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  1. Not really a "shooter", but i had some decent fun with Magrunner Dark Pulse, some decent puzzle elements with more depth than simple portals.
  2. I love these ones (ABBA Cover). (Dakota Cover). (Roxette Cover).
  3. If only MaxEd's DukeBuilder was still an active project rather than a burst of spite (slap me if he happens to prove me wrong after writing this). As someone with no experience in Duke mapping other than toying around with the editor for 5 minutes, I can say mapster is not something I wish to see again.
  4. There is also the concept of layers of irony, created to further degenerate shit memes. When a meme is shit, someone else is bound to create an ironic meme based on it that's ironically funnier than the original shit meme while still being shit, and it keeps happening, so you end up with a disgusting amount of layers of irony.
  5. The veteran edition is nice on its own, dunno if there's any compatibility issues with using veteran edition iwads, but i'd much rather play in gzdoom.
  6. Ever dreamed of murdering thousands of technically innocent mechanized humans? Save a bunch of townsmen that somehow go on with the life cycle even though there's no women around? Enjoy blasting holes in very large machines but can't because you'd go to jail? I present you, The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition!. Yes!, The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition!, (not) the only game where you can do this and MORE! YES!, THERE'S MORE! How many times in your life have you been bored from the eternal emptyness of other games? There's only you and the bad guys, NOT IN The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition! Bully the weakened Townsfolk, join the Rebels and destroy The Order, (not) all in high quality (for the 90's), and (not) all fully voiced. YES!, (not) FULLY VOICED! Don't you just hate it when your neighbors are having a nice, familiar BBQ while you're sitting alone contemplating why your wife left you? Take out your anger by drilling holes unto the flesh of zealous cultists, cyborgs, robots, alien ghosts and your own boss! YES!, YOU GET TO SHOOT (as in, the rebel's) BOSS! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! BUY NOW AND YOU'LL RECEIVE THE ENHANCED GRAPHICS RENDERER, SOURCE CODE AND A CAPTURE THE CHALICE MODE. ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE! (with your previous purchase of The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition). ALSO ASK FOR THE The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition 4-PACK WITH A DISCOUNT! FOR HOURS OF FUN PLAYING WITH YOUR FRIENDS!(Friends sold separately). Good enough?
  7. People commit who such acts usually receive worse "punishments" from prison mates, hopefully his life'll be true hell from now on.
  8. Wolf SS, so people can destroy him for dehacked purposes.
  9. I built it using whatever default was in GZDB at the time, I'll play around with an updated version and see if i can recreate this bug.
  10. I bought it but didn't expect it to need a higher opengl version, oh well, time to refund, fuck this laptop.
  11. We are number Facebook but it isn't Facebook and every Facebook is a Doomworld.

  12. Added a Grass texture and a Dirt texture.
  13. Lol. I've been taking some more photos of stuff, I'll update this thread if I come up with anything decent.
  14. These are some textures I made that may or may not be helpful to Freedoom, Zauberer or Blasphemer. Source: A photo by leodoom85, I first made a (4x1) wide skybox from the photo, then he gave me permission to suggest it to Freedoom, this is a condensed version of the bigger sky, Doom Paletted. Source: A photo I took of my wooden drawer, Doom Paletted and Source Full-Color. Marble variants, they were made using Freedoom's marble, Non-Doom Paletted but doesn't have any issues when converted. Feel free to add them to any Freedoom or Freedoom-like project. Grass, may be too bright, from a picture I took of my backyard. Ground, from the same picture as above.
  15. They look equally bad. Disclaimer: I don't like either game. If I was forced to play either of them I'd instantly pick MoH just because the controls are still bearable today.