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  1. File: ass38_noisy.zip Format: Boom (might work in Doom2 but whatever) Music: <none> Title: When Push comes to Shove Theme: Invulnerability sphere. Buildtime: about 1:20 I kinda like this one :)
  2. NoisyVelvet

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    I've tried three times so far, and I 've died at the Map02 bridge each time.
  3. NoisyVelvet

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    you could benefit from using all that black void space in your pics; everything looks so stuffy. just take your boxes and hallways and plop it in an ocean. BAM! Inmost Dens. you now have a good layout.
  4. NoisyVelvet

    Voodoo doll death ending when you kill a monster

    they can. not sure why people don't do this...
  5. 1. insertion? 2. darken e1 3. dtwid 4. rush 5. esp (map29) playback demo in prboom+; pause demo; screen record; unpause and play segment; trim recording; upload to online gif service and process gif
  6. NoisyVelvet

    Resurgence demos [-complevel 9]

    here is some table fills. Map09 UV-Max in 9:32 rs09-932.zip Map29 UV-Max in 43:42 rs29-4342.zip :) y not
  7. NoisyVelvet

    Happy birthday Fonze

    I just romped through this with saves. it just makes me second guess my guesses. I'm taking my 1 noisybuck back from the roulette table before the wheel spins, but i'm slapping 10 noisybucks on the exit room because i'm feeling bold tonight.
  8. NoisyVelvet

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    oh... i thought there were candles or something marking the bridge, but that must've been a different bridge later in the set. woops DEAD: MAP02
  9. NoisyVelvet

    Happy birthday Fonze

    alright, here's 1 hr of me dieing on UV, and 30 mins of me dieing on itytd. noisy_fonzBDAY_fda.zip I made it to the BFG once on each, and that's the furthest I got. I'm not sure how long the map is actually because the monster count was 800, but one of the screenshots has like all zombiemen in it, so for all I know the map wasn't that long, and I did an iddt to check out the automap at the end of my playthrough and i only saw like 2-3 areas total. I read some of fonze's post, skipping the parts in the spoiler I didn't get to: ITYTD doesn't save you from the platforming, I am afraid. it just makes it burn longer when you fall :(... also the author guessing game is always fun, so here's my guess:
  10. NoisyVelvet

    Happy birthday Fonze

    I just gave it a good 1.5 hrs. I'd upload an fda myself but I think I'll be courteous and let the birthday boy to go first. Regarding my opinion on the map and how far I even got, well umm.....
  11. NoisyVelvet

    Psychological aspects in designing areas

    Especially in blind a playthrough, the taller room provides more unknowns as far as typical mapping tropes are concerned (are chaingunners gonna appear in those cubbies?; is there some infinite-height fuckery above or hiding cacodemons?; will something happen with the open window?) Because of this, as a player, there would be the urge to hedge your gameplay against the different possibilities in a situation like that; people already pointed out that height can subtly affect gameplay in terms of raw, abstract geometry and stuff. Otherwise in terms of visuals and atmosphere... maybe: I can still see it affecting my mind, and thus my playstyle at least marginally. I feel a different level of comfort between open spaces and tight spaces irl, so I'd answer "yes" on both accounts.
  12. NoisyVelvet

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 21 - Indigestion: UV-Tyson in 6:21 gd21t621.zip
  13. NoisyVelvet

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    haha i just played through 23 and was saying "this ain't too bad", but i forgot about the ending... I forgot about that ending.
  14. Name: Blood Box Ass 37 Theme: 20 monsters Format: Boom Textures: Doom2.wad Build Time: 90 mins midi: the music from Map06 of doom2 sounds good, where you have it right now. so i'll go with Map06's music of doom 2 :)