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  1. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Invisabella could use some feet
  2. Second hand copy of Breath of Fire 3 for £15, perfect condition other than the easily replaceable plastic case was cracked
  3. Name: Obviously Grilled Music: James Paddock - 30in30-2 - Dungaree Farts.mid Build Time: 2 hours Themes: Aggressively red, there's berserk, floaty bridges and candles Format: PrBoom Textures: Zoon-tex 2.7
  4. Abyssal Speedmapping Session 33 - ph33r

    Name: Chainnagadadavida Themes Used: Only hitscanners and thicc barrels Build Time: 2 hours 20 minutes Music: "Minister Of The Emu War" from 30in30-3 Music Composer: Jimmy Textures Used: ASS_33res.wad
  5. Memorable Mapnames

    See also:
  6. Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    My rule #1, which I created after my first submission way back in late 2014: Never give in to intimidation or doubt No matter how good someone elses work looks, you can make it there, and beyond.
  7. Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    Map Name: Lava Dome Compatibility: GZDoom (3D slopes) Playtesting: GZDoom 3.2.4 Allowances: Jumping (required), Crouching Skill Settings: All Coop Monsters: Yes Build time: 14 hours Tools used: GZ Doom Builder, Slade 3 Resources: Music track: Lava Dome by Ryuji Sasai, MIDI Remaster by Carlo Nassar Textures: Aquatex NMN FUZZBALL.wad SKYD13 (PINCHY00) from 32in24-15 Comments: Requires the supplied cc4falls.wad. Music might be improved later if possible. Media:
  8. The Alfonzone

    Yes isn't that funny, as soon as a demo is put up I can understand it.
  9. The Alfonzone

    Medikit swapped to health bonuses with 1 marked as the secret. You need to get the MegaArmour to trigger that spawn, there isn't anything else on the map that can get your armour high enough to prevent it. Me and the other people I asked don't know/can't work out how to get Sector_SetLink working so I have just textured the sides of the lift in 21 for now.
  10. Map: Frosty Booms Midi: blat.mid from jmickles Midi Pack Two Time: 2 hours 30 Themes: Donut special, christmas themes, rockets only, instantly moving floors Build time: 2 hours 30 Format: PrBoom+ (tested with) Notes: WTRFALL1-4 textures and CHEQFLAT as a flat required
  11. The Alfonzone

    V1.02b Fixes Map 12 - Missing liquid when lowering the slow lift in the central chamber Map 15 - Reworked the spider mastermind trigger to the newer version so it can retry it's teleport Map 22 - Secret mid textures Map 24 - Incorrect tag prevented some monsters from entering the map Map 29 - Alignment of the railings on the upper central walkway fixed Map 41 - Redesigned scripts to prevent jumping into the exit early and cutting off the music ending Minor texture errors in 2 maps Changes Map 15 - SSG trigger now change to enter sector in case of full ammo Map 18 - Fences set to allow projectiles to pass through Map 20 - Railings in the BFG room now allow projectiles to pass through Map 24 - Yellow key pillar trigger set to sector entry instead of armour pickup in case of having more than 100% Map 25 - Rocket launcher pickup trigger swapped to sector entry in case of full ammo Map 28 - Railings near the exit now allow imp projectiles to pass through
  12. Is your picture Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head? She has a cute face in this picture if so.

    1. Pinchy


      This video was on youtube for a while, don't know why it was removed, I downloaded it though and made some animations https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/597426

  13. The Alfonzone

    V1.02a Fix Missing script number in map 49 western auto doors


    1. Pinchy



  15. The Alfonzone

    Version 1.02 Fixes - Map 1 Out of bounds by jumping over the eastern wall - Map 13 Initial monster alert trigger - Map 23 falling stairs poison damage reduced, soulsphere added - Map 27 start changed so you can kill the archvile or hold out - Map 29 central section ice now melts and removes damage, switches are wider and more visible - Map 35 berserk pack progression trigger changed to a switch - Map 43 north eastern fence now impassible to prevent out of bounds - Map 49 basement elevators with shoot switch - Map 61 precision error in nodes - Map 61 unstuck added after exiting 45 - Minor texture and lighting fixes on 5 maps Changes - Map 47 some trees removed to ease movement out of the gate area - Map 48 blue switch raising trigger set to kill most imps or a single cyberdemon to give better options - Map 49 helm switch texture changed to be more obvious - Various small balance tweaks