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  1. The "OldMP" branch is the temporary because current eduke32 snapshot builds' multiplayer just non-exist, totally broken, and the new one(Client/Server) still WIP, so that branch just for those who wish play Duke3D multiplayer matches with eduke32, it just working fine with some later eduke32 features but still has the same suckage like the original game, just like GZDooM, still is the original DooM multiplayer with some tweaks. Just use something totally different, maybe better multiplayer supports.
  2. Well, I don't intend to say that as "argument" or something, but someone may think it is, so I guess I needed explain my shit better when I post that. And I don't want and don't have time to start such pointless argument, so just let it go. :)
    Love this idea, even it's sounds like shitty. Too bad there is no DooM 2 version.
  3. Well, I do remember about I did read something about that, but just cannot sure...maybe I'm also misremembering too... From the source release archive's readme.txt of SPECIAL THANKS section: So, I guess it's "some sort of" permission from Ken Silverman, after all, the Duke3D engine still based on his code. Also, BUILD engine source code released on 2 years and 10 months ago before 3DR released their Duke3D source code.
  4. Considering DooM3(Yes, the official game logo isn't "DooM 3", the 3 is superscript) was designed like a totally reboot of DooM 1/2, so they still implied some of things in classic, just like most of reboot games. The DooM3 novel author just give him a name, and something "similar backstory of military indiscretion to original marine", but I'm not sure he has any of relations to Classic Doomguy at all... The plot isn't the same too but still has some relation from classic so it just like something new, based on classic DooM. Hell, even the DooM 4/2016 also a reboot again, I guess just id guys just lovin' do "rebooting" their games. :P
  5. Yes, I forgot this part, as the expansions still in copyright hell(Megaton edition considered to illegal too because no one seems know who actually own/responsible for the copyright of Sunstorm Interactive's Duke expansions, thus cannot get proper license) and the contract just invalid so they had canceled it. But as Danfun64 said, the Build engine itself just not GPL but Ken Silverman's own Build license, incompatibile to GPL. Duke3D engine code just released on GPL by 3DR and they got permits from Ken to do so if I'm not mistake. Even the GZDooM got permits from Ken for a small part of engine code(voxel related?) so it can be fully GPL now.
  6. Yeah, that's the one of reasons why HTTKC edition was cancelled. But the hope wasn't lost yet(Gearbox may still considering about mobile ports), it still possible, know, I don't hold my breathe, considering the DN3D World Tour just flipped, no more patches and then the game was removed from Steam about one or two weeks ago and Gearbox still try to resolve it... :(
  7. Well, it actually a mix-bag for SF fans...some love it, and some still like the original MegaDrive/Genesis version. I like some of it, it's not bad game but, you Zelda 2 on FC/NES...some people love it, and some people hate it. (Yes, I know it may bad example since the GBA SF still not changed core gameplay like Zelda 2 but...whatever, I just don't have idea about good example...) Too bad the devs of Shining Force(Camelot) already sided with Nintendo after around 1999-2000, with some rumors about bad relationships with SEGA. *citation needed*
  8. Yeah, and now fixed the glitch, at least on the upcoming GZDooM dev. builds, and the next release build...
  9. Maybe driver fault, see if you can update your video/graphic card/chip's driver...unless you're already using latest driver, then try using older version of driver if you're using nVidia GPUs. If problem still happens then I don't know. :( Maybe, but update the driver maybe fix it, at least it's not happen on my GTX 1060. anti-aliasing 32x + max FXAA, seems perfectly fine. :p (But I'm using 368.81 driver, from 2016, don't know if latest one would cause any problems like this, but older ones may.)
  11. That's why I still called it DooM 4, because someone may forget put year and cause confusing. :P
  12. Download the driver from ATI/AMD site.
  13. Now it should, after RjY edited the page.
  14. Yeah, it's different, but sadly I didn't liked its battle system. I love the sequel but that was old-style of Biohazard/Resident Evil with Parasite Eve theme, not really a RPG anymore. I haven't played FF3 GBA so cannot say everything. But, just like the reason I like DQ3 SFC, I prefer bigger screens...I just don't have interest with them, both FF3 GBA and DQ3 GBC sadly. :P