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  1. Keyboard_Doomer

    2022ADO ... Second Public Beta = a much improvements!!

    Great Ultimate Doom maps from what I've played so far. couple of issues with coop starts: - E3M9 has two player 3 starts and no player 4 start - E4M5 is missing a player 4 start
  2. Keyboard_Doomer

    Full Moon 2 (32 BOOM Community Speedmaps) (RC1)

    Hello there, just in case you wondered how it looks like playing these maps with 15+ players and beefed up difficulty to compensate we're going to play the wad for Thursday Night Survival today. The session starts at 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT and you expect it to be fairly active for 4+ hours using various crazy modes as we go through the maps multiple times.
  3. 11 years and still going strong. A huge amount of work in a short amount of time went into this session so the least I can do is to give credit where credit's due: The special anniversary maps including the amazing huge dancing duck are primarily the work of the one and only UberGewei with some support from JCD and AF-Domains.net and reusing a bit of content from an old TNS special map by Salty (Where the hell are you?!?). Flambeau also did what he does best to help - spitting out ideas, some good, and some... Flambeau-y. Finally, playing the wad we did wouldn't be possible (and this has become a theme by now) without an extensive coopfix by boom_compatible. Thank all of you in the name of the dozens upon dozens of people that visit TNS every week. TNS has a bright future with you around!
  4. Hello, following an invitation to do so, we're going to play the first 2 episodes of the wad for this week's Thursday Night Survival and of course would like to return the invitation to everyone here. As usual, the session starts at 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT and should be active for a good few hours.
  5. I imagine you most likely already got some bug reports on the project discord but here's some stuff I noticed after playing a few maps: MAP05: - you will get stuck in sector 62 if you ride the lift to the top MAP06: - line 461 is a W1 tele so you can get stuck if you take the tele to sector 75 more than once MAP07: - would be good to have a bit more ammo to be able to kill the cyberdemon more comfortably in a UV Max MAP08: - missing texture on line 285 - MAP12 and MAP18 will crash outside of ZDoom-based ports because they're missing a bunch of lumps - seems like MAP19 currently can't be played in any source ports because of the lumps being in the wrong order - additionally, if you care about the wad being playable in coop in demo-compatible ports, these maps have missing coop starts: 01, 06-11, 14-21, 23, 25, 27-31
  6. Hello again, we're going to play the wad for this week's Thursday Night Survival. Just like before, we're going to use a small patch wad to address the lack of UMAPINFO support in ZDaemon. The session starts at 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT and you can expect it to be fairly active for 4+ hours.
  7. Keyboard_Doomer

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    2 coop issues found with a quick check: - MAP03 has no player 2 starts and two player 3 starts - Seems like in MAP09 players could get stuck in the BFG area in the north. I didn't play the map but I think just changing line 17662 to a WR tele should solve the issue.
  8. Keyboard_Doomer

    Altars of Madness [Now on idgames!] [Boom] [12 Maps]

    The wad has been in a RC state for a while, I hope I'm not too late and you didn't just upload it to idgames a few seconds ago. Here is a bunch of softlocks and, of course, nitpicks I noticed: MAP03 - once you're blocked off by sector 705, it's possible to get on a ledge and then back behind that sector, which will get you stuck MAP06 - can get stuck behind sector 199 once it's been raised MAP07 - archvile jumps near the start can get you stuck - ideally, teles should be added or these lines made impassable: 308, 1420, 1577, 1579, 3664, 3676 - archvile jump next to the red key can also get you stuck if you go through one of these lines: 2873-2875, 2928 - floating candles (thing 73 and 75 after pressing line 27) MAP08 - I see you added a tele to the outside area but the archviles at the exit can still blast you to the secret (sector 937) and you get stuck there if you didn't lower sector 2399 first MAP10 - possible to get stuck near the beginning of the map if you fall off - next to sectors 1022 and 1171 - also possible to get stuck after dropping down from the megasphere secret, behind sector 568 MAP11 - possible to get stuck by accidentally gliding into a wall and behind one of these lines: 2318 or 3331/3338/3342... obviously unlikely but well, I've seen similar stuff happen - small misalignment (line 4614) MAP12 - floating cellpacks (things 331 and 332) Also, the ENDMAP lumps after each map are superfluous, they are only needed for UDMF maps.
  9. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    mlm12 MAP10 NM Speed in 0:18.31 mlm10n018.zip
  10. Keyboard_Doomer

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    dsnacks MAP15 Pacifist in 0:11.83 ds15p011.zip
  11. Keyboard_Doomer

    Dark Scythe Demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP27 Pacifist in 0:01.29 Too late for Beat .00/:00 Demos Month. ds27p129.zip
  12. Nice short-ish maps with just the right difficulty to allow for a fast-paced gameplay while keeping you on your toes a little bit Quick bug report after playing around 1/3 of the maps: MAP14: - three player 2 starts and no player 3 and 4 starts MAP26: - two player 2 starts and no player 3 starts MAP29: - seems like one of the secrets (sector 54) is meant to be marked by the voodoo doll but that in fact won't work so the secret is inaccessible MAP30: - I assume the 13 stacked masterminds are there to avoid the Romero's head dying too quickly but it still takes damage if you shoot the masterminds with rocket launcher so it doesn't prolong the fight by much. Also, if you are actually meant to kill 13 masterminds to UV max the map, that seems pretty excessive and tedious. In case you care about maps (and the whole wad) being playable in coop in demo-compatible ports these maps have missing coop starts: 03-07, 11, 15-19, 24, 25, 30, 31
  13. Keyboard_Doomer

    [1.4.1] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Hello there, have you wondered what it might look like to see these maps played with 15+ players and beefed up difficulty to compensate for the disparity? No?... well, that's awkward because that's exactly what we're doing in a little over 8 hours from the time of this reply. You can expect the session to be fairly active for 4+ hours and it's not the first time we're doing something like this so 2 things we know to expected are: utter chaos and a lot of hilarious deaths.
  14. Hello, we're going to play the wad for this week's Thursday Night Survival. ZDaemon doesn't support UMAPINFO but that will be addressed with a small patch wad to make things work as they are intended to. The session starts at 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT and you can expect it to be fairly active for 4+ hours.
  15. Congrats on the release and a bit belated happy birthday. Great opportunity to finally give this wad a go on TNS which I believe you don't need any introduction to :) You never really stopped mapping but it's extraordinary to see you release another full megawad after a decade.