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  1. cybdmn

    Best NRFTL level?

    1. Yes 2. Inferno of Blood (The BFG secret is amazing)
  2. cybdmn

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    For those who can't wait, here is the complied app. https://files.fm/u/5c7ggkwn I didn't do testing, just compiling and do a start test on OSX 10.9.
  3. cybdmn


    And the icculus port, but neither of them is in active development. That’s why I wrote „in fact“.
  4. cybdmn


    Now, more than 20 years after the release date of Doom and DN3D it is obvious that Doom have won this battle, which never was one. For me it sounds a little bit funny, when todays kids ask questions like this. Back then this wasn't a question, if you where into fps games in the 90ies it was never a question of this game or the other, it was more like this game AND the other. After Doom we played every fps we could get, Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Redneck Rampage, Dark Forces, we played them, and we loved them, while everybody had his favorites. My favorite was always Doom, because the gameplay was always more sophisticated. The weapon balance was better, every weapon have more punch and is in game for a reason. It is not just like get bigger weapons for bigger baddies, some weapons are simply more effective against certain enemies, while other enemies could be killed easier by other weapons. Which brings us the the second reason, i like Doom more. The enemies are as thoughtful chosen as the weapons, not just bullet sponges which could suck more and more bullets, the worked completely different. There are enemies like the Imp who fires slow fireball, which coul be dodged rather easy. And than there where the hitscanners, who could be a real threat, if you didn't take them out instantly. And i found most of the maps a little bit bland and repetitive, especially in the second episode. But in the end i play Doom AND DN3D every now and then, but have to say that i rarely play any user content for DN3D, just because the Doom community is far bigger and creates much, much more high class stuff every year. The DN3D community suffers from some real problems, the community is rather small, with not so many good mappers. There isn't even one modern source port as usable as GZDoom, PRBoom+ or Chocolate Doom. In fact there is just eDuke32, which works, with a completely broken multiplayer. And there are no comparable modern tools for DN3D like (Gz)Doom Builder or Slade. There is Mapster32, which is a direct port of the old Build Editor, which is far from intuitive. It still woks like an DOS executable, single window, no easy way of switching to other applications and an old very rudimentary GUI makes it a pain in the ass creating maps for it. You still have to print out lists with all the "sector effectors" and stuff to implement these stuff into your maps. No help from the editor. And as far as i know, there are no modern tools for the asset management, for adding textures and stuff, you still have to use the old DOS tools. I may be wrong at this last point, but last time i took a look at the tools, this was how it was.
  5. Never heard of Schroedingers Rabbit?
  6. Back then there was Sidrial by Fountainhead Entertainment.
  7. I highly doubt it. IIRC the publisher was EA, and id stopped their mobile division years ago. Nobody seems to care about the mobile stuff anymore, especially not the java/BREW stuff. Outside of iOS/android there is no market for games for cellphones anymore.
  8. cybdmn

    Doom challenge: Shotgun only speedrun

    I want to see you beating map30 with shotgun only.
  9. cybdmn

    Harlan Ellison Dead at 84

    He was a creative consultant for Babylon 5 too. The best sci fi tv series ever, at least in my opinion.
  10. If VIOS was Doom instead of Doom RPG then Doom would have been more like System Shock than like Doom.
  11. He learned that trick from the Quake guy, on his YT channel.
  12. cybdmn

    Jim Flynn

    He was one of a handful true doom legends i knew by name before i even had an internet connection back in the nineties. With the Ty Halderman and him passing away, i realize how old i am, and how long i am addicted to that game. And the impact of these guys goes far over the boundaries of this little community. Infact they had an influence on the whole gaming industry, be it they was an inspiration to a new generation of game designers, or even some of them started their career in this business. They helped making doom what it is today, one of the longest lasting success in gaming history.
  13. Links in mails from the wiki system point all to http:localhost/wiki/... Oh, and i talk about the only real doomwiki. :-D
  14. cybdmn

    Where does Episode 2 take place?

    This is the actual deimos.
  15. You have no idea what can happen in 15 years, and you can‘t be sure that Steam still exist, or if at a certain point Windows Games are obsolete and just dissapear from the steam library just like stuff for older consoles like the original XBox. 15 Years ago Nokia was the most successful cellphone producer on earth, just look where they are now. Really, you don‘t know nothing, so just be sure that you can‘t assume that Steam exist in 15 years, at lease in it‘s current form. Discs on the other hand can exist that long. My Doom v1.1 3.5“ floppies are still in an excellent condition. I guess you can calculate how old they are on your own. And for your question regarding the renderer used for Ion Maiden, why you don‘t just look at the eduke32 website? Polymost is replaced by Polymer since ages.