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  1. Spendoragon

    I choose the impossible. I choose: Hurt me plenty.

    The solution is simple, we just rename the difficulties to UV, UV, UV, UV, UV. Jokes aside, sometimes I default to lower skill setting for learning new wads. The UV from IWADs is a lot more forgiving and there are not as many (if any) lethal traps that require prior knowledge or doom god level skills to survive. Sometimes this is completely unplayable for players not ready for it. Skill 1 provides damage reduction and double ammo so you don't get "soft softlocked" with too little health or ammo to progress without save scumming or having to non-zerk punch out 20 cybers just because you don't know the map and couldn't plan ahead for them. I disagree with the notion UV being an intended difficulty to always play on. I don't care if that's what the mapper says, I see it as UV is the "intended target difficulty" that you would eventually learn to play the wad, but does not need be your starting point on your journey, or even, the difficulty that you ever choose to play. UV is an expert level difficulty for the wad. Some players can handle that right off the bat, others can not, but you don't have to. Difficulty is an option, not a mandate. There is no shame in that.
  2. @dmdr I've sent my files directly to vertigo for compiling the latest update this time so there shouldn't be any crossover. Once vertigo has given it his pass then I may look at it to fix anything that's still borken.
  3. Spendoragon

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP36: Aquatic Wonder D2All UV-Max in 31:43 dbp36allm3143.zip Fixes most issues with my last exit, including being in the right complevel :^) I feel so relieved.
  4. Spendoragon

    Rocky "Learned" Doom Builder (CL9)

    Got through it with no major issues. Relying on archviles to open doors for you is fucked, definitely the worst map to run. Might run some of these other ones. Thanks for making it.
  5. Just a teaser post for the hud rework I've been working on.
  6. New version of my map. Should play better now. DIY_Spendo_v1.1.zip * Changed progression for rocket launcher to prevent cheap deaths and other shenanigans. * Added crushers for cybers. * Added lower difficulties.
  7. Spendoragon

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP36: Aquatic Wonder D2All UV-Max in 32:38 dbp36allm3238.zip Note: Demo plays back with RC2 (dbp36_rc2.wad) which is identical to the /idgames version (dbp36.wad). My bad.
  8. Anytime. I felt I should mention I didn't include dmdr's updated TEXTURE1 in the v1.4bb thing (sorry, I only just now noticed that) so this would be worth looking at for the next update.
  9. @xvertigox Taking it upon myself to update the resource pack to fix current issues with it. I hope you don't mind. It's ideal imo if the resource pack does not throw errors in UDB when loaded. * Removed the 135 duplicate texture entries. * Removed the 135 duplicate patches from the Patches lump. * Moved the included test map from map29 to map69 (use idclev69 or -warp 69) to prevent conflict with anyone potentially using map29. It's better to be ahead of the game on this, and no reason not to since we are using UMAPINFO. * Updated UMAPINFO definitions to include additional parameters for the demo map. This should be a good template for you when it comes to compiling the maps, vertigo. * Removed D_RUNNIN lump. This lump serves no purpose. It is a duplicate of D_DM2TTL and causes conflict with mappers who replace D_RUNNIN. This is the fastest, easiest, most common way to add custom music to your map and most people will use map01. DIY_resources_v1.4bb.zip
  10. I get you, the placement of the cells is fine imo. I wanted to try playing this fight again with and without backpack. Comparing it to similar fights in Dimensions Map03 and Nosp2 Map15, the former gives backpack and has cells easily within reach of the player, the latter has forward positioned cells and an 880 cell cap with backpack. I used as many BFG pre-fires as I could fit and stayed closer to the cybers. It's fine without backpack, just more annoying to complete. Feels better with backpack while also a bit easier. Personally, I feel pitting the player against this many monsters with this much total HP calls for a backpack, but it's up to you. :b I thought it would be worth pointing out that I managed to skip the linedef for triggering the cybers a few times, looking at it in editor it is just a single trigger line, but you can just wallrun and exit before the cybers can even teleport in anyway. Not sure if intentional, but I think it's cool for speed route.
  11. Thinking back on my play of it, I got through the BFG fight without a backpack just fine, there is enough cells all around that it isn't that bad. Thought that maybe the megas could be moved toward the center of the arena and away from the edges where the ammo is so refilling health/ammo can be more deliberate amongst the chaos. I kept vacuuming up spare megas while trying to grab ammo, but there's a lot of megas so it's no big deal. I think the finale could use a backpack by then so the fight is less tedious since the cells are positioned very aggressively towards the cybers which means more often rushing in to get ammo then backing up a bit to stay safe. On the other hand, once their numbers are thinned out a bit it isn't too bad to just wallrun past them and grab some cells. I'll check out new version next testing session.
  12. I'm not entirely satisfied with this map at the moment, it's getting there, but I figured I would put it here for y'all to play around with it. DIY_Spendo_v1.0.zip Still need to implement difficulties and might change a few things about some of the fights. Screenshot
  13. I did some playtesting and UV-Max every map submitted and wanted to give feedback. Overall, I really like the aesthetic of every map I've played. c-sector by @CBM Fun short map. I like the detailing in the tunnel/sewer area with the crossroads. It's quite on the chill, easy side with the 3 megaspheres, a couple could be removed on higher difficulty and the map will still feel fine. map by @7Soul This is a very cool looking map. I enjoy the computer chip sector art and everything. Fun fights. The tiny embedded switches within the embedded frames embedded in the walls are annoying to hit while trying to go fast. fell by @Maribo You've added a lot since the older version. Lovely pacifist gameplay. I'm loving how this plays overall and cool visuals in the darker rooms. I got trapped in the pit in the secret fight that all the monsters are in, but I heard this fight was getting changed so you probably already know. stupid slaughter by @dmdr Some quick and easy slaughter, true to its name. There is an abundance of resources that it isn't really difficult at all. I had fun. The Emperors of Ice Cream by @Thelokk Interesting map. I have to set up a lot of imps and demons to get killed from cybers to get max due to low ammo. The invulns were useful for that. Afterwards, it's a lot of waiting around for the cybers to kill things, some more ammo could be fun. traumatize by @lunchlunch I like the homage to Hangar. Good-looking map with some very mean traps. This kicked my ass blind but got through it no problem eventually. daisy fields by @DynamiteKaitorn This is a nice, open map. I like the daisies drawn on the ground. Spent a bit too long with the shotgun and chaingun, I kept hoping to find an SSG or rocket launcher. In fact, I didn't find the SSG at all until everything was dead. I think it could use some lighting or something to help the player find it. A non-secrets run seems to have a bit of ammo issues, adding some more shells and rockets to non-secret areas could help. Pririrutsenne by @Master Medi Certified good shit brother kind of map. Very good shit. god by @Nefelibeta Awesome slaughtermap with this green/black theme, some cool architecture going on. The only problem I have with this map is something about the lips of these walls (see screenshot) sometimes catches the player and causes them to get stuck, leading to some cheap deaths.
  14. There are 4 duplicate sprite entries present in v1.0 through v1.2 of the resource pack. Deleting one copy of MISLB0, MISLC0, MISLD0, and CELPA0 lumps will fix it. To save time searching for custom textures in the pack, you can create your own texture sets such as Base, Rock, Doors, etc. under your game configurations. Planning to help run playtests on current submissions soon.