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  1. Hi, I wanted to share something I did work today for fun. I think we all here remember Fractal Doom, well today I decided to make an universal fractal doom using ZScript that should work with any custom mod and even total conversion probably. CVARs info: ufd_max_iterations (default 1): Max number of iterations you get for each monster (1 = you kill it once, monster spawn 2 children), if you increase the value things can go out of hand but it can be fun I guess. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7n1klvfrtk8oych/universal_fractal_doom.pk7/file
  2. Hi everyone!, I am Stradex and I usually don't do stuff for classic doom but recently I discovered LZDoom and I really wished to have survival like in Zandronum, so with a bit of time I decided to code a Survival Game mode for LZDoom/GZDoom that should be compatible with most of mods and total conversions out there (It is made with ZScript using EventHandlers mostly) So, what does this addon include? Survival Game mode (Server CVAR: sv_coop_lives) Display player names when you aim at them (Like Zandronum) Spectator free fly mode when you are out of lives (Pressing +attack, usually MOUSE1, will move you to the next player alive position in this mode) Checkpoints system mode (Players can create and use global checkpoints, usually useful for maps that are not prepared for coop) CVARs info: sv_coop_lives (default 3): Number of lives for each individual player How to use it? Just plug the file zdoom_coop_utils.pk7 at the end when you host a server and be sure to set the sv_coop_lives at the amount you wish to use. Screenshots: Download link: Download zdoom_coop_utils_v1.pk7 here!
  3. Doommarine_maxi

    LZDoom 3.88b released

    Hi, I love this source port and I was testing it with friends. We played some total conversions via online and it worked awesome! We loved the feature of spawn double the monsters, but we found a little bug. Sometimes if a monsters in a map it's in a very small space then the monster does not get duplicated (and it makes sense) but the problem is that sometimes the original monster gets removed, and that can lead to problems because sometimes that monster can be a boss or something and we couldn't finish some maps. Aside from that I love this source port!
  4. Doommarine_maxi

    Delta Labs: Crew Quarters (Custom map - Released)

    First version of the map has been released!. It includes some bug fixes thanks for the people who helped with beta testing, it will be updated just one time more if more bugs or vital problems are found by other people that is still testing the map. Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/addons/delta-labs-crew-quarters-sp-map Alternative mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dfbnb3397bq0qa0/DeltaCrewQuarters.zip/file
  5. Doommarine_maxi

    Delta Labs: Crew Quarters (Custom map - Released)

    (Es un amigo no te preocupes, el me entiende jajaja) I am glad you are testing the map. Thanks a lot for testing it!
  6. Doommarine_maxi

    Delta Labs: Crew Quarters (Custom map - Released)

    Hi! Anyone interested to help with beta testing please send me a private message here, or via email (stradexengine@gmail.com) I'll share a private beta release of the map to anyone who wants to help with testing. The map still is not finished but the core gameplay and idea of the map it's pretty close to it's final state.
  7. Doommarine_maxi

    The House and the Fort

    Always nice to see people doing maps for Doom 3! Thanks for the release!
  8. Doommarine_maxi

    Delta Labs: Crew Quarters (Custom map - Released)

    Small update: Working with lighting, blood details and stuff.
  9. Doommarine_maxi

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    The gameplay from the map it's finally done! Time to start with gore, blood and some details!
  10. Doommarine_maxi

    Things about Doom 3 you just found out

    That is just a small custom map actually, not related to the Facing Hell mod project from 2005 I feel.
  11. Doommarine_maxi

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    A small preview (WIP) from the map I am making. The visuals are not yet the final result, it's still lacking gore details.
  12. Doommarine_maxi

    Delta Labs: Crew Quarters (Custom map - Released)

    So, I am already working in the gameplay of the map, but I was forced to add a new section in the map for a long hall was feeling really empty. This is probably the last section I add to the map. Probably next month I would like to find some beta testers if anyone feels up to help.
  13. Doommarine_maxi

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    Nice, thanks for sharing!. I am glad to see someone sharing Doom 3 stuff!. It is always nice to know that people is keeping this game alive.
  14. Doommarine_maxi

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    If you want to make a game with doom 3 engine I recommend you choosing a source port (like dhewm3 or rbdoom3bfg) and having some assets so you can use the engine without any doom 3 stuff. Here you have some links to run the engine without any Doom 3 asset at all! Basic Standalone pack for IDTech 4 Game Developers All the assets from a game I was making with idtech 4 (H.A.S.T.E.) The two links includes CC0 assets, that mean that you can use them in commercial projects without having to give credits and anything at all, I am the co-author of the first pack and the author of the second pack that was part. I hope this helps you. The second one includes ALL the assets CC0 licensed from this game I was making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIwTIlMhK2s
  15. Doommarine_maxi

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    Making some progress with the gameplay (the details like blood, pieces of flesh, etc... are left for the end) I personally explore original Doom 3 maps, export some parts as prefabs and use them as reference about how to use textures, some geometry, etc... that maybe can help you.