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  1. NoisyVelvet

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Question: are playing back demos with saves (complevel 13 and maybe higher) generally supported or not? I have at least one -complevel 13 demo that use saves and plays back in Prboom+ ( and but not in DSDA-Doom. Not sure if intentional or not. Thought I'd mention. I don't have a Github account nor publicly use Discord so I thought I'd mention here for fun.
  2. NoisyVelvet

    [RC1 Release!] Hardfest (Boom Community Project)

    You're right... In DSDA-Doom it doesn't do any saving. In Prboom+ it kinda just plops saves in where needed and kinda just works. I wonder if it's intentional design and/or has anything to do with DSDA-Doom's infinite save limit.
  3. NoisyVelvet

    [RC1 Release!] Hardfest (Boom Community Project)

    Works for me on a different prboom+ lying around. The deaths in the hotdog chaingunner-revenant trap aren't desyncs, just me trying to brute force my way through. I eventually restart from scratch and it starts to go a bit better from there.
  4. A Barrel Dispenser ... or otherwise, some sort of similar "Fort Building" item that deploys destructible objects. Or maybe deployable plasma mines that hover in place and do damage when tripped. And if those landmines don't explode on contact outright, they spring and expand into a "plasma beartrap", a furthermore destructible shackle object with actual inertia in place of the previously hovering projectile, one whose spawned-and-stretched clipping box partially engulfs the enemy who triggered it, thus pinning their movement down. And maybe that shackle (destructible) explodes on destruction just like a barrel in return. The initial active mine dispenser would probably be a mid-low range gun that fires projectiles which tapers off in speed and lands where you "toss" it. Lots of creativity for the player here: Toss an untripped mine in the middle of a room or directly into a monster if we're thinking simple; or bank it into a wall for a tiny insta-barrier; or stack several on top of each other active so that the expanding hitbox of the first one pops all of them together for one full explosion; or spread them out just enough so when one goes off, they all expand in-tact forming a chain-link fence; etc. This item would be introduced in Doom 2 alongside the Archvile, Pain Elemental, etc. (and not 93 per thread title). This is because that's when they were implementing bolder, fancier monsters that weren't just reskinned imps and shotgunners.
  5. NoisyVelvet

    [RC1 Release!] Hardfest (Boom Community Project)

    Here's a couple FDA playthroughs for @gabirupee and @Yumheart. Played on RC1.3 with Complevel 13 (MBF with saves... lots and lots of saves...) noisy_hardfest_RC13_m8.zip
  6. NoisyVelvet

    Doom Dad Jokes

    When the other demons caught wind about The Cyberdemon's humiliating defeat by Doomguy, the situation became the Tower of Babble.
  7. NoisyVelvet

    [RC1 Release!] Hardfest (Boom Community Project)

    Looks like a nice set so far. Congrats on a successfully lead community project. Such things don't go so well all the time. I gave the Curiosities and half of the Slaughter episode the 10 minute try. I dare not touch the Oddities yet because I am afraid. Here's a bunch of FDAs. Taking a break before I burn out. noisy_hardfes_RC11_m1.zip
  8. Cool little map you got there. The pinks look raspberry and somehow appetizing. Demo lmp: noisy_sacrebleu_fda.zip
  9. NoisyVelvet

    [Shitpost Enemy] Paingunner

  10. NoisyVelvet

    Overboard Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map05 Pacifist in 11:40. - ob05p1140.zip
  11. NoisyVelvet

    Toxic Refinery redux

    Lovely. After a successful romp through a slaughtermap, it's good to be humbled by the simple shotgunner. Here's an FDA, got part-way through E1M9 too. noisy_toxic-redux.zip
  12. NoisyVelvet

    Sally (Boom map)

    Fun map. Here's a HMP fda. noisy_sally_hmp.zip A new vore fetish has been awoken in me and I decided to become the pie myself, so now both Sally the Dragon and the Demons can all have pie afterall. Everybody wins.
  13. NoisyVelvet

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Amorphous Euphoria (idgames) Map01 Stroller in 0:07. - amor01str007.zip Map04 Pacifist in 0:57. - amor04p057.zip Map04 NoMo in 0:49. - amor04o049.zip
  14. Apparantly you also made my second favourite map of 50 Shades of Graytall. It might be a pretty damn old mapset now, but that level was one of the two that really wowed me (Nothing can top a Mechadon work though, sorry ;p)


    But yeah, thanks for Map 6 of that project.

    1. NoisyVelvet


      Thanks :).


      I'm still proud of that one for the most part.  I'm a big fan of Doom 2's sandbox levels, and that map was mostly me saying: "I'm just gonna remake The Citadel... but out of DOORTRAK". 


      As a mapper, it was an odd lesson in granting player freedom and managing player expectations though. 


      Because, like The Citadel, I let the player go around it at the start.  But that also resulted in 95% of players grinding down the mid-tiers around the perimeter with a pump-shotgun instead of just jumping into the Castle and the cool Archi miniboss setpiece (the first one).  Part of me regrets not putting temporary rails up to force-funnel the player into the mouth of the castle.  And maybe for other design decisions too, like using a lock-in for that very Archi miniboss too (a lead-up and fight that I'm shamelessly proud of, and kinda want to shove the player's nose into it whether they like it or not with a more forced experience) - But, the player is given the option to just... run away.  There was a conscious decision at the time to not do these things and to stay true to original artistic goals.


      'Probably could've cleaned up the rocky area's by pinching the red graytall seam, but I wasn't as efficient at Doombuilder back then.

    2. Devalaous


      The intentional hall of mirrors basement was definitely a ballsy choice. I died down there a LOT. I'll be replaying that wad again sometime, just to record the stats on Doom Launcher (I'm weird like that) and Map 6 and 10 will be great to relive. The slaughtermaps not so much.

  15. NoisyVelvet

    What's your favorite source port?

    Prboom+ because it "works". Though with the influx of MBF21 wads... I'm gonna have to make the jump eventually... :/