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  1. I really need maps for The People's DooM. At the moment, there are no maps for the game--only randomly generated levels meant as placekeepers. Does anybody know of any existing maps the creators might be willing to donate to the project, or are there any mappers willing to create new maps we can use? Thanks in advance.
  2. Another small TPD update. Not a whole lot done. We were all busy at christmas.
  3. There have not been any new releases on the website yet. (The download there is over a decade old!) However, there has been some progress, and there have been a couple of version posted on my Discord server. We have managed to play TPD over Zandronum's master server. TPD is not a fully functioning IWAD yet, but ZDooM GZDooM and Zandronum all seem to accept it as an IWAD at this time. Chocolate DooM does not. As of October 22, I am not longer using version numbers for TPD. Instead, I am simply appending the date of the most recent upload to the end of the filename in YYMMDD format (i.e. TPD171022.wad) FrozenLake has contributed a number of textures. While the textures I have been making are imitations of the original DooM, FL's textures are simplified geometric textures. They might seem a little simple to some, but they are certainly an improvement over the grey stucco texture I have been using as a placekeeper since the project started. Only one set of new monster sprites exists in the game right now. It is a set of sprites for a floating brain monster released to the public domain on It is also used by the Heretic IWAD project, Blasphemer. Does anyone know of any other original monster sprite sets that can possibly be used in TPD, even as just temporary sprites? New music would also be great. Monkey contributed a couple of tunes way back at the beginning of the project. They are pretty good, but they are the only two tunes TPD has at the moment, and it is kind of repetative. Does anyone have any tunes to we can use? The most recent version of TPD right now is TPD171022 from a few days ago ... ... and a test server for TPD called "The People's DooM" will pop up on the Zandronum server occasionally from time to time for a few hours for testing purposes. We are currently using a skin of the Strife player (converted to TPD's palette) as an alternative to the simple mannequin sprites used by the player now. {EDIT: The current version is now: }
  4. That's exactly what I was hoping to read. :-)
  5. DooM 2 has three animated textures that are not in DooM. These textures are BFALL(1-4), DBRAIN(1-4), and SFALL(1-4). I have a fuzy recollection that these three animated textures will work in DooM if graphics are provided for them. Unfortunately, it has been so long since I have used vanilla DooM (doom95 since 1996, and source ports since 2000), that I am not sure if this is true. Can somebody confirm that these three animated textures work in DooM, version 1.666 or higher, if graphics are provided for them?
  6. Bump! Well it looks like the project is starting to move again, so it is worthwhile bumping it up to the top again. A few new textures have been added, new sounds have been added, and some sprites. Some of the crappy placeholder Slige levels have been replaced with slightly less crappy Oblige placeholder levels. Some public domain material is amongst the additions, including some stuff that was originally done for Freedoom. Things are still in a very primative state. A new TPD subforum has just been added to the Chex Quest Fan Forums ( ). I am currently badgering 75 to possibly set up a TPD testing server on Zandronum. (No promises on that.)
  7. A new version of Legacy after all these years? Am I dreaming?
  8. Oops! I'm afraid that's my fault. I forgot to copy the sound files over to the new wad. I'll fix it. ... There. Fixed it. I added the missing sound files. It's reuploaded. Same limk.
  9. That's why I am reordering the palette. I am keeping all the same colours, but I am putting them in an order that should keep graphics using the DooM palette from looking too strange.
  10. I spent some time working on the palette today. I have been rearranging the order of the colours to more closely match the order used in the DooM palette. The colours are all the same ones from the original TPD palette, but now the greys are placed from index 80 to 111 as the greys are in the DooM palette, green is now from index 112 to 127 like the DooM greens, et cetera. Graphics using the DooM palette should look a lot less screwed up when displayed in the revised palette for the most part. The revised palette is not a perfect match for the DooM palette, however, so there will still be some wackiness (like half the pink range being purple now), but it should be an improvement. I have generally been a fixture on the Chex Quest Fan Forums, where I have been slowly working on my main projects, DeiMWolf, and The Ultimate Chex Quest, for an absurdly long time.
  11. He's been on DWF since 2000. He just doesn't post here much.
  12. A sighting! It is only a quick mention, but Charles Jacobi brings up T.U.C.Q. in an interview here:
  13. Sorry for bumping this thread after three months and seven days, but I happened to try using SLIGE today, and noticed it will not work in Win7, nor in DOSbox. I figured this thread would be the best place to inquire about it. I wonder if anyone has ever tried recompiling the SLIGE source code to get it to work in the newer versions of Windows. Sure. I can run it in my old XP machine when I have it set up, but it would be interesting to have a version that runs on my current machine.
  14. On a sort of related note: I wish GZDooM had a cone shaped spot light source. It would be a great for a lot of lighting effects, It would be great to attach one to the player to give him a DooM 3 style flashlight.
  15. I have seen a lot of DooM documentaries over the years, but this one is possibly the best one I have seen so far. Enjoy!