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  1. The first one can be found on a lot of shovelware discs: https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/FOREST-WAD-ver-1-3 The other two I haven't seen anywhere else https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/0c8b48d6d0a4f3da54898ac190ff1acc https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/d1dc569242589deb016129b32e67a746
  2. Make sure to complete all maps in https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/0-9/100kmaps
  3. WadArchive

    Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    ZIP also has much more support natively I have done it a few times, never an issue. Whatever application you are using to download it all should support retrying/resuming
  4. WadArchive

    id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    The DOOM.WAD looks to be PSN version https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DOOM.WAD . For the DOOM2.WAD you should generate a patch to be included in https://github.com/Doom-Utils/iwad-patches
  5. WadArchive

    GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    Make sure it is the USA version. I got the same error with the European rom
  6. WadArchive

    How much storage has DOOM-related stuff took up on your computer?

    290gb of wads (compressed) and some where around 23gb of screenshots and images plus the game files in steam
  7. WadArchive

    Do you collect anything?

    Besides wads/doom stuff lately I have been collecting consoles, especially if they have some kind of modding that can be done (or can play doom). So far I have: Atari 2600 (composite modded) Sega Master System (region, 50/60hz and FM modded) NES (region modded) Sega Saturn (phantom mod chip and a 'gamers cart' http://ppcenter.webou.net/satcart/#gamers) Playstation (soon to be modded) Playstation 2 Sega Dreamcast Nintendo 64 Wii Xbox (soft modded with larger HDD, soon to be hard modded) Xbox 360 Sega Game Gear (repaired it and upgraded the LCD) Atari Lynx (upgraded LCD) Gameboy (original with backlight) Gameboy Advanced (soon to be back lit) I got a 32x on the way, hopefully works/repairable (was sold as is) but will need to get a mega drive for it first.
  8. WadArchive

    Physical Doom Collection

    Here is my current collection Playstation demo disc with the one level demo Doom 2 Hexen 95 Knee Deep in the Dead shareware disc Towers of Darkness Hexen Deathkings with manual Doom 3 for Xbox promo copy Doom 3 Collectors Editions for Xbox Heretic strategy guide and shareware disc Digital Warfare book with disc (maps and editors) Doom novel Doom 3 for Xbox Hexen Chex Quest Doom move Blu-ray/DVD Doom move HD-DVD Hexen for Sega Saturn 'silver' (promo copy) Hexen for playstation NTSC (x2) 'Hardcore 3D Games' shareware disc Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil for xbox Doom for playstation PAL Doom One Level Demo for playstation Doom for playstation NTSC The Ultimate Add On Collection for Doom (shovelware) Heretic Demon Gate (shovelware) Doom for playstation PAL Platinum version Doom for Sega Saturn PAL and NTSC Hexen for Sega Saturn PAL and NTSC Doom Collectors Edition (PC) Strife (with map) Hexen for the Macintosh Hexen Death Kings for Macintosh Ultimate Doom for Macintosh Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil (PC) Final Doom PC and Macintosh Doom for Tapwave Zodiac Master Levels for Doom 2 Doom 64 Hexen 64 Doom for Pocket PC Doom for SNES PAL Doom 3 for PC manual (not sure where the discs are) Doom for Sega 32x NTSC 2x Doom 2 on floppies plus manual Doom 3 BFG Edition for Xbox 360 Two sets of the Doom 2016 collector cards Doom 2016 Every now and then I end up buying something else from ebay :)
  9. I had/have this problem also where they would join and often change the round time to 1 minute. I ended up making a wrapper that checks their IP against http://getipintel.net and check for certain callvote/chat messages and kick them. I really need to get around to finishing it
  10. WadArchive

    I Will Program Small Doom Utilities For You

    Awesome, when I get a chance I'll update my stuff to use it
  11. WadArchive

    Congrats DoomWiki

    Known as a filter bubble https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filter_bubble Something duckduckgo doesn't do. Creating description, h1 and title tags do help to an extent but it is the content on the page itself that makes the most difference. then of course google changes its mind and decides to give other factors more weight without warning....
  12. I added the disc to my site if you want to see the wad listing: http://www.wad-archive.com/disc/Dooms-Day-Collection
  13. WadArchive

    Seeking Co-op Players - New Zealand and Australia

    That IP is an internal address. Someone would need to be on your network (eg your wifi) to connect. You will need your external IP (google "whats my ip"). You most likely need to port forward 10666 as well
  14. WadArchive

    Seeking Co-op Players - New Zealand and Australia

    I would be interested in joining a game, might not have time this weekend. I live in NZ so playing on a closer server would be much better
  15. WadArchive

    Advanced search for doomworld.com/idgames

    I have updated Wad Archive so that you can filter down to WADs that are only in the idgames archive http://www.wad-archive.com/category/doom2/idGames-Supported/0 It works in search and by using the category pages.