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  1. When are you payin my child support?

  2. Count651

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Thanks for the runner up status and congrats to all other winners and runners up! Lunar 2 will be even better, I promise!
  3. Count651

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Pretty much what Not Jabba said. This wad's goal was to emulate Id's original mapping style but with our own touches. At no point point was it ever advertised or intended to be a vanilla compatible wad on a technical level.
  4. Count651

    Quake III Arena vs Unreal Tournament

    For me its definitely Unreal 99 for the sheer variety of weapons and environments. I still play it regularly to this day with and without bots. Also the godlike soundtrack. And lets not forget those unforgettable taunts such as "Die, bitch".
  5. Count651

    West Virginia (empty map)

    As a West Virginian I can confirm that this is exactly what WV looks like.
  6. Count651

    Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV announced

    I honestly wouldn't mind if they skipped on Diablo altogether. I mean, we've already kicked his ass 3 times. I'm curious to see what they come up with this time regarding the main plot.
  7. Count651

    Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV announced

    Dude, I love Lilith's design. She's so sinister looking with that translucent skin and flesh cape. This Diablo definitely looks like a true return to the visceral darkness of the previous games.
  8. Count651

    Post a picture of yourself!

    @TwinBeastEvery breakup is a learning experience and in the end you come out stronger than before.
  9. Count651

    Random Image Thread

  10. Count651

    Hell-Forged v1.10 Released. (Development Closed)

    I've only just finished the first map and I'm already in love with this. The weapons are so cool, both visually and functionally.
  11. Count651

    Postal TC

    Wow, you really know how to drum up a wad.
  12. Count651

    Which color key is the scariest/hardest?

    Man we're really hittin the bottom of the barrel for Doom discussions here, aren't we?
  13. Count651

    Slaughterfest maps: strategies to win?

    My winning strat for slaughtermaps is not to play them. All joking aside though, you usually gotta play dirty. Find a cheap camping spot that enemies have a hard time accessing and abuse the hell out of it. Slaughtermaps are also very trial and error in their gameplay. You usually need to know whats going to happen in a slaughtermap if you want any chance of succeeding.