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  1. It is more useful to upload a file to Yandex, it may be slightly updated.
  2. This was made mandatory for public access to the link. But something doesn't really help.
  3. Added another link to Google, from a different profile. Will it work, please unsubscribe. Otherwise, it is quite possible that network providers block access.
  4. A useful thing, in comparison, the result of the work will be visible. The original WAD itself is closer to the Heretic in the setting, which is indicated by its name. This one also has a little charm from the "Shadow Man".
  5. Strange, I've checked this link now, it works fine. Warns only that the file is large and preview is not allowed.
  6. Thank you for the good reviews, I tried to do as well as possible for a good game. Some textures had to be completed manually so that they were better tied to the outside. The same goes for the sounds of some monsters. The levels themselves now have a more player-friendly geometry and a more detailed design in accordance with today's mapping standards.
  7. The ancient WAD, which was the source for this conversion, once served for me the goals of learning new horizons in mapping. After a long time, having studied the standards of modern game construction, I had to take a fresh look at what once seemed so advanced, the creation of the master. Now, in order to pull it out of oblivion, the idea came to refine it, creating something completely new on its basis. At the same time applying the experience and skill accumulated over the entire time of working with editors. So, at the moment I present the first working version, which has 32 levels. Almost all of the original maps have been redesigned and supplemented to create a more convenient gameplay. Various sky boxes and many new textures are combined with sounding steps on surfaces and background noises. The color glow of some objects has also been changed, there are new sprites of both enemies and weapons. Music tracks have a suitable style of performance and represent a somewhat abstract side of expression for each maps. The Playlist is located in the archive's readme file. I hope this work will find a worthy place among the fans of the great game and bring them a lot of pleasant time. You need to run on a version of GZDoom not lower than 3.3.2 in which this project was tested. Yandex_Link Google_Link Google_Link_2
  8. BeeWen

    Opinions in the Megawad A.L.T.?

    The potential volume of the core of the game allows you to implement various concepts. From research mazes to slaughter extras. Therefore, there are groups of users who prefer different types of gameplay. This is a completely normal practice and your tastes deserve respect.
  9. BeeWen

    Opinions in the Megawad A.L.T.?

    In the final map, the player eventually moves into the artifact itself outside of time and space, so there is no autocard. Finishing the game, returning to the place of his start already dead. But the artifact allows you to start a loop of travel over and over again with the same result.
  10. BeeWen


    Corrections and testing are being done slowly. It takes a lot of time, you have to take it from other projects.
  11. BeeWen

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    This map absolutely goes out of the way of the whole project. Because it has a very special game line and requires a lot of costs from the player. Some solutions are exotic, for example, to click on the flashing (tree!) to open the door. A rare player will find the missing blue skull key, an evil mockery. The puzzle with the numbers of the yellow key-skull is generally a quest like in "Myst", but you can't find the inclusion scheme anywhere, like the color scheme of the pillars of the blue key-card. Sorting through 100,000 combinations at random is hardly interesting for most players.
  12. BeeWen

    The Jupiter Experiment - Alpha - Play Testers Wanted

    In the first window of map01, you need to put the player's block. In map02, in sector 617, a light corner is left on the floor of the raised tile. In map03, one door works once. Line 260-258 The overall detail is very limited, there are a lot of empty spaces. Lighting is also a lot of work, in narrow tunnels you need to do darkness.
  13. BeeWen


    galileo31dos01 Many thanks for the help in finalizing this project. The comments will be taken into account and added in the release version.