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  1. I fixed that line and also a sector missing it's damaging effect. V0.98
  2. Profile Tabs Activity #elProfileActivityOverview .ipsStreamItem { padding: 20px; } About Me #ipsTabs_elProfileTabs_elProfileTab_field_core_pfield_1_panel { padding: 20px; }
  3. Think it took me 4 hours to beat real time. Easily the biggest and toughest that I've played, hope there wasn't too much salt, I haven't done much slaughter stuff or played anything but my own maps in half a year. Other than some uneven floors and lighting in the pillar room no real problems. I think you must have watched and studied for a long time before making this as nothing even close has come out of a first map submission I've ever seen.
  4. If your computer and attitude aren't 10 years old, RAM and modern services shouldn't be a problem. Building for mobile devices is called "Responsive Design" where the website adjusts it's display to offer the best possible view on as many devices as possible so that as many users as possible get the best impression on whatever device they are using. As a webdesigner for 7 years I can say that building a static website that isn't viewable properly on mobile devices is a waste of time. The forum functions are the same or better and it doesn't need to conform to your obtuse projected frustrations.
    A neat little puzzle adventure with clever use of stock textures. Has a fully functioning kitchen.
  5. V0.97 Secret exit added in the middle east secret area.
  6. Here's an update with fixes noted in Dobus Feedback. The Superweapon Facility V0.99
  7. Just managed to catch up here and read through. There's some pretty good and well written feedback all through here about my map. One thing that might help you understand my approach was the episode description I read before starting it: "Industrial Hell, while the forces of hell are well advanced in technology, nobody builds weapons like the UAC does. Hell has captured the advanced weapon technology of the UAC's IO base & are now using the designs to build their own super weapons. Maps in this episode are a heavy mixture of tech & hell, being their own turf monster density is quite high & you'll need all the firepower you can get your hands on to make it to the leader of this hellish industrial revilution." It's a mix of Industrial, Hell and UAC Base, with transitions between each which Demtor displays nicely in his screenshots. That's why there are all three types, one set in each corner and the everything mixed exit in the other.
  8. Aquatex Zoontex
  9. I noticed a few minor mistakes with balancing and visuals so I tweaked them. V0.98
  10. I've noticed that in the final room of my map with the rocket, you can see the sky repeat in zdoom and gzdoom when turning left or right against the glass. Is it possible to use the zmapinfo to adjust the sky to fit here (stretchshortskies) rather than changing the map?
  11. See what the gameplay is like in this First Map as the visuals have some interesting things going on.
  12. I think I was sent a version outside of the forums so I'm putting the link here as a record. Cratline I'll try out new features when I get the chance - Had a real tough map to finish lately in my own project.
  13. Hey thanks for the reply, here's what I've done: 1 - Fixed the sky with the entry rename 2 - Moved the polyobject lines triggered by the moving battery so that when the battery stops it cannot be overlapping the polyobject at all. Then added a fine tuned tics based delay to that script so it activates at the exact moment it stops in the slot as before. I don't know what to do about the scrolling floor lines not working: Scroll_Floor(11, 16, 0, 1); Scroll_Floor(1001, 16, 0, 1); Scroll_Floor(1002, 16, 0, 1); These are meant to just scroll the grates at the same speed as the crates as to give the appearance the belt is turning on. You could join the IRC like Altaz for feedback there as well.