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  1. League of Legends. I've acquaintances who have several permabanned accounts for toxic behavior which sometimes carries over outside the game.
  2. I just pick whatever I think it's best and usually don't think much of the other routes, for example, I find it hard to force myself into playing a mischievous/malign characters so I don't have much of a reason to care about what happens if I had made such choices.
  3. in the cfg, look for the following: r_mode: set this to -1 to use custom width/height r_customwidth: set this to the desired width r_customheight: same but for height r_fullscreen: 0 for windowed, 1 for fullscreen D3 engine games also have a cvar like r_customaspect which needs to be tweaked depending on your resolution. Do note that changing settings in-game after modifying these values will put the game back into 640x480, bring down the console and type "seta r_mode -1" and then "vid_restart" or exit the game and set r_mode to -1 by editing the cfg.
  4. The dead son who only comes up in conversation once in 3 years.
  5. Another month in which i question what i'm doing with my shitty life and give myself delusions of better days to come.
  6. For actual Doom 3, I only used self-made tweaks to the weapons and then slapped Arl's Improvements because it's good. Outside of that the only mod I've ever tried was Hardqore 2, I wish that mod had gained a bigger following.
  7. Medal of Honor was a franchise I enjoyed, though I only played the ps1 games, Allied Assault and a few of the later ones. When I was young I remember being so delighted by CoD1's superior production value that I kinda forgot about AA, but I still had some fun with it in multiplayer, that was more memorable to me than CoD1's MP.
  8. Are most of those truly worth looking at though? some maps were swapped out because they weren't great. I wonder if there's an interest in arranging an episode of old maps and trying to re-do them from scratch instead.
  9. I don't collect anything, except self disappointment.
  10. S-4 I'm not physically strong. P-8 I'm always mindful of my surroundings. E-4 Same as Strength, I'm easily tired. C-8/2 Depends on who I'm talking to. I-6 I'm no genius but I'm at least informed. A-5 I have sharp reflexes and I always know where to step to stay in my feet. L-9 If I wasn't lucky I would've died already.
  11. Makoto Kikuchi

  12. A twisted landscape full of castles and gothic cathedrals, cities that resemble real world architecture of bygone civilizations (think a demonic aztec temple or old japanese village), with as much lava as there's water in our world, a giant black sun with an unhealthy brown sky, corpses of ancient creatures littered about, signs of a once advanced civilization that's now gone. Demons would take the form of evils in different cultures, like how there's the Baron of Hell who depicts the classic goat demon, there can be a Rakshasa or Djinn demon.
  13. We have complete demons and half demon half machines, so why not Automatons? Seeing a true four-legged two-winged quadrupedal dragon in Hexen would be cool, breathing magic fire and bitchslapping you with its tail.
  14. A mod in which explosive barrels don't immediately explode, instead they make dramatic and horrendous squeals of agony when shot, and when they finally explode, they curse their fate. Additionally: -Zombiemen get a chance to shoot a rocket. -Shotgunners are replaced by Wolf SS. -Wolf SS now rapid fires lost souls. -Chaingunguy dies instantly. -When Imps die, smaller imps spawn from their corpses. -Demons can jump like frogs. -Spectres are half height but their width stays intact, they are also not fuzzy. -Revenants get a melee state in which they scream violently before exploding. -Arch Viles spawn more Arch Viles each time they resurrect something. -Mancubus shoots Revenant rockets -Arachnotrons always shoot as if the target had partial invisibility, in melee range they shoot Revenant rockets. -Hell Knights strike a funny pose which deals aoe damage. -Barons of Hell walk backwards and shoot Revenant rockets. -Cyberdemons shoot a rapid fire stream of Revenant rockets. -Spider Mastermind constanly shoots Baron missiles or uses the Arch Vile fire attack. -Pain Elementals shoot Revenant rockets, when they die, they spawn a bunch of Hell Knights.
  15. Castlevania Curse of Darkness, it gets a lot of hate for the protagonist beating up a Belmont several times, and its monotonous level visuals, but is otherwise a great action game with many weapons to craft and Innocent Devils to obtain, the bosses are as well designed as you'd expect from a Castlevania game, from the best depiction of Dullahan to the morbid Legion & Nucculais, the enemies are also varied and well designed. Each weapon class has one, two or even three different movesets for each weapon, I.E. the sword class has Shortswords, Rapiers and Greatswords, each with their own unique attacks and specials, along with the special weapon class, each of which is unique, such as the Electric Guitar and the Molotov Bomb. As far as the Main Character goes, he's as likeable as Alucard or a Belmont, his heart is always in the right place and he has his own reasons to stop Dracula (And he's a fucking beast at that).