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  1. xvertigox

    Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    I'd gladly seed a torrent indefinitely. 500Mb up makes it a piece of cake.
  2. xvertigox

    Is there a modern doom modding tutorial?

    Boom is basically the default format and is in no way archaic. Check YouTube for tutorials.
  3. xvertigox

    ZDS #555 - Oceania CTF

    Missed it, god damn.
  4. xvertigox

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Ah, shit, there is. Thanks for the heads up, will get it sorted for next video.
  5. xvertigox

    Looking to play and record your maps

    @beast Delta is a short and sweet techbase with a few twists. That's pretty much all that needs to be said about it. If you like techbases then download and play Delta. The map flow is solid, there isn't any real backtracking. The combat is on point and is challenging at times. The detailing, especially the lighting, is enough to keep the map looking interesting but not gaudy. I really enjoyed this map and will definitely be playing more of beast's maps. Thread/download: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100410-anyone-up-to-play-test-my-tech-base-map/
  6. xvertigox

    Looking to play and record your maps

    @guitardz With this being guitardz' first map he's off to a good start. The map has a curious gimmick where there are essentially no health pickups but rather a blood pool that heals you. I did expect this to be more of a feature to be honest. As it stands now there is only one blood pool which I used only once or twice. You don't rely on the blood pool but rather on not getting hit. The dynamic lighting used throughout does make the map pop more but it also highlights the lack of detailing. A lot of areas are boxy with little no detail. This could be ok if it was a vanilla map but as a ZDoom map with ZDoom features there should be a bit more detail. I noticed a quirk in the map flow where you could bypass the vast majority of the map by getting the blue key early and going straight to the exit. I did a quick run to see how quickly I could complete the map and I finished it in 44 seconds. This is a pretty easy fix and does stem from the smart choice to add a shortcut from the blue key to the exit door to avoid backtracking. Combat is average for the most part. You're either shotgunning tier 1 enemies or back peddling from Barons. It'd be good to see some variety added and some Barons removed. A teleport trap or revenants would go a long way. This map is ok (quite solid for a first map) but I would wait for future iterations before giving it a go. Thread/download: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100393-looking-for-feedback-on-my-very-first-doom-map/
  7. xvertigox

    Executing configs in GZDoom

    So it has to be done via a command line argument and not ingame. Thatll still work, thanks.
  8. xvertigox

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Interesting, I wonder if it has to do with Smooth Doom? I also noticed the weirdness with the pinkies.
  9. xvertigox

    Looking to play and record your maps

    @Bushpig2dope All good brother. Hit me up if you ever want any play testing done. Here's the hard mode version. The runs sloppy due to vodka but m3h.
  10. xvertigox

    Looking to play and record your maps

    @Bushpig2dope Bushpig's 2 dope challenge is a fairly competent map but it does have some flaws. For the most part it's enjoyable and I'm always interested to play Doom 2 maps that don't feature the SSG. However, in this case, the SSG would have actually been quite useful. The combat is mostly shotgunning tier 1 enemies but then 20% of it is shotgunning Barons which just isn't fun. There is one instance where the Baron is close to you in an enclosed space and in that situation the combat is engaging. All the other times it's overly easy and dull. I like the texturing and detailing for most of the map. It's a classic techbase with nukage and a ZDoom twist. The main open area features a small catwalk around a nukage pit that makes the feel atypical which is a good thing in this case. Overall, this is a decent map that misses the mark a bit but is still worth playing. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s4746dmgp6mrfux/2dopechallenge.rar
  11. xvertigox


    I can't find dmp2013z D: It's not in the map20 slot and I checked all the others? Edit: tyvm @mun
  12. xvertigox

    hell house

    I'm with everyone else. There's so many other wads to play through so your dickish attitude has landed hell house firmly in the "will not play" pile.
  13. xvertigox

    Share a random fact about yourself

    That's normal, it can be so tough. My tek for doing hard stuff is to do an internal countdown and just blurting it out once I reach 0. The way I asked my current girlfriend to be my girlfriend was "ok, when I walk over that crack in the concrete I'm going to ask". I've heard of other people doing it and it works pretty well.
  14. xvertigox

    Gordon Freeman and Doomguy switch places in games

    I loved that addon for gmod. Seeing cacos fighting combine is surreal. This is also a thing that exists:
  15. xvertigox

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That's Carwarz and yep, Fava Beans :)