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  1. Spendoragon

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    Let's gooooooooooop
  2. Spendoragon

    Junkfood 2 [Slaughter, Boom]

    beannnnnnns what the fuck
  3. Spendoragon

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP25: Dead, But Dreaming MAP09 NM-Speed in 1:45.57 dbp2509n14557.zip MAP09 NM100S in 1:58.89 dbp2509s15889.zip MAP10 NM-Speed in 0:47.86 dbp2510n4786.zip MAP10 NM100S in 0:51.63 dbp2510s5163.zip MAP11 NM-Speed in 2:40.69 dbp2511n24069.zip MAP11 NM100S in 3:29.54 dbp2511s32954.zip MAP33 NM-Speed in 0:52.66 dbp2533n5266.zip MAP33 NM100S in 0:51.97 dbp2533s5197.zip
  4. Spendoragon

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP25: Dead, But Dreaming MAP05 NM100S in 1:29.80 dbp2505s129.zip MAP06 NM-Speed in 0:57.40 dbp2506n057.zip MAP06 NM100S in 1:08.57 dbp2506s108.zip MAP07 NM-Speed in 0:15.77 dbp2507n015.zip MAP07 NM100S in 0:26.34 dbp2507s026.zip MAP08 NM-Speed in 1:09.74 dbp2508n109.zip MAP08 NM100S in 1:16.40 dbp2508s116.zip
  5. GOOD JOB I've wanted to play this for a long time and finally manage to put aside the time to run through Normal and OneMo. Fantastic work. It was phenomenal how some of the maps changed, and so is the overall vibe. There is so much variety and creativity and humor on display here, I think every doomer can find at least one thing to enjoy about it. It's also just genuinely a really refreshing and charming Doom experience that doesn't take itself too seriously. Have had a lot of highlights while playing and watching people play it. I love your brain. Thanks for the fun times and grats on the release.
  6. Spendoragon

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP25: Dead, But Dreaming MAP04 NM-Speed in 1:17.97 dbp2504n117.zip MAP04 NM100S in 1:14.14 dbp2504s114.zip MAP05 NM-Speed in 1:02.49 dbp2505n102.zip
  7. Spendoragon

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP25: Dead, But Dreaming MAP02 NM-Speed in 0:26.77 dbp2502n026.zip MAP02 NM100S in 0:39.14 dbp2502s039.zip MAP03 NM-Speed in 1:28.09 dbp2503n128.zip MAP03 NM100S in 1:41.74 dbp2503s141.zip
  8. Spendoragon

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP25: Dead, But Dreaming MAP01 NM-Speed in 0:43.91 dbp2501n043.zip MAP01 NM100S in 0:58.37 dbp2501s058.zip
  9. Spendoragon

    Junkfood [Slaughter, Boom]

    Nice amount of maps Good shit brother trailer Grats on the release
  10. Spendoragon

    MBOS demos [-complevel 21]

    Map99 UV-Max in 0:59.69 mbos99m059.zip
  11. Spendoragon

    [MBF21] Sepia

    Good brother shit. I dig the aesthetic you chose and the midis. Would love to see more.
  12. Spendoragon

    [CL-9] NapsNoWadMo [Now on idgames!]

    Good shit brother wad. I like all the things you did with the colormaps idea, the map06 red room in particular, and the sector manipulation in map10 is sick. It's been cool to tune in to your streams and see your progress.
  13. Spendoragon

    YUM.wad [MBF21]

    MMM. Good shit brother. Very good shit.
  14. Spendoragon

    [MBF21] MBOS

    Now this is some good shit brother. Very good shit. I love what you did with the credits map.
  15. Spendoragon

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    kboom_9 MAP01 UV-Max in 14:07.20 kb9m1407.zip This time sucks but have fun with this one.