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  1. Not doing challenges. Eviternity is cl11 @Gibbon
  2. TTV Zone map 45 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/65308-ttvzone-collection-1/ Idk, do whatever it takes I guess, its a bit of a mess Disclaimer: i've never made it to the end. (even with cheats) Done & provided proof and a UV-speed route to plats.
  3. Toilet of the gods map04 https://dsdarchive.com/wads/totg If I'm getting a request I won't do any mods. Took 4 attempts, green armour + soulsphere + switch infinite height press, sr50 across gap. Got blocked by shotgunner/imps at the end.
  4. Frog_and_toad map04 https://dsdarchive.com/wads/frog_and_toad You know how to avoid vile attacks right? ^^ Edit: Ruh roh HMP-max'd god machine with zero megaspheres on stream. That was an interesting challenge.
  5. Lucky_Edie

    Rush demos [complevel -9]

    Congratulations medi
  6. Lucky_Edie


    Def not the hardest. There's no exit is there? Love the double blue armour in a map with no health.
  7. Lucky_Edie

    Any alternatives to plats?

  8. Lucky_Edie

    Regarding Sunlust

    Holy shit I love you
  9. Lucky_Edie

    Regarding Sunlust

    That's a lot of nonsense.
  10. Lucky_Edie

    Regarding Sunlust

  11. Lucky_Edie

    Regarding Sunlust

    What source port are you using?
  12. Lucky_Edie

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    Abandon map10 is a good map.
  13. Lucky_Edie

    Why'd you choose your title?

    I'm an honorary frog. You can join me by beating frog_and_toad.wad map10
  14. Lucky_Edie

    Does anyone like Doom platforming?

    FrogChamp in AYAYA
  15. Lucky_Edie

    What are your collections? Share what you collect!

    Toxic comments from people I run into in video games.