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  1. NoisyVelvet

    IronEagle Competition 3: Crumpets

    @leodoom85 map01 should* have the sky lower and crush the player after 10 minutes :^) * I mean it doesn't, but it should
  2. NoisyVelvet

    The Joy of Mapping 6: JOY ETERNAL

    The time-frame is kinda tough for me, but who knows, I might do a drive by map. If anything, I'll try to fiddle with UDMF, which I've never touched before.
  3. NoisyVelvet

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (Release Candidate 3!)

    I took a stab at the map but died at the 17 minute mark. I stumbled into some red stuff and got hugged to death. fda: noisy_kd_rc3.zip g'nite for now.
  4. NoisyVelvet

    Nanopineapple 2018: Megawad in 1 Month

    everything not labeled is UV by default. so everything up to map06 is UV. edit: they also might have been on the version before it too.
  5. NoisyVelvet

    Nanopineapple 2018: Megawad in 1 Month

    Played the rest on HNTR - Map06 broke me. I respect the handling of difficulty settings here, especially during the time frame this was built. The only map I didn't beat was 31 but my final attempt felt kinda satisfying. fda dump (watch at your own discretion): noisy_pnano4_0_the_rest.zip From the nanowad thread, the map layouts looked simple at first, but there's a surprising amount of theme variation from map to map. Besides that, there's the usual things, like your clumps of sergents. Map25 was my favorite, I think, as I generally like that style of map. I remember a HOM of map26 or 27 or something. thanks for the maps.
  6. awesome! will watch. also, the feedback helps a lot. Map09's exit was bugged at first due to blockmap or hitbox height or something, so i moved it around a bit and now you can only see it from a particular angle if you stare carefully... and also have max gamma. 'gotta change this one for sure. Map15's is a hard one get to unless you explore in a particular spot and also have audio on... I might consider changing this one now that I think about it. Fair enough, though the intended method is to bob-sled down the stairs head-on like a lunatic, and to hit the jumps at a precise angle. WASD keys only; no sr50 or sr40-with-turns needed. hah. I actually started with 20, then said, "nah people will hate me", and instead added a couple sparsely located teleporters that go back to start of level. I think I'll make a concession and add more teleporters but up the damage.
  7. NoisyVelvet

    Nanopineapple 2018: Megawad in 1 Month

    i'm up to map 5 so far. these are hard. I wonder if they get harder? I'll have to find out. fdas noisy_pnana018.18.11.30b.zip (plays on pnana018.18.11.30b.wad)
  8. I've played only a few so far (no demos srry). here's some quick thoughts: @DanielAlexander : "comfy slaughter". infinite ammo is actually kinda nice for such a thing; you don't have to focus on running out of ammo and can just kinda shlong about at your own pace. Not too hard either. @Scypek2 : I like the exploration style. I don't see this style very often. On map 1 (even on UV) I still ached for more clip ammo though, unless I missed something blaring. Even for ammo-starved maps, this felt too starvy. My first go at map2 also missed the chainsaw, so my impression was the same, heh. still cool though. Map03 felt more like a "normal" doom map in terms of ammo and health but felt didn't feel the same exploration/puzzle thing I felt from the first map. @meapineapple : I played only Map01 so far; died at the end and lost my spirits for now (I'm just salty). it was tight on health/armor and was done in by hitscanners (UV), not a bad thing mind you. I really ought to give this a good proper go-through though to honor your success at a making the full 32 maps. Congrats. @franckFRAG : i love doom 2. tickle my nostalgia nerve and get an automatic A+ :) @NoisyVelvet : the first 14 maps need less shells, more clips. Some bugs that need scrubbing out. Not a perfect wad, but not shabby; could use feedback.
  9. NoisyVelvet

    IronEagle Competition 3: Crumpets

    DEAD: Map05 (prboom+ ; UV ; not blind)
  10. DEAD E4M4 (category 1) I thought I did pretty well on this map... but I went slow and steady on the previous ones, so my time is gonna put my low on the ladder.
  11. Compiled NoisyNanowad (32 maps; vanilla): NoisyDiarrhea_beta1.zip Targeted Format: Vanilla, though you can just play on cl9 be better off. Functional Bugs (*known): at least one map visplane overflows if an archvile pops you off in a certain place; Map04 has crushers unintentionally insta-crush you on cl2; Map09's exit is a little weird. Difficulty Settings: Sorta for a couple, but not fully implemented Screenshots:
  12. Alright. 32 maps done before midnight, November 30th, 2018. Map31: Map32: Map30: Here's an uncompiled zip of what I have pre-deadline, for sake of "Official NaNoWadMo Certification". NoisyDiarrhea_uncompiled.zip (vanilla compatible; light playtesting in chocolate and prboom+) I have errands tomorrow but I'll try to order and compile the megawad later. Also, especially in it's current state, it's mostly a bunch of unrefined, unbalanced shit that I squirted out in a months time. Play at your own risk. Congratulations to all participants.
  13. The final stretch. Map28: Map29:
  14. Dicey indeed. I'm debating whether or not to count Dec 1 as "November 31st" so I can cheat another day out and still say I made it on time. Or maybe I can use the Hawaii timezone rule for submissions Map25: