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  1. You gonna LOVE like A LOT, this map
  2. Took me 10 dummy sectors to make properly the 3d sector toilet xD i had fun while making it. it's on a project im working on (i'm making a wad with 6 maps, i already made 5) . here's the picture of the sectors, and the full mapset.
  3. Ladies and gentleman (Also @scifista42) My sector toilet xD !
  4. I'm supporting him playing his wad and making a feedback about. it has nice things like doors working properly but that doesn't mean that the wad is good...
  5. Pretty easy Pretty boring Pretty flat Pretty much a lazy map here, it doesn't contain to much effort it seems... Also bad texture placement I'm sorry, this wad doesn't look good at all. EDIT: Also, if you want to make a map for ultimate doom, make sure that when you start the map, type the name of which map are you gonna replace from yours, for Example: New map> E1M4 > Doom: Doom format (it depends which format are you comfortable with) if you type "MAP04" on a Ultimate doom wad, it just loads a map that has out of context and the only way to go to it, is by typing the name of the map. Making the map basically unaccesible.
  7. Currently playing too much doom wads Lastly i ended: Ancient aliens Alien vendetta Scythe Right now i'm playing memento mori
  8. It's from a spanish movie, and awesome one. you can check it out If you know spanish of course
  9. Space hunter is an amazing 8-bit design weapons which fits perfectly SNESJukebox Ultrapack, a satisfying mod that with 1 weapon can make huge and amazing things that you will not get bored. It actually makes you see doom in a different point of view so i recommend it totally. D4T Found it really fun to play, as it makes you to explore all the maps of the wads and killing all the monsters and you get and update of weapon or health, which is totally awesome. Now there's 5 mods of smooth doom that are interesting each one of them: Beautiful Doom: For Smooth animation, more gore and cool death animations Hard Doom: Has smooth animation and cool weapons but now EVERY monster is 10x Harder than before Smooth doom: if you don't want too much "Bullshit" and you just want to enjoy doom with satisfying animations (Now with D64 weapons included) Random Deaths and decorations: Not much to say here, just watching diferent death animations and details, go for it if you just want to see something a little bit different Ketchup: It's just Doom but the hardcore blood from brutal doom, a really interesting mod if you want to combine with other mods.
  10. It worked! Thanks!
  11. So i'm trying to make a multiple animation action using a voodoo doll but now when i start, it starts from diferent places instead of what it should be. Does anyone know a detailed information about voodoo doll?
  12. Updating my project with @Myst.Haruko Trying to make more like open space area in the start of the map
  13. Same here. Also, animated textures or structures are pretty damn awesome.
  14. Just ended this wad today Man, i'm stunned, there's pretty much amazing visual ideas and animations in this wad (Specially from map 12,14, 22, 24 and 26) love the BGM and appreciate that there is a playable level difficulty which is fresh in my gameplay style. Congratulations for the amazing work here.