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  1. Redead-ITA

    MAYhem 2023 - Submissions closed!

    Right, thanks for clarifying.
  2. Redead-ITA

    MAYhem 2023 - Submissions closed!

    About map order, is this mapset going to be Only for eternity or the eternity maps are going to be divided on their own episode? i ask out of curiosity
  3. Right Sorry MAP TITLE: UAC Public Library MAP NUMBER: 02 MIDI: (leave empty if none) DESCRIPTION: A bite sized map intended for breezy gameplay while keeping up the pace. DOWNLOAD: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=239169
  4. RFGRed.zip Here is my map for the project! and here is the screenshot! I've tried my best to keep the detail simple here but if it's needed i can remove some.
  5. Can i take a slot? i am fine with whatever!
  6. Redead-ITA

    [Zandronum]BRING YOUR OWN CLASS!

    If you really want to play this on gzdoom, you'd have to make a patch for it. Let this be the answer to any GZdoom related question for this mod, it was made it because we wanted to play together.
  7. Redead-ITA

    [Zandronum]BRING YOUR OWN CLASS!

    Oh those? they were probably been changed for Copyright reasons as we didn't want to risk it being taken down.
  8. WELCOME TO BYOC. This Zandronum* mod made by creators from a private community contains a ton of classes based on OC's and well known characters (From Peppino Spagghetti from pizza tower to the most obscure characters Dr.Doomguy from Dr.Doom) each of the characters have their own arsenals and Gimmicks, Most of them are mostly tested with Multiplayer but they are playable on singleplayer! *This mod will only work with zandronum, GZdoom will not work and most classes will break in some cases. Screenshots: Download: HERE! CREDITS?
  9. Redead-ITA

    Share Your Sprites!

    This is more of an cheat sheet, but if you want to make your own custom huds for doom and need to know where the information like text or the Head is at all times this is can help you greatly! How does it work? Download this picture and remove the entire grey area, then copy the cyan dots and paste them in your hud on an empty layer above your hud, use the top left cyan to allign it to the 4:3 part of the hud and voila, you now know where everything is! Edit: Head has been Updated, now it shows you both with and without the Offsets
  10. New avatar, it's been a while since i've updated it so i think it's time to do so.

    also new banner, this one was done by me.

    1. Al-Faris M

      Al-Faris M

      Wait, I've seen your avatar in Pizza Tower, you're one of the patreon Pizzasonas!
      Also, I like your website, have a follow.

  11. Oh hey new forum transfer (with a tag system no less even if it's hard to see) i might bump my page with some future promises. Stickguy's Weapons and player sprites are going to get a slight overhaul
  12. Redead-ITA

    MAYhem 2023 - Submissions closed!

    Map name: A Very warm and Crude welcome! Format: Boom Midi: The prodigy - No good (start the dance) Has COOP spawns and difficutlies set! tested with Nugget doom. May2023red.zip
  13. i think i might know the issue, the mapper has put the map inside the resource folder, so maybe try to run it without the resource folder and just the map
  14. blockedoutred.zip Added Player starts from 5 to 8