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  1. I think this convo has more to do with ethics and stigma than about legal regulations. But still, w.r.t ethics too though: It is not unethical to put any amount of things you create behind a paywall, per se; it's your creation, and you are 100% entitled to the fruit of your labor. It is, though, unethical to mis-market something and lie, like if you charge money but then release it for free which jips off the people who just paid, or if you don't actually do what you promised and instead embezzle money. The other thing with purchase-to-play is copyright ethics, which is a whole other big animal. An issue with paywalling your content is not the paywalling itself, but that to viably enforce the paywall, you have to either use copyright laws, or you have to rely on culture to espouse certain values on plagarism and piracy (good luck with that).
  2. my favorite color is aaliens.wad
  3. FDA did not finish. very 90's shovelware style. I do not feel motivated to play further because i don't often like replaying sections I already beat over just to get to the place where I left off, and I didn't save. edit: your last map was better, of course.
  4. Map28: Sewers from plutonia.wad is like the Map25: Bloodfalls of doom2.wad I can enjoy both maps on some level, but they're room-n'-corridor heavy in a way that makes them seem more bland and uninteresting to explore when compared to the rest of the maps. Hunted is simply too iconic to be considered a bad map for me; it's an example of a map that is better when you are newer at doom and less skilled, when you probably rely on a more cautious and timid playstyle. Because of this, Hunted had the strongest impression on me. I've never had the urge to replay it though, keep in mind. It just goes down in memory as one of the most terrifying maps I've ever played. If I were held at gunpoint and forced to choose, I'd choose Sewers.
  5. Here's more proof, going down the list: Map05 UV Pacifist in 1:18 Map06 UV Pacifist in 1:02 Map07 UV Pacifist in 3:03 (this one was hard)
  6. Map03 UV Pacifist 2:08. I tried this 6 months ago and couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried, but I tried again just this past couple hours and I did it after maybe a few dozen tries. My projections indicate that I will be a doom god by the year 2087. edit: fuck. didn't watch the other demos to realize i could just infight the arachtnotron and exit the level instantly, that would have been cool i guess.
  7. Oh woops. I started recording pacifist demos half a year ago, then got walled by the last stretch of Map06. Then I stopped and forgot about them: Pacifists for maps 02 through 05
  8. @bonnie I liked your map tho. Sounds like the classic speedmap problem of biting off more than you can chew for the 3 hour block. On top of that, there's always the question of whether or not you want to publish the map as is even if it is janky and incomplete. I've always errored towards the direction of "post anyway" in time constraint projects like this. It is interesting to see a showcase of what others could come up with after only 3 hours i.m.o. Other people have more shame and higher standards tho.
  9. @NaZa upload those bad boys. Personally, I don't think it matters who hosts the sessions, who picks the themes as long as the themes are good, or whether that person is in the session (tho if they are picking the themes, then doing a map might strengthen the integrity of the themes, and themes are important) I also don't care about the name either. It can be called Poopy-Erection-Nipple-Imp Speedmapping Session (or PENISS for short) for all I care. I just wanna say though that I've enjoy playing speedmapping sessions like these since A.S.S. Speedmaps are short and punchy with varying quality, and the whole mapset can be done in one or two sittings; good source of fast-food doom snackies. I'm not sure how many i'd want to pay per month, but I like em.
  10. False.
  11. I ran into the inescapable pit too in my first run. was gonna post it but before posting I watched someone else's demo above: they seem to have beaten me to the punch. When I find a way to softlock a map, I always crack a wide grin as if it's a great accomplishment and done something clever :) I consider it a bigger victory than actually beating the map (which I didn't do yet, i'll get back to it.) --- PS. here's my second attempt (demo lmp) done in prboom-plus Quite good for a first map. Seems very influenced by TNT: Evilution. A bit lengthy for me personally. Also, some people might complain about some of the detail making movement hard: like accidentally stepping up into a wall instead of remaining on the floor, or partially losing control when running over the chunky dirt in the outdoor courtyard; it's not a real big deal though because the fights were somewhat tame anyways. Also, most importantly, keep in mind that one man's peeve is another man's fetish. Don't let anyone get in the way of your Doom fetish. Mine is platforming. Others' is grindy slaughtermaps, etc. Have fun.
  12. @EffinghamHuffnagel I appreciate the diligence. I knew about most of these, but they didn't stick out to me much. Since others have noted it, I will at least fix the archvile setup. Because it's still in beta, here's fix I guess: Fixed Map15.wad (only map lump, rest of wad not included) Changes: -I changed the exit box texture alignment -fixed the texture on the back side of the Blue Card well -changed the bounding perimeter skybox shape to a tigher, more squarish shape. -changed the rocket boxes to clusters of 5 rockets each. -changed the archvile fight delivery mechanism so you can't cheese it anymore. Not changed: -any conundrum that you can get to by turning off infinite height (sorry zdoomers and rare nomo players, but other popular Boom wads that use pit monster setups do this too so I'll use them as an excuse). -skybox around the red key tan brick building (aka. the Bone Box); I like it's particular height as viewed from the ground level, even if there is sky cutoff from above.
  13. FDA with saves in prboom. this was a fun map imo. tough start. then, after i got a foothold i didn't really die until that one part because i misjudged how to tackle it. also, the automap had a lot of double sided lines. if you are concerned about automap cleanliness, take note. unless this is some sort of new age tech for obfuscating wall secrets by hiding them in numbers.
  14. My favorite character was a 2 foot tall Halfling Lore Bard in a friends's custom campaign that specialized in illusions, deception and manipulating people. Due to the DM's propensity towards unbalanced chaos, he eagerly shoved Decks of Many Things our way. From some lucky card draws and magic item grabs, this bard accumulated up to 26 Charisma (+16 in Deception rolls); like 23 AC (28 with the Shield spell); and a pet War Elephant, a perfect pet for a 2 foot Halfling. The only balancing force against this overpowered and unstoppable bard was the fact that the DM threw stuff like Lava Dragons at us, monsters from unofficial monster D&D supplement books. In the end, it wasn't a monster that did him in, it was the fact that he greedily drew from the Deck again, got an unlucky draw, and then he immediately exploded. --- I took the two silly quizzes: According to the first quiz, i'm a Lawful Good Gnome Fighter According to the second quiz, i'm a True Neutral Human Fighter - i'm glad i took that very long quiz to find out that i'm basically vanilla toast with high base stats.
  15. FDAs with saves for expediency (view at own discretion) Memfis and Chaingunner's maps were similar in playstyle: felt tight on resources but just enough to barely scrape by. Both were somewhat open and explorationy. The beginning is hard and you need to scavenge for every bit of ammo and health is scarce. e2m3 was harder than e2m1, I think. Though, I played e2m1 yesterday, so I could just be playing badly today. These maps vaguely reminded me of e2m4: Deimos Lab from Ultimate Doom because the first time I played that map, I'd run out of ammo a lot too. Ilya's map was the odd one out. It was more of a tight, hectic challenge map. It required a lot more trial and error than the other two. I think I broke the yellow key door though because of complevel settings too, or maybe I neglected a proper way, so i DNFed. Ahh nevermind, i was duped by slow lifts, thinking they only went one way, so I thought I couldn't go back to the start. I guess I can appreciate this map from a puzzle grind perspective, but the map does not go down smoothly. Also, e2m3's rush midi actually felt like it could have belonged in an actual iwad, at least to me. It fits imo.