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  1. Velvetic

    What country are you from?

    São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Finally had some time to update my map, and here's what I changed: - Added coop spawn for players - Added a bunch of monsters for coop - Fixed a potential softlock in coop - Added a DM arena outside the map https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ban8razv3ij9bg/MAP21 - Amongst Blood and Fire v2.zip?dl=0
  3. This track took a while to finish the lyrics and come up with vocal melodies, I'm glad to finally release it.
  4. @Peccatum Mihzamiz Sure, that'll be nice! I'm going to work on adding coop and dm support this sunday.
  5. Oh, I forgot to add coop spawns and dm stuff D:
  6. First time doing a vanilla map, hopefully doesn't break any limit (that I know of). Name: Amongst Blood and Fire Slot: MAP21 MIDI: "The Kingdom Ascends" by Isotype (my band) Build Time: 2 days Tested with: Chocolate Doom 2.1.0 and DSDA-Doom 0.23.0 Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/13y29sghbr1q8ef/MAP21 - Amongst Blood and Fire.zip Screenshots:
  7. Most of the songs there have a MIDIfied version available on my MIDI Pack (https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/music/velvmidipack), and since then I contributed to Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack and the OST for Abysm 2: Spirit Falcon expansion pack. And I plan to do more. In any case, here it is: https://velvetic.bandcamp.com/
  8. I would've linked my bandcamp page here, but since the only Doom related content there is "Atmospheric Extinction OST", maybe not.
  9. This is actually a great thread that can help a lot of cool people!
  10. Velvetic

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    @Lutz It was made my rf' (also known as ravage), here's the sprite sheet:
  11. This is pure perfection to me, Alan Wilder bringing back the classic Depeche Mode sound design back one more time.