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  1. I think the only disc I have is Doom Hackers Guide which is already on archive.org. Any other discs I have I'll make ISOs of and post them too.
  2. That is an important distinction, OOP doesn't imply out of copyright. I would have to look into the copyright holders and see if the associated companies are defunct but my stance is these books should be preserved and copyright be damned. There is a near zero chance of any repercussions of me uploading 20 year old Doom editing books that are basically irrelevant now. That's a risk I'm willing to take, preservation supersedes copyright in this case.
  3. Originally I had planned to preserve the books but after seeing how good the results are via scanning and how arduous setting a photo rig is I think I'll have to sacrifice them. It's a real shame cause they make a great piece on my bookshelf and they're super fun to flip through. That being said preservation is more important than me having some really nice books so I'll look into copy shops today. I'd called around to a few different places in NZ that deal with document preservation but no one was able to help. Edit: Just called a print shop and organized to bring the books in so he can see if his machine can cut the binding. I imagine it should be able to, they're not especially thick. @Nikoxenos Thanks heaps for the copy shop suggestion! Libraries gave me no joy. I was planning on making a thread asking for suggestions but you preempted that :) Now I'll (hopefully) be able to make a thread soon and dump all the editing books!
  4. xvertigox

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    I'm right there with you. I really dislike that moniker but it seems to have stuck.
  5. I've gotten confirmation that posting the whole book(s) are fine. I'd have to look through my post history to find exactly where but I know that it has been confirmed. The books are OOP and fair game at this point. I'm planning on posting all of the editing books in their entirety when I can figure out how to efficiently digitize them.
  6. Adding on to @Gez's response you could try opening two instances of SLADE if you need to have both Freedoom and doom2.wad open.
  7. xvertigox

    Changing player speed via DECORATE?

    I've got very, very limited decorate experience so I'll give you some stuff to investigate. I'm thinking you could change the Speed of the DoomPlayer class when altfire is enabled or something similar - https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:DoomPlayer
  8. xvertigox

    Unable to replace the Doomguy Death Sound

    I'm guessing you didn't convert the sound to Doom Format. Right click on it and you'll be able to convert it.
  9. xvertigox

    Duke Nukem 3D ported to C#

    Great work! I know it's well out of the scope of the project but it'd be amazing to have an open source version of the BUILD Editor that makes .MAP files that work in Vanilla Duke. Mapping for Build engine games (Blood, at least) involves running the official map editor in DOSBox which is a huge pain and a massive barrier to entry.
  10. xvertigox

    The Maximum Doom Renaissance

    I don't know that it's a renaissance as much is it is a few people coincidentally taking interest in it at a roughly similar time. Personally, I'm a big fan of playing through Maximum Doom (and other shovelware discs). It really changes your perspective on what a 'good' map is. If I see a map with doors using a door texture AND lighting then it's probably 'a pretty good map'. Here's a link to a load of shovelware discs (extracted and ready to go).
  11. xvertigox

    Need help with a mod

    My copy of Simpsons Doom doesn't have any maps in it so here's a link. You should still grab Doom Launcher though, it's great. The built in idgames downloader makes it very easy to download a shitload of maps (all of the ones on the idgames archive).
  12. xvertigox

    Need help with a mod

    If map01 is being replaced on different wads then yeah, Simpsons Doom has a map01. The issue is your load order, you're loading Simpson Doom after Scythe (for example) so it's using Simpsons Doom map01 and the rest from the other wad. I'd recommend using Doom Launcher to set your load order. You can also do it by loading wads through a shortcut and command line argument (or a batch file) P.S Welcome to Doomworld :)
  13. xvertigox

    List of all VANILLA slaughter maps

    Far side of Phobos is actually pretty cool. I do get a slaughtery vibe from it (but nothing too intense) so far. The swastika at the start of E1M2 is a bit off-putting though. It's interesting that it's a Doom 1 wad released in 1998, I would have thought pretty much everyone would have been playing Doom 2 at that point. Edit: I could see this being a proto-slaughter(lite) wad. There's enough slaughtery elements to give it that distinction. I imagine it ramps up even more as the wad progresses but I'm on E1M4 at the moment and it already ticks the right boxes.
  14. xvertigox

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    Have to go +++++DBP26/7/19
  15. xvertigox

    List of unused map things in the official DOOM IWADs.

    Oof, now that's a really good idea. You could do some really crazy shit. I'd love to see a proof of concept where the map is completely different on skill 1/2/3.