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  1. That is the (shitty) secret behind my logo/avatar.
  2. If I go to my profile right now, I can see the 'Display Name History' icon right next to my name. I'm wondering if you can see that as well.
  3. I like the new design, and I like it even more after I changed my name.
  4. I just release the first album from my projected trilogy. It features a lot of genres around a progressive/art pop type of sound.
  5. I'm already planning to do a more elaborate and proper remake of it. Nowadays I feel like I 'shat' on the OST with these poor renditions.
  6. I would love to see a 'Shadow of Oblivion' port some day. It'll always be my favorite from the original trilogy.
  7. Thanks man! :D I never heard about 'She Wants Revenge'. The main inspiration for this track was 'The Pink Room' by David Lynch
  8. If I remember correctly... I design and detailed these areas of the map: the start area, the red key yard, the yellow key room, and the ending room. Lycaon designed and I detailed these areas: the computer room, and the pipe room before CR. The rest was dt_'s choice. Gameplay, item placement (I placed some stuff as well, but they were moved to other locations due to my shitty item placement), and some texturing job to make the map feel more uniform.
  9. Force of habit, or maybe I'm taking into account all those with poor internet connections (maybe not). Thanks man, there's some stuff here that was made around the same time but was put on hold so I could make this MIDI pack.