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  1. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Brutal Doom - General Thread and v22 Development news

    Here is a new dev diary showcasing the performance achievements, side by side comparisons with v21, and a bit of teasing of new features. Vanillafication I have decided to revert the design of many things in Brutal Doom to be more like what they used to be in Vanilla. One of these things you can already notice in the dev diary is the Chaingun, which now looks and plays a lot more like the Vanilla version. This also gives the opportunity for the Machinegun to be rebalanced to have a faster rate of fire and higher spread. Chaingun Zombies also have their old design restored. Removing the Archville's horns and returning the Cacodemon's crimson tone to its original bright tomato form are also planned. The Weapons System You may have found problems playing some custom maps which you are expected to have a rocket launcher or a plasma gun near the beginning, and it gets replaced by a Railgun or Grenade Launcher, and it makes playing the level basically impossible. The old weapon randomization really was terrible and broke the gameplay flow with several custom maps. Now the new system spawns new weapons and items differently. Instead of replacing and randomizing existing weapons, they are randomly spawned near special items such as the Backpack. All new weapons such as the Grenade Launcher, Railgun, BFG10k, Autoshotgun, Machinegun, Submachinegun, Flamethrower, Nuke Launcher, and Unmaker will now use this system. Some planned new content includes: Doom 3 Sentry Bot, Soul Cube, Freezethrower, Devastators, the Karasawa (a weapon from the ages old Brutal Arsenal addon). All the custom weapons can be disabled with a menu option.
  2. Sergeant_Mark_IV


    I feel like only the few first dozen people who played this wad were able to experience it as it should be experienced. The very fact there are people telling you to play it blind without reading the treads already ruins the surprises.
  3. It felt like I was reading some story about some 90's mangaka. It's difficulty to believe this kind of stuff can still happen today. This is some kind of cruelty and incompetence I wouldn't expect even from Randy Pitchford. This may work for Zenimax's heads to take immediate action on the situation. Firing Marty would be a good start.
  4. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Brutal Doom - General Thread and v22 Development news

    The Slaughtermap Detection System at work making Brutal Doom playable on fucking Okuplok. (on Zandronum)
  5. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    opinions on breaking bad & better call saul

    These memes are 100x funnier if you know what are these scenes they are referencing and how depressing they were meant to be.
  6. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What are the worst kinds of Metal fans?

    In such cases, just give them what they are asking for.
  7. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What are the worst kinds of Metal fans?

    About the karate on the moshpit debacle, I think it's entirely subjective to the kind of music being played. If you are going to a death, thrash, or black metal or hardcore concert, well, people that goes there ARE willing to get violent, so it's better to just stay away from the mosh pit. If you do karate in a Sonata Arctica concert, you deserve to have your mom called to come pick you up.
  8. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What are the worst kinds of Metal fans?

    Just like Freddie Mercury performing from afterlife in 1995, the funniest part is that this kind of person gives off really unlikely times/dates, either as a result of advancing Alzheimer, or they are just really making shit up.
  9. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What are the worst kinds of Metal fans?

    Here are the ones I hate the most, I believe they may be predominantly from Brazil/latin America, but here they are: The Professional Musician™ Metalhead This dude doesn't just enjoys metal, his entire life revolves around it. He went to music school and learned music theory. He now has a job either in a guitar store, playing on a "respected" cover band, or being a music teacher. The only subject he knows to talk about is music, and who is the best musician, and who has the best techniques. Good luck trying to show him any band with guitars that are not literally John Petrucci or Yngwie Malmsteen, or vocals with ranges like Mike Paton or capable of hitting high notes like Rob Halford. He only listens to extremely high-quality, high-complexity metal and not this "Trash Metal" with "Cookie monster vocals" you are used to listen to. Forget trying to get drunk and sign Motorhead on karaoke night (lol Lemmy was such a shitty vocalist and uneducated musician, why do you listen to it instead of more technical stuff, bro?), because The Professional Musician™ practiced his Iron Maiden cover all week and was sober all night to sign it and showcase his powerful vocals to all his 3 friends that are also Professional Musicians™ like him, and you are going to fucking listen to it. The Deadbeat Rock Dad He is on his late 40s or 50s, he shows up on the bar, you don't know him, you don't want to know him, but he will introduce himself to you without you asking. He was enjoying metal waaay before you were in your dad's crotch and he has seem it all, when true metal ruled, not these shitty bands from today like Slipknot and System of a Down. He only listens to TRUE OLDSCHOOL HEAVY METAL like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Deep Purple. For him, anything made after 1989 is garbage. He is going to tell you how he watched Black Sabbath live in '84, Freddie Mercury live in '95, and Metallica live in '79, and how he knows more than you about metal, despite you never asking any of his opinion. For some reason he loves Pink Floyd, but hates Roger Waters as a person and thinks he shouldn't talk about politics (He is very conservative). If you have enough social skills and experience, you can lure him into a conversation with one Professional Musician™ Metalhead and watch them infight. The "I used To Listen to Metal Like You" Bro Another type that loves lurking into rock bars and tell you unsolicited life stories and give you unsolicited music enjoyment advice. He looks at you, doesn't even introduces himself, and goes straight into saying "I used to enjoy metal like you, I also had a long hair like you and wear band t-shirts like you but eventually I grew out of metal dude, and eventually you will grow out too. Like, I'm serious, I had a hair down to my waist and I listened to extreme metal bands like Slayer, Megadeth, and Sepultura every day, but I had to cut my hair because of an office job, then I started going to church, so I stopped listening to it. Now I also mostly listen to pop music because it's easier to find easy women on places that plays normal music. It's very cool to see people like you that still are like that, but someday you will grow out of it too". So you say Alright dude, I'm going to take a piss, see ya around. (You come back from the restroom and sees him in the corner alone, with a longneck Heineken, and swipping Tinder, and you just wonder why the fuck he came to this bar)
  10. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Starting format?

