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  1. Lucky_Edie

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Frog_and_Toad map 03 UV-speed in 0:31 ft03-031.zip Had no intention of ever running this map again but @NightTerror saw my 35s demo and suggested punching the air to wake the vile, didn't help with the vile but saves the time platforming to wake the HK. Knowing it was a free substantial time save I knew I had to grind out another demo for it.
  2. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    Def sounds like its too hard on HMP. Nice job Clippy
  3. Lucky_Edie

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Frog_and_Toad map 03 UV-Speed in 0:35 ft03-035.zip Took 500~ attempts before realizing what the hell knight was actually doing. 2245 attempts in total. Time could be a couple seconds faster but grinding an RNG run is awful.
  4. Lucky_Edie

    Best/worst video game flamethrower?

    The flame thrower from Duke Nukem 2 can be pointed at the ground and used as a jetpack, easily the best imo.
  5. Lucky_Edie

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Do it safe, then do it fast if you want to after.
  6. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    Removing weapons on lower skill levels only works well in very specific cases. Best to avoid doing it until you can guarantee everything is balanced.
  7. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    That is fair. Would need someone else to test the fight and see how they handle it.
  8. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    29 viles, i'd just move them behind the revs but use monster block to prevent them from ressing/infighting. Textures on 24 are good, the baron is still a door with health. Is it possible to have the blue key switch also open the entrance on a timer? You can keep the baron in the corner for the combat element. 23. Changes seem fine.
  9. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    Actually just move the viles behind the revs but use monster blocking lines to prevent them from resurring revs and infighting. The wall will prevent vile jumping to the exit.
  10. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    All good. Australia isn't friendly with timezones. Revisting 29 off stream atm and I managed a double vile jump to the secret exit. The viles might just be too much trouble in their current position as they're hard to hit and dodge yet allow the player to vile jump for free. Not entirely sure what to do with them, maybe lower them and move them forward, then block off line of sight to the back wall so they can't zap the player out of the arena. Do what you want with 32, I'd like more imps to spam insanely fast bfg at as it is currently there's very few monsters to slaughter with how OP the powerups are.
  11. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    Played through 23,24 and 32 on stream. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/754160186?t=2h41m28s 2 hours 41 minutes in, I'll go back and think about them some more off stream as I'm somewhat fatigued atm.
  12. Lucky_Edie

    Doom Streams

    Play testing stream. @Austinado's map 10, @Zolgia108's Happy.wad and @Bridgeburner56's boom map. Then if I have time more toad.wad or Frog_and_toad.wad attempts https://www.twitch.tv/lucky_edie/
  13. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    Map 27 changes pog. Freelook is whatever, I don't use it I was just pointing out people will use it and cheese it. I don't think you can get the bfg for the fight, don't even know how to get it. It just seemed out of place and might ruin balance for continuous play if people are doing episode runs, unless there's an easy bfg to get in 15 or 32. I shall explain #2 better. In a lot of map 31's in order to access the secret exit you need to visit all the secrets in the map and kill commander keens/hit switches etc, the casual player can use the secret counter to track how many secrets are left in the map and since the secret exit itself is usually a secret it allows the player to clearly track how many secrets are left to be found. Personally it just seemed a bit odd only some of the secrets contained a sheep when my natural instinct was to assume there was one in every secret I found. This is not a big deal and just some of my rambling thoughts I had while playing. As an example this is how Speed of doom map31 does the commander keens for secret exit https://i.imgur.com/nxrxcGB.png
  14. Lucky_Edie

    Happy (Megawad in Beta) Need playtesters! 32 out of 32

    Played map 31. Thoughts and ramblings. Regular exit 99% kills, 2 secrets. Secret exit 100% kills 6/7 secrets. Missed the blue armour secret. Endscreen: Regular https://i.imgur.com/voHq4X7.png Secret https://i.imgur.com/yORmyUC.png I feel like all the secrets should contain a sheep so the player can use the secret counter to track progress towards the secret exit. Too much red for me. This blended in, maybe torches or a different texture or something to mark it. https://i.imgur.com/Apq2uva.png I beat the map without the blue armour secret or megasphere secret. As such I feel like the blue armour secret should just be a sheep secret and the health balance towards the end should be adjusted. Before the exit room there's 3 stimpacks, then there's a secret mega, a soulsphere, 3 medkits and a berzerk in the exit area. Change the 3 stimpacks to be 2 medkits https://i.imgur.com/haEqyfA.png then move the berzerk to the secret so the player doesn't have to go red on red on red on red on red for the final fight with the berzerk and red orb powerup. The final fight has all 3 health items on the same side which encourages camping, if you move the berzerk to the secret instead of the megasphere then the exit should contain medkits on one side, soulsphere on the other so you have to move around to get full health. Put a green armour where the soulsphere currently is and put a soulsphere near the manc/20 pack of cells are. This way there's the same amount of health approximately but you have to move around for it. 3 stims, megasphere, berzerk, soulsphere, 3 medkits = 700+hp and the adjusted amount is 5 medkits + greenarmour + soulsphere + berzerk = 420~ hp. This means there's about the same amount of health without the secret but the secret is less powerful but allows you to get 200/100 in the final area without needing to go to the manc/cells area. Another detail with the final fight is you can kill a lot of the monsters before entering, either make it a drop down fight or block the monsters from taking damage before entering to prevent people using mouse look to trivialize the fight. Lots of hitscans in this area and the stimpacks feel pretty weak, make them medkits imo https://i.imgur.com/Ko0a6DF.png The secret exit only needs the berzerk for people who play continuous, i'd remove both health items as they're not needed. https://i.imgur.com/sicMhn3.png The last fight doesn't need the bfg at all, just remove it. A single vile in this fight felt whatever, make it 2 viles or none depending if you want a fight there or just a set piece for eye candy. https://i.imgur.com/sKTi4Mk.png Texture alignments don't really matter with the textures used so didn't spend too long looking, seemed fine. There's too many shotgun shells in the map, can remove 2-3 boxes with no issue. Imo remove 2 boxes from here https://i.imgur.com/AlCzULU.png and one from https://i.imgur.com/e1OHl0A.png With these changes I would of still had 76 shells when exiting the map. Enjoyed the map, didn't have any real issues outside the final fight.
  15. Lucky_Edie

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Frog_and_Toad map 05 UV-max in 2:36 ft05m236.zip Beats divided's 3:14 that never got uploaded to DSDA, his initial route was very helpful in completing this demo. Lots of little mistakes.