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  1. Probably because ads are on the site when you aren't logged in?
  2. That is what I use for my site, I didn't take over 320,000 screenshots manually. It is easy enough to do, the tricky part is making sure you are using the correct IWAD and engine (and download the WAD if you don't have it locally). Running it over the WADs from the shovelware discs would make it easier as they are likely to work on any engine these days.
  3. WadArchive

    DOOM, DOOM II & DOOM 3 Limited Run PS4/Switch

    The description says the 8GB USB will be empty https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/limited-run-395-doom-the-classics-collection-collectors-edition-ps4
  4. It is on my list of things to do
  5. WadArchive

    32X: Resurrection

    The video above by Vic is on real hardware. I have been meaning to test it out on my 32x but haven't had the time
  6. Hello. What happened with wadarchive site now? Any wads pages dont opened and write "The page you are looking for cannot be found. Check that the URL is correct and try again". That temporary? Thanks.


    1. Biffidok


      All wads pages not open

    2. WadArchive


      There was maintenance at the datacenter where wadarchive is hosted and it looks like it didn't come back up correctly. it should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know

  7. Played the first 10 levels or so, kinda fun but probably get a bit boring after a while
  8. Finally, Doomworld Mega Project 2018 has been posted on idgames. Please add it to wad-archive. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/dmp2018

  9. WadArchive

    32X: Resurrection

    I got a 32x and I will give it a go if I can compile it
  10. When are you going to get the Latest WADs back up?

  11. When are the wads be back up and with log in and latast wads?

    1. WadArchive


      Downloads will be back when I get a chance but there is no timeline on this. Log in has been removed

  12. The API requires that you know the hash or a filename. Also I have update the site and removed the need for accounts (however the downloads are currently offline until I have some free time to fix things)
  13. Yo! What's up? "Wad Wall" are dead as login/register form and there is big timeout with content loading!

    1. WadArchive


      I have released a new version of the website. Those pages no longer exist and there are a few issues that I am working through

    2. RastaManGames


      Sad... I really loved "Wad Wall", 'cause it gave me some nice various random WADs with interesting screens... Also sad, that commentaries was not really popular...

  14. Wad Archive isn't really set up to be easily shared, it is more set up to serve a webpage/downloads quickly while taking up a little amount of space as possible. For example all the WADs are stored in the format: <sha1 hash>.<ext>.gz eg 0a0a37cfa7782b19604794886e5e42fdc676d733.pk3.gz With the mapping back to filenames in a database. This is because each WAD can have any number of names and disk space isn't free. They are also gzipped so that the webserver doesn't have gzipp them on the fly to the browser (as well as taking less space on disk). If I was ever to shut the site down I would make it all available to download in some format
  15. WadArchive

    Whatever happened to dwango9.wad

    Only one WAD has that lump https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/e0e70e3efac7745c7bb904aa18b27a6f