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  1. Rambosee


    Astounding. The level design is truly amazing everywhere you head, but what seals it is the gameplay. It manages to be tough but fair without being a slaughterwad, a very rare thing! I mean it, there's no BFG horde slaughtering. In fact, I only saw the BFG 4 times the entire game, one of which was in a secret and the other in a super secret that's in episode 5! Solid 10/10
  2. Rambosee


    Slaughterwads aren't my thing. That said, this is an exception. Beautifully done and crafted. It feels like careful work has been put in just about every sector of each map. It's like the most beautiful levels of Speed of Doom got ramped up to 10, filled up the entirety of the wad, and the combat, even if it is just slaughter, given thought!
  3. Rambosee

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Kama Sutra

    Done on UV Map 01: No deaths Go berserk. But seriously, everything but the end fight can be resolved quite easily by a simple mouse click, not to say that the level wasn't fun. I was quite enjoying running around and punching shit. Quite a good starting level. Yellow key area is a bit blah but that is a quite minor nitpick to this otherwise good level. Map 02: One death (FUCKING ZOMBIEMAN) Aaaaand get raped. The monsters didn't like the ass kicking you gave them back in the previous map so they set up an ass kicking of their own with you getting pummeled right out of the bat. It doesn't get much better as some of the traps were quite unforgiving in practically every aspect. Two issues was getting stuck in the blue armor lift, and the fact that the super shotgun secret wasn't marked as a secret. That super shotgun made me wonder later on what would have happened to my poor ass if I had never found it and caught myself in one of the more unforgiving traps. I cringed, and decided not to test that as I moved into the exit. 10/10 would get raped by again. Map 03: One death (An imp. Which is funny considering I was being swarmed by monsters way higher on the oshit meter) Hello? Is anyone hoOHSHITOHSHIT Pretty much my thought process when I played the map. The only reason I survived the first ambush was because the enemies were nice enough to yell out before initiating kickass.exe and my brain managed to register that I needed to get the fuck out right now. And thankfully the door which I came through didn't get blocked off. Since I quickly ran out of ammo trying to resolve the clusterfuck behind the door I grabbed the SSG only to get pounded into fine paste. A quick restart later I wondered something. You have several choices which you can choose at from the start, but most of them seemed only for late game due to the type of monsters there. After choosing what I saw as the correct path, and managing to clear out the SSG trap with the rest of my rocket supply and about 20 pistol shots, the map dropped in difficulty and it was pretty easy to handle off the rest of the baddies around the map. A tough map provided you are completely clueless about what to do, but a rerun or two and the map might as well be considered finished. Not much to replay but good for a run.
  4. This looks... interesting. Will have the same color theme once everything is improved on?
  5. Rambosee

    Cacowards 2013 nomination thread

    I'll second this, I love playing this wad online. Being commander was an excellent experience, nothing could beat mowing down a hundred or two monsters with an ion cannon.
  6. Rambosee

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    The noise in this thread woke me up from my lurking. And I like lurking so everyone SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  7. Wait what? I sent the PM and you got it. I said to continue it and to move it on.
  8. Well shit. I was installing a new computer during the week I got the map and my old one was formatted, and I could see that you sent me the map Chris from my phone, but I couldn't respond or download it. It's done now, so choose if you want to give me a second chance or continue on the loop.
  9. Rambosee

    Where do you keep your IWADs?

    I prefer to have the IWADS in the port folders.
  10. I guess I could contribute something since my interest for mapping has returned the past couple of days.
  11. Rambosee

    Election 2012: Conservatards vs Librodouches

    Oh good, now I don't have to worry about working my ass off at the Canadian border.
  12. Rambosee

    Hotel Of Doom

    Might make an interesting map for survival Hell Revealed style. The exit would be at the top where you have to shoot an icon of sin made to look like Kim Jong-un.
  13. Rambosee

    Help get Postal 2 on Steam

    Goddamit you beat me to it theDoomguy2011.
  14. Rambosee

    Show Printable Version

    This deserves to be remembered forever.
  15. Rambosee

    Modern Games that you do like?

    Everything made by valve makes the list automatically. Fallout: New Vegas is pretty damn awesome as well.