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  1. Is your picture Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head? She has a cute face in this picture if so.

    1. Pinchy


      This video was on youtube for a while, don't know why it was removed, I downloaded it though and made some animations

  2. V1.02a Fix Missing script number in map 49 western auto doors
  3. Version 1.02 Fixes - Map 1 Out of bounds by jumping over the eastern wall - Map 13 Initial monster alert trigger - Map 23 falling stairs poison damage reduced, soulsphere added - Map 27 start changed so you can kill the archvile or hold out - Map 29 central section ice now melts and removes damage, switches are wider and more visible - Map 35 berserk pack progression trigger changed to a switch - Map 43 north eastern fence now impassible to prevent out of bounds - Map 49 basement elevators with shoot switch - Map 61 precision error in nodes - Map 61 unstuck added after exiting 45 - Minor texture and lighting fixes on 5 maps Changes - Map 47 some trees removed to ease movement out of the gate area - Map 48 blue switch raising trigger set to kill most imps or a single cyberdemon to give better options - Map 49 helm switch texture changed to be more obvious - Various small balance tweaks
  4. It took a lot of dedication and careful focus maintained over a very long time, it was not easy. The biggest and only real sacrifice was in gaming time I had, which doesn't matter anyway.
  5. Ideas, resource gathering and music listening: 09/10/2016 - 01/11/2016 Building maps, more resource gathering, graphics making, text writing: 01/11/2016 - 19/11/2017 So close to 1 year.
  6. Wow that got scary a few times there!
  7. The code to check the yellow switch in map03 was actually a redundant holdover from a long time ago, I've changed it to just be a standard yellow key switch now. Wouldn't that break every mapset that checks for vanilla keycards?
  8. It's for a shortcut lift back up to the square rooms.
  9. I hide some monsters in secrets, did you get all those?
  10. Enter the dimension of fragmented memories, where stories are currency, the more unique the better. The dark city streets, deadly old mansions and rusting industrial centers are just a front for more sinister purposes exploiting the local populous. Popular retreats include abandoned beaches and the rusting hulk of an ancient soviet terror. If the unforgiving frozen fortresses or hells domain where ancient magic is woven into the stone itself don't make you lose your mind, there's always the poisonous jungles for those who seek to harvest the dank. High tech computational wonders, the dangerous and funky machinery of space and a hope for the future lie ahead, off the shores of doomworld itself and into the unknown. The Alfonzone contains 50 levels divided into 10 episodes with unique themes inspired by Alfonzos speedmidis. Some of the music replacements are still being worked on and it is the request of the developers that they remain exclusive to this project for now. Current maps with placeholder midis as the replacements are being worked on: 30 - Evil on Parade 38 - Flip the Switch 42 - Wheezer 44 - Aerial Tombs 47 - Redback Features - 62 maps: 49 playable, 1 cinematic, 10 intermissions, an episode selection hub and ending map - The new fangled Zoontex by based James "Jimmy" Paddock! - Artwork by Kurashiki! WAN! - New textures by Fuzzball! (Map 43 Floaty Light and some of Map 46 One Bookmark, exclusive for now) Source Ports (used for development and testing) Recommended GZdoom Version GZDoom v3.2.1, [Open GL, Default install, texture filtering off] Minimum(discontinued): Zdoom Version 2.8.1, [Default install] It is my intention that these maps are playable with gameplay mods that safely replace iwad assets such as High Noon Drifter, so testing and bug reporting with them is welcome, though I recommend a standard playthrough first. Currently there are no demos recorded, so if you fancy making one I'll add it in IWAD: Doom 2 Music: Augustus "Alfonzo" Knezevich Gameplay: Single player. Co-op is built for but untested Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 1000 hours Map settings: Jumping required, crouching enabled, freelook optional, infinite actor height disabled, coop teleporter frag disabled MIDIs composed for use with Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth Download Version 1.02a Fix Missing script number in map 49 western auto doors Old Versions Please check back for updates. Mod trimming pending. Media
  11. Map: Candel Time: 1 hour 25 Themes: 160, Specters, Souls, Mansion
  12. Map: Moss Time: 2 hours Midi: junkle.mid from jmickles Midi Pack Two Themes: Graveyard, crypt, light amp for darkness, spoopy monsters Notes: Difficulty levels, coop monsters, automap cleaned
  13. I like the crab going wild in the bottom right (\/) ';,,;' (\/)