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  1. cybdmn

    Quake Remastered

    MoD was released shortly after Quakes release in 1996.
  2. cybdmn

    Quake Remastered

    Possible, but imo not worth it. Reznors soundtrack fits much more.
  3. cybdmn

    Quake Remastered

    Great, so i don't have to buy it again.
  4. cybdmn

    Wiki article for Judgment Day

    Remember reading about that episode in The Masters of Doom. Great stuff.
  5. AFAIR, the XBLA port uses propietary Xbox360 libraries for the menu, which was included in XDK.
  6. cybdmn

    Doom Absolution / Doom 64 2 research

    Yes, these kind of technology was considered a good choice as mass memory. There was a planned Zipdrive for the Dreamcast at some point.
  7. cybdmn

    Doom Absolution / Doom 64 2 research

    To be fair, for most gamers Doom were dead by 97. Doom 64 get a lot of critic for using "old tech", as a lot games by then like Shadow Warrior for example. What saved Doom64s sales a bit was the fact, that it was released early in the N64 history, a later release of a part 2 might have crashed, considering all the fancy "real 3D" games released by then. Doom64 was in fact a hidden gem, a undervalued part of the series, and it is kind of even today. The turning point for Doom in general was the source release. With that gamers got modernized ports for DOS, actually usable ports for Windows and for other systems too. And i don't talk about ports to toasters. From there on Doom got a second life, which evolved in Ports for recent consoles, on which it is played by gamers, who wheren't in part even born when Doom was released.
  8. cybdmn

    Whats with the randy being "greasy" thing?

    And this is one example of Randy being blamed for things he couldn't actually change. The expansions belong to Wizard Works, which was aquired by GTI, which was aquired by Infogrames/Atari. The inclusion of these expansions by 3DRealms was in fact a little bit shady, and Gearbox "corrected" that by not including them without having a proper license to do so.
  9. cybdmn

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    That's really bad for them, but nobody really care for them. The last time i saw an 32 bit Windows installed on any government or enterprise PC here in europe was in 2012. And i can not remember the last time i saw an 16 bit application running in any business. The oldest and most obsolete bit of software i still come across on a regular basis is the 32 bit Borland Database Engine from 2001. And with every new Windows 10 build i hope that this piece of old crap stop working, in which case some programmers in various enterprises had an hard awakening, realizing that they slept for 20 years.
  10. I would suggest "other games", to include Strife into such a sub-forum.
  11. cybdmn

    Whats with the randy being "greasy" thing?

    Well, Randy is (was) in charge. A lot, if not all of gearboxes dickmoves are based on randys decisions. And in the end he got blamed for everything, even things he couldn't actually change.
  12. cybdmn

    Where are my retro shooters?!

    Wait. Wasn't Wrath your brainchild? Can you tell more? In the end i prefer to wait some month more over getting an half-assed game, which has to be patched multiple times. Especially when these patches make my savegames obsolete, while i am halfway through the game.
  13. cybdmn

    How do I make a site like doomkid's doomshack.org

    As far as i remember, FrontPage bloat was massive back then, it created a massive header with a vast amount of useless "branding" stuff in every document.
  14. cybdmn

    How do I make a site like doomkid's doomshack.org

    Frontpage was famous for producing bloated files. Back then, when people had 56k modems, pages created with FrontPage were a horror. Not only because of the eye-cancer inducing visuals, but for their loading times as well.
  15. cybdmn

    The man who destroyed id software.

    At around 5:30 he say, he made the changes to the jaguar Doom maps. i was for a long time under the impression, American McGee was the one, simplifying those maps.