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  1. Keyboard_Doomer

    5 Rooms megawad, Level 11 - What are the strategies to win?

    Not sure how helpful this is exactly since I got lucky at some points but here's my chaotic first non-speedrun exit I was able to achieve after getting familiar with most of the map. Some notes that might help: - Ideally you want to make some infights in the outside area, otherwise you may find yourself low on ammo. Cacos won't infight easily but arachnotrons and revenants should fight it out quite well. - If you find the opportunity try to make an arachnotron kill the archvile(s) or at least damage him/them considerably. Archviles work pretty well as a meatshields against arachnotrons but the outside area can get very chaotic to be able to do this consistently. - Save the megasphere until you are really low on health. - The area with the yellow switch can work as a relatively safe area if you avoid waking up the archvile there. (Which is what I did and then I forgot he was there...) And here is a shitty Pacifist speedrun in 25s just because: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgAFqmYp8Ok
  2. Keyboard_Doomer

    Demo Megawad "Hell Destroyer" - Need Feedback

    I have played a few maps and I can say that the wad has potential to be fun to play in coop/survival on ZDaemon with possibly many players joining. On that note, can you add a teleport to the first room of map04 so players don't get stuck at start once the door are closed? (It's actually also possible to get stuck there in singleplayer if you back up while the door is closing.)
  3. Keyboard_Doomer

    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #354 - Based

    The TNS L@P has moved. The new server is located in Finland and the new address is now zds:// Please add this address and remove the old one if you have TNS server saved in your favorites. RIP old server, you served us well for several years.
  4. Keyboard_Doomer

    Andy Olivera Mapset Project [-complevel 9]

    Presumably all the stuff that makes them terrible for non-TAS maxing.
  5. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    ggdeath E2M2 Pacifist in 0:02.94 E2M2 NM Speed in 0:02.94 E2M3 Pacifist in 0:04:34 E2M3 NM Speed in 0:04:40 Categorized under deathmatch on idgames but has "Single Player: Designed for" in the text file. I recorded all 4 demos in the original version present in Maximum Doom. However, only the "legalized version" is available on idgames for linking. Demos playback the same. ggdeath_kd.zip
  6. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Ah, these complicated details of the Doom engine. I hope one day there will be an in-depth analysis of the i‌mpse glide discussing all the details when it is and when it isn't possible. dmdave E1M1 NM Speed in 0:07.40 dave-01n740.zip
  7. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    As I said I didn't even attempt playing that map so I didn't even notice the possibility for a void glide. I only noticed the possible i‌mpse glide from south from inside the map. Seems to be a long way there but probably still saving a lot of time compared to the intended route.
  8. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    For some last minute points here are 2 maps where I believe an i‌mpse glide on the exit switch should be possible: PCDOOM.WAD E1M1 - line 1431, near start of the map YOHO.WAD E1M6 - line 915, northwest Didn't play the map so not actually sure if the i‌mpse glide is the fastest possible way to exit. There's also YOHO2.WAD in Maximum Doom which is just this map "converted" to Doom 2 and with a few changes made.
  9. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    4shock said deathmatch wads are admissible as long as they have a semblance of sp gameplay so I guess this should count then... grease Pacifist in 0:08.49 NM Speed in 0:08.26 grease_kd.zip
  10. Keyboard_Doomer

    Can demo-recording be used for "rewind" in game?

    ^ Agree with the above. I also don't see a reason why it would be hard to implement. You can already bind a key to restart a map while not recording and PrBoom+ can also already overwrite an existing demo. Not sure if there are some intentional safeguards to prevent starting a new demo while you're recording that might be hard to bypass. Barring that seems like all that's needed to be done is put the aforementioned 2 features aptly together.
  11. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Oh, certainly. It's a project that tuned up '94 maps. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/1994tu All the original wads are actually included in the zip so you don't have to download them one-by-one.
  12. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Easy! Maximum Doom has 1629 Doom 2 wads, most of them from 1994 (please check before recording). https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/docs/misc/maxdoom Open the .htm file in your browser and search for "/MAXIMUM/WADS/DOOM2/".
  13. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    dmbbat E1M9 UV Speed in 0:10.60 NM Speed in 0:10.80 dmbbat_kd.zip
  14. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    d2battle UV Speed in 0:08.51 NM Speed in 0:08.66 d2battle_kd.zip
  15. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    For convenience here is the list of the wads that are included in wad compilations which I know of that include (not only) '94 wads - info taken directly from the compilations' text files: https://pastebin.com/raw/b6TSXgmy You can simply Ctrl+F to see if the wad you want to record for was included in any of the compilations (and afterwards confirm if it's indeed the same wad and if there are already demos for the map(s) on DSDA). DSDA pages for the compilations: heroes heroes2 wadpak1a wadpak2 wadpak3 wadpak4 Note: Not every map/wad included in Heroes/Heroes2 is from 1994 (Heroes2 has mostly 1995 maps). This list is provided so you can check if the map you're about to run doesn't already have a demo for the category in one of these compilations.