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  1. Yeah because a tiny black blob that does contact damage is good.
  2. People that say Quake 2 is just grays and oranges are the same individuals that refuse to accept Quake 1 is just browns and blues.
  3. Oh boy i sure can't wait for a beautiful pixel art retro nes doom e.t.-inspired fps that looks like ega catacombs 3d and features roguelite elements and randomly procedurally generated procedural generation scripts and survival mechanics. And another one. And another one. And another one. And another one.
  4. god damned capitalists taking my fucking caps
  5. Hmmm. 1-Care of Night - Connected 2-Rhapsody of Fire - Symphony of Enchanted Lands 3-Myrath - Legacy 4-Shokran - Supreme Truth (Instrumental Ver.) 5-Work of Art - Framework Really hard to choose.
  6. I put my heart into things I enjoy doing, a friend suggested the German Herz. I enjoy looking at the snowy mountains in the distance of my city. Yukiyama was too long.
  7. Not a fan of Quake 1's (And Quake 2 64's) ambient tracks, I do love those by Aubrey for the console Dooms, if I had to chose then I'd immediately pick Sonic Mayhem's Q2 tracks. All the way.
  8. Phillips CD Mini when.
  9. I prefer my custom weiner digicamo laser x360 with gyroscope and reflex sights x360 controller, i bet that weak ass ds4 shit doesn't even have LEDS. Jokes aside I love the sony layout, I can't stand having the dpad below the analog, which every other company seems to like for some stupid reason.
  10. I sold my SNES for a PS1, and I don't regret it. This looks like a nice novelty, but I'll stick to emulating on my ps2 if I want a CRT experience.
  11. I do hope that post was ironic. On the topic of shock value horror, I wonder how people would react if you took a modern work of fiction and showed it to people from a few decades ago.
  12. I love horror games, proper horror games, not that walking simulator shit that's flooding the market, which are only there because little kids keep getting spooked from retarded animatronics and the sketchbook doodleman with tentacles of some 14yo emo.
  13. The holy trinity has assembled.
  14. It spins towards an imperceptible direction dictated by black geometry, as inscribed by ancient warlocks during the cold nights of early 90's.