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  1. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Eternal Slumber Party: MAP22 - 64lemons MAP02 (from 64lemons.wad) Playtime: 35 mins (prb+ cl2 uv-nosaves) Woah, this is the closest I've ever come to beating a ToD map first try. It wasn't even one of those 'fuck you!' starts where you just die before you figure out what's going on. I even survived the popup archvile bukakke at the top of the stairs first try. I've seen enough of those so far this sleepover, that I'm actually anticipating stuff like that. I died to the second last cyberdemon though. I choked on his sixth third rocket during my final BFG shot. I forgot that you were supposed to dodge those, not open your mouth wide and eat them. Damn, so close, and this will probably be the last time I will be that close. As far as the map goes, it's pretty standard issue ToD. Not one of his most creative pieces, but kinda generic and speedmappish. It plays okay though, and is one I'd recommend saveless at my skill level. For that reason I enjoyed it a lot - it hits the sweet spot, where it's not too long to the point of being a hopeless endeaver for me, but keeps you tense if you are playing saveless. Eternal Slumber Party: MAP23 - Nina Dobrev (from ninadobrev.wad) Playtime: 65 mins = 30 mins (prb+ cl2 uv-nosaves) + 35 (prb+ cl uv-savescum) This didn't seem so bad at first... but then you realize that ammo matters a lot more on this map than usual. It doesn't make it apparent at first, but if you use cells in an inefficient way, it will creep up on you out of nowhere and you'll get kinda stuck. Infighting helped me a lot here. I got nervous when I thought I had to go around the outside water area and kill all those cyberdemons, but it turns out they are optional. It also turns out that the similar cyberdemons, the ones that spawn in when you hit those pillars at the end, are also ones that you don't have to kill. I got nervous here until I saw the light at the end of the tunnel; I floundered around those cyberdemons for a bit until i noticed the exit open up, so I rushed to the exit frantically and left the level.
  2. zekhmet community project - let's map!

    There are cats in this texture set. I tried to start mapping but ended up making a kitty-caco instead. or cat-codemon maybe. Sorry, mapping is harder than I thought.
  3. Underground Tension - 4 vanilla maps

    these maps are pretty hardcore. i might got back on hmp to try them out. for now, here's a uv fda for each map. noisy_utension_uv.zip (prb+ cl2 uv) edit: btw i read a couple posts about the ammo, so that might've affected my playstyle going in.
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Eternal Slumber Party: Map20 - "Double Imp Act": Playtime: 49 mins (prb+ cl2 uv-nosaves) This was a treat. Fun all around. The title is a clever pun, but it hits harder the moment that you find out the map lives up to the name literally. Also, there are cars, furniture, crates, etc. But, they actually had functional purpose and you could jump around on half of them too. Some of the ones that don't have any exploratory purpose were still interactible my favorite part of the map was... The part I had the hardest time with was this one cyberdemon behind a blue door. He just gave me a hard time for some reason; open the door, bam i'm dead without response time, etc. Good map, just short enough to play saveless for me too. If a map is under 5 minutes par time (in ESP.txt) I will at least try it saveless, at this point. Eternal Slumber Party: Map21 - "The Room Below": Playtime: ~1.5 hrs = 27 mins (prb+ cl-1 uv-savescum) + ~1 hr (prb+ cl-1 idclip cheat) I had stairs break on me in cl-1... woops. I finished after about another hour of gameplay by idcliping up into the open door above the broken (seemingly) stairs. This was long and tough. Lots of cramped spaces with barons, rockets and BFG. I actually like this sort of gameplay, it's demanding on movement and positioning skills. Lots of deaths from me though. I thought the map was gonna wind down with the third, yellow key like the pacing of most maps, but it actually goes on for quite a while afterwards; it takes you further on the long journey of close-quarters cyber/barons encounters.
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    I did cl2 for 20, but i was going through Map21 with cl-1 in prboom+, and stairbuilding broke hard (i double-checked in cl2 nomonsters quickly, and it worked fine there). I'm stuck and might load to that point and idclip. To answer your question, yes.
  6. newly released wad mole doom episode 1 "in the mess of it"

    fdas noisy_inthemessofit.zip (prb+ cl9 nosaves) I played through these, but i messed up the command line params so i only have 3 fdas, for e1m1 and e1m8, and e1m9. Pulling inspiration from the iwads is always a good idea in my opinion. On that note, it's still subpar to KDitD, tbh, but still playable. Somewhere halfway, I started getting bored of front-facing shotgun combat vs pinkies, so started pushing past things more aggressively and skipping monsters all-together, only stopping sometimes to pop off a shotgunner here and there. This kept things interesting for me, and there was enough health to allow for it. I thought the very subtle changes to the mapnames and end text were funny; you got a big fat grin out of me. bug? on map 3 or one of the early maps, theres a door adjacent to a crusher, it's a one open door so i got it stuck and barely open. It's a secret though, but can lock out completionists. just fyi.
  7. Nova III - map slots still available

    fda for @Paul977's Ancestral Domain. noisy_ad_paul977.zip (prb+ cl9 uv-nosaes) I really like Mancubus Firing Squads.
  8. Impromptu Minidido

    I made a clunky-as-fuck crate barrel crate thing with optional lost soul swarm. It kinda works sorta-ish in prboom. It might get a little weird in zdoom though... But here. it was based off of a map doodle i drew yesterday. noisy_minidido_v1.zip I have no idea if you'll find a use for this, so by all means deny it and I won't feel bad. If that's the case, then I'll reskin this, expand it, and try to pawn it off onto yafkak's project or something. also, i haven't looked at heels map so i hope this isn't too similar. edit: ooooh god that's some buggy ass shit i got here. that's a couple hours for ya.
  9. Impromptu Minidido

