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  1. dmp2017 MAP11: Pacifist in 0:02.37 and NM Speed in 0:02.57 That feeling of "speedrunning" a map that you have no idea how vast majority of it even looks like...
  2. They still do happen on ZDaemon from time to time but it's a rare sight. ZDS will host 3 team CTF just this Saturday so that might be of interest to you.
  3. ey, thanks for linking the fix. Seems like the only problematic vood doll is the player 4 start in map01 which can be fixed just by adding a few lines to the PATCHINFO we're already using each TNS. So that's what we're going to do so we can use the original wad.
  4. Congrats on the release... and I hope I'm not going to ruin the mood too much. Seems like the plasma trooper doesn't work as expected in current GZDoom (3.2.5). See video here. In case there's going to be an update it would be nice to also add coop starts to MAP10 and MAP11 which currently don't have them.
  5. MAP07: There are 2 coop archviles (things 117 and 792) which can blast players from the area with sectors 1775-6 and make them stuck. I guess the cacodemons placed in sector 1036 aren't supposed to be blocked from approaching you so making the surrounding lines blocking may not be the best solution. MAP08: I suppose you can leave the area with Romero's head open to projectiles if you want to allow some possible speedrun tricks but other than those tricks being pretty RNG-based the area causes some problems for coop. First, the map needs disabled freelook to avoid an early exit, which is something that most people hosting servers are not even going to check for. Second, I've already saw the map exited accidentally twice (once with custom monsters, though), I assume with some stray rocket, which is another thing you might want to avoid. I have also wanted to report the health potions in MAP01 that you couldn't pick up because they are apparently deep in the ground but I see that's fixed now. How did you even achieve a bug like that?
  6. That's right, first half of the wad will be played tomorrow on TNS and we would like to extend the invitation to all of you that worked on this project. The session starts at 19:00 GMT and you can expect it to be fairly active with 15+ players for at least 4 hours.
  7. I believe if you watch either the demo or video you'll be able to figure it out for yourself.
  8. The voodoo dolls traps in MAP12 are still there... and they're still a big problem for coop gameplay.
  9. I see MAPINFO was removed from the newest build but I post here to say that I was entirely wrong about the MAPINFO. (Can you really blame me when this is the error I got?) The problem with MAPINFO in rc3 was that "sky1" had been used as a keyword instead of "sky".
  10. My bad, didn't notice the teleport in Slade because of the trigger not being straightforward. It does work in ZDaemon. My bad again. What I had in mind are the floors around the green pipes and I completely overlooked those pitch black stairs nearby most of them. They really do blend pretty well with the surrounding darkness so I think making them more visible would be beneficial. Maybe also add some stairs near sector 168, even though there is another teleport behind the corner. One more thing: There's this HOM in MAP11 visible for the players outside while the floor in the exit room is raised. The yellow door is line 2598. It's much more prominent in sofware rendering but it's still there in OpenGL. software rendering (ZDaemon) OpenGL (PrBoom+)
  11. Decided to give this wad a go once more before the idgames release and here's some stuff I found: The "cluster" keyword is not supported by ZDaemon and if the MAPINFO contains it the result is that the server crashes. I'm not sure how to solve this without removing the feature from other source ports... besides ZDaemon are there actually any ports that do support MAPINFO but don't support ZMAPINFO? MAP02: ^ This issue is still there. MAP12: - I guess this is intended with the megasphere but the scrolling sectors (tag 1) in the secret with megasphere can carry away the monsters there making it impossible to kill them (without freeaim). Should be possible to solve this just by making line 1731 monster-blocking. MAP18: - Several of the teleports have a non-damaging floor around them on which a player can fall and become technically stuck. For online survival this poses the same problem I highlighted below with the narrow ledges in MAP24. MAP24: - Sector 170 is a secret but it's too small for the player to enter. - I don't mean to be annoyingly meticulous but these tiny ledges might potentially be a problem in online multiplayer survival if a player becomes "stuck" on it, goes AFK because of being stuck and then becomes the last player alive. - I was not able to identify what might cause this but I remember players getting stuck inside the room with blue armor unable to open the door (sector 166). Maybe it's some weirdness connected to the fact that from one side the door is SR with tag 17 but from the other side it's just DR?
  12. Nine Inch Heels is on point there. Yes, the players can adjust the volume themselves but it's very annoying having to do this on each map which has a music that's too loud/quiet and then having to set it back to previous volume on the next map. Here are some observations for map12: - The flat in sector 238 is just a big HOM in PrBoom+. - I guess you might want to get rid of the title of a different wad on line 171. - The door texture on lines 969 and 970 isn't aligned well. You could just lower the ceiling there a bit. - There are several teleports leading to sector 189 (tag 1). The sector doesn't have a teleport destination but even if it did it's a door that's raised to the ceiling so I assume the teleports are supposed to be pointed to somewhere else.
  13. Nice, thanks for taking the time to make the wad boom-compatible. I've went through the wad quickly and ran the wad through tnswutil so here are some observations: In map01 there is a line with action special (line 800) too close to a door (line 375) which means the door actually can't be opened in -complevel 9 (boom compatibility). In map11 There's this big HOM visible from sector 0. The music in map31 is way too loud in PrBoom+. Tracks in map11 and map14 are also kinda loud. Except map01, map11, map14 and map31 the maps are missing coop starts. It would be nice if you could add them for coop gameplay. Full output of tnswutil -c coopstarts -w 32W1.wad: There are some W1 teles in the wad. These can be problematic in coop if they result in only one player being able to progress in the map. I didn't play through the maps yet to check if that's the case but I suppose you should be able to tell just by looking at the lines in the editor. Here are the W1 teles (output of tnswutil -c w1teles -w 32W1.wad, the monster only lines are not a problem):
  14. Plays back with this wad made by Sverre Kvernmo himself. rehosted here - if you don't feel like registering on Wad archive just to download the file.
  15. You can't access it by exiting any map in the wad so the only way to do so is directly: - if you're launching the game from command line use "-warp 33" - if the program you use to run Doom supports warping past MAP32 you can use "idclev33" (just type it in while you're in any map) - if you're using ZDoom or GZDoom you can also type "map map33" in the console