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  1. xvertigox

    Quake III Arena vs Unreal Tournament

    Watch that map and try to say ut99 is better than q3. There's not even a competition tbh, ut99 is fun but doesn't even come close to touching q3.
  2. xvertigox

    Map Template Idea

    If you're having issues with creativity start out super simple - make a functional map and try to make it a bit pretty if you can (no big deal if you can't). Then make your next map and you'll be able to build on what you learnt from the first. Then just keep doing that forever. I had an issue in a similar way when I started out and it was a mechanics issue - I wasn't familiar enough with the actual workflow of making a map to get into a creative / flow state. The same goes for map layouts, once you've iterated enough you'll know how to lay maps out without having rack your brain. tl;dr keep making maps and don't dwell on your early maps for too long
  3. xvertigox

    Quake III Arena vs Unreal Tournament

    This shoulda been a poll btw
  4. xvertigox

    Quake III Arena vs Unreal Tournament

    They both have their strengths but when it comes to competitive play (namely duel but also ctf and tdm) q3 is far, far superior IMO. I'd say q3 is basically the perfect duel game, the only thing it lacks is players (let's go diabolical!). I view it in a similar way to Doom - Doom is the perfect sp fps - it's distilled and purified greatness. By the same token q3 is pure afps glory - it's the mp side to the coin. The movement is far superior even without factoring in cpm movement, there's a whole scene that revolves around how good it is (defrag). If you need to compare the two all you'd have to look at is the rocket launchers, ut99's is slow and clunky where as q3's is crisp and punchy. Now, if I had a lan with a lot of casual fps players I'd pick ut99 for the variety (esp with mutators). It's worth me mentioning that I have the q3 rl and rg simple items tattooed on my wrist so yeah, I'd pick q3.
  5. xvertigox

    West Virginia (empty map)

    Not to be a dick but what's the point? If there's literally nothing to do or look at this has no real reason to be released. It's an interesting exercise but has no reason to be shared. Maybe build a map within that layout as a mapping exercise?
  6. xvertigox

    DBP17: Alone

    Yeah, the facehuggers were way too ruthless. I've added a bit of delay between attacks and they're much more reasonable. Glad you liked the wad :)
  7. xvertigox

    DBP17: Alone

    RC2 is up now with a plethora of fixes - new music in map04, midtexture bugs fixed, facehuggers tweaked, credit map added, rocket launcher sprites edited and a bunch more.
  8. xvertigox

    Fall of Society

    @Chipper35 If you plan on playing pwads you should 100% buy Doom 2 and use the actual iwad.
  9. xvertigox

    John Romero AMA

    Some interesting info like a possible SIGIL sequel.
  10. xvertigox

    DBP17: Alone

    Blimmin mid textures.. Thanks for the report @P41R47
  11. xvertigox

    Hellforge Speedmapping Sessions (and other community events)

    Keen as fuuuuck
  12. xvertigox

    Advices/Ideas for tech ceilings?

    @rdwpa Great explanation and fantastic shots - very useful. Bookmarked this thread for future reference.
  13. xvertigox

    *UPDATE * Jazz Jackrabbit Doom v2.1

    @Bass Slapper '89 Dude, LGR showed your mod in his Doom 2 25th Anniversary vid!
  14. xvertigox

    Postal 4: No Regerts

    WHY CALL IT POSTAL 4 WHEN YOU’VE DISOWNED POSTAL III? We had entertained the idea of calling it something like The Real POSTAL 3 or even POSTAL 2x2 as a play on words. We could have also confused everyone and done the whole reboot thing by simply calling it “POSTAL”. Ultimately, though, POSTAL 4 makes it clear that it’s the next big game in the POSTAL franchise. Edit: fuck postal 3
  15. xvertigox

    Postal 4: No Regerts

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/707030/POSTAL_4_No_Regerts/ In EA currently with 1 day playable. Fully self funded by RWS. Looks fucking great imo, I'll be jamming it later today.