    I had some free time open up today. 1800-1899 edit: hnggggg. i just spent several minutes in editor, hit 'save as' and "GZDoombuilder is not responding..." edit2: hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfffffffff...
  10. Recycled Community Project

    @Myst.Haruko not in this particular case: Unless Heels compiled using doombuilder+"save map into", but that's not the case here. In this case, it's a TEXTURE1 lump thing. I opened up the latest download and the offending textures are just not defined in the lump. Looks like some textures got chewed up between Slade3 and Heels. I also notice some of STARTAN2's patches are missing, so the problem could've be downstream from that as well when "cleaning up" redundant patches/textures in Slade3. source off knowledge: I tried putting a sky into a Pigeon speed-map once and it was a catastrophe, but i learned stuff. Also, @Nine Inch Heels, I'd recommend labeling each uploaded version recycled_rc1.wad, recycled_rc2.wad, etc to remove assumptions about how Dropbox manages their files and links, unless you are trying to cut down on storage volume or something. also, you have a weird track record of posting right in the middle of me writing my own posts. i don't mean to creep you out lol.
  11. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Eternal Slumber Party: Map18 - "64lemons Map03" Playtime: 86 mins (prb+ a mess of separate demos and complevels) When I first got to the wall of a dozen archviles that lower and kill you, I thought this was called "64 Lemons" because there are 64 Archviles on this map. It turns there are only 36 though. I read above for what the actual title is from. It looks like you the best method is to enter the second chamber with 600 cells, and 2-shot every cyberdemon with some spare change for the vile walls. I don't have much more to add. Eternal Slumber Party: Map19 - "Cassie Steele" Playtime: 1 hr (prb+ mostly cl-1 uv-savescum) HOly crap... it's happneed1!!! The first ESP map without finding a BFG at all!!! No BFG and swimming in cells. Even Brookhaven Hospital had an early BFG, and even it didn't let you escape without spamming down a horde of hellknights at the end. Cassie Steele is like a typical old-school dungeoncrawl map. Lots of tight environments where you will have to deal with hitscan ambushes, or revenants in close quarters. I saw only one cyberdemon. It's also pretty hard when you don't know what you're doing, and it looks like there is deceptively little health from the beginning so I got worried, but you find more once you carve into the center a bit. I wasn't sure if I was in the mood for this map at first, but eventually I kicked into the groove and liked it. You might have to slow down a bit here too to enjoy it. --- I was saving my Map33 comments for March 31st, but i guess it doesn't matter. --- It looks like there are at least 3-4 long maps left on the horizon. Real life stuff started getting in the way very recently, but I'm still gonna try to make it to the end. I also gave up drinking until April 1st, so I'll make sure to celebrate when I get through the other side.
  12. Pacifist Archviles??

    ZenNode is a weird nodebuilder. I am unfamiliar with the doom data-structures, but I rebuilt your testmap in something other than ZenNode, and then the viles attack you. The problem might reoccur if you have too much stuff instead of too simple of stuff: like if you have viles attacking on self-referencing sectors or through jail bars, maybe. edit: i say that because i had that problem before. the "add a random unused sector" works sometimes but sometimes changing the nodebuilder works too but it's a nodebuilder thing i think.
  13. limiting the levels intel the end of the game (solved)

    For another option, you could put a Credits Map on Map15, which is trend that a lot of recent wads have been doing.
  14. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Eternal Slumber Party: Map16 - "Be Quiet" Playtime: 44 mins (prb+ cl9 uv-nosaves) A contender for my favorite ToD map so far. I actually vaguely remember this from tom19.wad years ago, but I didn't remember any details so I had to trial and error it all again. I think it was one of the only maps that I was able to beat at that time, long ago. This is a puzzle map, and a mostly good one. I read in this thread that ToD likes Chip's Challenge, and apparently similar gameplay translates well into Doom. I wish the switch on the "fence" with 4 BFG's was marked, so you don't have to wall hump while dodging rockets to find progression if you run out of ammo. I ran out on one attempt, so on a subsequent one I saved my rockets by infighting the revs and cyberdemons, before realizing how the switch worked. My only other gripe is inescapable pits. I like punishing pits, but truely inescapable ones seem bad in a map where you feel the urge to explore anyways; like, "I wonder what's on that terrace down there if I fall onto it and walk around". Nah, it's just death. The map length isn't too long though, so this isn't a killer issue if you are playing saveless. I like this length of map. It's short and to the point. Eternal Slumber Party: Map17 - "Stares" Playtime: 23 mins = 9 mins (prb+ cl9 uv-nosaves) + 13 mins (prb+ cl-1 uv-saves) This map is pretty easy and short. I switched to saves though when I opened up a wall and a dozen archvile that immediately nuked me. (edit: wait, it was earlier when i jumped into one of the cyberdemon pits to find progression.) I don't wanna deal with that blind. Also, there's stuff like the "hollow, bumpy stairs" very early in the map that you can fall into and die, etc. You could probably probe your way through this one with trial and error, but it's better with saves. It's refreshing and short though. ----- Also note for maps ahead. For Map18+, we're going into complevel 2 maps. This changes the mechanics for the Archviles on Pillars motif that ToD has used a lot up to this point. Basically monsters don't fall of pillars in complevel 2, but in complevel 9 they can get knocked off easily. I had no idea this was a thing until Evolution of the Wad on the Boom engine. Just a heads up.
  15. GRBs Strange Worlds (speedmaps)

    fda maps 2 and 3: noisy_GreHerSpd2-3.zip (prb+ cl9 uv) for posting demos of solo-author mapsets, with exception to bug reports/opinion feedback, i'm torn between posting to main thread or through personal messenger. because i don't know if it actually contributes to the main thread. i dunno, hmmm. anyways, i like these.