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  1. Dead on Map05 Category 2 noisy_HR_ironman.zip
  2. NoisyVelvet

    IronEagle Competition 23: Spectrum

    Super dead: E3M1 noisy_spectrum.zip Blind run. UV Prboom+ complevel 3 i've been playing other FPS's lately, and it's really trippy trying to go back to doom movement and mouse sensitivity, heh.
  3. NoisyVelvet

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    DEAD: Map02 Category 1 noisy_EPIC.zip Was staring at my map for fifteen seconds, and then a cluster of revenant rockets exploded me. I'll never know where that yellow key go.
  4. NoisyVelvet

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    Hmm. I'm gonna wait before I dive into this one. edit: i think i misread the post in this reply.
  5. NoisyVelvet

    IronEagle Competition 22: Fracture

    DEAD: Map03 Blind UV noisy_fracture.zip
  6. NoisyVelvet

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    here's a quick playthrough attempt. recorded in prboom+ woah that's a bigger map than expected. looked at the monster count after dying. cool looking stuff. noisy_ScourgeOfLeviathan.zip
  7. NoisyVelvet

    The Blank Canvas, a short 1 level wad

    here's a quick playthrough attempt from a couple days ago. a lmp file recorded in prboom+ noisy_xkBlankCanvas.zip
  8. cool map. DEAD: 12:20 and 80 kills. bad maneuvering on my part. noisy_kaiser_12.zip
  9. NoisyVelvet

    The DWIronman League dies to: Running Late 2

    Dead Map04 Category 1 - (blind) good maps, pretty fair all around. I chose the wrong approach at the beginning of Map04 tho. noisy_RL2.zip
  10. NoisyVelvet

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - On Idgames!

    Here's a collection of FDAs for all maps (compiled version). I can't tell if I'm getting worse at Doom or the maps are getting harder... or if I just give less fucks. noisy_mayhem20_crashing_through_all_maps_and_dying.zip Thanks for the maps!
  11. NoisyVelvet

    Geothermal Plant - A Techy-Lava Themed Map for Doom 2

    here's an fda recorded in prboom+ complevel 2 noisy_geoplant.zip Tough start with the ammo, though I ultimately died somewhere in the middle, mostly from rocketing myself in the face. I liked what I played.
  12. NoisyVelvet

    IronEagle Competition 20: Operation: Biowar

    I got stuck on Map05 and just couldn't find my way. out of the map. noisy_biowar.zip Category 1
  13. NoisyVelvet

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vrack 1, 2 and 3!

    Dead MAP01 (category 1) noisy_Vrack_ironman.zip Vrack1: 42/414 kills | 2m38s time Vrack2: 229/722 kills | 15m20s time Vrack3: 27/553 kills | 1m50s time
  14. NoisyVelvet

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    Here's fdas for maps 1 through 4. Map 04 was exceptional. I only found 5 secrets in 40 minute demo. Loved the map. noisy_akeldama_fdas_1-4.zip
  15. here are some fumbly-bumbly fdas for anything that ran in prboom+ noisy_PandSpeed1_fdas.zip