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  1. cybdmn

    When to use FTP....in 2022?

    Which alternative protocol doesn't need ports opened on the firewall, etc.?
  2. cybdmn

    When to use FTP....in 2022?

    Not only this, you can do that even in a script using a command line application like ftp.exe in Windows.
  3. cybdmn

    Should Doom 64 Have its own category?

    I think beside Kaiser there is nobody active on DW who was involved in the Absolution TC. You can try to ask Elbryan, who hosted the forums for the development, he isn't active here anymore, i think. But he have an Youtube-channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/elbryan42 But he haven't uploaded anything in years.
  4. cybdmn

    Was there a Quake 1 killer?

    Perhaps Dukes influence wasn't as big as Dooms, but one thing was started by DN3D, the comments. Back then it was copied by the other Build games like Shadow Warrior and Blood, but even today there are games where the figure you play give some random comments. This gave the heros in first person shooters a bit of personality, which even Half-Life didn't achieve, while it excelled in so many other fields.
  5. cybdmn

    Was there a Quake 1 killer?

    You should hope that the Unreal Tournament fans don't read that comment.
  6. cybdmn

    Was there a Quake 1 killer?

    Unreal was announced as the "Quake Killer" when the first screenshots was released, i remember 3D Realms talked about Prey in the same manner. For the younger guys here at DW, Prey was 3D Realms first "DNF", and Unreal was impressive graphics wise, but arrived in stores in times when it could be more of a "Quake II Killer". But that was all about the graphics, at the time when Quake hit the shelves, no game could compete in this field. At least DN3D gave quake a good fight, it was huge back then. I loved both, DN3D for all the crazy stuff and Quake for the dark and gritty atmosphere.
  7. cybdmn

    How to get Doom 1 RPG / Doom Resurrection / Doom 2 RPG running? [merged]

    To make things even worse, i think you need an older one with 32bit support.
  8. Behind many of those releases where a russian bootleg label called Fargus Mutlimedia. They often took mods from various modders and sold them on CDs. I own maybe a dozen of those RtCW stuff. They aren't exactly standalone mods, they contain complete copies of the game and the mod.
  9. cybdmn

    We need to talk about "realism" in sci-fi

    It is fiction first, and science second. The science in SciFi is just as the mythology etc. in fantasy, it is just a vehicle to transport a story. Best scifi always cared about a good solid story and great characters first, and the science stuff second. The realism, or better call it believability could improve the story, and depending on what you're gonna tell your audience may be even essential.
  10. cybdmn

    Daikatana is so underrated!

    Before 1.3 you had to park the bots anywhere, clean the map, and get them to the exit. This was the strategy which provided the most fun. With real sidekicks it was a lot more enjoyable.
  11. cybdmn

    Daikatana is so underrated!

    Yes. I played it with two other guys nearly 20 years ago, and we had a pretty good time blasting through it. Like in soloplay especially episode 2 and 3 are great.
  12. cybdmn

    DOOM2 v1.666 grey floppy disks

    They might come from this release: https://ogdb.eu/index.php?section=game&gameid=27158
  13. Mine arrived an hour ago, but i didn't had the time to open the package yet.
  14. I didn't just wanted to buy, i bought instantly.
  15. cybdmn

    How there were wads in the 90s

    Never ever would Tipper Gore allow Al to invent the internet, which was obviously was invented to spread porn. No way!