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  1. is there a way to upload wads to the archive???

    1. WadArchive


      The site doesn't exist any more

    2. Da Boi
    3. Da Boi

      Da Boi

      are there alternetive sites I can upload it to when I unpack the zip files and remove random crap in it

  2. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    Try reading the readme https://archive.org/download/wadarchive/README.MD
  3. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    Have a read of README.MD, it will tell you the structure files. You have the hash already (E27E8B77D94E3A4C6FAE0F0310D36F881484C951) so won't take forever. It will be in DATA/e2.zip
  4. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    You could just use the torrent provided by archive.org:
  5. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    They are all there, have a look at the archive listing (the 'Show All' link). I have also upload a CSV that lists all the WAD SHA1 hashes and the filenames: https://archive.org/download/wadarchive/wads-list.csv
  6. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    Yes it is dump from mongodb, have a look at README.MD. Yea lumps.json is a biggie which is why I uploaded it compressed.
  7. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    I have attached a list of all the sites that are scraped. Some may not longer exist or provide WADs anymore If you are wanting a list from ID to map name then just parse wads.json. Being JSON it is easy to handle with javascript. sites.zip
  8. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    I can generate a list of WADs and upload it when I get home from work. The SEO part was probably due to what my job was at the time, glad it was working haha. As for the list of sites that are scraped, I could list them here but not sure if I will include it in the internet archive. Most likely
  9. WadArchive

    Closing Wad Archive

    I have decided to shut down Wad Archive as I don't have time to dedicate to it anymore and just not motivated. I don't have an exact date/time yet but it is currently no longer updated. Since I would rather not have the archive go to waste I have uploaded all the WADs, images and database data to the internet archive https://archive.org/details/wadarchive . The entire unpacked archive is around 1TB and is stored in a way that made it easier/faster for the server to use rather than for someone manually browsing the files. I won't be releasing the code for the website itself or the indexing code and I am not interested in allowing someone else to host it, feel free to create your own with the data. All the database files fit in the free tier at https://www.mongodb.com/atlas/database except for lumps.json.
  10. WadArchive

    haruko haruhara megathread (favorite CDs)

    I have roughy 84,000 wads on my site and that is almost at 1TB so good luck hosting 80,000,000 (if you can even find that many)
  11. WadArchive


    If only there was a contact link on the website https://www.wad-archive.com/contact . I used to have a 'Megawad' section (>=15 maps) but when redesigning everything I didn't add it in. I might do it some day in the future
  12. WadArchive

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    The IWAD and source ports listed a generally guesses from different sources but mainly from @MTrop's library https://mtrop.github.io/DoomStruct/index.html (however the one I am using is probably out of date). It should be seen more as 'it should work on this but might work on source ports'. There is no way I am going over 90,000 WADs manually
  13. WadArchive

    Do you own any old game consoles/games

    I got a fair few: Atari 2600 Atari 7200 Atari Lynx Atari Lynx 2 Game Boy Game Boy Pocket Game Boy Colour Game Boy Advanced Sega SC-3000 (not really a game console as such) Game Gear Master System Master System 2 Mega Drive 2 Mega CD 2 Sega 32x Sega Saturn Dreamcast NES Sharp Twin Famicom Famicom Disk System Super Nintendo Super Famicom Nintendo 64 Gamecube (with Gameboy Player) Wii Wii U Xbox Xbox 360 Playstation Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Tempest Pong (SD-050 clone, in the process of repairing it) Some of the above I have multiple of (eg minor variations like the Master System 2 with Alex Kidd or Sonic built in). Most of them were bought in an 'as-is' state and repaired/fixed. I would like to get a few more, especially consoles that didn't make it to this part of the world but it is hard to justify the prices now. As for a games collection, I have a few for most of the systems above but they can pretty much have an everdrive/softmod to play any game. The only real game collection that I have is the Doom engine games
  14. WadArchive

    Quake Remastered

    I have been playing the new mission pack the last few nights and really enjoying it. Just need to learn to save more, too used to checkpoints these days
  15. WadArchive

    Doom 32X Resurrection

    I really need to get around to trying this as I have a 32x, Mega CD and the Mega Drive has the CCAM installed. If only there were more hours in day....