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  1. Boingo

    The Latest Version of The People's DooM is ...

    The latest version of TPD is ... http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD180614.zip Not a whole lot different. A little more texturing. Mrdzone provided a few new temporary weapon sprites, so we don't have to look at those pink silhouetes any more. Minor tweaks.
  2. Boingo

    The Latest Version of The People's DooM is ...

    The latest version of TPD is ... http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD180528.zip A few new textures added, A little retexturing on a few of the deathmatch levels, and NEW MUSIC FROM MONKEY AND ORKINMAN! {EDIT: Oh yeah. I found one of the DM levels was accidentally put in twice. I went back and replaced the spare with the level that was supposed to be there.}
  3. I am starting this thread to keep you guys informed of the current version of The People's DooM (TPD). The web site has not been updated in years, and still only links to the original placekeeper wad I made back in 2003. There have been seven updates to TPD since October, and none of them are linked yet. (Hopefully, I can fix this soon.) So to keep you abreast, every time a new version of TPD comes out, I will simply add another post to this thread to bump it, and give a link to the new version, followed by a brief description of changes made. So here we go. The Latest version of The People's DooM is ... http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD180512.zip Covering the changes that have happened since the project was revived: Several new textures have been added, cutting the number of grey stucco placekeepers by almost half. Frozen lake provided a large number of them with a crisp graphic style. I also added a number of my own, some of which were made for other projects, and tend to be very close in appearance to the DooM textures they replace. Some temps were added based on public domain sources. Deathegg created a great looking new statusbar. Several sounds were replaced, reducing the number using the fart placekeeper sounds signifigantly. 90 out of 111 flats have been replaced. Many are temps based on public domain sources, many are new. I made changes to the placekeeper sprites. The pink mannequins were mostly replaced with coloured versions to make it easier to tell diffent enemies apart, but still remain mannequins. A couple of weapons are replaced with sprites by Eriance. Several temps based on public domain sources are in the game. The cacodemon now uses monster sprites taken from opengameart.org. The same monster sprite are used in Blasphemer. The crappy Slige generated levels in episodes 1 and 2 have been replaced with slightly less crappy Oblige levels. DooMkid was kind enough to donate his deathmatch level to TPD. After some consultation with with various folks on the discord server, the 9 top rated levelshave been assembled into episode 4 of TPD, Warworld, the episode reserved for deathmatch only. At present there are a lot of missing textures, but we will retexture the levels as soon as we can.
  4. Boingo

    An Appeal For Funeral Expenses

    I did not hear the news that is was a stolen vehicle. I would have thought that since the passenger in the suspect's car was injusred, and probably questioned by the police, that they would have caught the guy by now. I wonder how Richie is doing. He has been almost entirely silent since the event.
  5. Boingo

    Television Commercials You Hate to Love

    One can never forget a classic: I am older. You're welcome.
  6. Hi Ling.


    Richie over at the Chex Quest Fan Forums has recently lost both his parents in a car accident a couple of weeks ago.  I posted about this on the Everything Else forum.


    The family needs help covering the funeral expenses.  A Go Fund Me campaign has been set up here:




    I hope help spread  the word, and help out this long standing member of the DooM community.



  7. Richie, who runs the Chex Quest Fan Forums, is in need of your help. On April 22, while returning home, Richie's parents, Richard and Pam Brown, were killed when another vehicle collided with them. The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene, and is still at large. http://www.wbaltv.com/article/family-seeks-answers-after-grandparents-killed-in-hit-and-run-crash/20265945 A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help pay the family's funeral costs. https://www.gofundme.com/richandpambrown Any donations you can give would really be helpful for the family in this dark time.
  8. Boingo

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    What about the classic "A WINNER IS YOU"?
  9. Boingo

    Need Maps for The People's DooM

    That's basically what you are saying. TPD was on ice for fourteen years, but the project was brought back at the request of people who thought it was a worthwhile project to pick up again. It has been making good progress with the help of several contributers since then. It is still in a very primative state at the moment, but that will change over time. Much has already changed over the last few months. Why be a minor contributer on a project that is already finished when you can be a major contributer to something new?
  10. Boingo

    Need Maps for The People's DooM

    Sorry about the late reply. I tend to hang out on the Chex Quest Fan Forums and on my Discord server, and don't get over here very often. Because of the nature of the project (compatability with as many ports as possible, including the dead ones), I am requesting vanilla maps. It is okay if the maps were originally maps for specific ports, but they would need to be dumbed down to vanilla. In the future, when we have the generic basic version established, versions for different ports can be made, but right now TPD is too primative to have multiple versions. Of course, TPD compatible levels for different ports is perfectly acceptable. :-)
  11. Sure it's over a decade late, but here is Decker Shado's review of the DooM movie.
  12. Boingo

    Need Maps for The People's DooM

    I really need maps for The People's DooM. At the moment, there are no maps for the game--only randomly generated levels meant as placekeepers. Does anybody know of any existing maps the creators might be willing to donate to the project, or are there any mappers willing to create new maps we can use? Thanks in advance.
  13. Boingo

    The People's Doom

    Another small TPD update. Not a whole lot done. We were all busy at christmas. http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD180210.zip
  14. Boingo

    The People's Doom

    There have not been any new releases on the website yet. (The download there is over a decade old!) However, there has been some progress, and there have been a couple of version posted on my Discord server. We have managed to play TPD over Zandronum's master server. TPD is not a fully functioning IWAD yet, but ZDooM GZDooM and Zandronum all seem to accept it as an IWAD at this time. Chocolate DooM does not. As of October 22, I am not longer using version numbers for TPD. Instead, I am simply appending the date of the most recent upload to the end of the filename in YYMMDD format (i.e. TPD171022.wad) FrozenLake has contributed a number of textures. While the textures I have been making are imitations of the original DooM, FL's textures are simplified geometric textures. They might seem a little simple to some, but they are certainly an improvement over the grey stucco texture I have been using as a placekeeper since the project started. Only one set of new monster sprites exists in the game right now. It is a set of sprites for a floating brain monster released to the public domain on opengameart.org. It is also used by the Heretic IWAD project, Blasphemer. Does anyone know of any other original monster sprite sets that can possibly be used in TPD, even as just temporary sprites? New music would also be great. Monkey contributed a couple of tunes way back at the beginning of the project. They are pretty good, but they are the only two tunes TPD has at the moment, and it is kind of repetative. Does anyone have any tunes to we can use? The most recent version of TPD right now is TPD171022 from a few days ago ... http://www.doomlegends.com/temp/TPD171022.WAD ... and a test server for TPD called "The People's DooM" will pop up on the Zandronum server occasionally from time to time for a few hours for testing purposes. We are currently using a skin of the Strife player (converted to TPD's palette) as an alternative to the simple mannequin sprites used by the player now. http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/temp/strifeguy.zip {EDIT: The current version is now: http://doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD171027.zip }
  15. That's exactly what I was hoping to read. :-)