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  1. Doommarine_maxi

    Hell Arena: Request your own battle

    Hi everyone!, I wanna start a thread about fights between demons and zombies against themselves. Here some examples: 1) 1 bruiser vs 3 Archviles vs 4 revenants vs 20 zombies all at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1mCmv3NYvA 2) 40 Zombies vs 2 Vagarys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv9LDoRabxc What's the idea of this post?, you can request any vs battle you want. Ex: "I wanna see 4 hellknights vs 3 bruisers vs 2 vagary at the same time" Rules: Max teams = 4 Max demons & zombies per team = 20 Demons allowed All demons from Doom 3 & Doom 3 ROE (No bosses, only Vagary and Sabaoth) The following custom monsters: Shambler and Baron of Hell Feel free to request a battle! (Edit: The bruiser don't use meele attack in my battles, only range attack)
  2. Doommarine_maxi

    Are there any visual enhancing mods compatible with Classic Doom 3?

    I doubt it's going to work but do a .bat file with the following command: ".........Doom .exe" +set fs_game_base cdoom +set fs_game sikkmod" cdoom = folder where classic doom is located sikkmod = folder where sikkmod is located
  3. Doommarine_maxi

    Is possible to make a Sector non-solid?

    I wanna know if there's a way to make a sector non-solid (with the idea of ignore any collision so it's going to be more like a decoration).
  4. Doommarine_maxi

    Looking for Doom 3 and Doom Movie (2005) storyboards

    I found some in "The making of doom 3" book, here they are.
  5. Hi people, I wanna ask if you guys have some cool storyboard images about Doom 3 or Doom Movie (2005), I found this on the web:
  6. Doommarine_maxi

    Doom 3/id tech 4 Discord server?

    Comment deleted by the author
  7. Doommarine_maxi

    Do you think there should be another Doom horror game?

    I would love that, Doom 3 is the best in the franchise together with Doom 1
  8. Doommarine_maxi

    Doom 3 Soundtrack

    Hello people, I want to share a compilation of soundscapes / loops and songs from Doom 3. Ambient Soundtrack Melodic Soundtrack
  9. Doommarine_maxi

    Do You Like Doom 3?

    I like Doom 3 as a game on its own too. In fact I like more Doom 3 than Doom 1 (maybe not more than Doom 1 episode 1) and Doom 2 but the games are totally different. So is just a personal opinion, its not based in facts. Doom 3 was able to immerse you with his atmosphere. I love the map design, everything feels dynamic, in movement, alive. That helps to immerse you a lot in the atmosphere of the game and feel like you really are there. The marine being an "ordinary marine" (Not super-fast in contrast with classic doom games) helps a lot to that too. You're not a killing machine who can slaughter a lot of monsters easily, you're an ordinary marine and you feel in danger, afraid. Even some imps and zombies with shotgun can be a real threat. Something I liked too was using the PDA to read emails, hear audios and watch videos. That immerse you even more in the game... this game was a masterpiece for me. The only thing I don't like about Doom 3 (but also I don't like from Doom 2) is that it have a lot of maps and it can be somehow boring until you reach the intense gameplay (Delta labs sector 4 and further). That's why I like more Doom 3 ROE (and also why I like more Doom 1... in fact Doom 1 episode 1 is maybe the best gameplay experience I had in my life) So yes, I like Doom 3, it's my favorite doom game because it's a total different game.
  10. Doommarine_maxi

    Map request.

    New request. Deep Caves of Mars (fixed) (Beta 2) - deep_caves_of_mars_full_v10.zip Deep Caves of Mars UPDATE ONLY (Beta 3) - deep_caves_of_mars_v12_update.zip Docks - d3_mrlycon-docks_v2.1.zip In Vein Killing Shift
  11. Doommarine_maxi

    Collection of cool maps & mods for ROE

    Hello people!, as many of us like ROE a lot (for fewer of us maybe even more than original Doom 3) I want to share my personal collection of the maps & mods that I liked the most for ROE. ________________________ .: SINGLEPLAYER MAPS :. ________________________ - A Place Of Malice + Difficulty: Easy + Author: Garth "Zombie" Hendy. + Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-3-resurrection-of-evil/addons/a-place-of-malice - CodeRED + Difficulty: Medium+ (A bit hard) + Author: StYl3 + Download: http://www.stradexengine.com/doom3/files/uacawards/2005/codered.zip - Cramped Waste 01 + Difficulty: Insanely hard + Author: Gnomadika + Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-3-resurrection-of-evil/addons/cramped-waste - Refueling Station (ROE Edition) + Difficulty: Medium+ + Author: Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal + Download: http://www.stradexengine.com/doom3/files/uacawards/2005/refueling_station_roe_edition.zip - E2M4 - Deimos Lab + Difficulty: Medium + Author: T.B.B. + Download: http://www.stradexengine.com/doom3/files/uacawards/2007/e2m4v1.0.rar - Tested v8.0 + Difficulty: Very Hard + Author: Rareg and Simo-K + Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-3-resurrection-of-evil/downloads/tested-v80 - Make It To Morning + Difficulty: Custom/Variable + Author: Cold-T + Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-3-resurrection-of-evil/addons/make-it-to-morning-1-9 ________________________ .: SINGLEPLAYER MODS :. ________________________ - FRAGGING FREE + Difficulty: Custom/Variable + Author: Ivan_the_B, Starfire + Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/fragging-free/downloads/fragging-free-v12-full-d3roe-v131-only - ROE Absolute HD 1.1 + Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/absolutehd/downloads/doom-3-roe-absolute-hd-11 ________________________ .: MULTIPLAYER MODS :. ________________________ - OpenCoop 2.0 (ALPHA) + Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/opencoop/downloads/opencoop-alpha-20 + Unofficial patch 2.1 by SimoK (Recommended): https://www.moddb.com/downloads/opencoop-21-patch - Last Man Standing v4.0 (Coop) + Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/last-man-standing-coop/downloads/doom-3-coop-mod-last-man-standing-v4-multiplatform - SABot ROE + Author: TinMan + Download: https://mega.nz/#!2U93BL4R!R8ZdVV-injT8JrfqWNxSAIGFYhRiko3AAbJ6OkLNfKQ
  12. Doommarine_maxi

    Some E3 Alpha (2002) custom maps

    As I promised, here you have some gameplays people. Space Evil Gameplay (Youtube) Warehouse gameplay (youtube)
  13. Doommarine_maxi

    Some E3 Alpha (2002) custom maps

    Try compiling the map before playing it. Ex: testmap warehouse.map and later map warehouse.map. And remember that .script files goes to the base\progs\e3 folder
  14. Doommarine_maxi

    Some E3 Alpha (2002) custom maps

    "Doom 3 E3 Alpha" not the Doom 3 Demo. I was able to play every map in there... maybe I can do some playthroughs
  15. Doommarine_maxi

    Some E3 Alpha (2002) custom maps

    I was looking for some custom maps at http://www.doom3.ru and, for my surprise, I found some old maps released between 2002 and 2004 who were made to be played using the Doom 3 E3 Alpha (2002) version Here some screenshoots In order to play these maps you would need Doom 3 E3 Alpha 2002 (Doom3 v.0.02) PD: For the maps Lab and Pump the codes are 369 and 666 Download Doom 3 E3 Alpha: http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/pc/windows-games/doom-iii-alpha-002-e3-demo/ Download the custom maps (Official mirror): http://www.doom3.ru/files.php?tipfl=1 (Alternative mirror): http://www.stradexengine.com/uacawards_e3alpha.php