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  1. I love horror games, proper horror games, not that walking simulator shit that's flooding the market, which are only there because little kids keep getting spooked from retarded animatronics and the sketchbook doodleman with tentacles of some 14yo emo.
  2. The holy trinity has assembled.
  3. It spins towards an imperceptible direction dictated by black geometry, as inscribed by ancient warlocks during the cold nights of early 90's.
  4. There are some changes I make when I play: -Reduce the shotgun's spread. -Make it reload one shell at a time to rebalance. That's about it :p.
  5. I wonder if they'll reach Curse of Darkness, I want to see Trevor getting beaten up.
  6. Not "your" soldiers, but in Shinobido doing quests about stealing food supplies from one faction will weaken that faction's soldiers, in subsequent missions you can see their soldiers constantly bitching about the lack of food and not being as active as they would otherwise.
  7. Favorite Movie Genre: Barely ever watch movies, so I guess Horror Favorite Food: Pastas Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Memory: My last two years of education, best girls ever. Worst Memory: Having to part ways with said girls because they all live far. Age: 20 Favorite Outfit: Blue jeans, black tshirt, white square-pattern buttoned long sleeve shirt, leather belt, running shoes. Favorite Genre Of Music: Metal and Rock, most specifically, power metal, symphonic, aor and arena rock. Most Hated Genre of Music: Reggaeton Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: Dislodged leg, fixed myself in less than a minute tho Favorite Hobby: Playing videogames Your Definition of Success: Not being a sad piece of shit In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: More than once I've tasted a punch of the full color spectrum.
  8. Who is actually retarded enough to even think about going ahead with this shit.
  9. The problem is that the released game doesn't even warrant its status as a paid game, at most it feels like an early access title for $5 and that's pushing it.
  10. Absolutely appreciated, was just about to start a new playthrough of RoE.
  11. My predictions were correct, this game is shit. Design your own levels, cunts.
  12. Assorted pictures made from self-taken photos, except for that rombus-pattern one that is entirely digital but still 100% from scratch. Feel free to use for your projects, non-paletted but i doubt there'd be much issue outside of the rusty ones.
  13. Hopefully someone else will come along and look at this java port to make a blood port based on eduke32.
  14. I just remembered Final Fantasy Explorers exists, I used to say Nanodiver was the worst monster hunting game available, but FFEX is so bad I feel bad for anyone involved in its development, whoever designed the gameplay of the game should consider never working with games again.
  15. I suppose we're talking about the map I submitted here, I agree it's quite boxy, I'm not happy with it and I'm still learning, perhaps I'll manage to re-do some sections while keeping the basic layout and learning points for new players, but for now I'm still trying to learn how to properly detail techbases. Theme-wise, I simply did a "techbase" with the supplied textures, while the outside was made to look like a world unsuitable for life, while the rest of the maps follow a more standardized techbase, so my map stands out thematically, dunno if I should change that.