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  1. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    update: it exploded online
  2. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    So I've been fighting with the aiming stream for a while, trying to figure out how to make it cleaner and less of a dribbling piss-trail. gaydad420 figures it out and sends me the code. It works wonderfully. Thanks, mate! This hasn't been tested online, but I've been playing with this for like three days straight and it's wonderful. Boy, I sure hope it doesn't explode!
  3. Doom 64 Retribution won an award in my heart, but unfortunately my heart isn't a golden .png of a Cacodemon.
  4. Sure, I'd be fine if folks use them.
  5. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    That's at least three more bits than the Sony Atari.
  6. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    No updates, mod's cancelled. Also a new HUD, as done by SmashBroPlusB and TFrancoo/FranArt. Still need to replace the confont at the bottom.
  7. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    Got to streamline a lot of the code. Whoo. Can't figure out how to un-sticky the camera turning on and off. Not a super game-breaking issue, though, just really damn unpleasant to wrestle with. Another map by @Batandy. We can be hip and cool and retro with our 8-bit Super Nintendo graphics.
  8. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    Mapping's still a-comin' along. 15 maps now. Only need a handful more before we can get a full circuit and do a public release. Online testing has been coming along smoothly, everything seems to handle pretty well. The camera input tends to get sticky and sometimes needs to be mashed to turn on/off, though. Kind of annoying.
  9. TerminusEst13

    MEMBRANE - Commercial Alien Shooter made in GZDoom

    It's not a typo. You were listed there a couple days ago. You were then removed, which I assume was because of how you handled the topic on ZDoom.
  10. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    New map by @Batandy, "Van Golf". Really quite a beautiful map.
  11. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    Doom physics ("""""physics""""") are rudimentary beyond rudimentary so it just bounces off. Slopes make the bounce correspond to a different angle, while solid actors are just basically treated as walking walls and so ricochet off without a care in the world. Still, that's more than enough to spice up gameplay a touch. One beautiful map (currently GOLF06 by @Revae) takes full advantage of this. You can. It's not the main focus of the mod, so don't expect to be able to UV-Max Hell Revealed, but it's perfectly feasible.
  12. TerminusEst13

    [wib] golf

    As far removed from running and gunning and shooting demons as you can get. An experience you can get anywhere else, a mod like you have played before, approved by at least two out of fifteen users. Works on Zandronum and ZDoom and GZDoom. Pretty much everything is done gameplay-wise, just setting up a handful of maps and then Bob's your uncle.
  13. TerminusEst13

    [GZDoom] Doom: But It's Completely Fucking Unplayable

    Yeah, there's a reason the challenge is for E1 of Doom. With EXTREME luck of the draw you could theoretically do MAP30 if you act very quickly, aim very precisely, and the Icon of Sin only spawns imps. But adding Chaingunners into the equation makes it genuinely impossible.
  14. A small mod by ijon tichy and me, a universal mutator that should work with any mapsets/weaponsets/gameplay mods. Probably works with different iwads, too. Updates Doom into the way it was meant to be played, as canonically confirmed by the official developers. If anyone can get through Doom E1 with this, I will be genuinely amazed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aeqm6n88rye664e/DoomButItsCompletelyFuckingUnplayable.wad?dl=1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LpUtGq3RP0lK0k8HHJXxyL5qEJEvQNFp/view?usp=sharing Best played along with Mirror Mode and/or MegaBounce. GLOWING TESTIMONIES BY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: ijon tichy: "why did I do this" Jimmy: "jesus christ term" Marisa Kirisame: "term what have you done" Synert: "feeling a bit ill tbh" Yholl: "Mein skullcasen." HyperUltra64: "I can't feel my legs." Marty Kirra: "No thanks." Combine Kegan: "Fuck you I ain't playing that." Hexagon: "can you even turn right"
  15. The truth is, once a mod surpasses a point in popularity, we automatically exclude it from consideration. There's nothing more damning for the quality of a mod than people enjoying it!