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  1. Awesome, Moonblood was one of the best wads I've played in a while. I'm sure this'll be just as good if not better.
  2. Cool screenshots although I feel like the sloped sectors really defy the intended feeling of being a Doom alpha from early 1993. I would love to work on this if I weren't already working on my own megawad. Just finished the first map and I gotta be honest. It felt less like I was playing the Doom alpha and more like I was just playing a modern zDoom wad. The maps were just far too detailed and utilized too many modern doom-isms. On their own they certainly aren't bad maps, I just feel like they don't achieve what they set out to do.
  3. I pretty much only use zDoom software mode. Otherwise I use zandronum for multiplayer.
  4. Its gonna be a full 4 episode megawad. It might be done soonish maybe possibly.
  5. Borb

    1. bzzrak


      Hey Miss Bubbles! You the one who made that one e2m7 remake an entirety eternity ago? That was a kickass map yo!

    2. Miss Bubbles

      Miss Bubbles

      Hey, yep! That was me.

      There may be some more stuff in the works... keep an eye out. *Nudge nudge wink wink nudge*


  6. Currently working on an oldschool episode 2 replacement. Here's e2m6 so far.
  7. Gave this a try and I can't agree more with how killer2 put it. The first third of the map is great. Its creepy and plays well in the beginning, but as the map progresses the whole thing just sorta devolves into a brainless slaughtermap with very repetitive arena fights. My biggest issue was that the weapons quickly become obsolete as you progress through the arenas. Once I picked up a new weapon I found myself never going back to any of the previous ones. The custom enemies for the most part were pretty cool, I liked them when used appropriately and in smaller numbers but at times they could be pretty irritating, which brings me to the cacodemon. I really liked this guy, when he started showing up at the start of the map in groups of 1 to 3 he was pretty shocking and unsettling, but once he started appearing in massive groups of 20 or more he was just beyond obnoxious. It wasn't anything gameplay-wise that made him annoying. It was his audio. Hearing dozens of these guys yelling and moaning into my ear for minutes on end was nearly unbearble.
  8. I hate most modern mapping. I find it too neat and too detailed and uniform. I much prefer older wads with simpler, weirder designs.
  9. Just finished this, a little late to the party as I didn't know this was a thing until I saw it in the cacowards and hot damn is it good. I was impressed with the first and even more so with this, probly some of the best stuff I've seen done through modding. The music was really great too. Hope to see another soon. Also, I personally think this should have won a cacoward and not a runner-up.
    This wad was quite a love/hate relationship for me. Episode 1 and 2 were fantastic. They flowed so well and were challenging without being stupid. Sadly once I got to episode 3 the wad took a turn for the worst. Most of episode 3 is too dark, too big, too confusing, and too full of mandatory damaging sectors without a radsuit. Episodes 1 and 2 were a blast but 3 and 4 just felt like a lot of work. I had to use the console to give myself radsuits and light amp goggles many times. Its no fun to find a secret soul sphere if you're just gonna burn it all away crossing lava without a radsuit. In the end I'd highly recommend the first 2 episodes. They're what Doom is all about; fast fun simple maps. The later half was quite the opposite.
    What starts as a neat idea just becomes tiring and irritating after the first couple maps. This wad is honestly just a joke that overstays its welcome.
    A very flashy map set that sadly lacks a lot of substance. There's a lot to like here, but also a fair bit to dislike. The theme and aesthetics are nice if not a bit too dark and detailed at times, and I actually enjoyed the narrative. Lovecraftian themed wads and mods seem to be pretty popular lately, and with good reason. The music was pretty fantastic, I especially liked the E1M5 " Suspense " remake. The boss fight was also pretty interesting and fun, but it did tend to over stay its welcome. Now to discuss what made the wad more of a bad experience than a good one sadly. What brought this map pack down for me the most was the lack of any fluid gameplay and some honestly very tedious custom enemies. A lot of time is spent camping doorways and thinning out the horde before you can enter a room. Once you clear the big baddies out and proceed into the room you can expect to do the same again, as every key and switch you press results in a very predictable monster ambush. The custom monsters for the most part were fine albeit a bit repetitive ( too many different lost soul-esque enemies that fly about and spit projectiles at you ). The biggest offender for me was the Hell Archon. This guy was a big meat wall that takes a lot of time and rockets to bring down. After the first couple encounters with him I had lost all interest in fighting him. Unfortunately for me, I had to deal with his tanky ass most of the time as a lot of scripted sequences in the map couldn't be completed until he was dead. Pros: -cool theme -great atmosphere -very pretty and colorful maps -great soundtrack -good boss fight concept Cons: -slow tedious gameplay -repetitive maps -irritating/unnecessary custom enemies -boss fight last a little too long
  10. Well I'm bummed to see this die, especially after investing the time to create 2 maps for it. I gotta say I'm pretty annoyed at the people who nabbed map slots and never even came back with any proof of progress or even admitted that they just weren't working on their maps at all.