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  1. I bought it but didn't expect it to need a higher opengl version, oh well, time to refund, fuck this laptop.
  2. We are number Facebook but it isn't Facebook and every Facebook is a Doomworld.

  3. Added a Grass texture and a Dirt texture.
  4. Lol. I've been taking some more photos of stuff, I'll update this thread if I come up with anything decent.
  5. These are some textures I made that may or may not be helpful to Freedoom, Zauberer or Blasphemer. Source: A photo by leodoom85, I first made a (4x1) wide skybox from the photo, then he gave me permission to suggest it to Freedoom, this is a condensed version of the bigger sky, Doom Paletted. Source: A photo I took of my wooden drawer, Doom Paletted and Source Full-Color. Marble variants, they were made using Freedoom's marble, Non-Doom Paletted but doesn't have any issues when converted. Feel free to add them to any Freedoom or Freedoom-like project. Grass, may be too bright, from a picture I took of my backyard. Ground, from the same picture as above.
  6. They look equally bad. Disclaimer: I don't like either game. If I was forced to play either of them I'd instantly pick MoH just because the controls are still bearable today.
  7. Indeed, BRICK10 is completely fucked, the edit on the right may be a little more bearable.
  8. @Fisk The idea came when I, in a moment of severe stupidity, saved the palette as a jpg, I also tried using the crapped-on colors of just saving as a jpg, but it wasn't as funny as it sounds on paper. @Memfis I can already lower it enough that most color is lost. @Kaminsky Don't give me ideas :p.
  9. So I saved the doom palette as a low quality jpeg, then smoother out the resulting colors and re-imported back, this is the result: yayapal.wad: Holy Moly I Love That Anime
  10. Literally bootleg Reaper (Disclaimer: I don't like overwatch.) What's up with having that stupid "edgy shadows assassin girl" voice? couldn't they think of something actually original? Wherethefuckismynxandwhoisthishairdyedbitch.
  11. You have to use F_Sky where you want the sky to show up. Also if you're using a .pk3 you can put it in the "Textures" folder instead.
  12. Recolors of that wood, wanted to see if it could work as flesh.
  13. Heavy edited from a photo I took of my cheap drawer, free to use commercially with no crediting and all that jazz.
  14. I agree, back on the day I couldn't stand that horrid control scheme made even worse by the total steaming pile of shit that is the n64 controller.
  15. Other colors coming later. A little experiment with those vines that didn't really come out as expected.