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  1. Hey, I'm glad to see that you finally logged in and regained account control after 4 years. I hope, we will see you active again! :)

    1. Mikami41


      Sure i will ! there are a few things i have in mind and i will finish some unfinished projects ! 

  2. Mikami41

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Hey! I see that you are playing casual wads for forum users, that's a big gesture of your part! Thanks to you i played some interesting wads in this post and as everyong are posting their wads, i want to to give my gram of sand: This WAD is named "Lust for kill" It's my first wad and took 4 months to complete it, i wanted to add even more stuff like different gameplay and monsters but my knowledge about programming was low and some textures was hard to put because i didn't know how to patch the textures on a wad. But after all said the game includes 3 maps, 4 diferent weapons and a remastered weapon, new monsters and improved textures, i really hope you would enjoy it.
  3. Mikami41

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Age of empires 2 A friend of mine bought me the hd edition so i'm playing a lot lastly
  4. Mikami41

    Any Doom Vaporwave Wads?

    It wasn't created with that intention, but his aesthetics looks exactly as how vaporwave aesthetic should be.
  5. Mikami41

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm glad that i changed a lot about my doom structure. I post this here because it was my first post ever and i ended making this project
  6. Mikami41

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Project is canceled but is playable now!
  7. Mikami41

    Lust For Kill (Project canceled)

    I shoulded patch the textures at the time that i downloaded them, because everytime that i made a map from that wad, i had to use the textures outside of the wad, that means that if i load the textures that were "imported" in the wad, they were marked as "unknow" and i just see a grey color with a question mark on it and it was frustrating as hell. Now the textures were deleted unintentionally because i didn't had order placing my stuff and now i just see grey screen everywhere and i also don't remember the name of the texture pack either (Also yes, this wad was take from a backup file because this wad had another map what would mark as the final map but something was corrupted and i couldnt open up anymore, so i had to pick one from the backup) I tried to patch the textures but when i did, it just gave me errors and errors and everytime i tried to fix it, it gets worse and worse, so i had to leave it what it is.
  8. Welcome fellows to my first "Not-so-released" released WAD. Took me 6 months to learn a lot about scripting and know about how Slade works. Project was canceled due to a lot of texture difficulties and bad structure while making it. Despite what i said, the game contains 5 new and improved weapons, 3 new monsters and a lot of challenging obstacles. This wad contains 3 and enjoyable maps that you can spend your freetime playing it because it was the mainly reason of making this wad, for fun! Story: Umm, yeah, this wad has no story, maybe the same thing as every doom wad i suppose. Gamestyle: While improving the making of the weapons, i tried to create the same gamestyle as the original game with more strategy tactics and more exciting moments that the player can have the time to think about a tactic possition. Screenshots: Alright fellows, Screenshot time! And you know what this means: Lotsa screenie for everybody, hope you enjoy: I'm also the guy who made "that" toilet sector xD Download: Okay guys here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m9jy1qh1keje28t/Lust For Kill.zip So any Feedbacks would be very much appreciated and hope you had fun playing it as i had fun making it (until the middle of the project of course)
  9. This is incredibly nasty ! Can't wait to play all this shit up
  10. There's A LOT of missing textures which i was confused on some parts and HOM effects in the start of the area, i had to run this wad with GZDoom so those HOM effects won't annoy me. Despite all that, the map is really fun to play and has a lot of interesting ideas (Specially the part when you hit the switch and there's 30 seconds remaining, good part) Also, good BGM, it adds some serious time in this map. Another thing: you have to Align some textures and mark some spots as impassable (Also hit the lower unpegged option in the textures sides of the door) This is my record of this map, i had good time playing this map.
  11. This thread only needs this music...
  12. Mikami41

    Do you find Doom a relaxing game?

    If it's doom in general, then yes, it's relaxing as fuck But if we're talking about wads or mods, well, it depends of it: If we're talkin about wads with slaughter maps then no, it's frustrating and requieres a lot of concentration to complete a single one imo If wads contains a lot of amazing visuals (Like Ancient aliens, valiant, Hell on earth starter pack, or reevilution) then yes, they are cool if we're talking abou mods, then there's only onethat satisfied all my needs and that is russian overkill, which you can destroy EVERYTHING in just seconds and well that's just....well, glorious :')
  13. Mikami41

    Default weapon sound mod

    Same here.
  14. Mikami41

    Name a character that's like Doomguy

    I loled so hard.
  15. Mikami41

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    I knew about DW a long time ago, but i wasn't a fan of doom, and didn't liked "that" much (Besides, i wasn't either into forums and stuff so i didn't know how stuff worked in those days) until well, a few months ago already.