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  1. xvertigox

    [Heretic] Lost Temple

    This is pretty decent. Combat was good overall as was the balance. I'm pretty shit when it comes to Heretic but I didn't have too much issue finishing on UV. I liked the mini platforming sections, especially to get to the blue key - it makes the architecture more interesting and seem less linear. Here's an FDA (used resurrect once), I didn't do it as a review as I'm too blitzed to record (that didn't really stop me with my last FDA/review..) But yeah, pretty dece, I liked it. Few texture alignments and broken teleporter to fix but the meat of it is fun.
  2. xvertigox

    Sprites and textures extracted from id mobile games

    @Gerardo194 What's the plan with porting mobile games to GZDoom? Is it going to be like Doom 64 EX where it's basically a 1:1 recreation of the RPGs or will it take some liberties and change the gameplay up a bit?
  3. xvertigox

    Multiplayer Doom Federation

    This is a really cool idea, I'm glad there's people taking action to keep Doom multiplayer Doom alive but also to evolve it. I enjoyed the podcast live as well, dew ftw - he's my fave on evolution of the wad too.
  4. Have you tried deleting the config and seeing if it happens with default settings? The file will be in the GZDoom root folder with the name gzdoom-<user>.ini You can also try using the latest GZDoom SVN.
  5. xvertigox

    Doom GBA can be played in 10 Minutes. How so?

    It's really cool to see different versions of Doom being run. I can't check your wr run right now but will def watch it at home. This post might be more at home in the Doom Speed Demos subforum. Gl on sub11!
  6. xvertigox

    Sprites and textures extracted from id mobile games

    As far as I know it's only via emulation. I can't remember which emulator to use but I should be pretty easy to google.
  7. xvertigox

    Looking to play and record your maps

    @beast Reverberation Station is a short little techabase by beast. The map is decent overall but could be elevated with more interesting architecture and combat encounters. The detailing in the map compliments it's techbase aesthetic however the map itself is blocky overall. This goes hand in hand with the combat where you're usually fighting big groups of the same enemies, it's passable but not hugely fun. There was one teleport trap in the map but it was quite minor. The map is decent and has a fun E1 vibe to it but you don't have to kick yourself for not playing this one. Thread/download: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100584-reverberation-station/
  8. Big thanks to @Darox and @Aquila Chrysaetos for testing v1.0 of Woe. I've updated to v1.5 now taking into account your feedback as well as @bonnie's. I've tried to add more texture variety, height variety, increased difficulty a bit, rebalanced ammo, fixed texture alignment, fixed tutti frutti issues, made the outdoor area less cramped and slightly expanded the exit area. I still have difficulties to implement but for the time being I want to make sure that most everything else is ok. Let me know if I've missed anything please!
  9. xvertigox

    pacdoom.wad - Another unserious WAD

    Novel and fun map, good stuff.
  10. Here's my new map which will replace the one I previously posted in the megawad. This is v1.0 and there's plenty to tweak. I'll be working on it over the weekend and I'd appreciate any feedback or criticisms. The maps not very long and it's not overly difficult. Woe: woe1.5 Most inspired by: E3M2 and E3M3 Build time: ~10 hours Music: None yet but my mate is making a custom midi : ) Coop support: starts only DM support: starts only Description: Coming soon Demo: No demo yet as map is unfinished Screenshots:
  11. xvertigox

    REKKR - V1.11

    Here too: https://www.vgr.com/doomguy-is-now-some-kind-of-viking-in-the-rekkr-game/
  12. xvertigox

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Really cool mapset. It's crazy that you did it in such a short period.
  13. Made a whole new map rather than trying to make my original one better. Sector work is 90% done, still need to play test extensively and do a detailing / alignment pass.
  14. I've watched Autdoom run through a lot of OBLIGE maps (v7.22 I think) and it does fine. Usually have to bump the health up so it doesn't get decimated by larger monster hordes. Something I almost set up was a stream where Autodoom would run through OBLIGE maps 24/7. The two issues I encountered were the bot not being able to skip the intermission text and having more than 32 maps in the wad. I imagine both of these are pretty easy to solve but I ended up moving on to the other things.