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  1. I must have worded things in a way that can mean multiple things and so it was taken the wrong way here. First, every map I made where I have learned something new, it was precisely what you described, messing with a feature to find out how it works through experimentation, sometimes at random. Also, by gimmicks I mean something like adding a lot of slopes to a map without having a good knowledge of player speed and movement (by choosing to use these in your early maps) so that it causes a lot of bumps and snags similar to detailing that you can get stuck on. Not full map defining setups. As for ACS, I prefer it much more over voodoo dolls now, having built some of the most complex I know of (see Cretaceous Cogs from Doomworld Roulette Session 2) as it allows me to get precision easily and loop things without having to rig together a mess in the void of the map that performs differently based on source port. As an example, my setup in Piston Hurricane (Mayhem 2016) has a different timing in GZDoom than PrBoom.
  2. UDMF is too open ended to teach yourself an important foundation with which to become a well rounded mapper. This is why there are so many instances of "zdoomisms", when a person starts out in that level of complexity, the paths they can take are so broad they fall into the trap of using advanced features in maps that are missing the most important gameplay elements and end up fundamentally flawed for the sake of visuals or gimmicks. I spent about a year and a half exploring just the features I felt were important in PrBoom+ to the tune of over 1000 hours spent making over 70 maps in the format before I felt it was time to move on to UDMF. I made sure to use every map in my own projects and in the vast array of community projects I participated in to learn one new feature or gameplay type. Even after that, my first two UDMF format maps suffered from too much resource use and therefore low framerates. However, as of right now I have 20 UDMF format maps complete and I am using each one to explore new features both in map and technical (mostly in map changes and intermissions) to slowly and carefully grow, using very select and tasteful features in each one that add something meaningful and fun.
  3. The Memfis Wall! ';,,;'
  4. I see, I'll clear everything up here then. I thought hosting was an issue because of this: I saw the title of the post then had a conversation with Altaz about the kind of websites I build since I do it for a profession and jotted some things into a post quickly to get some ideas out there. I put down 3 different options for site structure so that he can choose what one suits him the most, if you want to just keep it in the same place I can work on it within that directory, or build it offsite and have it put in later. It's been a while since I've built anything static, but the requirements here are simple so it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. No idea, but it's probably an attempt at elitism as it ignored the two options below it.
  6. Since I want to support Eternity I'm willing to build it for free, but it will need some hosting, ideally one with cpanel for database management and at least one mysql database available as I build primarily on the content management system and a custom framework (£32/$39 for site licence) within Wordpress right now. If you really need free hosting, with access to an FTP I can build an xhtml/css site anywhere. I've not used bootstrap before but it looks professional, could be a good option.
  7. I fixed that line and also a sector missing it's damaging effect. V0.98
  8. Profile Tabs Activity #elProfileActivityOverview .ipsStreamItem { padding: 20px; } About Me #ipsTabs_elProfileTabs_elProfileTab_field_core_pfield_1_panel { padding: 20px; }
  9. Think it took me 4 hours to beat real time. Easily the biggest and toughest that I've played, hope there wasn't too much salt, I haven't done much slaughter stuff or played anything but my own maps in half a year. Other than some uneven floors and lighting in the pillar room no real problems. I think you must have watched and studied for a long time before making this as nothing even close has come out of a first map submission I've ever seen.
  10. If your computer and attitude aren't 10 years old, RAM and modern services shouldn't be a problem. Building for mobile devices is called "Responsive Design" where the website adjusts it's display to offer the best possible view on as many devices as possible so that as many users as possible get the best impression on whatever device they are using. As a webdesigner for 7 years I can say that building a static website that isn't viewable properly on mobile devices is a waste of time. The forum functions are the same or better and it doesn't need to conform to your obtuse projected frustrations.
    A neat little puzzle adventure with clever use of stock textures. Has a fully functioning kitchen.
  11. V0.97 Secret exit added in the middle east secret area.
  12. Here's an update with fixes noted in Dobus Feedback. The Superweapon Facility V0.99