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  1. cybermind

    Boom computer

    Sorry for bump, but does anybody have boombomputerfiles.zip and other files posted in this topic? The links are dead now.
  2. cybermind

    A new trick discovery: zero press!

    Is it possible to activate this switch on Doom2 Map11?
  3. cybermind

    Map Balancer - new version with Dynamic Mode

    I don't know how to calculate this just by means of data available in Doom Builder, because there are so much factors that affect total damage possible (moster infighting, barrels, hit ratio and other stuff). WadWhat is very inaccurate when it's calculating total weapon damage. Still, it's easy to do that in Dynamic Mode - you could even calculate this now by testing your map with my build of PrBoom+ with -dumpthings option enabled and then analyzing the info from the last tic of the dump (how much stuff is left on map)
  4. cybermind

    Map Balancer - new version with Dynamic Mode

    Yes, it's possible to calculate the damage that monsters have done to other monsters. I will implement that in next version, where it will be possible to draw charts showing different aspects of dump. And of course this is just a tool, and the tools should be used wisely (the mappers make the maps, not the tools).
  5. cybermind

    Map Balancer - new version with Dynamic Mode

    Don't know, I have tested it only with GZDB. No, I'm planning to implement some balancing features, that will be dependent on classic Doom thing stats. Still, if someone wants to make just a thing lister plugin, he is free to do that (sources are available) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- New version, new features: Dynamic mode (experimental) This mode allows you to observe thing stats in dynamics, via dump file analysis. How to use it: You will need my PrBoom+ build (check out all its other features too!) First, you need to generate a dump file. You could play an the map you want to test out, or you can use a demo file for that. The only extra thing you should do is to add -dumpthings X option to command line (where X is the number of tics that will determine how much often the game will dump things in file). For example, "glboom-plus.exe -playdemo demo.lmp -dumpthings 70" When you're done, you should find a "dumpthings(number).dmp" file in your PrBoom+ directory. Load it in my plugin and you will have access to dynamic mode. This mode allows to to observe the player's path on map, showing its stats at any moment (hover your mouse over the line to get additional information). The path may be shown with color representing health, armor or ammo and it could be animated. You could observe info stats for any moment of dump, or even watch them while animating the path (the most useful part of it is rewinding dump file to the end and watching how much extra stuff is left on map) As example, here are player paths for @Veinen and @Memfis showing their performance on FDC #17 (color represents current health) Veinen Memfis Total monster HP added. You could view stats for selected things only. Much faster info tabs updating. Links are in 1st post.
  6. Thanks for comments, but still no one have recorded a voice demo to test out that feature (to check if the audio syncs properly). Someone, please record a FDA for something with voice recording. This is not needed. complevel 2 longtics demos have demover 111 (recorded in demo header), and they haven't introduced a new complevel for that. If you will try to watch complevel 9 longtics demo in current official version of prboom+, it will just bomb out with "Unknown demo format 215" This feature is intended for single player only, prboom+ is rarely used for network play and I haven't bothered with that.
  7. Sorry, forgot to include the utility I made to cut off AUDIOREC lump from demo footer https://github.com/Mistranger/cutaudiorec/releases/download/1.0/cutaudiorec.exe Just drag-and-drop the demo file on program and it will generate a new demo with "-novoice" suffix. Sources: https://github.com/Mistranger/cutaudiorec
  8. I have made my prboom-plus build with some new features: In-demo audio recording. Yes, you can now actually record your voice commentaries while recording demos and they will be packed inside demo footer. When you start the demo with voice commentary, it will start playing automatically. (!) Be sure that you are using my version for voice recording and playing, check your program associations first if you double-click on demo file with voice recording (so you won't have situation when you're playing demo via old version of prboom+ and there is no audio coming out) The demos are fully compatible with all other versions of prboom+ (not sure about vanilla, but I think it will run out of memory). To record voice commentary, add -voicerecord command after -record demoname.lmp (so it'll look something like prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -record demo.lmp -voicerecord) Voice recording and playing doesn't work with SDL midi player. If you are building prboom+ by yourself, you need to use SDL >= 2.0.5 During recording the demo speed-up and speed-down buttons are disabled to retain sync between demo and audio. Still, you can rewind the voice demos with speed-up/level skip. You could adjust the voice volume in sound menu (there is a separate track bar for voice) Multi-level demos are possible too. Here is the example of Memfis playing Doom 2 map14 with voice commentary. If you want to cut off voice commentary from demo: Boom -complevel 9 longtics support (demover = 215) Just what it says - smooth turns in Boom compatible demos. Unfortunately, demos in this format aren't backwards-compatible with older versions of prboom+. Alternative level stats counting (could be toggled via General menu, "Alternative kills counter"). When enabled, resurrected and summoned monsters (except Lost Souls) are counted in stats, so you can't exceed 100% kills (like in ZDoom) -levelstat2 command line option, generates levelstat2.txt file, including the same info as regular -levelstat option, but with total time and deaths count (useful for FDAs). -dumpthings X option, dumps information about all things and players every X tics, also includes kills, spawns and damage info. This dump file in future could be processed by my Map Balancer Doom Builder plugin. Download here Sources: https://github.com/Mistranger/prboom-plus There is still some problems with sync (I have disabled the wipe effect during voice recording and playing), so I'm open to all commentaries about my build. It would be nice if you will record some FDAs with voice commentary (check if it works first) I hope entryway will include all these features into master branch of prboom+.
  9. cybermind

