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  1. cybdmn

    The DOOM 64 (rerelease) thread

  2. There is no perfect choice. The world is much more complex than your comment may suggest.
  3. Because of compatibility issues with other open source licenses. Not every programmer is happy with GPL, especially GPL3. It's far less permissive than other ones.
  4. I would be more excited if it was a new physical rerelease of the classic Doom games.
  5. But Carmack is a developer for Facebook now, and they will screw any of his ideas. Returning to id would be beneficial for him too, i guess.
  6. From my experience it is true. I have worked with people from megacorps aswell, like HP and Microsoft. The only negative thing i found was that they tend to be rather slow in their decisions. Mostly not very flexible, just like one could expect from such behemoths. Especially Microsoft treads their partners rather fair, let them do their business with a good amount of share, from my experiences.
  7. And even *if* Microsoft stops every Playstation development for Zenimax IPs, who cares? That's exactly what Sony does for years, buying developers, that then exclusively develop for their platform. I have news for you, Sony with all their propietary bullshit like Memory Cards, and rootkits on music CDs was Satan himself even when Microsoft was nothing more than a dream of the juvenile Bill Gates. all the whining about Microsoft doing what Sony does since ages is just pathetic. Just buy a Xbox Series X, from a technical standpoint it is the superior machine anyways.
  8. At least it would be nice, if they return to what Carmack have done with older id games, a proper source release.
  9. You can buy Minecraft for the Playstation, which is an Microsoft IP since six years.
  10. This have nothing to do with any market share. This is the new strategic direction of Microsoft since some time now. They do not care for the operating system, their new business model is based on Azure, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS.
  11. Where there any real alternative to wintel in gaming at any certain point in time after the mid 90ies?
  12. Back in 2014 when Microsoft bought Mojang the whole world have speculated what may happen to Minecraft. Now, six years later it is still strong, and available on all major platforms. I guess we have to wait and see what will happen to id Software and their franchises.
  13. cybdmn

    Top 5 Favorite Films

    Excellent choice!
  14. cybdmn

    The First Song Of Each Metal Genre

    Epicus was released in 86, Troubles debut "Psalm 9" in 84, as well as Saint Vitus debut. Even Pentagrams debut was released in 85.
  15. cybdmn

    The First Song Of Each Metal Genre

    Kill 'em all 83, Bonded by blood 85. And don't forget Dark Angels debut "We have arrived" in released in 85 too.