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  1. I feel like a little reading comprehension here could help everyone out. Marty points out that they already had issues getting music they needed for the game delivered, but they really wanted Mick to do the OST and worked with him as best they could to accommodate that. I see a lot of people hyper-focusing on them making a deal for the OST in January, which was super close to launch, but it's important to note that this isn't "finish the game music within three months" but rather "mix and master the game music within three months". Mick has outlined his process of creating the OST for Doom 2016 and he does put in a lot of careful consideration for making a track flow like a song rather than just bits mash together. That being said, I think it's perfectly reasonable to get this done in that amount of time. I'm sure there's some reason that Mick reacted the way he did, and maybe he's under a lot of legal red tape and can't speak up on it. Whenever this issue first came up, I honestly didn't believe the screenshots were real because it felt incredibly foolish to me to "burn a bridge" via a response to a random person on Instagram. The vagueness of his responses has only made the situation way worse. I'm a musician as well, I wouldn't want my artistic vision to be manipulated or tampered with in any way, but it sounds like id gave Mick a chance to do what he wanted to do. Deadlines are deadlines man.
  2. Cardboard Marty

    List of skins found within the files

    The classic Revenant shows up in the artbook alongside zombie variants for the Marauder, Mancubus, and Revenant. EDIT: There's also art for a cultist Marauder and a cultist + Maykr Doom Slayer.
  3. Cardboard Marty

    Tormentor667 & Operation Rheingold

    I have to echo Scuba Steve and many others in this thread, your work is a huge inspiration to me and I don't think I'd be here if I didn't stumble across WolfenDoom and your Mac Wolfenstein page when I was a kid. I appreciate everything you've done and your work still inspires me to this day! Thank you so much Laz.
  4. Heya! I really love this mod, great stuff! I noticed something with the shotgun where the frames are a little out of order, thus causing the pumping animation to look a bit odd. I first noticed this in Paradise but it seems like it's been carried over. You can fix it by changing line #57 in the shotgun's DECORATE from: SHTG GJ 1 to SHTG GF 1 Other than that, I love the feel of this whole project, amazing work and I can't wait to see what else you come up with next!
  5. Cardboard Marty

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    I'd like to nominate Combined Arms by Combine_Kegan for Best Gameplay Mod. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=51066 Some of the most fun I've had with a gameplay mod yet, check out the topic above for more of my thoughts on it, and give it a try if you haven't!
  6. Cardboard Marty

    What does Doomworld think of the Beta?

    I'm having fun.
  7. Cardboard Marty

    Berserk in Doom '16 ?

    There is! I believe it can be upgraded as well.
  8. Cardboard Marty

    Cacowards 2014 nomination thread

    I would like to nominate Fractal Doom for Best Gameplay Mod.
  9. Cardboard Marty

    Mortal Kombat X teaser

    To me, this was the biggest thing at E3. I have no idea who here really enjoys this series, but it's as close to me as Doom (maybe a tad bit closer? Who knows!) From what we know, MKX takes place in a 25 year span after MK9. Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade have a daughter at some point (Cassie Cage), who is one of the fighters now. Each character has three separate variations which changes their special moves. For instance, Sub-Zero has "Cryomancer" which focuses on creating ice weapons, Scorpion has "Ninjustu", which allows him to use swords, and they both have two other variations which change things quite a bit. So there's now a new element to the meta-game that wasn't there before. Pretty hyped! Also what Ed Boon is calling "leveraging" is in. Basically these are scaled down background interactions from Injustice: Gods Among Us, so you can flip off one side of the screen, grab a barrel and throw it at your opponent, etc. etc. It's coming out for current gen, last gen, and PC, with someone else doing the last gen port. Honestly I couldn't be more excited, I loved MK9 and this one seems to build on that foundation heavily rather than just being a reskin with a new character or two and balance changes (like Street Fighter).
  10. Cardboard Marty

    [WIP] The Space Pirate

    ZDoom Forums Topic (Go there for the latest updates regarding the main version, character bios, and more!) Zandronum Forums Topic (Go there for the latest updates regarding the Zandronum version, The Space Pirate Neo!) MOD DB Welcome to The Space Pirate! The Space Pirate is a new gameplay modification that takes Doom to new heights! Featuring ridiculously cool melee combat, a shotgun with alternate shell types, crossbows, and much more! The Space Pirate is the next installment in the Darkest Depths Universe (formerly the "Weaselverse"), which includes The Stranger, Agent Diaz: Last Hours of Purity, Agent Hernandez: Dawn of Tomorrow, and Threshold of Pain. Open Alpha Download (G/ZDoom) Mirror Version 0.1.2e (G/ZDoom) (Updated 05/06/14) Open Alpha Download (Zandronum) Mirror Version 0.1.0 (Zandronum) (Updated 12/30/13) The Story "At approximately 0900 hours, we intercepted a distress call from the UAC base on Phobos. From the video footage that has leaked to public airwaves, it looks like a teleporter experiment went awry, opening a portal to some hellish dimension. The entire base has been overrun with creatures from the other side of the portal, and both the Union Aerospace Military Division and reportedly the Research Crime Prevention Agency are doing their best to dispatch and rescue what remains of the personnel. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect opportunity. If you recall, the Martian Surface Excavation Unit discovered tablets and other artifacts left over by an ancient race called the "Praeleanthor". These would go for unprecedented amounts of money if we could somehow procure them, and amiss the chaos at Phobos, we would have the prime opportunity to retrieve them. Your objectives are simple.Retrieve the Martian artifacts. Assassinate any and all RCPA personnel. We need to keep our tracks clean. Good luck Mel." Screenshots Pirate Chat! Come join us on IRC! irc://irc.zandronum.com/tsp Make sure you are running the latest (G)ZDoom development build!
  11. Cardboard Marty

    Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter

    Awesome! I love Urban Brawl, and this little DLC is pretty fun. It was a bit on the short side and there wasn't a whole lot of exploration, but it still was pretty satisfying. Great job!
  12. Cardboard Marty

    The /newstuff Chronicles #433

    Thank you! I very much appreciate it, it's one of the only WW mods I barely contributed to, but I'm glad my contribution was "damn good".
  13. Cardboard Marty

    The Doomworld Fight Scenes Thread

    Here's a couple... This one is just amazing. Fight scenes from Undisputed 3. Loved this movie, definitely would recommend it. I've got a couple more in mind but I'll let the topic progress before flooding this one post. :P
  14. Cardboard Marty

    Just a waste of time to read this!

    I only say that because he only did his triple post of ads on ZDoom, not here. Once Craigs pointed that he hyped the project with an image for each day (over at the ZDoom forums), it seems everybody here got all fired up. So like you said, if THIS forum doesn't really care about what the ZDoom community likes (and rightfully so), then why are we using his posts on the ZDoom forum (which people are obviously more receptive to this sorta thing) for evidence of him hyping the hell out of the project? But hey, maybe I'm not really seeing the big deal here. To each his own. :) I only pointed it out because it seems like people here have a bigger problem with who is posting the ad rather than the content. But you are correct with your point. :P
  15. Cardboard Marty

    Just a waste of time to read this!

    Pretty much this. Scuba Steve hyped the hell out of Action Doom, and I believe the community enjoyed it. I think a lot of this is "Torm-hate", especially when two of the images he posted weren't even on this forum. The ZDoom community obviously likes the ads, so what's the big deal here? It's not just a "Tormentor Project" either, keep that in mind. I look forward to the release. :)