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  1. The only way this can work is with multiple timelines. The traveler abandons it's timeline to enter another one. The abandoned timeline continues to exist and progress normally. A paradox can only be prevented if the actions he made can not prevent the unfolding of events that happened on his original timeline, which will lead into another travel and ruining another timeline, infinitely. And if he lives enough to the date of his birth, he may be able to meet "himself", because they are actually two different people.
  2. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    The holy trinity of FPS games

    Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 3, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
  3. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Hiding the ssg in a map is really uncool!

    A more important question is what you are going to fight against. If it's a map pack and you are on an early map, and the biggest monster you are going to fight is a Cacodemon or a Revenant, the SSG is completely unnecessary. So adding it as a secret-only is a good idea to reward a curious player, but if there are no bullet sponges to take down, missing it won't matter. Two shells being used by an SSG deals more total damage than two shells being used by the shotgun. Unless the only enemies in the map are zombies and imps, it will have the opposite effect, and players will prioritize the SSG to conserve ammo
  4. Isn't the point of the FTP being the easiest method to maintain and prevent security flaws? Before asking the archive maintainers to add more modern features, it's important that you consider that they are doing it for free. Modernizing it isn't that simple when you have no money to spend on it. Moddb for example has a modernized and easy to upload interface, but they make massive use of ads that allows them to maintain a high budget to do server maintenance and pay moderators to prevent abuse.
  5. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    I mean in the sense of unattainable objective. It's something so many others have tried before and failed (from Napoleon to Hitler). It's a stupid idea from beginning. But many people still try it. Everyone advices you against it, but you want to do it anyway. You dismiss those who failed before you as "not motivated enough." You start with a single sprite of a Cacodemon or an Imp's frontal sprites. It looks easy at first and you believe you can succeed. (it's the equivalent of Operation Barbarossa). The first reality shock is when you reach Pinky Demon (that's like Stalingrad). The Hell Knight and Baron of Hell are Kursk and Narva respectively. When you notice how much work it actually involves, it's already too late, you are already being overwhelmed. The realization of having to do a hundred frames for an Arch-Vile alone hits you like a million soviet conscripts bayonet-charging your futile dreams.
  6. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    True. HD Sprites/Models/Textures is the "Invading Russia during winter" of Doom mods.
  7. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    The "Doom is/is Not 3D" is by a long shot the worst. The sheer scale of bullshit this discussion brings is ridiculous, involving even devs from other games, game journos and youtube personalities that have shit nothing to do with Doom. And most importantly, is the most useless of all, that has absolutely no impact on the future or past of the community.
  8. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    GZDoom VS. Brutal Doom

    Oh fuck, you just gave me a brilliant idea. I can literally just count the amount of monsters at the beggining of the level with an acs script, and make things like projectiles act differently and consume less resources if the script detects the map is a "slaughter".
  9. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Is It Ever Acceptable To Have A Section Of A Map Be Flat?

    Rounded, sloped, 3D, sectors. The entire map!
  10. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Any Peeves You Have With Custom Doom Wads?

    Monochromatic, "artsy" maps, with enemies placed in box formations, usually trying to imitate Sunlust. That's an instant Alt+F4 for me.
  11. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom and the Golden Age of FPS

    Not here. He's from 4chan, in a tireless crusade to prove how Half-Life absolutely killed the FPS genre. I remember him from the time I contributed to 200/vr/ so, 6 years or more I guess? (Also, could be not him, but somebody using his old copypastas).
  12. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom and the Golden Age of FPS

    Alf, you have been doing this for years. Why? You don't even get reactions anymore. What even motivates you at this point?
  13. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Can I copy weird ideas from Spirit Science?

    NP. It's just a image of sun's surface I found on google. Mirrored it to make it seamless and recolored it green. Two minutes job.
  14. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Can I copy weird ideas from Spirit Science?

    Sounds like something that can be pulled in a minute.
  15. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Can I copy weird ideas from Spirit Science?

    Yes... and no. Yes, you can. Ideas are not copyrighted in any form, in any country. Jesus is a public domain character, you can write whatever you want about him. But yes, they can still sue you. They can fill a lawsuit even if they have no chance of winning, so you are forced to defend yourself in the court. It will damage your finances because you have less money to spend with lawyers than they do (usually these cults have their own lawyers working for the cause for free). I forgot the exact name of this. Nutjob cult people are the most despicable mammals on the face of Earth, and you should always be careful with them. I'm not exactly sure about the part of Jesus being in a crystal megastructure in the center of the Sun. But if you make it about Allah in a tungsten megastructure in the center of Betelgeuse, I'm 100% sure they can't do anything about it. Or if you want to keep the Jesus/Cristal structure thing, make it "over" a star, and not in the center of it. The Skybox would probably be phenomenal.