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  1. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Splitscreen Brutal Doom? Complex?

    You need two XInput controllers (Xbox controllers) connected, even if one player is going to use the keyboard. One XInput and one Directinput controller won't work either.
  2. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    The problem with this map is that you have zero one-sided lines. The entire city is being drawn by the engine at the same time. The solution to this would be 1) Dividing the map into "hubs" (not necessarily using Hexen-styled hubs, but dividing the islands with teleport lines so they can be rendered as different "rooms"), and 2) adding some invisible giant "walls" inside the tallest buildings so they could block the engine's view of what is behind it. If you want, I can take a look at this later to see if I can do something to improve the performance, and add vehicles. This is a very interesting project. Also, about the vehicles, some years ago I made a vehicle mod that could work with this.
  3. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    The Doom Movie is Canon?

    This does makes sense if you consider that Ultimate Doom actually takes place on Phobos and Deimos (or Tei Tenga, or whatever). It doesn't makes sense if you consider they reorganized the base to research teleportation technology, and only several years later Doomguy was sent there. Final Doom isn't canon. It's just Team TNT's fanfic which id saw an opportunity to monetize.
  4. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    On the topic of "the two doom communities"

    I couldn't agree with this more. If you are going for a vanilla-styled wad, with barely using custom textures and keeping an oldschool map design, go for Boom. But if for example, if you want to have realistic bridges then map for UDMF/Doom in Hexen Format and just use actual 3D bridges, and not the awful fake ones. Some maps becomes an ass to play online because of these bridges. Same case with the horrible archways without slopes (which sometimes can be averted by using a good combination of middle textures, such as in D2RELOAD, but most people tend to make these archways with sectors and it looks like ass). Given how Boom sourceports gets about 2 or 3 new megawads a year, and how ZDoom only gets a new megawad each decade, I really don't see the point of having this many people focused on producing Boom megawads, since their work is just gonna become one more number in the virtually infinite amount of already available similar content. Some people refuse to play ZDoom, even with all the compatflags enabled, going through an Olympics of mental gymnastics to explain why ZDoom is inferior because it crashes the compatibility with replays on every update and replays are absolutely important for the health of the community in this day and age when you can upload a video in five minutes, and just backport the installation in case the need to verify the validity of a replay is absolutely necessary, or maybe just stick with Zandronum which updates only each five years and compatibility never becomes an issue. Or in the worst cases, they just want to old sourceports because ZDoom can only emulate 99% of the experience of the original game and that clearly is not enough. EDIT: Sorry for the ridiculous 4 year necropost. Somebody linked this on Facebook and I thought it was a recent discussion. FFS
  5. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    I am glad they are not calling it Doom 2 or Doom Hell on Earth. Doom (2016) already made Google results for classic Doom hard enough.
  6. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Definitely. I am not expecting something capable of doing TC's, but at least something that allows us to freely draw room forms and make outdoor areas, and allow to interconect maps as custom campaigns.
  7. - Since it's an Earth setting, it's obviously going to have bigger maps than 2016, and I really hope the player will move fast, maybe ditch that Speed power-up and make it the regular player speed. - Weapons that are already useful without requiring upgrades (looking at you Chaingun and Shotgun) - More than 20 shells starting limit.
  8. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom with PBR materials

    I don't exactly see a problem on this. Projects involving Materials shound not be treated the same way as project without it, it's not hard for mappers to understand that. The biggest problem now is outdoor areas, and how to make an actual sun reflection. The only practical method I see of doing this, is making the engine render any dynamic lights placed in the skybox in all Materials around sectors under skies. Or in case the map lacks a skybox, make it render a single mapinfo-defined dynamic light.
  9. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    I think this looks better than any "HD Texture Packs" out there.
  10. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What if ID started working on a DOOM3.wad?

    Doom 64 is the real Doom 3. Fight me.
  11. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    How to sell my modification Freedoom ?

    Yes, but you don't need it. There are more elegant ways to power up the GZDoom engine to run your game, like making the engine recognize your pwad as an iwad. Or at least, delete everything from FreeDoom until only the basic files remains (just the PLAYPAL lump maybe?)
  12. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What has better performance: Fake floor/ceilings or 3d floors?

    The trickery required with fake 3D floors is really not worth the result, and if you want the players to be able to walk both over and under the bridge, you will make a map that plays like shit on multiplayer. Unless you plan to have over 20 3D floor on the same room, you shouldn't be worried about performance.
  13. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Doom movie thoughts?

    I think it's pointless to bash this movie. Everybody knows its a bad movie. It's beating a dead horse. I would find more interesting to talk about the things they did right: - The design of the monsters (given it came out just after Doom 3 it made sense to be around D3 Monsters and they absolutely nailed the design of the creatures). - Casting Karl Urban as Doomguy, The Rock as the Sarge (yeah, bald guy in black uniform that is a sergeant, reference to Shotgunguy) and that black guy (Destroyer) with the minigun (reference to the Chaingunguy). - Getting the essential blend of Evil Dead meets Aliens that made the original game possible. You have an Aliens clone script about military guys going into a space colony to save colonists from baddies, and the humor of Evil Dead (I can name several scenes that nailed the over the top humor of Evil Dead perfectly, Destroyer beating a Hell Knight with a CRT screen, the way Portman dies in the bathroom, Pinky's lines, the "Doctor's Carmack situation is irreversible" scene, the entire FPS part, but specially the part where he shoots the zombie's axe and it breaks and hits his head). - A perfect soundtrack. In times where movie "soundtracks" are just drone noise and two notes being stretched, or completely out of place licensed songs, Clint Mansell deserves to be praised for his work. The FPS song also sounds a lot like a re-imagination of At Hell's Gate. - The design of the BFG, and I still can't thank enough Eriance for making a sprite out of it. It's enraging because they did so many difficulty things right, and fucked up so many easy things that just makes you wonder "how did this happen?". If it just had a better script (focusing more on a history of the Marines being outnumbered and fighting to survive, retreating through the base and barricading themselves, like, if you are going to copy the script of Aliens, then please do it right) and stayed faithful to the demons from hell plot, this could have been easily the greatest videogame movie ever.
  14. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Why don't the majority of mappers plan out their creations?

    I do make a sketch... in my head. I just think about the basic concepts of the map (like what the map is about, the theme, the objectives and key/door placement, etc.), It's better to leave the rest up to the imagination and make things on the fly. The only time in my life I actually decided to draw a sketch in paper of the whole map before opening doom builder was ArmageDoom's Map02 (the sewer level), needless to say its the shittiest map in the wad and the "square corridor to square room" nature of it makes it look like something out of Wolfenstein.