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  1. Redead-ITA

    DBP35: Stroggman's Tundra

    Nice to see this release, cannot wait to play it!
  2. Ayy congrats on the release, i am quite happy how it came out!
  3. Redead-ITA

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    these codepointers man... this stuff makes me sweat with anticipation. I don't know about you but once this thing is ready we should consider making some maps with this format for a community project of sorts, probably after we done making a the dehacked patch that uses the assets.
  4. I am somewhat kind of against the idea, But i think we can find caveat, basically i wish to keep my version of my map but also have it along the version you want to merge with. I am just not digging the idea of map merging with joe's map but Wouldn't hurt to see how it would turn out also So having both my map standalone and the combined map would be good test.
  5. Redead-ITA

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    That being said @kraflab you should update The Op with the Github link of your progress on the new complevel.
  6. Redead-ITA

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    A lot of these thing skillsaw proposed sound fair, some makes wonder why weren't added in, but then I mean... sure it is possible, but that would be a pain to balance for some projectiles (Especially if the projectile is being recieved by a spidermastermind), not to say that aren't bad. If i can add my request for it, maybe add a Pierce projectile flag, does damage to a monster once in the projectile life and only dies when it hits a wall. For some extra's i can propose projectile flag that makes it jump in it's death state if it meets a linedef that has mid texture and Impassalbe flag (Admittedly maybe instead of that we could make it a block projectile)
  7. Redead-ITA

    He's baaaack

    Well i mean at least with modern tools you can cram more detail, also i have to say playing Vengeance and this is the most coolest door i have ever seen in the doom format. playing this with crispy doom btw.
  8. Yeah you have my approval!
  9. I mean i am fine if you want to keep the pog champ face, really it's your project.
  10. Ok so i did and it fixed it, so here is the map again, this time i have replaced the basic twango images with computer twangos Serverroomonfire.zip
  11. Oh yeah about those, I Tried adding them in but Chocodoom didn't seem to not find them for some reason, resulting in a error.
  12. Did a small update to the map, i took most of the feedback Gokuma gave to me and added another Twango logo in the map. also added a midi it's from The Prodigy - Smack my bitch up Serverroomonfire.zip
  13. If you say it's a fair trade off with A guy spawning with a ssg have a chance to die, then sure, can be done. Same with combining the older and newer detail, though it might be more server room if it was the other way but if you say so i combined them also. I am aware of that being a pain and all but there is a problem, where is the TwangoTex.wad you keep saying? the one that is in the OP is just a zip with some pngs.
  14. Redead-ITA

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    What about the generic projectile and hitscan variants for monster and player? don't those fit the latter categories seeing they are generalized? I can understand some of the requested features kind of being a pain to implement (Don't know if Extra sounds (for extended dehacked) would also fit that category.)
  15. Kind bums me leaving this spawn empty but it will do, i will now release it, i should note however that you have to redo the whole shbang with the textures to make sure that it doesn't trigger the idgames archive again. Serverroomonfire.zip