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  1. Map Straight Outta COMPTALL Music James Paddock - 30in30-2 - Nebulous Brain.mid Notes 4 hours, difficulty levels, coop monsters, automap cleaned. Media
  2. "TNT: Revilution is a fan made community project the acts as a sequel"
  3. I have no answer to the revenants getting stuck, I just moved them sideways a bit and now they move. I also found a sky transfer missing so added that. Skyward Vivarium V0.97
  4. Completely forgot about the thing limit and crushed it, now what ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Crush the map I guess Skyward Vivarium V0.96
  5. Skyward Vivarium Music: James Paddock - 30in30-3 - Lawnmower Marmalade.mid Notes: Difficulty levels, coop monsters, automap cleaned Bugs/mistakes: Probably Media
  6. It's the official artwork of Bubsy 3D 2.
  7. Yes, every single one.
    A wonderfully balanced and varied piece that blends the advanced features of zdoom into a well rounded adventure. This style is what I'm learning at the moment and there are a lot of great things I improved in my own work with just one playthrough. Well crafted rain, textures and a good choice of additional content added that all fit in. Progression and connectivity feel really good and it triggered memories of old classic RPGs like Gothic 2 with the interwoven natural and human constructed areas. In many respects this represents the best of modern mapping today. ';,,;'
  8. Have everything put together in clear, concise language well beforehand and place it into the original post as well as new ones.
  9. Start off with the Minimum then ';,,;'
    This one had me engaged the entire time, tough quick decisions, risky lava runs, needed to think about line of sight with the archvile after the red key and make some careful shots to clear out the pain elementals, great as always. I got completely crushed by a lost soul setting of the large group of barrels which was hilarious. The well mixed orange visuals reminded me of Hells Gate Prison from Future Cop L.A.P.D.
  10. I had the first problem, but not as serious. The real problem I had was where there were so many tags in one sector that the numbers went off the user interface so I had to clear it and write them all in one go. Luckily I had spent some time creating a syntax for them so they were only incremented by one each time, unique numbers must be hell to juggle in the head.