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  1. its v cool to see people IRL talking about the website I spent the majority of high school on
  2. So I've lived in Brooklyn for almost five years now, gotten a degree, met lots of people, shown lots of art, and completely lost my way as far as my mental image of myself goes.

    My grandmother, who is my only living family member, got in a really bad car accident about a year ago and Alzheimer's symptoms quickly manifested. She's on the other side of the country and I hardly have enough money to house myself no less fly across the country to see her. It's tough, but I'm adjusting to the changes.

    I feel pretty alone out here sometimes, even though I have a lot of friends and colleagues and the stuff I'm doing even feels like it matters. Sometimes I legitimately feel like I'm going crazy.

    I miss being involved with online communities a lot, I miss being involved with the old style of internet interactions a lot.

    So right this second I'm between houses and looking for a place to live, working as a freelance animator and designer and busting ass, showing at a few places coming up, playing a lot of music. It all feels great and I'm trying to enjoy it, having some temporary difficulty.

    Hope everyone is well, doom 4ever yadda yadda.

    1. Hellbent


      Sounds like you're living the dream. I wish I had my act together and was living in Brooklyn pursuing my dreams. Maybe the 'noise' of city life is getting to you and wearing on you mentally? I love visiting the city but sometimes I wonder if I could actually live there. Instances of mental illness are higher in cities than anywhere else.

    2. Pavera


      Hey bank. Come hang out with us on irc sometime, bro! Us doom nerds are still here as always.

      Heck, make a map or two. :)

    3. Khorus


      Been quite a while since I've seen your name around, good to hear what you're up to. If you ever need someone to re-arrange any music, give me a shout. :)

    4. Creaphis


      It sounds like you're well on track to achieving your goals. That's your problem. We tend to build up in our minds how much lasting satisfaction we'll get when we accomplish something. It's better to just let your goals drift on the distant horizon.

      Also, stick around Doomworld. You'll learn more valuable, practical life lessons, just like that one.

    5. SYS

      Value is sometimes self worth. I will now feed you with motivational tripe. Honestly, love your grandma in anyway that you can.

      You're resourceful. This is just a minor bump in the grander scheme of Bank. Even if I'm blowing smoke up your bum. Go forth and kick obstacles in their sometimes abstract face. Do it for the other option will not be so pleasant from what I can gather.

  3. Definitely Morrowind.
  4. Hey there, unfortunately no. I got caught up in other projects and never finished these guys.
  5. You're jumping into detail with no underdrawing or structure. You haven't done a sketch, which is a necessity when you're learning. Instead of all these prog rock drawings why don't you focus on drawing people for a little while before you start shoehorning in cool shit. If you're really interested in just jumping in you might want to try some inkbrush drawings, because it's not like you can exactly erase them. The permanence might make you think more. Good luck!
  6. You need to start drawing gestures. Your drawings are droopy contour lines with no underlying structure and look flat and formless. I hated this advice when I was starting out but you have to do shitty and boring academic observational drawing for a while before you get the instinct for composing your own gestures.
  7. Yes, I currently work primarily in animation, character design, and freelance illustration.
  8. Yeah, I'm currently working on getting my shop up. I'll be hand screening a few of these, small runs >20.
  9. Hey everybody, wanted to dump some of the stuff I've been working on since the new year. Also some stuff on my site
  10. Gallery "jobs" are mostly internships--unpaid. I've worked in a couple galleries and you mostly do grunt work or clerical stuff, if you get paid its not a ton. I've had work in galleries that I made less on though, so, not the worst! Technician's right though, the only real way is to go and find places personally. Really helps if you know someone.
  11. Quake holds my attention with its weirdness, I like Quake II but it is very copypaste.
  12. The Rat Pack is dead.