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  1. BeeWen

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    F From Maddzi was one his solo project "Dreamish" until his work in clan BOS. 11 level was a serious revision, to participate in A.L.T. Download "Dreamish" https://yadi.sk/d/IYvXX8U2aHCFRw
  2. BeeWen


    Decided to please the next level of this project. 14 ready and waiting for the brave players. Link old
  3. BeeWen

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    I want to try to remaster the levels of this project. Make it also compatible with older versions of the port. The conversion of Doom PS is very rich and therefore there is a desire to do something more game. The background tracks of Mr. Hodges and various other effects are more suitable to the theme of the maps.
  4. BeeWen

    Playstation DOOM Reloaded - Gameplay + Screenshots

    The new levels will not be as flat and monotonous as in "Triton", I hope so. Still can be the author learned mapping and not makes more clumsy locations. Some effects of the port will not be able to mask the low quality.
  5. BeeWen


    Thanks for the tips, most of them will be made in the release version of this project. Now 12 maps are ready, + bonus 31. The link is the same.
  6. BeeWen

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Very short of echo, as in the original conversion. Another good thing to add the same savory sound of flattening dead enemies doors. The same maps was a bit monotonous and sloppy looking. At level 10, there are errors with sectors that cause texture loss in motion. 15 contains illogical views from the window openings in the next room. The work carried out a lot, so it is not good to spoil the impression of such shortcomings.
  7. BeeWen

    Doom 2 "in name only" - Russian variation

    There will be an update soon. For now, you need to fill the intermediate slots for continuous play. More difficulty with map 12, due to its catastrophic size.
  8. BeeWen


    Add map 11.
  9. BeeWen


    Thank you for the demo. Advise in the game my levels more accuracy and less haste. Especially try not to leave behind active monsters. Hope to see your further journey.
  10. BeeWen


    Intricate? The path around the pool for circuit breakers is gradually building a bridge is difficult to call confusing. Then what to say about 5 the map, interesting to know)). I like to make big cards with non-linear passing not for one-time game. But for this project it is necessary to restrain appetites. 2 more levels of continuation of this project, 8 and 10 are constructed. The link works the old.(https://yadi.sk/d/_sLlP8U73QHsrS) Enjoy the game.
  11. BeeWen

    PLUTONIA 4 Released! (April Fools Megawad)

    18 after was tiresome. Why not make in this case only the beginning copied from the previous level? The subsequent path needs more interesting, preferably without this monotonous parkour.
  12. BeeWen


    Thank you. Corrected on the line. There were more errors in other maps are fixed. A link to the WAD is the same.
  13. BeeWen


    Better 9, with 2 possible graphical errors in some places. Not quite clear about the inability to go back upstairs after taking rocketlauncher. From the courtyard there is a hole at the wall, which was a way to get there. He remained the same. Doors re-open is not necessary, you can get there faster. --------------- The output of the 3 arch has a low ceiling, so the sector can't sink. It complevel 2 there is such a case. Corrected, the archive is updated.
  14. BeeWen


    Tried to do so in the spoiler appear only the names of the pictures. Themselves previously published pictures delete does not work, they reappear when sending the edited message.
  15. BeeWen


    Hi! I represent to your attention a new episode that replaces the first standard Dooм2. The levels gradually introduce the player into a dangerous world of death by showing ways of survival and success in it. In construction were used only the basic resources, with the exception of textures of the sky and MIDI music. It provides standard actions only, no voodoo conveyors and transfers no. This is my sample mapping, utilizing just-water resources, in order to complicate the challenge to build a playable product under Dooм2. How I succeeded, you be the judge. In any case I wish you a boring game and a festive mood! For games recommended Probum+ complevel 9. Link: https://yadi.sk/d/_sLlP8U73QHsrS Screens: