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  1. Doommarine_maxi

    Would it be worth playing through doom 3?

    Three. Not One, not two: too low. Not four, not five: too high. Three is the number, is not one, obviously is not two, and saying four is too much. Stay with the three because that's the will of things. PD: This means Doom 3 is the best doom, as any other doom it's only a shadow of the perfection.
  2. Doommarine_maxi

    John Romero's reaction to signing a Doom 3 box is priceless

    Lol, when you have to sign a superior product that you didn't make.
  3. Doommarine_maxi

    A free to play project I'm working on using Doom 3 engine.

    Glad to hear that!, by now I'm trying to do most of the stuff because I find this game as a learning experience but I'll be working in another project using the same engine in some months, and for that one I'll like to accept help honestly. Btw, today I released Alpha 01, just for people who wanna help with testing (linux and windows builds) https://www.indiedb.com/games/haste-a-free-to-play-fps/downloads
  4. Doommarine_maxi

    MegaLight - WIP MegaTexture Lighting Tool

  5. Doommarine_maxi

    MegaLight - WIP MegaTexture Lighting Tool

    There's some people doing mods and working in some standalone projects with the engine. I already can think in four people doing some standalone projects with the Doom 3 engine right now.
  6. Doommarine_maxi

    A free to play project I'm working on using Doom 3 engine.

    It's been a while but I share some new screenshoots now.
  7. Doommarine_maxi

    My second DOOM 3 map is released, yay!

    Cool, time to play some Doom 3 custom maps again
  8. Doommarine_maxi

    DOOM 3 "Hate"?

    Doom 3 is my favorite Doom aside from Doom 1 episode 1 but I think you have a deep hate for new Doom 2016 and I wonder why.
  9. Doommarine_maxi

    DOOM 3 "Hate"?

    Doom 3 multiplayer (tourney) it's amazing if you really know how to play. There's no other game that feels like that talking about PvP, it's unique.
  10. Doommarine_maxi

    D3 game logic source?

    This is the game logic only for Dhewm3 1.5.0 https://github.com/dhewm/dhewm3-sdk Take in account that the license is GPLv3, that means that you should release your source code after you release your porject.
  11. Doommarine_maxi

    LibreCoop - Dhewm3 Open Source Coop mod

    So I'm working in a game and I want to implement coop on it. So for practice I dediced to first create a coop mod for Dhewm3 1.5.0 (Open source, GPLV3 licensed). The good thing that this project is going to be Open Source is that anyone can port it to any other Doom 3 source port (vanilla Doom 3, or even some crazy could try to port it to Doom 3 BFG Edition) Video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYNOQHRMTLM Github project: https://github.com/Stradex/d3-librecoop
  12. Doommarine_maxi

    I feel like a freak for liking this game

    I meet some friends who never played classic Doom games but they played Doom 3 and loved it. I played Doom 1 at the year 2000, then Doom 2 at the year 2002 or something like that and Doom 3 at 2006... and Doom 3 is my favorite from these three. I still need to play Doom 2016 but that brutal Doom isn't really my kind of game.
  13. Doommarine_maxi

    How can create a Script Health regen?

    Happy to help a fellow Doom 3 modder. I hope to see your project and being able to play it.
  14. Doommarine_maxi

    A free to play project I'm working on using Doom 3 engine.

    It's a pretty fun engine to mess with. Once you get used to the workflow it can be really fun and easy. More private gameplay: https://youtu.be/Blkj8F52gKs
  15. Doommarine_maxi

    How can create a Script Health regen?

    Here's an example very raw I recently made for you: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hghpdo91hwcemo6/sRegenByStradex.pk4/file How it works? In a dirty way because it's all done via scripting, no SDK work here. (This is not going to work in MP) 1. When you load a map the doom_main function is called 2. I created a function (thread) called in that function for this regeneration system. 3. The regen function just spawn a health item (like a item_medkit_small but this one just gives you 5 health) every 15 seconds and give it to the player ($player1) . def/regenAddon.def entityDef item_regen_giver { "inherit" "item_default" "editor_color" ".3 .3 1" "editor_mins" "-16 -16 0" "editor_maxs" "16 16 32" "editor_usage" "Used by Regen system" "spawnclass" "idItem" "model" "models/items/medkit/medkit_small.lwo" "size" "32 32 32" "inv_name" "Regeneration Life" "inv_health" "5" "inv_item" "2" "snd_acquire" "guisounds_health" } script/stradexRegen.script /* ===================== stradexRegenMain Give health to player every 15 secs ===================== */ void stradexRegenMain() { entity regenGiver; while(1) { if ($player1) { regenGiver = sys.spawn("item_regen_giver"); regenGiver.activate($player1); regenGiver.remove(); } sys.wait(15.0); } } script/doom_main.script ... ... ... // test scripts #include "script/ai_follower.script" //Regeneration script #include "script/stradexRegen.script" void doom_main() { sys.print( "Entering doom_main()\n"); thread stradexRegenMain(); sys.print( "Exiting doom_main()\n" ); }