloading "ass impact" .wad now (you might want to zip it since it is a large file. I almost never zip my wads but they're usually small files.) I'll probably troll you with my FailDAs later unfortunately for you. Looking forward to it since your other maps were fun/slaughtery. edit: nevermind, my fdas are simply too bad like always, I must have died 30 times on map 2. I suck ass at this game.
  10. gggmork

    crumpets.wad [on /idgames]

    I got stuck in that closet DOW mentioned (DOW Jones) on my FDA, after like 7 deathscuzisuckatfda. If I had an eggnog company, I'd call it "Nog of the Egg" in fancy cursive font. I think eggs are the only thing that have ever been made into this so called "nog". I like the "shadow" on the stairs.. sure its just more tiley in the shadow, why not, heh heh, but it actually looks good as a shadow... everything else on the screen is an illusion of pixels so why not fake a shadow.
  11. gggmork

    Doomtris (doom tetris)

    Oh yeah, I forgot about both of those, especially the +BOSS flag. Before I was thinking put the player in the middle of the board, just floating way up high above the camera, to hear all monsters better, but then the middle monsters would be loudest. Anyway it would be too annoying to program sound stuff without being able to test if it works w/o a sound card. I guess it would be cool, when moving a piece left right, if you could hold left.. first it would just move 1 space but after 1/4 of a second or whatever it would quickly continuously move left until you lifted the key back up (but I'm probably done with it). One other thing I changed in that version which I forgot to mention is now when you hold down to drop a piece, the next piece won't start dropping if you still continue to hold down, until you key up/back down again.
  12. gggmork

    Doomtris (doom tetris)

    I fiddled with this more (link in original post): *pieces have floor texture highlights so are easier to see *I assume you can hear the sounds of monsters exploding since I moved doomguy closer (I don't have a stupid sound card to tell) *fixed rotations (so T piece stays centered when rotating etc) *you can die if pieces go to top now *levels increase and it goes faster (never goes faster than drop speed) -- The code is an embarrassing leaning tower of pisa, threatening to topple with bugs after any changes are attempted. Oh yeah, if you change one line: r=random(0,6); (on line 184? I forget) into: r=random(0,7); Then you get occasional 4x4 pieces of random blocks (which isn't fun cuz its too hard). Plus normal tetris shapes include all possible arrangements of 4 blocks, and that random piece breaks that mold.
  13. gggmork

    Why are old Ford trucks so shitty?

    Sounds like all the parts have the same planned obsolescence
  14. Um.. yeah, but I wasn't finished, so now you think "comma". That kinda sounds like "cum" which comes out of an erect penis, so choose the symbol that looks like that "/" (even though "\" could be erect if he is facing left instead of right..) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lflRbv3HA0E
  15. gggmork

    Why are old Ford trucks so shitty?

    Think of all the freeways, all the parking lots packed with cars, multiple cars per each home. Each of these is a node in a giant illegitimate force backed theft network. The government sells you registration stickers made in china at a 2000% markup. You don't have the human right of travel without their permission. Try not paying and they'll triple the fee, making the total larger after a couple years than if you paid the whole time. Car insurance is forced, why isn't meteor insurance force or getting punched in the face insurance? Because its all fascist. How about I'm a farmer that sells milk and everyone is just fucking forced to buy it, I could charge way way way more than its worth just like they do. Geico has these shit commercials with this whore that seriously takes the propaganda angle of having all these physical packages, like boxes on shelves representing the insurance. You aren't actually buying anything other than funding the killing of trees as they staple packages of paper together and send them to you every month. You pay for the death of trees whether you want to or not. You have to buy smog checks, also with an enormous non free market markup since you have to buy it. And you have to get one again and again at a rate 10x faster than needed. You have the street sweeper parking ticket scam nobody voluntarily pays for since government "owns" the streets they neither built nor paid for. You have DM shit V where petty tyrant rent a cops glare at you in line for 3 hours. This is probably why some people choose to drive killdozers instead of cars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZbG9i1oGPA And then the war on "curb stoners", people trying to sell their car like they would sell any other damn thing as they should be able to, trying to bypass the stupid beaurocracy, not to mention the fraud that they only let you sell like 6 cars a year without a "permit", by title jumping (flipping the car without signing the shit eating title). The original car buyer paid 10% sales tax on it, already illegitimate theft. The SECOND buyer of the used car has to pay tax AGAIN. So does the 3rd/4th/5th/etc owner. You take 10% every time, eventually the government owns MORE than the worth of the entire car just through that fraud, not to mention all the others.