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    Pretty puppy! (Yes. I am still here.)
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    Better moo than poo.
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    Maybe sooner. LOL!
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    Hans Moleman was saying "Moo-urns".
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    MOO Again! I haven't been on the forum in several months. I know. I'm bad. Sorry.
  6. It has been over four months since I did my release, and I have not heard any opinions regarding DeiMWolf. I would like to repeat my call for feedback on this project, so I can make improvements to it for future releases. I can really use some help to make this a better mod.
  7. I tried to edit it, but the same problem keeps happening. That is very odd. {{EDIT: Your edit just popped up mere seconds ago. I will add screenshots. I am sorry I don't have any showing gameplay, I took them all when testing with -nomonsters on.}}
  8. I was watching a twitch stream of someone playing DeiMwolf, and there was a strange problem with all of the voxel objects and models being displayed as flat. Is that a settings problem? I can't believe I have been on this forum for almost 23 years and I am still ranked as a "Junior Member".
  9. Today is my birthday! 55 years of taking up space! In celebration of my insignificance to history, I have uploaded a new version of DeiMWolf, version 0.9.4. http://www.doomlegends.com/deimwolf/DeiMWolf094.ipk3 {{EDIT: The link is not working right. You will have to copy and paste the url to the address bar. I have no idea why this is.}} The website has not been updated yet, but it will be sometime over the coming days. THE GOOD: A LOT of editing has taken place over the last EIGHT YEARS (?!?). (Has it really been that long?) As of just a few weeks ago, DeiMWolf is now in IPK3 format. It may not run perfectly, but it will run by itself in GZDooM. Most, albeit not all, of the Wolfenstein sprites and sounds that were being used as placekeepers have now been replaced. Most of episodes 1 and 2 have been heavily edited. The level layouts remain the same as the original Wolfenstein levels but have had a lot of work done on them to make them more attractive and immersive. I am particularly proud of the use of light and shadow in the levels, making them look much more realistic. THE BAD: The IPK3 functions, but it does not function well. There are many things that are not working right, including a fouled-up intermission screen that is supposed to look like this ... ... but actually looks like this. Several other things are not working correctly either. I already mentioned that most of the Wolfenstein sprites and sounds have been replaced. Most, but not all. At the moment, several of the enemies still revert to Wolfenstein sprites when they perform certain actions. Particularly, the guard dog and the mutant both switch to Wolfenstein sprites when attacking. This is due simply to my not finding usable motion capture files to use in DAZ Studio (yet). The officer, MechaHitler, and Hitler also revert to Wolfenstein sprites when they die. I hope I can replace these as soon as I can. While nearly all of episodes 1 and 2 have been edited to make them look darker and more realistic, episode 3 has not been touched at all. It still retains the flat and fully bright lighting that all of the levels had up until I became obsessed with lighting and shadows around 18 months ago. This will be taken care of in the coming months. Not all of the music has been properly replaced. I used several extant .mid conversions of Wolfenstein music, including some by Bobby Prince himself, in DeiMWolf, and did conversions of roughly half the music myself. I was not able to convert everything, however, so some of the music is incorrect or missing. I intend to fix this. It is also MIDI, so it might sound funny on some machines. There are many anachronisms and outdated methods used in DeiMWolf. Most of these can be blamed on the age of the project (It's been going on since the summer of 2005!), and the fact the project originally started in DooM Legacy. Are you shocked to see maps in standard DooM map format using fragglescript? Does it give you pause to see that secrets are handled by lowering thin sectors instead of using polyobjs? Blame DooM Legacy, and don't sweat it. They still work. YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED DeiMwolf is unfinished. I am also not the best editor when it comes to GZDooM. Any suggestions on how I can fix or improve DeiMwolf is appreciated. My apologies for any knee-jerk reactions to constructive criticism in advance. My mother hated my art when I was a kid, and it is kind of automatic out of habit. I actually appreciate your help. Honest.
  10. I suspect it all has something to do with statscreen.zs in gzdoom.pk3, but I still have no idea what to do about it.
  11. It appears I do not have a statusbar class. How do I add it? I did my MAPINFO lump based on an example MAPINFO I found several years ago. I would not be surprised if it is missing a lot and is filled with errors. I will accept any suggestions on how to fix it. {{EDIT: From the wiki: Is this what I am missing?}}
  12. Are there any ideas on how to fix this?
  13. I barely have an intermission script at all. It only specifies the background image. I am planning on adding to it later when I have more graphics. Could GZDooM be looking for something in there? {{EDIT: I just looked on the wiki page and see nothing related.}}
  14. The graphics are in the GRAPHICS directory, and I have no idea what class is missing.