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  1. xvertigox

    How do i play Scoredoom?

    The github page I found was empty so you can't grab it from there. Since the site is down and I can't find any mirrors you might need to use wadseeker (part of doom seeker). I'll have a squizz tonight and see if I can find it for you.
  2. xvertigox

    Disenchantment Season 01

    The Matt Groening show, Disenchantment, has just dropped on Netflix with it's first 10 episodes. It features writers, producers and voice actors from both The Simpsons and Futurama so I have exceedingly high hopes for it. Check the wiki page for more info or view the trailer below.
  3. xvertigox

    Is the 8th Generation of gaming terrible?

    Better than D2? I dunno about that...
  4. xvertigox

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Looks tight as fuck, the grapple is dope as is invasion. I like that they were more faithful Doom 1/2 when it came to monster design too.
  5. xvertigox

    HUMP mini Community Project (Now on Idgames!)

    I really enjoyed this in Chocolate Heretic - nice work all, dope to see more Heretic content.
  6. xvertigox


  7. xvertigox

    Enemy health bar.

    Both of these exist and are used on Zandronum servers a fair bit. I can't check at the moment but I can get you links later (or just check Zand). Edit: 2004 lol. @Equinox24 plz.
  8. xvertigox

    Chocolate doom but with better graphics?

    Try Crispy Doom.
  9. I haven't posted this on the thread but I'm also withdrawing from the project. I'm looking forward to playing most people's maps though, gl all.
  10. xvertigox

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    Please don't beat me.
  11. xvertigox

    [WIP] Technopath: Dark Frontiers

    Very creepy map.. The flashlight, enemies and weapons all meshed well together. I really liked it up until towards the end. My hp got low and I got lost and with that red tint and heartbeat it became to annoying to finish. If the map was a bit harder (some monsters being faster maybe?) and the screen effects were reduced heavily I'd like it a lot more. That's not to say I didn't like it -it really nailed the creepy and slow paced atmosphere - but other parts sorta let it down a bit. Here's where I got to until I quit due to screen effects
  12. xvertigox

    McDoomalds 2: Burger Baron

    Cute and enjoyable map. The main arena/outdoor area had some sweet infighting and the restaurant had fun sector work. This and McDoomald's both have great, lighthearted vibes on them - very fun to play.
  13. xvertigox

    Cyberdoom k battle of earh

    I agree with @Myst.Haruko. You tried to do some cool stuff (broken highway in map01 for example) but I think it's better to concentrate on just one or two maps per wad. There were a lot of technical issues (skies, alignment) and the gameplay was very boring (marines vs pinkies x100). The highlights were definitely when you tried to make something creative rather than polygonal rooms filled with one kind of enemy.
  14. xvertigox

    DOOM 1, DOOM 2; eternal, ultimate

    God damn, these low effort threads are annoying. Just search. If you had you would have at least found the cacowards or the 100000 other "what mod is fun 2 play" threads.
  15. xvertigox

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I love Quake 3 / QuakeLive. I've got the rocket (as pictured in avatar) and railgun icons tattooed on my right wrist.