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  1. cybdmn

    William Shatner's Tek War

    The tv series was cheap crap just like the game was. Do yourself a favor, and forget it existed. But yes, it was one of the early build engine games, it was released in 1995.
  2. cybdmn

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Squibbons and TheCastle. I would love to see more maps like NRFL.
  3. cybdmn

    Some Alpha Versions of Doom

    That's very old news.
  4. cybdmn

    How many games can be considered IDTech?

    Even earlier, because Carmack wasn't happy about handle all the engine support for license buyers, as far as i remember. Even this picture isn't complete in any way. It misses at least two commercial id Tech 3 games, Iron Grip: Warlord and Dark Salvation.
  5. Yes, this means even more that the hardware was anything but not so powerful. At least in theory, because programming for hardware like this was even more unknown lands for most game developers than programming multi-processor architectures efficiently. At least all these crazy new stuff, which gave developers a lot of room for experimenting were part of what made the 90ies what it was. I mean, really there were so much different game consoles and computer systems, all with their own architecture and little to no standard API.
  6. Unfortunately you seem to know nothing about any hardware from that era. The N64 had the most powerful CPU and the most capable 3D hardware of any game console at that era. The bottleneck of that system was the lack of sufficient memory, be it system RAM, video RAM or texture cache. The N64 had an 64-bit R4000 series MIPS RISC CPU, while the playstation had an 32-bit R3000 series MIPS RISC CPU. The Saturn had two 32-bit Hitachi SH-2 RISC CPUs, which had their own problems, game developers of that time had little to no experience with multiprocessor setups. Every game back then where "CPU bound games", because that "powerful 3D hardware", that can calculate all that fancy geometry stuff of todays GPUs was just future dreams. That started for consumer graphics cards in late 1999/2000 with the release of Nvidias GeForce256, which brought hardware transform & Lighting.
  7. Today media is flooded with prequels, added lore, trying more or less to make it canon. For me that destroys a lot of the magic. For example, what made Alien such a good movie was the lack of it's presence, telling a back story, pulling the xenomorph into the light make it less appealing to me.
  8. cybdmn

    Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition

    I bought it on GOG, and could download it on Mac OSX, after a warning message that my OS isn't supported. But don't even think about it, i won't even run on Wine. At least not without some heavy wizardry, because ROTT needs DirectX 11.
  9. cybdmn

    Normality (1996) looks surprizingly good

    Sadly i never finished RotH, but i will some day. Great game.
  10. cybdmn

    Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition

    Have fun!
  11. cybdmn

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Doesn't matter. All these platforms are just virtual arenas where idiots from all sides piss on each other. It has nothing to do with the life of most people in the world.
  12. python "%anaconda_path%\Scripts\pianoplayer" %* This command need the path to your python set as an environment variable. Or, you can simply add the path to the bat file.
  13. cybdmn

    What country are you from?

    Stop swearing! :-P I'm from germany, but used to work quite some time in Switzerland.
  14. Part of it, but not the essence. Many of the recent retro fps games pick up parts of what made the games back then, and turn them to eleven. Just take a look at Ion Furys secrets. While secrets are part of many classic games, in IF secret hunting is ridiculous. And this counts for nearly every aspect, be it speed, gore, whatever you could find in the games back then, there is a modern games that replicate that aspect tenfold. What i want to say ist, that despite the overall quality of many of these games, there is a general misunderstanding of what made games like Doom, Duke3d or Quake so popular.
  15. I am not even sure if today many people get the point of that article or what made fps in the 90s what they where.. You got a lot of shooters, which seems to be slaughter maps, played on brutal doom with ROTTs EKG cheat applied, called "boomer shooters".