    If your main goal is using slopes, bridges, and lights, I recommend against everyone here telling you to start with Vanilla or Boom. First, because you seem to really want to use these fancy 3D features, and they will never be possible on classic formats. Second because these classic formats works in some very different ways which may lead you to "learning it wrong" when you transition into the more advanced formats and start needing to do things differently. For example, in an oldschool format, to make a Door you just need to assign a linedef function "1 - Raise Door, Wait Lower" to both sides of the door, and it's done. In a newschool format, you must assign function 11, set the time the door stays open, means of activation, if players or monsters can open, etc. If you got used to making things in the oldschool format, you will constantly overlook necessary functions for things to work. I recommend starting with ZDoom in Hexen format, which already can do everything you want to do, and will prepare you to use the new functions of UDMF later. Forget Doom Builder and Slade, they are old and not ideal for modern doom mapping. Instead use GZDoom Builder, or Ultimate Doom Builder. Both of these editors have more advanced 3D modes which will allow you to learn how dummy sectors and slopes works much quicker since you can preview these stuff inside the editor without having to test the map.
  11. Your whole computer died in just 6 years? I don't think that's a normal lifespan and you should check if you are doing something wrong to prevent your new rig from dying soon again. o you give your components an adequate power supply with leftover power? When you clean it up do you use a pencil, or you blow it with compressed air? Also do you live in a beach or place with salty air? For comparison I'm using a 11 year old HD, and previously used my second gen i3 for 9 years (I replaced it by a 9th gen CPU 2 years ago for performance reasons, but it still worked fine).
  12. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Universal Map Enhancements

    I would never have the patience to do this myself. Well done!
  13. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What do you think of Doom content? (Youtube).

    I don't consistently watch any youtuber in general (with the exception of Terrible Writing Advice). I just watch Decino's technical videos when people post it on Facebook, or just hop into Mr Icarus channel when I want to check a mod before playing it. I once watched an entire video of The Midnight. It was a very memorable experience because after I finished it, I was so physically disgusted I had to take a shower. Nowadays I only hear of him when Doom Twitter freaks out because he was once again caught stealing the content of other youtubers.
  14. "Hello folks, have you heard of this little gameplay mod called Broodal Doom?" Main mod page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom This is a thread where I will post news related to the mod, and may be used as a general thread for discussing Brutal Doom, any of it's forks, and talk about how to modify the mod to make your own fork. Hopefully this will stop people from making "What's your opinion on Brutal Doom" threads. Latest news - April 20 2022: I decided to take a month out of Brutal Fate's development to work on a public beta of Brutal Doom v22 and finish Extermination Day. I believe getting rid of side projects will help to ease my anxiety and help me to focus on Brutal Fate better. The development of version 22 of Brutal Doom has started this month. The aim is to provide at least a good public beta by the end of April/mid of May with a final version of Extermination Day. It might take years for the final version of v22 to come out, but even the first public beta builds will provide a far better experience over v21 Gold. On this first dev mini-diary, I'm documenting the performance improvements brought by bringing the hitbox system of VietDoom into it and replacing the old multi-box system, and also great improvements in the way the engine spawns particle effects and explosions. The partial result: Slaughterfest wads that were previously unplayable with BDv21 or prior versions can now be decently played on my rig (i3 8100, GTX 1660). On this video I'm playing Map 30 of Speed of Doom, a ridiculous final battle that pits the player against 3000 monsters in a huge arena. On v21, the game would freeze a few seconds after stepping into the arena, but now it's completely playable on an average of 20 to 30fps.