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  1. ========================== Chillax Map 11 UV-Max in 22:52 ========================== Also i killed Archvile in 3 shots from SSG. Enemy 99 Chillaxmap11max.zip
  2. ========================== Chillax Map 21 UV-Max (Dehacked) in 2:25:08 ========================== Pizdec... Chillaxmap21max.zip
  3. Azuruish

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    Do it by yourself! Especially Map 21. Yeah, Map 21, working on that nightmare now... It will take probably a few weeks.
  4. Azuruish

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    You can avoid this linedef with XDRE.
  5. Azuruish

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    This moment can be pass without XDRE - just don't stop and keep strafe.
  6. Azuruish

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    Desync for me in 15:34. Only i have such problem? Played with newest wad and with deh file :(. Tested in prboom and My fail. Nice demo.
  7. ========================== Chillax Map 47 ITYTD-Max in 55:47 ========================== Playback with chmapfix.wad and -nomusic chillaxmap47max.zip
  8. Azuruish

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    ops, fail, omm... well UV-Max on map21 will be soon with dehacked file i guess. Me.
  9. Azuruish

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    Every map is possible to beat on UV-MAX, just it will take a little more time. If you can't beat it - it doesn't mean that it can't be beaten. Map21 speed only? Seems like you should check out DSDA or Youtube at least... you'll be surprised.
  10. This is random decision but probably 47.
  11. ========================== Chillax Map 12 UV-Max in 29:17 ========================== chillaxmap12max.zip
  12. Azuruish

    Zdoom 2.8.1 and PRBoom+ v2.5.1.4 Problems

    By magic i guess... or by any Video Editor...