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  1. Nate River

    Twitch Clips Thread

    Rush with Complex Doom.
  2. Nate River

    Twitch Clips Thread

  3. Nate River

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    The time of me playing competitive multiplayer FPS may be over, but I'm still having a lot of fun with this game here.
  4. Nate River

    SlaughterMAX. Now on /idgames!

    The slaughtermap haters who like to generalize them as being bland and tedious should also be happy, if this gets accepted into a project by the very people who try to argue against these clich├ęs.
  5. Nate River

    2017 Collection

    It was interesting following the making of the Scrapper project and even though it's unfortunate that the original idea wasn't finished, it's still nice to see the existing maps for it released with this collection. I really liked all of its maps when I first played them and the new one (Map04) doesn't disappoint either. So overall this is a set of high quality maps with a nice variety in themes (as the maps for Scrapper were originally planned to be in different episodes). Visually they're all very impressive and the gameplay (that is most important for me) is interesting as well thanks to a good variety in weapon and ammo availability and all maps having a good flow to them. The way areas are connected in many ways gives both the player and the monsters a lot of freedom to move and attack and so makes the gameplay feel very dynamic and allows fast and aggressive play.
  6. Nate River

    SlaughterMAX. Now on /idgames!

    From the start the last yellow pillar on the right has an exit switch on all sides.
  7. Nate River

    (Update/Fix) Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    This looks nice judging by the trailer and description. For atmospheric survival levels like these I really like the concept of making ammo sparse and rewarding exploration. Though I haven't seen that style work out as well in Doom maps as in other FPS games, the additional options of GZDoom look most promising to me when it comes to more complex and atmoshperic maps, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they're being used for this project.
  8. Nate River

    Demo Megawad "Hell Destroyer" - Need Feedback

    I know you made some more challenging maps with high monster density in the past and I usually prefer that style, but I think I actually prefer these ones over your older maps. Besides the standard hallways and small rooms with incidental combat you also managed to make some interesting, lower difficulty encounters with the low tier weapons and monsters. I also like the music choices and the somewhat uncommon visual design.
  9. Nate River

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    Updated my map. Some texture corrections, cleaning up the automap and a small change to the gameplay in one area. I attached the final version of the map to my original post.
  10. Nate River

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    This game is Unreal.
  11. Nate River

    Secretdoom: Hell's Memento 2

    Cool new WAD that like its predecessors makes good use of custom monsters and powerups to enrich the gameplay but still very much feels like a classic Doom mapset. Recommended to everyone who likes to grab their rifle and kick some ass! Map07 is my favorite.
  12. Nate River

    What are your favorite handguns in FPS games?

    The shotgun-pistol from Metro Last Light.
  13. Nate River

    Which keyboard and mouse do you use?

    Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei Keyboard: SteelSeries 6Gv2 Bought both 4 years ago when they were like the top equipment that some e-sports pros were using at the time. Not many fancy extras but very good performance and definitely worth the money for me. I'd probably buy them again or something very similar.
  14. Nate River

    Dimensions [/idgames]

    Fair enough then I'll wait for the stream. Also yeah I don't see this working out for me to beat these maps fast unfortunately. For Map01 after pressing the last switch it takes a whole ~160s until the way to the exit opens so I guess you really want the player to kill everything in the arena and not be able to rush from switch to switch, press the final one, grab the Invulnerability and blast through the enemies blocking the exit. For Map31 it's relatively easy to rush to both keys and the key switches but then all the Revs come from both sides. I made it through them once and also survived the AV arena but when the gate to the main area opens again and almost everything there is still alive waiting in front of the gate and comes pouring in, I don't see myself surviving long enough until a gap to get out opens up. Would be cool to see though if someone could do reasonably fast UV Speed runs for these maps. Edit: To be fair, for something that was intentionally made to be "absurd over the top stuff that is still beatable" I can't really expect that strategies like these have to work out somehow so it's all fine. :D
  15. Nate River

    Dimensions [/idgames]

    Yeah most of these situations were in Map03 but I also just tried Map02 again and on HNTR I can easily kill all enemies in the north-west fight before the platform with the Mancubi lowers and reveals the switches. On HMP it's close and on UV I was busy fighting the whole time so it worked just fine there. But anyway I guess the main reason I noticed this whole thing was that I usually rather play for speed than for all kills so naturally I immediately start looking for ways to get me out of a lock-in as fast as possible and I like to leave monsters alive that don't seem like a real threat to me. So personally I always prefer switches that are just hard to get to rather than forced timers (even if it's impossible to kill everything before the exit opens). Overall there are for sure good encounters and I found some enjoyable things in every map though I'm not a fan of platforming at all and those sections usually kill my motivation to try beating maps with them saveless. So my favorite maps are for sure Map01 and Map31. When I play it again, I'll see if I can find a way to beat them faster which seemed problematic so far at least on UV but I guess that is intentional to promote max strategies over speed. Anyway thanks for making these maps, maybe you can showcase them on your stream as well, I'd find that very interesting!