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  1. Just jumped in over at Patreon! Brutal Doom forever!

  2. can you make a versionĀ  of brutal doom for dos or no

  3. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Read again the part where I said the exact same movie would have costed 20 million if it was recorded in the US, making it a flop. You need to have some better reading interpretation. What's wrong with all this people today wanting to post a reply without even finishing to read sentences? Dude in a Doomguy cosplay fighting monsters is not the same as John Wick, it won`t attract the same public.
  4. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom: Annihilation update

    So you think low budget isn't an excuse, yet all the problems you point are caused by the low budget.
  5. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Thanks for comparing apples to oranges. For the record, I don't dislike Doom 2016, it's a good modern game, I just think it's not as good as the original Doom. It's going to be a long text and apologize for that, but here is what people needs to understand: They had a low budget. They didn`t had Bethesda`s support. They did all they could with what was given to them. Yeah, the movie looks B-rated because it IS B-rated. And is not a bad B-rated movie. It takes place in Phobos, it has marines, it has demons, it has a portal to hell, it has action, it has a (underwhelming) BFG-9000 that this time actually kills something, it thankfully doesn't drags itself for more than 90 minutes. What else you need? "people saying the ideal movie should be a pure action slaughterfest like John Wick, or literally just Hardcore Henry in Hell" I heard this a lot of times. First you need to understand how movies are made: First of all you need financing because movies are very expensive to make. How do you get it? You propose an idea to investors, a concept of a movie people would pay to watch. People goes to the movies to watch people interacting to situations around them. If you disagree with it, then movies are not for you, just play the game instead, it's much funnier. If you replace Keanu Reeves by a dude with a Doomslayer cosplay, and the mobsters by CGI demons, and the electronic music that plays following the choreography like a beautiful dance of death by out-of-place deafening industrial metal, how many people you think are going to pay to watch it? 100,000 in an optimistic scenario? Dude, that probably pays for the opening credits and Doomslayer`s costume. "Oh but Hardcore Henry was a success." No, it wasn't. It was produced under a budget of 2 million, and grossed 16 million. Yeah, that sounds good, but it was also recorded in Russia, where everything is cheap, the scenarios are somebody's backyard, abandoned buildings, and it already costed goddamn 2 million US dollars. Just to make the exact same movie in the US it would have costed ten times more, making it a box office flop. Now imagine making it in a sci-fi setting, with monsters instead of faceless goons. It would cost 200 million instead of 20 million, and a 16 million box office is definitely not good enough. "people wanting it to fail because of Amy Mason's tweet about Doomguy" Okay, peep talk. If you feel personally insulted because of a joke about a fictional videogame character that doesn't even has an actual name, you seriously need to re-evaluate your entire life (and possibly your masculinity) right now. Doomguy is not real, ok? He doesn't has feelings. He doesn't need you to protect his "honor". It's funny that I have seen a lot of people on facebook groups wanting the movie to fail because of a tweet, while being the exact same people that got mad a few weeks ago over ResetEra trying to cancel Ion Fury over the Ogay joke. That's a lot of hypocrisy, you either condemn ALL forms of cancel culture, or you are a part of it. You want people to lose their jobs over a joke about a fiction character, there is no excuse, this is despicable. I don't see the lack of a Doomguy a problem at all. It must be made very clear that this is a movie about Classic Doom, not Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal. There is no Doomslayer yet, just Doomguy, and Doomguy can't even be considered an actual character, but rather an avatar, he is supposed to be THE PLAYER, whatever if you are a white guy, black guy, asian woman, whatever. So there is absolutely no problem on it being Doomgal. Just think of it, we already had Karl Urban as Doomguy in Doom 2005. He was pretty decent, anybody would be an inferior choice, but after Dredd he became way too expensive to hire. So why not try something entirely different and make a Doomgal instead? And for the record Amy did a decent job too. The marketing team should be blamed for the trailer, the actual action scenes looks quite better. It`s perfectly fine to not enjoy the movie. B-rated movies are not for everyone. But hoping the movie will fail and they will go bankrupt, calling the movie "insulting", it's all quite infantile. The director, the actors, they all tried the best they could. I am thankful for them for having interest in making another Doom movie after 14 years. I am thankful for this not being made by Uwe Bowl purposely making a movie that sucks so he can get refunds from the government. I am thankful that Paul W. S. Anderson didn't make it and decided to cast his wife as Doomgal and give her superpowers and make the entire plot revolve about Martians or whatever. Go ask Resident Evil and Far Cry fans how they feel about their franchises and ask if they wouldn't want to switch places with us. I'd say Doom movies are on the same level of OG Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill, and Warcraft. It's not much, but it's better than 99% of videogame movies. I would argue that not even Doom 2005 is that bad (if you look at it as a prequel to Doom, how Doomguy got into a mission where he refused to kill civilians, killed his superior and then got sent to Phobos as a punishment, the lack of demons makes perfect sense). I mean, what other videogame fans can say their videogame got represented by The Rock, Karl Urban, and the guy that played the Night King on GoT? You all need to accept that your "John Wick but with Doomslayer on a 200 million budget" will never, ever happen, so if you want the PERFECT Doom movie, then do yourself a favor and just watch James Cameron`s Aliens instead. Doom is essentially an Aliens rip-off, remember that id Software was originally approached by Fox to make an Aliens game and they decided to make their own game, borrowing a fuckton of ideas from Aliens (which you can see everywhere in OG Doom, from textures, weapon design, Doomguy's armor design, and so on). So any attempt at making a Doom movie will be inevitably an Aliens clone. There is no escape. So why not just watch the original thing instead? It's never a bad time to re-watch Aliens anyway.
  6. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    A CnD sounds really plausible. I honestly always found any attempts at faithfully recreating Doom 64 in other engines pointless, since D64 EX already did it perfectly, and any official re-release would make it obsolete. Unfortunately love can do little against corporate suits. We can all hope for an official D64 wad which we can use to run our mods, but we also should prepare for the worst. I saw on another thread people opening the Unity version's maps to check what was changed, so I believe the resources will be somehow accessible.
  7. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    The only thing I could speculate is the engine having issues to play the files on the previous sample rate (glitching, not playing, or slowing down the load times), since a 48khz song consumes more ram to be played than one at 44.1khz. This is just speculation of course, but I think they may have converted the songs early in development, and noticed way too late that 48khz wouldn't work well with the new engine, they probably miscalculated that it would consume hundreds of times more ram than the original game which was made to run with 8mb. But here is the funny thing, professional audio tools can easily convert songs without audible issues, and they probably used some old free program instead. Or they had very little time to do quality control and not enough time to record everything again. The reason behind this could be: A) It`s not their fault because Bethesda was already putting them under inhuman working conditions, and taking one more day to redo the soundtrack was actually impossible, they probably had like 30 minutes to figure out a solution, and the person who performed the task was not even part of the sound design team. B) They have just set a new record of incompetence and literally did not bother to play the game before uploading it, or maybe never played the original games and don`t even know what the songs are supposed to sound like, or just played Doom in the SNES 20 years ago and everything looks and sounds good enough for them.
  8. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    I imagine it would require TheCastle's permission, and possibly paying some royalties. Too much work and money for the people that thought it would be a professional thing to pretty much reduce the already converted soundtrack's bitrate on Audacity I guess.
  9. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Bummer Yes, my mistake.
  10. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Even for Beth's standards, this is a colossal fuck up. Now I wonder, since they nuked the X360 version, and there are no longer legal ways to play No Rest for The Living, this makes the NRFTL wad shovelware?
  11. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    [WIP] Mark`s Inferno (3 maps demo)

