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  1. I always remembered Xaser's video that was posted years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwvv9y86oBw
    To me, this is yet other E1 style full-episode, it's plays good, not too bad, just like the original E1 but getting lost so easily. And unless you're doing Pistol-start or your ammo will be TOO MUCH, well, it's not author's fault as id did the same shit on the original E1 too, but on 2013 it may just a little awkward. Most of levels just plays like typical E1 levels, nothing too special but for those who like the E1 should like this too, unless "getting lost/multi-ways" is not something you like...for me, I just do "sv_fastweapons 1" after E1M9 beaten, shame on me, I know, but that's why E1 style just too easily to fall into a boring monsters-killing-fest if nothing so special, and until E1M8, I didn't see any of them so special...maybe some secrets...:\ Overall, I would say it's fine E1 episode replacement, for those who love this kind of levels.
  2. Player Lin

    Dark Passage

    Classic style, plays so id feel, good and bad designs too, since it was designed for the DTWID project and then rejected. Impossible to get 100% kills because a monster cannot get teleport out with 1-time only teleport line... If you like the old-school id style, this one is for you, if you're not, well, maybe give it a try if you don't really hate id levels.
  3. Player Lin


    It's very challenge, health supply is low, if you're not found any of secrets, and it'll make you suffer, a lot. Old school style but since supply is low and you needed considering about the ammo usage so it's not easy, but I guess it's fine for most of DooMers. Sector #324 erroneously set as Secret and it's not reachable(it's the upper side of the switch to active the secret elevator, you cannot go to there normally) so player will end up 2/3 of secrets.
  4. Player Lin

    Vanilla Sky

    Put a lot of efforts in this wad, the sector art is good. Visually, it should be a 5/5, with large city and heavy detailing, but except slaughter style(well, 1000+ monsters in UV is enough to be slaughter map I think) just not fit me, the subway/train area just a little dark(even though the lighting is good), and the tunnels to the final arena can be confusing... It's still a nice map I think.
  5. Player Lin

    High/Low 5

    Too bad the early part of map make me a little easy to get lost, and most of times, have to shoot down monsters from long distance or they'll shoot you down. The map looks nicely, can see put a lot of effort on the visuals and architectures, but make the gameplay just a little weak. I like the BFG trap because I don't afraid get killed if I'm not quickly, just wait and shoot them, and the final cyberdemon can just BFG him to fall down the pit, that's tricky! Afterall, this still a very nice map to play, just may not fit everybody, but I say whatever you like or not, just try play it atleast once.
  6. Player Lin

    Ultimate Doom Project Leftovers

    I like them, even pistol and shotgun only just a little boring, but if they were the first level on each episode for a bigger project then I guess they're good, too bad no more of these... Oh, the red key on E4M1 doesn't needed jump at all, strafe-run from Sector 61->37->45->60 and you can find the key.
  7. Player Lin

    Descent into Hell

    It plays good, nothing too bad, I have nothing to complain, but I think the last battle just a little tedious(shoot-move to cover-shoot-move to cover loop).
  8. Player Lin

    The Underground Temple

    ......when the author never did some checks before releasing any of his shit, and this is the perfect example why this is BAD. 1. The txt files say it's for DooM 2 but no, the map is E1M1 and use D_E1M6 music, so you have to load this map with DooM or Ultimate DooM. 2. The package is mess, looks like just put a lot of wall/flat textures from other WAD into this WAD without clearing or checking(Texture1 contains some non-exist texture infos too), and the MAPINFO defined "stsky5" for E1M1's sky texture but it's NOT exist in the WAD, so you got the "box texture of default ZDooM for missing texture" on the sky... Please, map authors, even you're newbie, check your shit before release! EDIT : After a little of research, it seems needed to load with SkullTag's data for some textures(stsky5 is ST's one), so it can be fixed if load this WAD with skulltag_data_126.pk3 or Skulltag_content2.1a.pk3... and I guess the author made this WAD with Skulltag tested...I guess. But, no, it doesn't changed anything for me, the author just leave users clueless with misleading txt file... (And sadly, it means you can't play this WAD with latest GZDooM 3.x release, as it'll fatal error out with script error on skulltag_data_126 or Skulltag_content2.1a...well, now I can say this is ST/Zand only wad.) The map itself playable, too many ammo laying around and randomly placed seems, make UV still so easy. Maybe needed more enemies or reduced some of them would be better, and other thing else in the WAD just so-so, since the sky texture just missing, the scrolling sky texture feature in ZDooM just useless. I would give this 2/5 but due to the errors in the WAD I decide just minus 1.
  9. Player Lin

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    I just hope I can manual saving in Doom: Eternal...(Just like Wolfenstein 2:TNC) Never completes the campaign of DooM 2016, not even once, gave up in mid-way when I tired with no freedom about saving my progress for some reasons, shame on me but I cannot fix my problem so I had to gave up.
  10. Player Lin


    Solid gameplay, just a little complain about the 2 arch-viles on yellow key room, it's just too hot for me in UV. The level layout and visual just good, feel like early 2000s maps, I didn't found any serious flaw and I like this. Every DooMer who like classic maps should try this, nice job Megalyth!
  11. Player Lin

    Vel ficta: Tantibus.

    The level looks great, the blue sky fit and give players some of eye candy. But, HoMs(I guess the author used some other PWADs' textures but forgot changed them) in some place(like the cyberdemon room), and the gameplay and layout just nearly not exist at all...so sad. Looking good but playing like meh.
  12. Player Lin

    Setebos Station

    This map plays good, I can't really find any of problem on it. Secret just tricky to find, some area just a little cramped when fighting monsters but not big deal. Afterall, it should be something when someone want to kill some time with DooM.
  13. Player Lin

    Esselfortium's Birthday Cave

    I know I'm late and this is nice short cave map, even if it's not for everyone, and oh, don't waste ammo because they're just enough if you want do 100% run.
  14. Player Lin

    Suburban Town with Pier

    The feel of whole level just nice, but I think something is not right, like too many ammo and texture alignments...it still play good enough, as the author's first map.