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  1. I noticed that the Doom engine renders pixels taller than wide, that is, a 1x1 pixel will look slightly taller than it is wide... a 128x128 cube will look taller than wide. 1. What aspect of the engine rendering causes this? 2. What is the stretch factor? 1.1? 1.05? (I could use screenshots and Photoshop to determine this, but I thought it would be better to ask first)
  2. Come on buddy, say it with me: "Anger... Issues" You and I can finally agree with something for once. Worship me.
  3. As you have backed down from my proposal and lost your cool, I have won this argument. I predicted that your reaction to my logic and reasoning would end in a burst of uncontrollable anger, and so long as you remain predictable, you are your own worst enemy and I won't have to lift a finger. I can call you a clueless ape flapping his gums too, but at the end of the day, it accomplishes nothing over the internet. Angry little man aren't you?
  4. For someone who is always trying to pick a fight, it sounds like you're backing out on me. Five years is a serious commitment. Both proposals arbitrary, my bet is equally valid or invalid as yours. My bet is superior because it actually specifies the exact deadline for conditions to occur, where yours have none. Sounds like you're not serious. I'm serious enough to take on your bet and my bet, provided both terminates at the same time. No guts, no glory.
  5. FTFY ;) Touche. By which time, the survivor will either inherit a life-changing fortune, or become a bagholder of magical internet pennies.
  6. I've got a counter-bet: 5k ebola deaths in Europe, 5 bitcoins each, escrowed. Winner takes all exactly five years from the timestamped escrow (~2019).
  7. WHO: Updated Situation report, 9216 Cases, 4555 Deaths - No updated data from Liberia Looks like Liberia's flatlined. Don't worry guys, ebola will behave differently in the Western World, you won't get infected, the CDC promised.
  8. Contact with with bodily fluids in the medical sense includes aerosolized droplets from coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and soiled sheet. You don't have to drink their blood or have sex with them to be infected. It's funny how the CDC is downplaying how utterly fucking contagious ebola can be, when they published an study in 2003 that suggests ebola can be spread by fomites (objects like blankets, pillow, toothbrush used by ebola patients). Thomas Frieden, Head of the CDC: "You Can Give—But Can’t Get—Ebola on a Bus" If you're wondering what Mr. Chucklehead is talking about, it's because he's stammering for phrases that would downplay the fact that if someone is coughing up ebola near you: you will be sick.
  9. Doom Marine

    Stellar news from paypal

    PayPal was going to partner with Apple, but purportedly cut out of Apple Pay due to partnership with Samsung: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/30/paypal-purportedly-cut-out-of-apple-pay-due-to-partnership-with-samsung Paypal got the long end of the stick in this case, because Android's marketshare dwarfs IOS: Android: 80%, IOS: ~15-19% http://i.imgur.com/Sru9zs1.png
  10. http://www.cdc.gov/plague/transmission/ It's generally not classified as transmissible through air, but aersolized droplets. Like I said many times before, forget the distinction between airborne and aerosolized droplet as vector of transmission, the reality is that both are incredibly contagious.
  11. In micro/epi, the distinction between airborne and aerosolized droplet transmission is not clearly delineated, and with ebola, the droplet transmission combined with the persistence in the environment makes it even less clear. EVD testing in the lab shows that animals caged some distant apart are able to communicate the disease. http://healthmap.org/site/diseasedaily/article/pigs-monkeys-ebola-goes-airborne-112112
  12. This just in: A second Texas health care worker who provided care for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan has contracted the virus. http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/ebola-texas-second-health-care-worker-tests-positive-n226161 Nurses reported to have been seeing other patients while caring for Mr. Duncan. Fuck?
  13. About those tens of thousands of dead bodies, some facts: 1. There are four thousand officially reported deaths from ebola. 2. Ebola is diagnosed via blood testing. If the victim dies and somehow was not able to be tested, they didn't die of ebola (on paper). https://www.reddit.com/r/ebola/comments/2ip2gj/deterioration_of_reporting_in_liberia_graphed/ Liberia's reporting has deteriorated in what appears to be a total meltdown of government and healthcare system. The government officials are dead or using their wealth to flee the country like rats off a sinking ship. The healthcare workers cannot find enough beds for the sick, who are then told to go home. Families are hiding corpses of ebola victims. Families bribe officials for Ebola victims: http://news.yahoo.com/ebola-families-bodies-bribes-153423993.html Once again, combine the poor infrastructure with lack of education and distrust of modern medicine, and the numbers are not just underreported, but vastly underreported. The numbers of reported cases in Liberia goes down but the body count keeps piling up with government officials nowhere in sight. What's with your repeated mention of authority? I hate the notion of appealing to authority. This isn't Ancient Greece, this is 2014, all assertions can be verified or disproven by searching. I only claim that I have a microbio/epi background and this is my field. I find that the assymetry of information in this forum concerning a serious epidemic such as ebola disturbing... and those who don't know what they don't know, making assertions that ebola isn't serious, even more disturbing. While I have backed up every of my point with quantitative and qualitative evidence, you haven't really acknowledged any of the points I've made. In fact, I haven't seen a single quantitative answer from you other than several glib drive-by comments that amounts to insults. All you've really done is claim that my assertion are "sensationalist crap" in one breath while acknowledging in the next that you don't know enough about the topic to argue with my analysis. I think you're here just to argue and slander me rather than to assert what is true and untrue, and that's just intellectually dishonest and wasting everyone's time.
  14. Nope, you're probably more in the ballpark than I am.
  15. I've already posted enough links to official sources that if you actually read about the pathology behind ebola, the lack of healthcare treatment in Africa, the cultural tendency to shun modern medicine, the total communication breakdown we've seen, and even underreporting analysis from the CDC itself, the summation of the findings indicates that no, I am not blowing things out of proportion, and that my analysis is evidence based. I've presented my analysis with evidence backing it up. You can disagree with it, you can call me out on it, but the burden is on you to disprove my point in a logical, precise process backed up by evidence. Just remember that using words like "curb-stomping", "bullshit", and "crap" does nothing to disprove my point and make you come across as some punk fresh out of high school looking to tear stuff down rather than someone level-headed and intelligent enough for me to take seriously--unless that was really your aim, then carry on. You seem to have a strong reaction to my posting ... while a normal person would just say they believe I'm incorrect "and here's why" ... they wouldn't go batshit crazy and call my comments bullshit and resort to slandering ... that's something someone with a chip on his shoulder would do. My reaction is mostly "meh, dew's trying to get my attention again." This isn't the first time that you've done this ... You seem to have strong feelings for me... remember that love and hate are but two sides of the coin ... tell me how you feel.