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  1. Master Medi

    The DWIronman League dies to: Criticality & Miasma

    Criticality Kills: 30/1111 Category: 1 Miasma Kills: 216/932 Category: 2 Sourceport: dsda-doom-0.15.0 For Criticality I could have gone further it was a bad play on my part, I still liked the map and will continue playing it :) And for Miasma I've played a bit of but my furthest attempt never made it into that fight where I died needless to say I was a bit surprised. I will also continue Miasma to finish it medi_dwi_miacrit.rar
  2. Master Medi

    The DWIronman League dies to: Alien Vendetta

    Category 2, I knew bits and pieces from some early maps and I have seen 20+ and how they go. Died on map 8 because I got spooked by an AV :( av_ironman_medi.rar
  3. Master Medi

    Hell Revealed demos [-complevel 2]

    Congrats John! A hell of a run for sure :D