    I started making some speedmaps just for fun yesterday, and my anxiety ended up deciding that I wanted to remake Inferno as closest as possible as described on Dante Alighieri`s Comedia being restricted exclusively to the tech and artistic resources available in 1993. It`s a Ultimate Doom E3 replacement wad work in progress aimed at Vanilla Doom compatibility. I have put around 5 hours on each map. After that I playtest it, and move forward to the next map, don`t expect overly detailed maps, since the idea of speedmaping is to make a functional map in the least amount of time possible, and unnecessary detailing can easily lead to visplane overflows on Vanilla wads anyway. This is literally my first attempt at Classic Ultimate Doom mapping, and maybe my first attempt on Vanilla Doom mapping in half a decade. I`m releasing what I have done publicly to get feedback on ammo/health balancing. Known bugs on Chocolate Doom: E3M1`s castle walls have some weird wall of mirror effects. Maybe unfixable. E3M3 exit room crashes on Chocolate Doom with a Visplane overflow at the end of the level. I am aware of that. There`s 3 maps completed so far: E3M1 Limbo, E3M2 Lust, E3M3 Gluttony. Screenshots: E3M1: Download: markinfernodemo
  12. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup) version 2.0 released

    Precisely. I believe this couldn't be done without Zscript, and Bolognese (just like ketchup was) will always be aimed towards compatibility with both sourceports.
  13. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup) version 2.0 released

    Wrong, the biggest issue is not the blood actors, but the gibs. To make it work with custom monsters and not modify anything, the script spawns gibs actors through ACS, and it's impossible to use the actor's blood color as a color translation for an ACS spawn script.
  14. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup) version 2.0 released

    Tried that. There is simply no way to check a monster's bloodcolor either with ACS or DECORATE.
  15. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup) version 2.0 released

    No, these mods are based on Ketchup, and the developer is still working on them. It would be more productive if he switched to Bolognese if he finds necessary. I am asking about mods in the same line of SmoothDoom (has monsters with blue or green blood, but becomes red when loading with my mod) I am putting back these remade gore scripts into BD. I am rewriting several lumps and simplifying several stuff, yes v21 will be way more clean than v20b, but not rewriting the ENTIRE mod.