    SLADE - now with scripting

    Could it replace WadC when it comes to map generation from script?
  10. cybermind

    intercepts overflow

    Have you ever tried to run it in vanilla?
  11. Thanks everybody for participating! @RjY and @Veinen, you are right, I were really under impression of his works, especially freak4.wad map08, Generator of Evil, Belial's Bad Brain and XXXI Cybersky. ----------------------------------------------------- A-and, here are the results: First-try Demo Contest #17 02 September 2017, 14:00 UTC fdcm19.wad by cybermind tester - Demon of the Well iwad - plutonia.wad map 01, skill 4, complevel 4 $ Player Total Deaths Last Kil-Sec Filename Upload Penalty ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Veinen 31:22 0 31:22 89-16 FDC17_Veinen.lmp +3 0 2 Bloodite Krypto 39:31 0 39:31 96-0 fdcm19_blooditekrypto.lmp +1 0 3 Plut 39:43 0 39:43 92-0 PlutFDC19.lmp +4 0 4 Demonologist 42:34 0 42:34 98-0 fdc19demonologist.lmp +0 0 5 JCD 49:56 0 49:56 95-0 fdcm19-4956-JCD.lmp +4 0 6 tatsurd-cacocaco 51:17 0 51:17 95-16 tatsurd-cacocaco.lmp +0 0 7 Newb/Beginner 60:34 0 60:34 95-16 fdc19_RDCNewb_DWBeginner.lmp +4 0 8 Memfis 65:29 1 51:10 94-33 MEMFIS.lmp +0 0 9 GrumpyCat 113:12 16 68:57 98-16 GrumpyCat.lmp +2 0 BND 38:15 8 DNF BND.lmp +1 - ShamanZT 4:00 3 DNF ShamanZT.lmp +30 - StormCatcher77 52:58 3 DNF StormCatcher77.lmp +3 - Doomstalker 42:26 16 DNF Doomstalker.lmp +18 - manqbus 46:12 6 DNF manqbus.lmp +1 - Ron_Dalas 21:27 6 DNF Ron_Dalas.lmp +147 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Details: http://i.iddqd.ru/viewtopic.php?t=1358 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/95745-first-try-demo-contest-17-september-2-1400-utc/ Congratulations to Veinen, Bloodite Krypto and Plut, you are really tough FDA players! Demos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jb0npgx1cts8lzg/fdc19demos.zip?dl=0 I hope we will have a new FDC soon from somebody.
  12. Password: LzxrF6vRQe2pLct Be tough and good luck! Remember, you could upload unfinished demos. Upload your demos to http://fdc.iddqd.ru or via PM
  13. Passworded ZIP file containing WAD file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8uttx62y8l86n3b/fdcm19.zip?dl=0 Bat files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jymaek1k7havyi/bats.zip?dl=0 Replace NICKNAME in bat files to your nick before start. longtics-bat are for those who prefer playing with longtics. Password will be revealed at 14:00 UTC (prepare your archiver for unpacking, 7-Zip and WinRAR are recommended) Don't forget to turn off Intercepts Overflow emulation (Options-General-5 pages right) Upload your demos to http://fdc.iddqd.ru (Adobe Flash Player required) or via PM Remember, you have only 4 minutes extra for uploading (so prepare a browser tab before contest starts)
  14. Reminder: 24 hours before contest starts!
  15. Sorry, guys, but upload server isn't mine. Ok, if you don't have the Flash Player, you should send the demos to me via PM (don't post them in public!)