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  1. Map: Candel Time: 1 hour 25 Themes: 160, Specters, Souls, Mansion
  2. Map: Moss Time: 2 hours Midi: junkle.mid from jmickles Midi Pack Two Themes: Graveyard, crypt, light amp for darkness, spoopy monsters Notes: Difficulty levels, coop monsters, automap cleaned
  3. I like the crab going wild in the bottom right (\/) ';,,;' (\/)
  4. Map: Pyramid Of Anger Build time: 3 hours Themes: All Music: James Paddock - 30in30-2 - Dungaree Farts.mid Notes: Difficulty levels, coop monsters, automap cleaned
  5. I buffered the downstairs transitions by 64 more units to prevent door pop in. V0.98
  6. Here's a shot of the secret level
  7. Ahhhh I want to play with this but I won't have any time until December.
  8. CRATINY is the enabler.
  9. It was often that way for me for abyssal sessions. I should be able to make good contributions when I'm not full steam into my own thing and maxed out. I did well in the 3 hours I had for Eagle #5.
  10. I see at least one person who commented on my map say "it's not good enough for 4 hours" (google translation from russian) The problem is I only spent 2 hours on mine after I came home form the bootsale with massive heat exhaustion and could only focus for half of that. Maybe time spent should be a factor? Not everyone used the full 4 hours.
  11. It's not the texture pack that counts, it's how you wield it.
  12. Single map: 4-40 hours. First project, 12 maps: 500 hours Second project (unfinished), ~ 1000 hours?
  13. Moving all vertices not on the 1 point grid to it does just that.