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  1. Player Lin


    After 13(+some if counts restart after death/finding keys/get lost time) hours of playing this mod(in 3-4 days of play). I'm speechless now after finished Map30, and it's good after I found it's not really vanilla IoS fight, even I still use god mode to complete it since it's still too busy for me(in UV). Well, most of levels really nice, architectures, detail, gameplay are good, city/tech base maps looks good, and hell maps looks awesome...nah, I just doesn't like some of levels, like Map26, you have to go everywhere in the begining areas or you'll run out of ammo in middle part of level, then find you have too many ammo when reach to the end of level, sometimes I just don't know where should I go first, or where is the GODDAMN key/switch...nonlinear level is good but sometimes I just get lost because of that...not sure if detailed design caused that, but at least I have automap. Map31 and 32 are so special, Map31 is VR style but with HELL in it, if you complete Map31 without reach the secret exit to Map32, will go back the end part of Map15, but only some lost souls. But if you found the Map32 and finish it(of course it the Wolf3D theme again, but something different!), you will still go back to end part of Map15, but this time some arch-viles will like to burn your ass! I like this. I play this WAD with HBFM29.WAD loaded(decided to load that after read the TXT file) so the Map29 is a little too good and have some low fps for my computer but I can accept that. Too bad it just a well-setup slaughter-style map(but not perfect working, 6 monsters just failed to teleport into the play area), I feel a bit boring after some waves but still complete the whole level. I would give this 4.5, due to some flaws but I think I enjoy most of this WAD, yeah...I know some doesn't like this but I don't care, everyone has his/her own taste, and that's not my business(unless it's way too over). Recommend for whose like detailed/complex DooM levels.
  2. Player Lin

    gzdoom - set savegame title to .wad/mapname?

    "save" command is the same as you manual "overwrites" the slot you choose in Save Game menu, just like you have a save slot named "quick", then you save it again, and thus it overwrites(YES, you can overwrites other WAD(s) savegame(s) in the Save Game menu). I'm sure GZDooM will NOT check the current WAD(s) loaded when saving the game, it only checks when loading savegames(to prevent wrong/not exist/not compatible data from other WAD(s) get loaded then break the engine), so every time you use the bind it'll overwrites, the engine just doesn't check the savegame will be overwrites about it is from other WAD or not. You have change the filename to other if you change the WAD(s) loaded if you don't want it get overwrites.
  3. Player Lin

    North By Doom 2

    It just DooM 2 in one map, but so linear just does not very fun to play, well...I still like the idea but I think it would be bigger. Most of areas just cramped as hell, and early areas just lack of ammo and health make it's more hardly than later areas, which is weird since later areas should be harder. At least it's not just copy'n'paste work, but that doesn't matter.
  4. Player Lin

    Stack Domination

    In-consistency of nukeage texture usage: some will damage player, some don't, why not use blue one on those don't or give some protect suits to player if they have to go through these "damaging" ones? I know it may because give some challenging but sometimes it almost like unfair, like cyberdemon battle after got BFG9000(infighting with lot of imps saves a little but the area with nukeage floor hurts Doomguy ruined that, cannot kill him since I run out of cell ammo, leave me 99% kills after exit level) and the end of level(I have only 15 health on there and fights 2 archviles and 4 chaingunners, I have to do save/load abuse because you put damage nukeage on there and it's NOT fun to fight them and damage floor killed my poor Doomguy), if put some protect suits or some more health would be better, challenge is good but this kind texture usage of in-consistency is Not. That's the only serious complaint on this level from me, but...well, lack of health and scarce of ammo in UV also make it more badly to me, at least I completed and sure it's challenging, but...screw those f***ing damaging-nukeage floors. :P
  5. Player Lin

    FDC # 10

    For short mapping time and first-try demo contest, this is a good short winter level with Christmas theme(yeah, I know it's so late), new sprites and music is fit enough. Hmm sadly...I'm not fan of "walking-on-so-narrow-seam-way-to-open-a-switch-that-I-can-just-jump-on-it", it seriously PITA to me... Beside that pain, I have good time when blasting this level(if I were not got blasted by archviles, revenants, mancubus and cyberdemons due the cramped battle areas), and it fits winter/Christmas time, worth to play if you don't mind these small flaws.
  6. Player Lin

    Slaughterfest 2012

    Even Slaughter type of WADs just not my cup of tea but at least I love many of them by visual(not details). Map32 is so special that I think this is not slaughter map at all(until very late of the level, yeah...BFG-ing powerful monsters would be some sort of slaughter map I guess)...too bad maps after 20 just went so crazy I could not handle and skipped them by noclip and check layout/architecture design...wow! (Well, not all of them, some of them just meh on layout/architecture but many of them covered that.) Yeah, I still give it 4, just because even with buddha/god mode actives and not enjoy the gameplay, I still like this WAD, authors put a lot of efforts here, really. Try it won't hurt you much, unless you're really sick of these kind of shit. :P
  7. Player Lin

    900 Deep in the Dead

    Short vanilla DooM 1 episode, nothing too special, just like original E1. One complaint : Some narrow passages/mazes with a lot of pinkies(in UV), really? At least it's a nice, old-school style of 30 mins episode, and considering about 100 linedefs limitation, it's decent enough for whose enjoy the vanilla DooM.
  8. Player Lin

    The /newstuff Chronicles #545

    Oh, finally a new one out.
  9. Player Lin

    GZDooM Huge problem

    It's more like they don't want deal with very old graphics cards with out-dated driver that no hope to solve and moving forward. The vintage build is the temporary solution but get a new latest hardware(even just low-end) would best solution...
  10. Player Lin

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    Yeah, it's safer just bet on nVidia cards because Vulkan still WIP and who knows will it helps a lot to AMD cards. AMD cards is great but their driver just other story.
  11. Player Lin

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I see both two posts have some likes but they're all 404ed, what ha...wait... Oh, not again...please do not tease me by delete your awesomeness screenshots posted in this thread... :P
  12. Since the creator of Polymer already leave EDuke32 for other things and almost no one can understand how Polymer works and the team have to leave it as like that buggy status(although still received some small fixes but nothing major), sadly. Z-fighting glitches also happens to Polymost renderer too if you played some user maps/mods/TCs with recently EDuke32 snapshot...they're still deal with that for a while, at least most of cases should be fine. https://forums.duke4.net/topic/9527-release-hollywood-holocaust-rethinked/ This mod would be very suit for Polymer renderer(designed with that in mind, but unlike the DNE, it did tried to make the map less choked the Polymer renderer), but still, if your computer isn't powerful enough, maybe the frame rate would sucks ass.
  13. Player Lin

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    Even now GZDooM devs has AMD GPUs to test, AMD's driver on OpenGL performance still the biggest problem and it doesn't help too much. So they hope Vulkan support(in planned) in future would helps to AMD graphic card users.
  14. https://zdoom.org/wiki/ZDoom_Wars I guess he just lost the interest about the project anymore or just too busy with other things then even lost interest of DooM and doing other things, he still actives in ZDooM forum but rarely made posts, but he did wrote a novel book last year. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=57666
  15. Player Lin

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It added by ZDooM a time ago(not sure when it was in) so GZDooM also has it too. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Crouching === Also, unused death "crouching player" sprite set exists (was in gzdoom.pk3 but now is in zd_extra.pk3, due GZDooM has been GPLed. For ZDooM, it should be in zdoom.pk3.) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=18162 (My bug report about this from 2008, too bad it still not happens, not sure if "technical reasons" still exists now...) Just check your zdoom.pk3/zd_extra.pk3(if exists) and will found them in sprites/plyc/ directory.