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  1. YukiHerz


    China: How many layers of failure are you on? Spain: I attempted to ban memes like 5 or 6 times my dude. China: You are like a little baby, watch this. China: *bans a latin glyph*
  2. YukiHerz

    lets talk medal of honor and PS1!

    Medal of Honor and Underground are some of my fondest memories of my PS1, great system, loads better than the N64 in every non-tech aspect.
  3. YukiHerz


    Animals ate poisonous candy, Uganda became relevant again, some Disney abortion laughed at a dead man, idiotic groups are getting even dumber and bigger, someone's spaghet got touched, there's a car floating in space and pedos are starting to seek the public acceptance they absolutely shouldn't fucking get. It's fucking shit.
  4. YukiHerz

    Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    If only I could get OpenPS2Loader's PS1 loading addon working. I hope this knowledge doesn't get lost from lack of release.
  5. YukiHerz

    About DICE's Battlefield Games...

    Battlefront 2 was the first major strike, the future does not bode well for DICE. I think there was a time when the Battlefield games were good, that's no longer the case as the mainstream transitions to the Live Service.
  6. YukiHerz

    What if the hell invasion was in a Strogg Base?

    Both Demons and Strogg are quite numerous and come in swarms, I think the space marine corps could just back off from Stroggos and let them sort each other, then deal with what remains. But that could lead to an interesting scenario where a lone marine is tasked with shutting down the teleport system that the Strogg used to reach Earth, so that the Demons can't get hold of them.
  7. YukiHerz


    IDASCENSION uses radio waves from your sound card to pull forth a satellite from the sky killing you instantly.
  8. YukiHerz

    Which ES game is the best?

    Story wise, Arena and Morrowind bore me to death, Daggerfall was uninteresting, same for Skyrim, except it obviously had better presentation, Oblivion's story was the only one that interested me out of all, made me feel like a true Knight of fantasy. Gameplay wise, I feel like it needs to be broken down to specifics, for example, while Morrowind's NPC conversations often offer the most depth, big brown boxes with long text are really boring to read so I skip most of it, while Oblivion and Skyrim offer interactions that feel just so much better with voice acting and explain more in less words, but not as in-depth as Morrowind, in contrast, combat in Morrowind is pretty much that of a very old rpg or a turn based rpg, a lot of things are dictated by a roll like on a tabletop, which isn't fun in the context of a first person 3d game, I think there's ways to create a good balance between RPG stat building and proper action combat, and I feel Skyrim would be very close to that if it wasn't so streamlined (and it had actual stat building). Another aspect I like to consider that falls in both gameplay and presentation is the swordplay itself, since I'm a big fan of action games I'll obviously be biased to Oblivion and Skyrim, where using your weapons actually feels proper and good, the animation work in Morrowind isn't good, it's not horrible either, but I sure as hell don't enjoy big battleaxes moving like an old man waving a stick. Level Design is Morrowind's strong point, I'm sure most would agree there, at least when it comes to the dungeons, followed by Skyrim and then Oblivion, you may have noticed I haven't written anything about Arena or Daggerfall, much like Morrowind's placement in Level Design, I'm sure most can agree that those 2 are sub par in many departments. Lastly, World setting, I'm sure there's a lot of people who'd vouch for the weird world of Vvanderfell, but I can't for the life of me bring myself to love it as much, I find it has too much browns and grays and does not feature much of interesting locales since most of them can be described as dirty/ashen wastes with different sets of details, Skyrim's world, while better presented, falls short just as much, it's a giant ass tundra, snow wherever you go, nordic wood and stone houses wherever you go, the overworld simply isn't as interesting as its dungeons, Oblivion on the other hand has a lot of different locales around the overworld, it feels vast. All in all, I'd say Oblivion is my favorite with Skyrim being a close second, I want to like Morrowind, perhaps OpenMW can help me do that some day.
  9. YukiHerz

    What are you listening to?

    I love the Italian in this and LT's Rhapsody's Luna cover and Tormento e Passione.
  10. YukiHerz

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal thread

    While old, buggy and full of clunky systems, I prefer it to Morrowind's even clunkier systems that don't work together. Daggerfall Unity looks promising, hope it doesn't end up like the XL projects.
  11. It has to be Monster Hunter for me, no matter the installment, no matter the console, I always know how to use my main weapons, I always know how the monster I'm facing reacts, it's like a curse because sometimes I'd like to spend more time in low rank but I can't :P, the combos and attacks for the Long Sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades and Switch Axe are forever ingrained in my brain.
  12. YukiHerz

    Today is squirrel appreciation day

    Fool, the bunny is obviously the best adorable little critter, where is my bunny day?. Easter doesn't count.
  13. YukiHerz

    Blanket Techbase (BLANKETC.wad)

    Thanks for playing! I'll be sure to have a chainsaw next time I unleash a haul of demons!
  14. YukiHerz

    Half-Baked Super Shotgun Sprites Attempt

    Decided to tweak it further, I can make the other frames if there's enough interest, perhaps someone else can slap a hand on it?
  15. I think the current Super Shotgun sprites are pretty well made, but it and a minority of weapon sprites conflict with the photographed ones, so I tried making my own replacement. Sadly I did not like how it ended up, but I decided to post them here in case anyone wanted to take a crack at improving them. The sprites themselves. WAD with offsets I henceforth license this with whatever license allows you to do whatever you want including commercial use with or without crediting.