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  1. Pinchy

    Level design tropes you use

    Always Automap cleaned Careful midi choice from something I haven't used yet Common Clean, professional look Sandbox Good opening shot that sets the scene Full use of the beastiary As little as possible shotgun grind Significant outdoor space Very few doors if any, doors open with greater ease rather than direct use Minimised lift time unless I need it intentionally slow Two word map names Building map ideas from music Taking risks Uncommon (possibly unique) Monsters placed entirely for decoration or ambience Unexpected use of "bad" textures that makes them good
  2. Pinchy

    The Alfonzone

    For bug reports, I recommend you send them to me using the forums message feature. I'm only up to map 6 as far as the 1.04 update goes, but that's only because I have been busy with other things, I will soon have a lot more time to focus on this again. Map 20: These zombiemen do release but they require you pick up all three keys and wait out a timer. I just changed this to the custom decorate triggers and reduced the timer in case mods that change keys don't use a method that keeps the same Class Name. Map 25: Similar here, the chandelier was set to refill with chaingunners on any key pickup, these have also been moved to custom decorate triggers. Thanks for these, I'll make sure to change all key triggers to maximise compatibility.
  3. Pinchy

    The Alfonzone

    Hi Firedust, thanks for your report and kind words. The only exposure this mapset had was this forum post and also one on zdoom forums. So once it falls of the first page it's pretty much gone. I've only seen a handful of people mention it since release so if you missed the streams in December it's easy to overlook. The changes I'm working on from version 1.03 to 1.04 will change the way certain things are triggered by using custom decorate items. Currently the arachnotrons are released when you pick up one of the rockets in the yellow key room at the top of the lift, this means if you have full ammo you can't release them. I've just changed this to an unavoidable area trigger. I'm close to getting back to work on this, I just have a community project to finish.
  4. For the most part quantity is unimportant as no one person will be able to play all the content that exists outside of extreme circumstances or determined life goal. If you have learned all you can from your unreleased maps you need to finish them up and put them out Fewer, higher quality releases is the way to go What I'm seeing here is that the real problem is that you start new things before others are finished. I saw this dangerous trap and developed a strong discipline to push things to the finish line hard so they get done and out there before I have time to let it sit
  5. Pinchy

    DyingCamel's Demons #1

    Archive version up: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dyincam1
  6. Pinchy

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Map Name: Tarmac Beat Compatibility: GZDoom Tested in: GZDoom 3.4.1 Options: Jumping, Crouching, Freelook: On Difficulty settings: Yes Build Time: 17 hours Tools Used: GZ Doom Builder (bugfix) R3036, Slade 3 Version, Photoshop CS6 Format: GZDoom Resources: Wantodancer by HyperUltra84 (two custom textures created from this), Voxel Vehicles pack by NerdKoopa (two custom textures created from this), Adventures of Square by BigBrik (two custom textures created from this), ???'s Tree sprite (source lost, currently unknown) Notes: I've formatted my wad file so that as many textures and flats as possible are in boom format so they can be used by others in this project, (they are good general use types) Music: How_About_I_Slap_Your_Bass.mid by Jimmy Media:
  7. Pinchy

    mcdoomalds.wad - An unserious WAD

    Every time I see this stuff ';,,;'
  8. Pinchy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Include materials that could be perceived as a segment of whats's being built, with a matching space to where it could go. You could remove a section of the concrete, place it on the ground and have rebar fixed within both parts at the top. You can also do similar with the metal panels at 32 x 64 chunks. The floor could have a section missing with foundation material, concrete or sand, lowered a few units in place, with some floor panels stacked around
  9. Pinchy

    Conveyor timings | PRB+ vs ZDOOM

    Try Sugar, Water Purple from Mayhem 2018 Purple and watch how the raising circular platforms differ No idea how to fix it
  10. Pinchy

    Best speedmaps you have played?

  11. Pinchy

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    V0.96 - Fixed unclosed sector in the sky transfers box - Fixed node glitch near the megasphere - Secret cells at the south of the bastille now accessible with a forward run - Lower unpegged/texture fixes on the orange walkway
  12. These are entirely there to bait you towards the exit
  13. The bookcase head bonk followed by the teleport into the lava were symbolism for the fact this was a 4 hour speedmap I made with mild heatstroke
  14. Pinchy

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    V0.97 - Cannot reach the berserk switch from the ledge now - Minor visual fixes