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  1. Hope you're doing alright buddy.

  2. Hey guys - sorry, I've been real sick (chronic issue) and have been in hospital for a bit. I'm out now and doing better. Sorry about not being able to update, Murphy's law dictated it was the perfect time for my phone to fuck out too. I'm recouping still this week but this weekend I'll be able to smash a whole bunch of work out, I want to get through as much of the approvals as I possibly can so keep your eyes peeled. I'll do the updates to spreadsheet and all that then too. Sorry again for the delay, looking forward to getting this into everyone's hands.
  3. xvertigox

    Limited Run: Doom Switch Physical Collector's Box

    @durian That's awesome that you got yours already! I'm eagerly awaiting mine after getting the shipping info a while back. I'm a bit sad about the comic, like you I expected it be basically a reprint of the original but oh well. The manuals would have been nice too. Are you gonna get the posters framed? I've ordered the Quake Switch ultra collectors too and I'll put both it and the Doom pieces on a small display table. Did you guys get T&Ts for your orders? I got an email saying update your address by Feb 17th but no subsequent dispatched or T&T emails?
  4. I really enjoyed mapping for Nightmare in DBP25, I'm definitely keen to contribute to ep 2 or 3. I'll check out ep 1 in the mean time. Good work on getting the first release out, the sceens look mint.
  5. xvertigox

    Nugget Doom 2.2.1 (updated October 16th, '23)

    Hm, I had to use 'fast' as a cheat code to get it to work on that session. I tried it with and without loading directly into a map and it then worked both times so yeah disregard my previous bug. Thanks for the prompt reply. I love these extra cheat codes, it would be great to have a list of them in-game, maybe on the HELP screen or even it's own dedicated menu option?
  6. xvertigox

    Nugget Doom 2.2.1 (updated October 16th, '23)

    After using Nugget Doom for a couple of months now it is definitely my favorite source port. It's exactly what I want, software render with support for all the new fancy standards. I really love the extras you've included. Gibbing with ssg feels so good. Thanks so much for all the hard work. I have a question though, I'm playing the lastest freedoom2 svn with -fast but the monsters and projectiles move at regular speeds. Is there a different command? I looked in the menus and didn't see any options but I could have missed it. Actually, I just tested it with doom2.wad as the iwad and -fast works so it looks to be a bug with freedoom 2? It might even just be that the imp fireballs aren't sped up.
  7. xvertigox

    What is the Best Weapon From Any Doom Mod?

    Final Doomer has massive variety as it has multiple classes with totally unique weapons. What I highly, HIGHLY recommend is this setup: Final Doomer + Compendium + Shades of Doom + Vanilla Essence. Below is my setup, ignore the 'blankforlauncher4' and 'mapsofchaos'. The zips with number prefixes are all part of Shades of Doom. What this setup gives you is: 9 unique weapon sets from Final Doomer 54 (!!) megawads to choose from a hub map Hotkey toggle to go to software rendering, no mlook, low res etc with Vanilla Essence. Perfect for classic megawads. Unique monster sets for each megawad. There is a menu option for Shades of Doom that locks the current monster replacements (you can have it 100% random for each map if you prefer). This means you can lock it on map01 and keep the same monsters for the whole megawad. When you finish it/get bored you can turn off the lock and get a fresh set of monsters and then jump into a new megawad. I seriously love this weapon mod setup, the variety you get from changing to a different megawad with different weapons and monsters is massive. There are so many combinations, including using and not using Vanilla Essence, that make it feel like a different game. I'll make a thread about this sometime because I really love this setup. Same goes for Doom Launcher. I can explain my 'blank4launcher' in that thread too.
  8. Yup, feel free to use the textures from my resources. It's not every color but I included a dark shade and a light shade for each. You can use the monsters too but I just ask that if you use the sprites that you wait a bit until DIY is released and release it after. You could also try to make a map for DIY, I've still got a bit of work ahead of me so you've got a bit of time. If you're an experienced mapper you could squeeze a map in, if you want to just mess with the textures go ahead :)
  9. xvertigox

    Texure Mapping Issue

    Nice work, glad you got it sorted by yourself! I knew that wasn't what was causing the error but I knew it was something to do the with sloppiness ;p A good cleanup fixes most issues.
  10. This could be the best mapset for GMOTA ever. I'm trying it now, curious to see if anything will be broken. I picked up the staff at the beginning and can switch to it so I think it'll be all good.
  11. xvertigox

    Half-Life: Field Intensity [HL1 MOD]

    I love HL1 and it's mods so cheers for the heads up. OpFor is definitely my favorite of the 3 or 4 official campaigns but it's always way too short (don't get me started on BS). I'll check this out now and hopefully it could be fit in nicely after an OpFor run. This sold me.
  12. Woo, new Wadzine day is the best day!I bought a new tablet (Galaxy Tab S7+) specifically for reading comics and mags and the Wadzine looks so fkn crisp on it. I've got all 17 issues so far zipped up and named appropriately from transferring it to my tablet so I've uploaded it here for any new readers that want to download all issues in one archive.
  13. xvertigox

    Texure Mapping Issue

    Ok, I had another look at the wad and yeah man, this wad is extremely messy. Have a look at this screenshot: You can see you have patch markers: P_START and P_END - your graphic 'DMQRVTU' needs to be within those markers. You also need to make sure you add it to TEXTURE1 too. The way Doom works is that each texture is built from patches. Patches are defined in the patch table 'PNAMES' lump. In the TEXTURE1 lump you use those patches to make textures that you can then use in your map. If you want to just use a single image as a texture, like DMQRVTU, then you need to make sure its within the P markers and then right click on it > Graphic > Add to TEXTUREx. With how messy this wad is I would recommend making a new one. Take a look at DOOM2.WAD and see how that is laid out and then emulate that. Currently, you have maps then sprites then another map then more sprites etc. I'd also recommend adding version numbers so you can keep track of the latest version without having to copy paste it all the time. If you link me to the wads that have the custom textures, sprites etc you want to use in your maps I can compile it for you quickly into an example wad so you can see how it all works and how to lay it out nicely. Edit: @maxmanium is right which is why I think the texture half works (shows in editor but not in game). Thanks for the clarification.
  14. xvertigox

    Texure Mapping Issue

    Sweet, thanks. What's the texture name? Also, are you modifying an IWAD or something? This wad looks to have all the vanilla doom2.wad assets in it. The wad structure also looks wrong, you don't have makers for your sprites and you've got your textures mixed in with your sprites. What exactly are you wanting to do with this wad? Presumably, it's a resource wad for the map you're making. Which custom assets are you wanting to include? I can help you create a clean and functional resource wad if that's what you're after.
  15. xvertigox

    Texure Mapping Issue

    Which format is your map in (UDMF?)? Can you please post the wad with the texture?