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  1. All the old asses, was what you wanted to say.
  2. Why don't you just follow the suggestions made by others in your doorswitch thread? Go learn the basic stuff from the links in that thread.
  3. I know, what photorealism means. Both of your pics are NOT photorealistic. They are examples for UEs capability for archviz, not for photorealism. Even with big renderers like VRay you need lots of work and a big machine for photorealism in single images. Photorealism in real time is sci-fi at the moment.
  4. Yea, your definition of photorealism ist that of the typical marketing bullshit, which calls graphics photorealistic for every new game since twenty years.
  5. Doesn't even comes close to photorealism.
  6. Uh, Unity and Unreal can handle photorealism? When will we see the first titles with photorealistic graphic? In ten years or more?
  8. Nope, the anthology didn't have a Doom 2 CD. All Doom games are on one CD, and on the MAC CD, which contains all Mac releases.
  9. For the same reason a sculptor will not use a brush and paint, even if that would make his sculptures more realistic. For the same reason Ansel Adams mostly does B/W photographs. People have a vision, and use exactly the tools and materials needed to made this vision real. No more or less.
  10. Oh, i always try to do various techniques to avoid these boring starting areas. If you look at the screenshot, you find the starting area of what will be MAP01. The first enemies are lurking behind the corners at the end of that hallway, behind sound blocking walls. Good old Eternal Doom. :-) This is exactly how i mostly do my starting area, hate it, and often delete it. ;-)
  11. I never actually released something i built in the 20+ years i've played around with various editors for some reasons, which are the things i don't like about mapping. First thing is, i don't like creating the starting area. This is mostly frustrating to me. I don't like maps where the player will be attacked the moment he enters the map, i try always to avoid this. But mostly this ending in building a small chamber with a door, which seems cheap to me. I have to find a way out of this dilemma. Next thing is, finding an end. My mapping process is very organic. I do not plan my maps. I just have a raw idea of some shapes, which textures i will use and which light levels. Every room i create is telling me, how i will proceed. But often i have problems to find an end. With all the detailing and refinments, i do have new ideas for a next room, a secret, which make it hard for me to make a cut. But the most frustrating part is, like for so many others here, thing placement. Monsters are fast placed. I often have some ideas of where i will place certain monsters while creating the architecture. With some playtesting i can adjust the monster count. I guess, i even can refine that further with some feedback from others. But placing weapons, ammo, health, power ups kills me. I plan to do a little mappack which i will release. At the moment creating all the architecture is done for five maps, created in four weeks in my spare time, which i think are decent looking. Now i have started with monster an thing placement for the first two maps. Getting the monsters in place is a rather good flowing process. But all that other stuff is a pain. The monster count and variation is just one part of how hard a map is, getting the right amount and moment to place all the other stuff is far more important to this, i think.
  12. Then it is not the "bfg" doom2.wad. This is MAP33 in the "bfg" doom2.wad.
  13. Doom 2 on the GBA uses Torus Games Southpaw engine, which was used for GBA Duke 3D and Ice Nine too.
  14. Back then, before various porst supported NRFTL i made a copy of the WAD, and created a MAPINFO lump.
  15. I made a short video of the first demo years ago. While the game itself runs smoothly, the capture was sloppy as hell. I used MyMobiler, a free software for screengrabbing of mobile devices, i even tried a commercial solution, i stumbled upon in my job, the result was unfortunately the same. For the Tapwave Zodiac i never found any equivalent software, unfortunately.