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  1. fda: (recorded in prboom-plus complevel 9) Needs like 127 more archviles. That's all the advice I can give you.
  2. dump: (prb+ cl9) I ran through a couple days ago in gzdoom to check the maps out, so it's not totally blind fdas. I personally like the Christmas wad because I like tacky bullcrap. My vote would go towards leave-it-be, unless we are talking about the Christmas sprite stuff being in a separate supplemental wad, then I don't care either way. I mapped under the assumption of it being used even though I didn't rely on it much, but some people relied on certain decorations, or those Mushroom Gnome Nazi replacements.
  3. Rest of FDAs: My playing was pretty god-awful :) Bugs: I found an inescapable pit on map11. I think I remember a HOM on some map but I don't remember where. Notes: The ammo starvation on UV was eventually too much for me first playthrough, which is fine because it's UV (as long as this is intended). I went down to HMP by map15, and then to hntr at map21. Overall experience: These maps were pretty fun actually. The difficulty ramping is pretty steep, and mostly a result of tight ammo/health balance. If I had a time machine, I would tell me to play 1-10 on UV; 11-20 on HMP; 21-24 on HNTR for a casual experience. I guess this is true. Difficulty settings seemed to work for maps that I downshifted for.
  4. Up to level 11 tonight; got trashed by the final YK encounter and the final archvile didn't cooperate, will continue tomorrow and hopefully post an FDA dump. edit: or just have them now, will do the rest tomorrow I guess.
  5. I have a pile of layout skeletons on my drive of stuff that I start but never finish. I kinda plan to undust them; take my chisel and paint-brush and "complete" them, but without running into the trap of burning out over some unattainable goal of perfect map. A loose community project like this looks like a low-pressure place to drop a thing or two. A month ago I took one of my unfinished layouts as a foundation, and I spent a few hours messing around and arbitrarily stylized stuff. I threw a thousand imps in there. Here is a cherrypicked photo (map is mostly unfinished, of course) Basically, I'm expressing interest in Slaughtermax 2. Or maybe Slaughtermax 1 if I dive into it sooner but I didn't wanna pressure myself. ps. I was writing this post when @Paul977 posted, and my pic showed up in his post temporarily which spooked me out :)
  6. Based on context, I assume this lets you fetch a scene in a map; export it to an external image editor; and save it back into the map in one fell swoop? The OP isn't explicit. It reads like one those "Step 1) do a thing; Step 2) Profit!" memes so I have to do some assuming. If this is what I think it is, then hot-damn good job!
  7. @leodoom85 also for further clarification in case I was ambiguous, I meant for my entry's themes alone, w.r.t the "each mapper must follow at least one theme" rule. Just in case what I said sounded like a back-handed disrespectful sarcasm towards the themes in general to act as if I was above them. I had no problem with the themes. I just checked, and my map does in fact stick out by 128 units too far in the southeast, and there's also a secret nub in the northwest that technically goes out of bounds too, so my map only adheres to the bonus theme and the textures theme. Thankfully, it adheres to the minimum theme requirements so still technically fits within the project's rules.
  8. The lower right Cybie room is barely out of bounds I believe, and could be "tucked in" to put it into the boundary; it's 3072x in spirit, but I it barely misses the mark because I rushed the final room. For txt file in this case, I guess you could scrub that one theme off and just go with the other two themes: "Purple Textures" and "author signature" or whatever. edit: to clarify, I think it's best to leave the map as is, version 4
  9. Is there gonna be a Slaughtermax 2 for 2018?
  10. rip Moonblood. i was rooting for you. also, I didn't know Legacy of Heroes was this year. I assumed it was some old but underappreciated wad of yester-year that @Alfonzo dragged out for Ironman. It was pretty good. Still, I haven't even played the majority of these yet, jeez. This endless stream of Doom, man; I can't keep up.
  11. I am quite fond of berserking Shotgunners.
  12. Sky Fixed: oh shit, fixed for real now:
  13. yah. it's not a sky transfer issue, it's an elementary issue with a skybox not working at all. do i need to raise the ceiling by 1 unit? change the brightness, etc? it's one of those things. apparently I've been getting lucky with skies this whole time and taking it for granted. I'll look into it a bit
  14. Version 2: see version 3 in next post Name: Santa's Secret Sugarplum Juice - Drilling Station Themes: Purple!; Author Sig; almost inside 3072x but pretty much in bounds Midi: Wizards of the Winter - Trans Siberian Orchestra. Note: I am stupid and don't know how skies work. For some reason the skies in the exit battle-room don't render. Can someone look at the issue for me?
  15. Map: see next post Time: exactly 3 hrs No testing yet :) there's guaranteed to be bugs, we'll see how this goes.