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  1. I usually just use the soulsphere for everything. In all honesty though, I don't really care for the like system terribly much. I feel like it encourages people to simply click a button and leave rather than stay and discuss a topic.
  2. Count651

    Favorite Source Port?

    zDoom, although I'll eventually have to make the jump to gzDoom. I pretty much exclusively use software rendering, can't stand how doom looks with opengl rendering.
  3. Count651

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    I still use zDoom.. :(
  4. I'm still not entirely convinced they're from the Mussolini hanging photos as there's so many details that don't add up. Although it seems to be the most plausible theory since nobody has found a photo that exactly matches the poses the sprites are in. I still suspect some of them could be war casualties that were photographed lying on the ground, as the position of their jackets and limbs don't all correspond with gravity, especial GOR3A0. They look as if they were flung in the air by an explosion and landed with their clothing pulled apart and some of their limbs outstretched, or they were possibly dragged out of the way to the side of a road or some such. I was also starting to suspect this too as they all seem to be wearing the exact same clothing and their heads all seem to be similar. Also the very muscular/built torsos seem to match up with those of GI Joe dolls, not the famous 80's kind, but the 1 foot tall historically accurate kind.
  5. Yeah the Jaguar textures actually fit into the rest of the graphic style of doom. The hanging victims that were released in the offical game looks so grainy and detailed, as if they weren't cleaned up at all.
  6. Does anyone know if these guys were scratch built by Adrian Carmack or if they were photo scanned from some other source. As far as appearances goes they stand out from the rest of the sprites and graphics in Doom and have a bit of a " too realistic " appearance to them, making me believe they're likely scanned from an actual image. Their apparel almost looks to be World War 2 era military fatigues, either German or American. If anyone knows or suspects where these dudes are from, please say so. Otherwise we can at least speculate. My guess is that they could be WWII casualty photos. Here are the dudes in all their glory, just in case you're unsure of what I'm referring to..
  7. Count651

    Is Hexen (1995) a so complicated game?

    Man, I've always wanted to finish Hexen. I've come back to it so many times in my life but I usually only make it halfway through before I can't tolerate the absurd amount of switch hunting. Its one of those games where the majority of the game is spent not making any progress and getting desperately lost for hours on end. I can only play it for so long before I get a really bad case of restless leg syndrome and have to leave my computer.
  8. Count651

    (Fun idea) Spell out the sounds from Doom

  9. Count651

    Boom Stick In The Mud - beta 1.1 release

    Alright just beat it. Got 100% kills, 99% items, and 91% secrets. Pretty good for a first time play. The map was great, too. A bit large and confusing but I was never desperately lost. The gameplay was great, although there were some moments early on where I was starved for ammo and had to resort to fisting and chainsawing my way through the map for longer than I'd have liked. The sewage tunnels with the chainsaw zombies was definitely my favorite moment in the whole map. I also experienced a pretty strong sense of anxiety in there and felt like I had to pause the game and take a breather. I could hear those fuckers all around but couldn't see them, and sure enough as soon I let my guard down one of em would seemingly come out of nowhere and make me shit myself. Fortunately I was waste deep in sewage anyway so no one would notice.. Also, is it just me or was some of the vanilla enemies' AI tweaked in this wad? There were moments where I felt like the hell barons and hell knights were firing off volleys of attacks at a much faster rate than normal. The rifle was also a pretty useful addition to the arsenal. It really packs a punch and felt satisfying to use. As for the weapons that use the fuel and goo ammo, I never found them which is a shame as I was looking forward to seeing what the " Goo " weapon was. Something akin to Unreal's bio rifle I hoped. I can only assume these weapons were in the one secret I overlooked in the map or that something glitched out and they never appeared.
  10. Count651

    Boom Stick In The Mud - beta 1.1 release

    Looks pretty rad, gonna give it a play and get back to ya with some feedback. This sounds like a mission of the utmost importance.
  11. Count651

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    Doomguy's new face is.. creepy to say the least.
  12. Count651

    How do you organize your mods?

    I usually keep all the wads I've played through. Stuff I've finished goes into the " Completed " folder. Stuff I've completed and thoroughly enjoyed gets ceremoniously placed in the " Favorites " folder. Things I lost interest in or just stopped playing are banished to the purgatory that is the " Uncompleted " folder, however I may get back around to finishing a wad in said folder. Stuff I'm currently playing through, as well as my mods I usually play with ( smooth doom and high def sound pack ) goes into my " Current " folder. And finally stuff I've played through, whether to completion or not, that I absolutely could not stand is sentenced to life imprisonment in the aptly named " SUCK " folder.
  13. Count651

    4 Seasons of DOOM (on idgames)

    Just finished Map01 and holy crap was that an exhausting experience. 1 hour to complete 1 map is a bit of an undertaking and honestly after 30 minutes I was really ready to wrap it up and started to ignore a lot of monsters. The theme and visual presentation of the map was great but the gameplay not so much, unfortunately. The majority of my experience was wandering around this enormous map trying to remember where the key doors were and what on earth that switch I just pressed activated. The fights were pretty straight forward, slaughter-lite romps in which almost every key or item you pick up dumps a predictable truckload of mid tier baddies down on your ass. Fortunately these fights weren't too difficult as your primary weapon throughout the whole map will be a well stocked rocket launcher. My overall experience with the first map was pretty mixed but I still intend to play through all 4 maps as my experience wasn't bad enough to turn me off of the wad for good, and in the end I still had fun. I'll likely be playing the rest of these maps on HMP rather than UV for a hopefully smoother experience.
  14. Count651

    Left 4 Doom - Left 4 Dead gameplay mod

    Wow this is really sweet. L4d is one of my all time favorite games, having clocked in a few thousand hours of it, lol.