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  1. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Jungle Vegetation

    Yeah, if you want to use stuff from VietDoom you are clear to do so.
  2. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Do you guys even lift?

    Yesterday was my 31st birthday. and I finally maxed a 120kg peck deck machine. I used to think I had peaked at 21, that I would never be as fit as when I was younger, but I was wrong. Just been going to the gym regularly again for 2 months, already lost half of the fat I gained during the pandemic, I`m very excited about how far I can push myself now. Remember people, it`s never too late to start, you are never too old.
  3. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Does Anyone Agree With This Mindset?

    Yeah I later noticed the thing involves a workplace and not just some social circle/social media, and posted means to give an effective workplace cold treatment in my following post, which works better for this situation.
  4. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Does Anyone Agree With This Mindset?

    In a workplace this kind of thing can put you in trouble. I have been in this kind of situation before. The best thing to do is to give them the cold treatment. Here is how you should behave: - Only interact them if the work requires, do not thank them, don't ever say hi or goodbye. - Don't ever establish eye contact. - Don't ever accept them to start any conversation with you, don't respond, leave them talking alone. - If they insist in getting into your face only calmly answer them with "I don't want to talk to you, leave me alone".
  5. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    Jesus fucking christ, all they needed to deliver was the base game with widescreen/ultrawide support, just slightly better textures and models, increased view distance. Maybe go a bit further and improving the combat to fit modern standards better. They didn't need to change the entire fucking engine. Nobody asked for any of this shit! How can they fuck it so bad? This is a worse mess than Cyberpunk.
  6. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    Dear Rockstar, rain does not look like this. Not even milk, not even horse cum, not even quicksilver can be this bright white in a pitch black night. I know its a vital part of your sexual fetishes to overwork your employees but please let them go outside once in a while and let them see how real rain looks like, so they can try to realistically reproduce it in the game.
  7. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Does Anyone Agree With This Mindset?

    Not to mention, after you get old enough, you realize some people are real sadistic pieces of shit. They are not interested in criticizing you so you can improve yourself and become a better person, they want to attack you so you can feel like shit and they can feel good because they "owned" you. This is the majority of the internet people today. Always. Fight. Back. Specially in 2021. Other options were possible maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but not today. Everyone have already shown their true colors. Psychopaths with no real life or real friends rule the internet today, they are proud of it, and you are not obliged to negotiate with them. If you want an "adult" way to deal with these people that does not involves direct conflict, that means blocking and flagging these people and preventing any way of them from contacting you.
  8. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Does Anyone Agree With This Mindset?

    Fight back. Always. Anybody who thinks you should "turn the cheek" are just as bad as the person that is attacking you, and you have no real reason to try to befriend this person.
  9. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    SS Soldiers when used without reason or new skins. Actually if you are not even going to add some custom dehacked there is literally no reason to use them instead of a chaingunner. Arachnotrons and Mastermind due to their stupidly oversized hitboxes that makes designing areas to fit them unnecessarily large. Icon of Sin and Commander Keen... basically useless. Icon of Sin fights are so terrible.
  10. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    In other news Uwe Boll wakes up in panic as a ghostly bright neon text that reads "+10 Assist" hovers in front of him for a few seconds. I really have no idea of how to feel about this, I have never been on SA, neither he gives anybody a reason to be sad about it (didn't knew about the domestic abuse/deportation thing until now, so clearly he's not worthy of a RIP), and until an obituary shows up I don't rule out the possibility of a prank or just trying to outwit his trolls and start a new life. So.... okay???
  11. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Just Found This Gigantic Hot Take From TV Tropes

    The hatred for Sandy is exaggerated and unjustified, sometimes purposely just for memes. There wasn't a pool long ago that concluded that the best Vanilla Doom level is E2M2? That's a Tom & Sandy map, not Romero's. Some people forget that Sandy made most of Doom's maps (and during Doom 2 he was often working under abusive conditions and timelines), so it's more likely to find bad maps made by Sandy than anybody else, and this is not his fault. (not only it's logical that if he made more maps that means there are higher chances of making more bad maps and you are more likely to perceive them, but also the added fact that he was the one that worked on the most toxic environment)
  12. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Seems like the green thing that appears whenever you use "Doom" might be a reference to Dr Doom, not Doomguy. Trying with my own projects: Brutal Doom (this one looks like a late 90s shooter, its perfect). VietDoom (wow! This is going to be the actual title screen of the next version). Extermination Day (2 attempts) ArmageDoom (kinda expected) Recurring Nightmares (this one is pretty cool) Smooth Doom Brutal Fate (WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE??? WHAT IS THE AI LOOKING FOR???) Sergeant_Mark_IV
  13. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Facebook Plus Many Other Apps Shutdown/Stocks Plummit?

    Do you also believe Activision/Blizzard's shredding criminal evidence never happened and it's conspiracy theory? Don't underestimate the audacity of these people. The losses they had today are completely negligible, they can make it back in no time. They must all be in a mansion right now snorting cocaine out of a missing child's ass and everyone is like "Oh man, I heard about the Facebook blackout, I feel terrible for you, now you are as broke as Bill Gates"
  14. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Facebook Plus Many Other Apps Shutdown/Stocks Plummit?

    Yes, I just caught up with the story now. It's just what I always suspected: Facebook is responsible for everything bad happening to society right now, and now people found out.
  15. Sergeant_Mark_IV

    Facebook Plus Many Other Apps Shutdown/Stocks Plummit?

    I doubt it has anything to do with solar flares. Other social media with servers on the US such as Twitter aren't being affected. It's probably more related to the recent Facebook leaks. Turns out Facebook is literally responsible for the entire current decadent state of society and political divide, and they are certainly going to try to hide everything. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-58678332 OR they could have just not deleted it, but simply moved it to somewhere else, where it will remain until they review and remove all incriminating data.