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  1. MegaDoomer

    DTWID: Project is done, check the release thread

    I hope the ZDS in the US will have this version hosted. That hasn't started just yet.
  2. MegaDoomer

    JENESIS - done and on /idgames.

    Link is ready :) Jenesis
  3. MegaDoomer

    JENESIS - done and on /idgames.

    So we have four issues that need attention: secret on Map15, elevator on Map18, monster teleports on Map20 and Map24. Probably worth a a patched release IMO. @Jimmy91 - If you're unable to upload, you could send me an updated zip file and I'd help. My email is bdl816@aol.com. Just thought I'd offer.
  4. MegaDoomer

    Deimos: Slight Return [Release]

    Sorry I wasn't trying to incite any arguments. I was just stating my own observations. NMDU probably is way better than this, I can agree wholeheartedly. I do admit this looks a bit more of a direct recreation that I'd prefer, which surprised me because I don't remember Phobos Revisited being that way. But I played it 7 years ago. And although you have a point, I'm not entirely sold that comparing the architecture with other vanilla maps that have absolutely nothing to do with this release is fair. I'm not even implying that DSR is good, because I've not played it. But I think I can still reference what the author himself wrote in the text, and make general observations.
  5. MegaDoomer

    Deimos: Slight Return [Release]

    Direct quote from text file. The curving stuff was present in a very similar manner in Phobos Revisited and also a majority of ReX's maps. And I don't see what's wrong with it. Also since Woolie Wool hit it on the first one, I don't think anything is wrong with this either. Unless the curve linedef is a problem. About the dynamic lighting, this wad is intended to be played in Vanilla, not a port, let alone OpenGL. (again from text file)
  6. MegaDoomer

    Deimos: Slight Return [Release]

    Like this news! :) It could actually have more of an audience than Phobos Directive, even if a small sample really loved that. There's a lack of real E2 "remakes" as well. AFAIK the only real competitor is last year's Deimos Deja Vu. Of course there's also Wonderful Doom (which has all the episodes) but I never thought that was up to line really.
  7. So, Khorus - mission accomplished, great job! :) What's next?
  8. MegaDoomer

    Serious Sam 3: BFE

    A bit of an indirect response (my base question was really meant to be yes/no variety) but given you said you've put that many hours into the game I'd assume that yes you could recommend it then on the merit of getting a fair return of fun & games after some less exciting stuff early on. Please just let me know explicitly if that's a correct interpretation. And just so I'm prepared, about how many hours did it take you to get through the Urban levels and to the fun part? I'd assume it was maybe two or three hours when one or two would've been better, but I'd like to clarify for sure here as well.
  9. Unless intentional, I'd say this should be fixed with the release of Map29.
  10. Thatt's fine, I've no problem, but I'd really like to know if there'll be any. Just a simple yes or no. If you don't want to give it out publicly, please PM me. I promise NOT to share in that case. :)
  11. MegaDoomer

    JENESIS - done and on /idgames.

    Well that sounds nice. I wish good luck. :) Looking forward to Jenesis and I hope you get a Caco. Despite any small gripes I'd say it deserves one (though I'm not sure I'm in the "it's better than Reverie" camp). But that easily could be at least part biased because my testing contribution and time dedication to Reverie ended up being much more, sorry about that because I don't want to put your work down at all! :) So I hope the best with the final release of Jenesis (and appreciably please include a Mediafire or some other download site link to it if you don't mind because actual appearance to /idgames can take a week or two sometimes) and hope all else goes well so we'll see you again in not too long. :) Keep loving Doom, I both think and hope it's life & community is still far, FAR, FAR from over! Oh, and by the way, if you've not finished the music for Map31 yet, just go ahead and fill it with the track from Map03 of All Slige'd Up, it's a near pristine fit in and of itself IMO. :)
  12. MegaDoomer

    JENESIS - done and on /idgames.

    I hope you're not leaving! :( You make great maps, I hope your emmigration to Australia goes well & good luck handling it but also that you can at least eventually continue your contribution in this community. :) But OTOH I know real life just gets in the way sometimes, and that's just a fact to deal with.
  13. MegaDoomer

    Serious Sam 3: BFE

    How many levels are the Urban levels (first 3 levels, first 4 or 5 levels, etc.) and is there enough good after that (how many levels are there from Sphinx on?) for you to recommend the game despite the slow start? Actually, this kind of seems to be the tune to things, even many users on MetaCritic are saying the first couple of levels really aren't that great. That would obviously cause the criticial scores to take a big hit, since many critical reviews strongly are based towards first impressions, along with the points it'll already loose from many sites for being an "out of date" style of game in their view, but on this forum the whole "outdated" thing is totally irrelevant because those on here are there because they like Doom and thus clearly like older style games! That's one of the main reasons I chose this as the place to gather some thoughts. But back to the subject of the weak beginning versus the strong remainder, the bottom line is if I can get, say, an approximate ratio of at least an hour and a half of fun and games to look forward to in the later parts of the game for every dull or otherwise boring hour I have to play through earlier in the game, then I'm more than interested in playing this thing and simply being prepared to stomach its early weaknesses (or any minor negative points throughout), and therefore that should correlate to a recommendation.
  14. IDGI - Can you elaborate? If nothing else, just make them like other maps, that's better than none at all. And if DH85 says so, tick Map27 up a notch or so preferrably with the Map28 download. :)
  15. Do you still plan on secret levels? If so, then there's 6 to go.