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  1. BeeWen

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Custom WAD

    Players play in different ways. Limit yourself the space for movement is not a very smart solution and chicken here too much. Especially when the rooms are filled with enemies suddenly and everywhere. Therefore, you need to try to provide for different solutions without breaking the game, which is certainly difficult.
  2. BeeWen

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Custom WAD

    The problem is not in the port version. The doll should go after the first sector, which goes down after the take of shotgun. If the ball does not take, the doll does not go further.
  3. BeeWen

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Custom WAD

    Map 12 closes the player if you go right away from the start in the room with a rocket. Switch works Tag 40, but voodoo remains locked. Map 14 has a problem with the entrance back to the hall with Mastermind, because the switches on the keys work once.
  4. BeeWen

    THT: Threnody - released!

    And at the same time make it better to work a height transfer in the 4th map. Found the lower sector, which is underwater.
  5. In the remake, the music tracks are sure to match the style of the levels. The design and external design were specially adapted for them. If only the format of the tracks will be of better quality, then I am not against this addition. But they themselves must be in their places. By the way, after some time it became necessary to fix some game errors, along the way to improve the game process. On loss of running ability at 50%, a compromise is made to 25%. https://yadi.sk/d/5Gv_NXhZTGztRQ
  6. BeeWen

    Over 32-map megawads?

  7. BeeWen


    The work reached the 30th map, it remained the last one until the final assembly in the classic format. After that, it remains to put in order the names of the levels and other documentation. For now, tests are needed, thanks to which many minor faults have already been fixed at other levels.
  8. BeeWen

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    The sky perfectly conveys the tropical atmosphere.
  9. BeeWen

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    What prevents the texture lines from fitting to the sector boundaries? Or vice versa.
  10. BeeWen


    The final version with a full set of levels will have an info file with project resources. and MIDI including. But some of the tracks are taken from anonymous collections and are simply numbered. Completed construction of map number 25. The volume is relatively large, the attempt to combine organic with techno style is clearly not new, but I hope my version deserves attention. @haruko haruhara Will the video continue to the next levels?
  11. This ability to change the speed of movement depending on the state of health is used in thematic WADs, as it has the ability to be recorded in a script. The same applies to various active surfaces. For example, in the "Voyager" project, I used viscous and slippery floors. This trick is aimed at a greater survival in the role of a traveler in different worlds....
  12. For the "regime of realism" you need a more detailed gradation of damage 100, 75, 50, 25, 10, 5 The result is already a simulator.
  13. The idea of slowing down when losing health should provide another plane in the game range. Closer to realism, but it was supposed that there would be a problem with speedrunners. But there is a way out to play better.
  14. To remove running loss you need to open the "decorate" file and delete the line Player.runhealth 50 in the player’s properties.