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  1. Thank God no.
  2. And what makes you think so? Even with millions of lazy le 8 bit side-scrolling platformers on Steam right now, there still is a market for good side-scrollers, because even if you inflate the market with millions of shitty ones, there are always people looking for good ones. There are literally just 3 well-known retro-FPS games being developed right now, and I can't remember of any absolutely awful retro-FPS released recently besides Strafe. (which honestly can't even be called retro)
  3. Dusk, Project Warlock, and Intrude disagrees with you. There is notable market for 90's-styled FPS games forming right now. So, if are you going to venture into it, why not sticking with a solid engine that you have played with for your entire life such as GZDoom or Zandronum instead of relying on something such as Unity? As someone who's currently pre-producing a game on the Doom engine, I already came into the conclusion that using Zandronum is the best solution. GZDoom's latest builds have been tanking on performance pretty badly, and it can alienate a rather considerable part of your target audience (people using toasters as computers). Remember that a lot of people who enjoys oldschool games are into local multiplayer, and since split-screen is not possible, making your game being able to run on shitty laptops is a good idea to suppress this issue. And anyway, anyone can "mod" your game into using GZDoom to make use of it's graphical improvements (SSAO, Bloom, etc), since basically anything that runs on Zandronum can run on GZdoom. However, by the last time I checked, Zandronum still isn't entirely GPL. Seems like there are still code borrowed from the Build engine on the Software render. I personally have chosen to develop the game entirely targeted at the OpenGL mode, and getting rid of the software mode code entirely. I highly suggest making level design and gameplay your top priorities. The game MUST be fun to play. People usually don't look at retro games looking for award-winning plot or stunning pixel art visuals. I can give you some advice about making textures; it's easier than you believe. There are several royalty-free texture sites out there. You find a base material (rock, concrete, metal, stainless steel, etc.). You just learn to draw shadow molds, and place these materials beneath these molds. Download some image editing program such as Photoshop, Gimp, or Fireworks, draw the basic form of your wall or textures, imagine the lightning is coming from above, and just start drawing shadows. There are examples of molds of a door and metal panels hand-drawn by me using Fireworks, using different textures beneath them to make texture variations. Because you can't just swing a magic wand and expect everything to work online. When Zandronum devs includes stuff from GZdoom, they need to code everything from the ground, in a way that the information caused by an action can be processed for multiple clients at the same time. This requires weeks, or even months of testing, this is why Zandronum is like 5 years behind GZDoom.
  4. Making a few 3D floors does not cause any problems, going berserk like Blade of Agony did and make buildings' roofs out of 3D floors will cause a problem, specially because if you have no one-sided linedefs for the building's walls, the engine will render everything behind it. Since you are going for a building, make sure you always have one-sided linedefs preventing the player from looking from one window into another, this will significantly reduce the performance issues. Also make sure you merge all the similar sectors. Or instead of making linedef portals, consider using sector portals (the upper sector and lower sector things).
  5. That's an overrated image. Command Control is one of the epitomes of classic fps level design due it's several alternative routes and how it often taunts you to abandon the main objective to get powerups.
  6. All of these issues have been fixed on previous builds. It's actually much easier to make a map Brutal-Doom exclusive than anti-Brutal Doom. Monsters ar less likely to be stuck on places, they are able to navigate faulty/sloped terrain better, and the list goes on. Bethesda already contacted me over my Patreon, they asked me to never post patron-only private download links and state that it's for maintaining my youtube channel, and state that the "custom version" reward I offer to the high end patrons should be public uploaded somewhere and allowing any person, patron or not, to have access to the link. They said everything is ok as long I don't try to hide something behind a paywall. About the whole money talk, what is the difference between accepting donations from supporters to allowing some youtuber to stream your mod, put ads on it, and make money, not depending on a supporter's help, but actually using the wads commercially under a sponsoring contract just like if it was a tv show? Where is the witch hunt over youtubers? (oh and for the record, Bethesda is also totally ok with monetizing videos)
  7. And now MetroidJunkie is faced with a logical problem, because he has no "post with malware" to report.
  8. So, now you backset mods believe I should be banned... for something that did not happen inside this community... and for breaking what forum rule exactly?
  9. Yes, you are right. I should have done that.
  10. To be able to claim that "the list is incomplete" it is implied that you know the names of missing people and is refusing to tell it yourself. Unfortunately there is no way to attach any kind of digital signature to sprites, and even reasonably popular resources might be difficulty to track down. For example, Terminus here once used several sprites made by me from Brutal Doom for his Demonsteele project, and according to him, he found these sprites in a japanese mod. If he wasn't able to notice that these resources came from the most famous wad around, you shouldn't expect me to know the origin of sprites from obscure wads which doesn't even feature actual credits lists and instead issues a "thanks for the creators of the resources used on this wad, whoever you are", or "Thanks to Realm667 for the custom resources". For some time I have been trying to make a list inside the wad specifying each sprite set and the name of the creator (I currently provided one for the music creators on Extermination Day's soundtrack file, with links to their youtube channels). Now that I managed to make a version with stable gameplay I think I should invest my time on finishing this list.
  11. Mike is credited on the graphics section, you are credited under code contributions (the script used for the tracers of the Mastermind's projectiles, you once called me out on twitter about it), I didn't knew you also had worked on Samsara's sprites.
  12. To be fair you are quoting a discussion that happened one day before a scheduled upload, but I am working on it right now. Didn't we had an entire discussion about how this can't happen? Stop trying to blow things out of proportion.
  13. I didn't really put much thought on something creative, just wanted to make PB not work with it and make people go "wtf why its not working" (even after I stated that the file required the latest BDv21 beta). Now you are being excessively over-dramatic. I have explained the story already, this is an extraordinary situation with specific targeted people in mind, and not something I would gratuitously do to everyone. I have to update the file today to fix an exploit that breaks some maps, and I will have this code removed. Jesus christ, you people have no sense of humor.
  14. I know you are a dev and everything but I fail to detect any difference in cpu clock usuage, voltage, temperatures when comparing the script tanking gzdoom to a regular playthrough of classic doom. Terminus and Mike are known for including anti-BD codes on their mods, and I don't see any immaturity on it. (The only difference is the reasoning, they took things lighter because they were annoyed at BD fanboys, while I have a personal vendetta with broken trust with the PB devs, and I did intended to remove the script after the wad was finished.)
  15. lol Nah, it goes way deeper than "jelly", and you should not make assumptions about something without knowing the story behind it. Imagine a hypothetical scenario where I was allowed to get into the closed beta of a gameplay mod, let's say D4D (I heard stories about how DBThanatos was protective about the beta, even making a non-disclosure agreement for it). Let's say he trusted me to check how the mod's development is going, and even helped me with my own personal stuff. Then someday I decide to unknowingly to him, take assets and code from D4D, put it on Brutal Doom, release it publicly, allow BD's fanbase swarm D4D's gameplay videos saying things like "Oh you stole this from Brutal Doom!". Imagine the outrage this would have caused, imagine how everyone on this community would do anything possible to make me pay for this? That's a funny scenario to imagine, right? Because that's exactly what the PB devs did to me. What would be the "professional" method of dealing with this? Come on, give me an example. Asking Moddb to ban Project Brutality from their website and opening an endless discussion about the ethics of modding? Don't you think a prank directed exclusively to the PB fanbase isn't a more appropriate response?