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  1. Apologies, some last minute complications delayed the start of the session a bit. We'll start soon!
  2. Keyboard_Doomer

    Struggle : Antaresian Legacy (August 11. 2018: RC4 is available)

    Great to see the wad getting near to the final release. We played through the wad up to MAP20 so far in Thursday Night Survival and I have to commend you on the excellent coop compatibility we have experienced. It really is quite rare, especially in a wad with a single author. We noticed 2 easy to fix issues: - In MAP09 the SSG near start of the map (in sector 72) becomes unavailable if the player(s) die before pressing the switch which opens the bars again. Not map-breaking but SSG is quite an important item to miss out on. - The maps that have random spawners placed in them (16, 18, 19, 27) crash in ZDaemon if fast monsters are enabled. This can be fixed by changing the duration of Frame 481 in dehacked from 1 to 2. I didn't test if that would mess with timing or anything but hopefully it shouldn't.
  3. Keyboard_Doomer

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    A few issues noticed with the help of tnswutil: MAP06 uses extended nodes even though they are not necessary. This will prevent the map from loading in ZDaemon. MAP01, MAP12 and MAP21 don't have any player 2-4 starts. MAP02 has two player 3 starts and no player 4 start. The extra player 3 start will show up as a voodoo doll in ZDaemon. In regard to MP-testing - we'll be happy to give both orange and purple versions a playthrough in TNS... uh, soon enough -- there are just too many new releases right now and we're trying to prioritize as best as we can. Any ETA for the final releases so we can adjust our schedule if needed?
  4. Keyboard_Doomer

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    A few issues noticed with the help of tnswutil: MAP16 and MAP20 use extended nodes even though they are not necessary. This will prevent the maps from loading in ZDaemon. MAP05, MAP12 and MAP22 don't have any player 2-4 starts.
  5. Keyboard_Doomer

    I have a little problem with plutonia 2 on DoomRunner

    Just a wild guess since I don't have either of the programs installed and it could be hard to reproduce even if I did but: If you downloaded the wads from one of the official mirrors Plutonia 2 and Hell Revealed should have the file extension .WAD while the other 2 wads use .wad. This can be a problem depending on the operating system you use so try renaming the wads to use .wad as their file extension.
  6. Keyboard_Doomer

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    @DeXiaZ SPACEDETH.WAD by Neil Riehle Funny how an obscure, long-forgotten wad from 1998 became the face of Doom around the internet. There are literally hundreds of pages using the image yet the wad itself seems to be the author's only released wad that's not available on idgames. Seems like the only place where the wad is available is in a .sit archive on the author's own website. Reuploaded it here as a zip.
  7. Keyboard_Doomer

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    A voodoo doll is a map-placed object that's different from any other only because of a few pecularities. As such I agree that if a monster hits it and as a consequence monsters get hurt/killed that's not breaking the pacifist rules and spirit. However, a monster pushing the player to activate a line... now that's some slippery slope. Uh, if you're just going to lure a monster so it can push you, stand in front of a teleporting line and wait and act like that was not an intentional telefrag... why not just allow telefrags in the first place and have a watchable demo instead of one where half of it is waiting for a monster to come to you.
  8. Keyboard_Doomer


    Somehow this bug made it back in (it wasn't there in 2.0): MAP10: - One zombieman (thing 9) at the start is deaf and doesn't wake up until you either move or shoot him. Something I wanted to ask way back when we played the wad in TNS but forgot: Could you add the player 2-4 starts to the maps? Currently no maps have them. It will take some time add them to all of the maps but it really would improve the spawning in ZDaemon which can be very slow with just player 1 start and many players on the server. If you decide to do so please only add one of each p2-p4 starts otherwise the extra starts will be just voodoo dolls.
  9. Keyboard_Doomer

    Slaughterfest 3 - Released

    We went through the wad tomorrow and last Thursday on TNS to give it a multiplayer test before the release and here's what we noticed: map01: - There are ZDaemon-specific HOMs at the 4 switches in the room at the start. No idea what causes them but they aren't there in the previous versions of SF3. - There seem to be randomly placed inaccessible weapons near start (things 364, 365 and 447). map02: - Some coop rad suits for the start room would be nice. map07: - HOMs when the walls of sector 311 (tag 7) raise. map18: - Not sure why but both the yellow keycard and yellow skull key don't teleport in ZDaemon. This also has the side effect that the player that happens to use the ysk teleport gets stuck. - Not quite a bug report but seems like the way to get blue keycard can be confusing/non-obvious (I assume because of the short pillars you have to lower). We had many players in-game but no one found the blue keycard and we thought it was missing from the map. map27: - Big slime trail right behind the start of the map - not there in PrBoom+ or GZDoom but is there in ZDoom and ZDaemon. map32: - The masterminds in sector 149 can easily get stuck while the platform is lowering. Perhaps add some monster-blocking lines? map33: - The map won't load in ZDaemon because of missing nodes but even after building them the map plays as if there was all ghosts bug from the start of the map. This can be solved by adding a line that splits the big sector into 2 sectors.
  10. Keyboard_Doomer

    First-try Demo Contest #18 (June 23rd, 15:00 UTC)

    There are random \ufeff characters in a copied text when I do this: First double-click some word (it gets selected) and afterwards select some arbitrary text and copy it. Happens to me in Chromium and only on Doomworld. Tried Firefox but it doesn't seem to happen there. Very weird bug... And I thought I was crazy when the first time I copied the password it didn't work but it worked the second time. @blob1024 It's E3M5.
  11. Keyboard_Doomer

    5 Rooms megawad, Level 11 - What are the strategies to win?

    Not sure how helpful this is exactly since I got lucky at some points but here's my chaotic first non-speedrun exit I was able to achieve after getting familiar with most of the map. Some notes that might help: - Ideally you want to make some infights in the outside area, otherwise you may find yourself low on ammo. Cacos won't infight easily but arachnotrons and revenants should fight it out quite well. - If you find the opportunity try to make an arachnotron kill the archvile(s) or at least damage him/them considerably. Archviles work pretty well as a meatshields against arachnotrons but the outside area can get very chaotic to be able to do this consistently. - Save the megasphere until you are really low on health. - The area with the yellow switch can work as a relatively safe area if you avoid waking up the archvile there. (Which is what I did and then I forgot he was there...) And here is a shitty Pacifist speedrun in 25s just because: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgAFqmYp8Ok
  12. Keyboard_Doomer

    Demo Megawad "Hell Destroyer" - Need Feedback

    I have played a few maps and I can say that the wad has potential to be fun to play in coop/survival on ZDaemon with possibly many players joining. On that note, can you add a teleport to the first room of map04 so players don't get stuck at start once the door are closed? (It's actually also possible to get stuck there in singleplayer if you back up while the door is closing.)
  13. Keyboard_Doomer

    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #354 - Based

    The TNS L@P has moved. The new server is located in Finland and the new address is now zds:// Please add this address and remove the old one if you have TNS server saved in your favorites. RIP old server, you served us well for several years.
  14. Keyboard_Doomer

    Andy Olivera Mapset Project [-complevel 9]

    Presumably all the stuff that makes them terrible for non-TAS maxing.