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  1. Boingo


    Just letting you all know I am still alive. It has just been a long time since I last posted.
  2. Boingo

    CC0 MIDIs and other music for your projects

    I love your stuff. I will certainly use some of these in my projects.
  3. Boingo


    DooM is 26 years old today!
  4. No. It's not dead. I just have a bad habbit of switching from one project to another, which kind of puts some projects to sleep for a while. T.U.C.Q. is probably receive a kick in the butt some time in the next month or two, after some issues with The People's DooM are taken care of.
  5. Boingo

    A Quick Vanilla Editing Question

    That's exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks. That would mean transparent textures are effectively limited to 256 then, because multipatch transparent textures cause Medusa. Chex Quest 2 had 320 wide patches for the cinema screens. Legacy didn't like them that wide and resampled them down to 256. I remember that.
  6. Does anyone know what the maximum width a single patch can be in vanilla DooM? 128? 256? 512? 1024?
  7. Drat. http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD190223.zip
  8. Maybe there is something screwy with th e copy of GZDooM I have. 75 couldn't replicate the problem either.
  9. The Latest version of TPD is: http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD190223.zip New statusbar face added. New Trooper and Sergeant sprites added. The face and sprites were rendered using DAZ Studio, and will need some cleanup and repainting in the near future. The face itself will need a lot of editingin the lower health stages. A new and perplexing problem has appeared. The newest version of GZDooM, version 3.7.2, crashes whenever it tries to run episode 1. I can not see why this is happening, since there is no such problem with earlier versions of GZDooM. I even replaced all the levels in episode 1 with another set of levels that worked fine when loaded as a pwad, but GZDooM 3.7.2 still crashes. This is in addition to the extant problem of newer versions of GZDooM fouling up the Y offsets of the sprites. If anyone can figure out what the problem is, please let me know.
  10. Boingo

    Intermission screen between ports

    Hmmmm ... Two weeks, and no reply. That's disappointing. We are looking to have an intermission screen where the Kills, items, and Secrets appear on a sort of heads up display. If all or most DooM ports have the numbers for these stats appearing in the same place, then it will be easy to make a graphic that makes the stats appear as part of the display. If different ports have different offsets for the stats, then the intermision screen could be all borked up, with the stats appearing in the wrong places. Does anyone know if different port use different offsets for the intermission stats?
  11. The latest version of TPD is: http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD190207.zip Slight changes. A few new textures, new player sprites, new menu graphics.
  12. I'm difficult to get rid of.
  13. MrFlibble: TPD is not a true IWAD yet, which is the source of your troubles. A lot of stuff is missing, and randomly generated levels from Oblige are likely to cause trouble with different ports too, until such time as they are replaced with some real levels. As you have noted, it is still tagged as a PWAD. I also don't expect cross port compatability for a while. It is one of the goals however. At the moment, I can run TPD as an IWAD in GZDooM with the -iwad command or through the ZDL launcher. I have also set up a server several times for Zandronum via DooMseeker with TPD as the IWAD. Mastrius has also set up a Zandronum server several times with TPD as a PWAD running under FreeDooM. Try TPD using these for the moment. (NOTE: Recent versions of GZDooM foul up the vertical sprite offsets when using TPD as an IWAD. It's GZDooM's fault, not TPD's!) Provide feedback if you can. TPD remains primative, and work will be slow and intermitant. Suggestions, bugs, and even complaints are needed to help it develop. MrD!Zone: Yes. This is the same file I uploaded to doomlegends a week ago. I simply forgot to update the thread here until yesterday.
  14. The latest version of TPD is ... http://www.doomlegends.com/tpd/TPD180827.zip CWolf has been very busy over the last month, and has come up with a lot of new sprites.
  15. When will another tpd update come out.