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  1. This ability to change the speed of movement depending on the state of health is used in thematic WADs, as it has the ability to be recorded in a script. The same applies to various active surfaces. For example, in the "Voyager" project, I used viscous and slippery floors. This trick is aimed at a greater survival in the role of a traveler in different worlds....
  2. For the "regime of realism" you need a more detailed gradation of damage 100, 75, 50, 25, 10, 5 The result is already a simulator.
  3. The idea of slowing down when losing health should provide another plane in the game range. Closer to realism, but it was supposed that there would be a problem with speedrunners. But there is a way out to play better.
  4. To remove running loss you need to open the "decorate" file and delete the line Player.runhealth 50 in the player’s properties.
  5. 4everDoomed Very grateful for the great answer. Small flaws will be removed in the final version of the project. Most cards have more than one way to play, I tried to make them more than once. I myself was interested in building it and looking at the result.
  6. BeeWen

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Yes, this modification with loss of run is an individual property of the addon. The included sounds of monsters are on the levels.
  7. In the latest fresh version, this problem in the exit from the pit was solved. The link in the old topic is in my last post .. I hope the topic author fixes this.
  8. Friends, I am pleased to bring fresh food to people playing the Doom in the form of new projects. I hope this debut step in the UDMF will not be the last.
  9. BeeWen

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Ready modification of this project promised by me. A lot of work has been done, the geometry and game mechanics of the maps have been completely improved. Re-texturing and new locations, a new monster and new heaven. Echoes and crushed corpses. Musical tracks are delivered according to the style of levels, new ones are added. I wish you interesting adventures in the world of Triton. Downloads here: https://yadi.sk/d/5Gv_NXhZTGztRQ
  10. Hey. I fulfilled a promise on the remaster of your project "Fall of Triton", which I stated earlier in the subject. At the same time, this work served me as a practice in the work of the UDMF. I'm crazy about the conversion of PSX DOOM, Ebri tracks and advanced effects. The original game seemed to me bleak and dull after the console. Therefore, always wanted to continue that tale. I am interested in your opinion, as a person who is not indifferent to the DOOM, and how will you relate to the existence of a supplement - Triton II?



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    2. BeeWen


      Quickly designed. Bonus 7 still requires work.
      Screenshots need to be added.


      Enjoy the game, my friend.



    3. RHG 45

      RHG 45

      Been playing through it when I can. It is awesome! Although it has kicked my ass most of the time.


      tbh I have struggled with ammo, but I really am enjoying the changes. Some levels (Like level 20) are just so different, its great!

    4. BeeWen


      Farther levels were changed more, gained more experience in UMDF. This is my experiment in this format, it is convenient for construction. Completed the latest bonus maps -7 and 8. They made from scratch, trying to make an interesting game.
      The link is the same.

  11. BeeWen


    Thanks for the advice. In the further development of the levels the game will be tougher. Initial maps should not frighten the player with complexity, gradually involving in the process.
  12. BeeWen


    Thanks for the feedback friends. This project was planned to a standard number of levels -32. Even 31 are ready). It all depends on the time available to work on the maps. The remastering release on "Triton" - PSX conversion from RockHardGamer 45 will take place soon, then it will be possible to get to grips with this project.
  13. BeeWen

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    A lot of work was done to build a single thread of narrative style and preserve the individual handwriting of various map authors. Some levels were completed more than half, some completely. In addition, each map must have its own individual handwriting. This partly managed to do. The only problem is the release of the collection. Gone is the earlier version without music tracks in the latest levels. Since I paid special attention to the selection of music, I consider the problem quite serious. Most of the MIDI was taken from various collections where no specific performer is listed. They had only the song number and that's it. But there were indications of authorship. If there is interest, then I will look in my archives and publish a list of tracks for some time.
  14. BeeWen

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    Initially, the output map 22. Through the opened window with the texture of the eye-breaker, the cyberdemon from under the crusher shot undermined the killing pile of barrels for him and this action moved the player's doll to the exit line. The Issuer has not invented anything better, finding such a solution is too complex to draw this ridiculous exit at the left sleeve.